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  1. Speaking of which, the copy I'd ordered was sitting in my letter-box just this morning. Blue-Jewel #51 of 300
  2. There'll also be some available from Suntrip's website in the coming weeks. They may put samples up for it? Maybe not. If you like to collect CD's, like this artist and have some spare cash this might be an instance to just take the risk and purchase because these will probably go quite quickly initially (at their present price) and then in some instances be re-listed in the coming months at a much higher price by the greedy opportunists. With that said you'd probably get a quick re-sale if you did purchase and weren't happy.
  3. He means the artist Hunab Ku, or what he really refers to is the recent remastered light re-issue (just 300 copies) of Magik Universe on a CD that despite being light when you hold it in your hand (or it may be heavy depending on your strength that particular minute, hour, day, week) actually holds a whole lot of tracks that are light, partially-light, semi-light, medium-light, heavy, deep and wide and maybe tall and each CD has something unique in that it's lightly or heavily numbered with a sticker on the front of the case. They're available for sale on Discogs but if you're interested in purchasing you'd want to do so ASAP because they won't last long. I hope you get one if you're a passionate fan/collector. Here's the link: http://www.discogs.com/Hunab-Ku-Magik-Universe-Remastered/release/3830536
  4. Yeah I was thinking of layering when I replied and artists I'd play so as not to excessively overwhelm a social situation or new listener. The initial request is a bit of a strange and difficult request to me as it's so personal, subjective and situational. Heavy I think Pleiadians, light I think MWNN. But MWNN could also be heavy to me and Pleiadians light in other ways and other times. Anyhow, I never really listen to anything to not bring about or resonate with a strong feeling. Regarding the GOA in particular request, you are correct there I did give examples that span genres but for me personally I rarely think of genres and categories when listening to, thinking of or suggesting music. Anyhow I edited my initial post based on my "erroneous" response to prevent any further discussion and/or "controversy" as a result of. Jon
  5. :wub: :wub: :wub: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQZGj6M-N1o
  6. Yeah, usually butterflies be getting all the attention! The insect world is generally a freakin' amazing place filled with alien wonder and beauty. Love it.
  7. yeah was gunna call you a lazy ass, but eh Good that you're downloading because I'm listening again just now and I think it's pretty damn good comp that I'd happily have paid for.
  8. It's a downtempo V/A compilation you can download free from ektoplazm. I've only listened to it once but it seemed pretty good first time round. Here's the link to the download if you're interested: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/absence-of-gravity
  9. Sorry to bombard with moths but I have more. As I was taking pictures of these two this morning a blue-winged kookaburra arrived and wanted to be included.
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