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  1. Couldn't agree more! Sometimes I feel there is more room and more of a wide open feeling being created to let the psychedelic aspect do it's work.
  2. So what do you guys think of the offbeat sound? It's a upcoming style in progressive trance music, originally started in Hamburg, Germany. These days it's getting featured a lot more in compilations and labels that only focus on this sound. I notice that I'm listening to this kind of stuff more and more. It's tight, catchy and a lot of times just as entrancing as other electronic music. Not to forget, very addicting. Here's some examples of great offbeat tracks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjLlIu58uHM Some good artists: Vaishiyas, Day Din, DJ Fabio & Ben
  3. I listen a lot to the artist you mention, really good stuff. I'm all about the melodies as well, especially Vibrasphere is just magic when it comes to that. Some stuff has already been mentioned, like Lyctum, Protonica and the Christiania Selections. Other stuff I can highly recommend (some of it can also be from 2011): Yotopia & Sphera - Focal Point EP Yotopia & Sphera - Focal Point Remixed Synesthetic - Into The Vibe EP Synesthetic - Addicted To Music Vertex - Spliff Science Motion Drive - Recycled Ecliptic - On A Ledge EP Xshade & Loopstep - Double Reaction EP Eg
  4. Don't know the track, but they play a lot of full on there, I know that. But I don't come across many people on this site that go to ruigoord! I used to go to trance orient express all the time, not a bit less. But I love that place, always such a positive attitude in ruigoord.
  5. I agree with Sideffect. Progressive works best for a crows like this. You don't have to loose touch with the psychedelic aspect of things, yet it will still be very special for a mainstream crowd. The flow of some tracks is just priceless and will get to people even if they don't like psytrance that much.I have some friends who are not much in to psytrance but like house music and such. They can really dig progressive. I wouldn't go to clubby, but I wouldn't go to chaotic in the music either. A balance in songs is just good. Try artist such as: Motion Drive, Lish, Time In Motion, Synesthet
  6. Artist: Yotopia Title: Master Key Label: Plusquam Records Date: 28-09-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Yotopia - Master Key 2. Yotopia - Master Key (Time In Motion Remix) 3. Yotopia - Master Key (Rocky Remix) Lately I'm enjoying a lot of Yotopia tracks. There album Connect The Dots was a good piece of work and so are a lot of other tracks spread out on different compilations. Now it's time for Master Key. The original starts of like a lot of there tracks. They make you feel the beat until you have a good grip on it. Once that job has been completed,
  7. Artist: Xshade & Loopstep Title: Double Reaction EP Label: Iono Music Date: 22-06-2010 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Double Reaction 2. Light In Motion 3. Inside The Madness Here's a great EP I discovered recently. After hearing Xshade's and Loopstep's 'From Another Planet', it wasn't long before I looked up more stuff from these producers. I ended up getting this EP and I can't say I'm disappointed. All the tracks have more of a darker feel to it. Still very slick with one touch effects with focus on the atmosphere. I must say Double Reaction really aw
  8. Couldn't of described this EP any better, you took the words right out of my mouth. I like to think of there stuff as deep meditative as well. It gave me enough time to really get in to a sort of 'trance'. The original Northern Storm is great, but I would like to remind people Lish made a great remix of this track as well. Released on Carrots & Stick I believe. These 2 tracks are some of there best work. Especially Refresh. Not to fast or to chaotic, but calm and refreshing progressive instead. They thought of absolutely everything. These guys really know there stuff.
  9. This is one of the better releases from Iono, not that they have much average releases. But seriously, there wasn't a track that didn't get to me. All of them were great. My favorite tracks from this compilation is Everything Can Change.. really great stuff and very original also. Can't think of a song similar to this one. Other favorites are Key In, Nostalgia and Puppetmaster. And T2MU, I understand when you say the sample from Puppetmaster is kind of cheezy. I was thinking just that. The track would be perfect without that, but that's just a small thing. This compilation is wonderful.
  10. I love tech house and I understand exactly what you mean. Before I never had interest in it and I saw it as to commercial music. But then I listened to some songs from 'Wehbba' that hit me and since then I found a lot of good stuff. The thing I like about it, is that it's progressing in a slow way and every effect can get to you because nothing goes unnoticed. There's a good groove going on and when I'm in to the song it really gives me a hypnotic feeling. The same goes for progressive trance and progressive house for me. This is also the reason that I generally hate dark psytrance and re
  11. Artist: Reverse Title: Reverse EP Label: Iono Music Date: 01-05-2012 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Klopfgeister - Good Bye Goa (Reverse Remix) 2. Progenitor - Soundreflex (Reverse Remix) 3. Reverse - End Of Line (Time In Motion Remix) 4. Reverse - End Of Line (Loopstep Remix) I stumbled upon this EP after hearing some good remixes from Reverse. Seeing some familiar names on the tracklist, I was extra curious to see what these tracks would bring. The first one is a great opener. I like the original Good Bye Goa from Klopfsgeister as well but this remi
  12. haha glad to hear! I know it doesn't match the original description at all, but Vertical Mode have released some awesome EP's. And there only active since 2011 or so with this project. Check: Lazer Shot EP, Push It down EP. Some more good compilations from these years: Free Frequency, Goa Beach Vol 17, Royal Flush Vol 4, Groove Attack, Sunday Vol 2, Party Pack, Goa Year 2011 Vol 2, Goa Vol 40, Extrasensory Perception 3. Also Zyce & Flegma - 8 Cell is a nice album. Egorythmia - Most Wanted EP Ritmo - Phrase A Check: Reverse - Reverse EP. Yotopia - Master Ke
  13. haha that narrows it down a lot. Check out Solar Spectrum & Omsphere - The Earthlings EP. More psychedelic so to say, than what you hear nowdays. What do you think of the Blue Tunes type of style? Some acts are house influenced but not all, but some are a bit offbeat. It's certainly not full on influenced. If you can appreciate this kind, check out Osher, Yotopia, Nyquist, Kopel. They produced some good stuff over the last 2 years. You seem like the type of guy that can appreciate the Iono sounds also and if i'm not mistaken you recommended me some Iono artists as well. So
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