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Guest Euforix



Well, I'm Euforix, not sure if someone has seen me in other forums (mainly trance forums where I'm at), but anyway this is the first psytrance forum I signed into and it seems to be a good decision. :) I started listening trance music in 1999 when I was just a kid and discovered psy in 2005 or something when I heard "Atomic Armadillo" by Green Nuns Of Revolution in Trancemaster 12-compilation.

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I know we kinda should to do something about it. We need to. And everytime when I read such statements and comments like that, I do think that I'm going to do this and that ... in the end it ends up that I don't have the time or the energy and then it stays like it is, for my part at least.


I think the past forum politics have made this place rather something serious, where you only come to discuss music and a bit of other things, but the majority of off topic happenings have been put aside to other forums and communities. And that's why it is still not very busy here and it stays like that. There was a development in the past years and you can't just revert it in a few months, actually I think you'll never revert it...


But on the other side it's also nice, for this forum has gained seriousness in its reputation ... reviews and music discussion (psyNEWS of the scene) are our core competences. And maybe we can extend that even further with some current ideas that are flowing around (on the other hand these ideas require work again and well, you know what I said about that above, but still).




Anyway, that was probably a bit too much rambling for me. Feel free to disucss elsewhere ... I for my part say a big welcome to you guys that find here or come back here. And also to Phobium ... although I'm late ;)

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Hi my name is Alfie (short for Alfred)


I am from Australia & have been listening and active part of psychedelic trance scene since 1998. I listen to progressive, forest, dark and psy dub/ambient/chillout. Right now I'm lousy catching up on prog (Zenon, Iboga, Plusquam) from 2011-2012, also just bought the Goa - 20 Years Of Psychedellic Trance book which I'm very keen for.


I look forward to participating kindly within this community of special souls and also enjoying the knowledge you all have.


Kind wishes


Alfie :)

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Hi everyone!

I'm from the UK.

I got into Goa Trance back in 1995, after going to Spacehopper in Birmingham. Defected to techno at the end of the '90s when the local scene died out, until I re-discovered Psytrance in 2008, immediately embarking on a mission to buy loads of music that I'd missed out on.

I like most of the spectrum of electronic psymusic, right from hi-tech darkpsy to chilled out dub. Not so into the more commercial stuff, though.

Joined this forum as there is a big emphasis on releases and reviews. :D

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Hello everyone! I am from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and I got in to psytrance music about 2,5 years ago. My friend took me to a psytrance party and a whole new world went open for me! What really attracted me to this kind of music, was also the friendly atmosphere at parties and events. Total different then with a lot of other music.


Later I discovered I was more in to Progressive Trance/ Progressive psytrance and I started to listen a lot of that and it never seems to bore me somehow! Besides this I listen to Progressive House and tech-house sometimes. Also I play saxophone and with this I usually listen to reggae/jazz. :)


That's about it. I already wrote 1 review and I will write more soon. Like the friendly community on this site. :)

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