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  1. aight Rotwang. Mike D has had his fun again. You guys have always been so predictable to troll. See you in a decade
  2. Like I give a fuck what you think about me lol. I know who I am and what I do.
  3. You should've waited and cashed in mate! What's your soul worth when there's money to be made? How much of your 23 euro did you give to charity then??
  4. The only ones sounding immature, infantile and shit in this thread are all you whiney cunts.
  5. Oh my god! Shpongle out out music that sounds like... Shpongle! And for some reason that's considered shit, immature and infantile? What about an entire label called Suntrip that puts out release after release that sounds like exactly the same pseudo Etnica crap time after time? And we suck it up because there's no real alternative!
  6. Hi Darkill thank you for sharing your drug habit with us but there are places for special ppl like u to get help. Drugs are bad mmk?
  7. Paul Eye it's the 14th of June. June being the 6th month we are 2 weeks in to it. That is more 6.5 is more than half of 12 no? Or did you fail basic math?
  8. E-Mantra - The Hermit's Sanctuary (Altar) Sensient - The Way Of The Sloth (Zenon) VA - Blacklight Moments (Suntrip) VA - The Kingdom (Zion 604) VA - The New Breed (Zenon)
  9. If you enjoy Noisia check Black Sun Empire & www.renegadehardware.co.uk
  10. I love Ableton. used Cubase for yesr, and then Logic Pro but Ableton to me is so easy for psy trance & EDM in general. Good controllers as well. Impulse 61 & APC40 make my studio very easy to work. It also integrates well with Expert Sleepers software for my modular system, and it's great to be able to send stuff out from Ableton to be manipulated via modular as well. i did do a short course on Ableton that sped things up, but more so was the awesome purchase of Tom Cosm's DVD tutorials.
  11. Melbourne Australia. A bit of everything except Goa really. There's a dedicated dark/forest/psycore night every month that is fun. Once my second modular is finished in the new year I'm planing to run a bi-monthly event in a club of experimental psychedelia. I'll be doing live modulation which will be fun once i get some good triggers for the system etc. Dreaming to get Makyo & Ishq out here one time to play.
  12. Bought mine through Amazon Japan on the reccomendation of Ubar Tmar himself. It seems to be sold out now but it was great. Postage was super fast as well via international express.
  13. Agreed. Another world is just such a great album. Mahadeve & Powergen for me are always the best of AP though. Such raw power.
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