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Normal Trance


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There's a lot of great normal trance releases for those after GOOD music, not just PSYCHEDELIC music, which is often overrated.


My favorite artists so far are:


Alien Signal



Earth Nation



Mystic Force

Solar Quest



Union Jack

Virtual Symmetry


There's a lot others.. and probably a ton more I've never heard of. Share some. If they are vocal please indicate that; none that I listed use vocals.

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Hmm, i'm interested into normal trance since i'm a melody lover, but i know almost nothing about it.

From when did they start calling stuff like Tiesto trance?

One of the main reason i've yet to explore trance is because i know i'll find a lot of Tiesto-like clubby music, which doesn't suit me at all.


Any artist you could recommend me that would sound like L.S.G. - Lonely Casseopeya ?


I've also heard the last track (i think) from Union Jack, called "Papillon".

Not sure if that's called trance or acid trance, but i digged it (aside of the french sample, sounds stupid.. at least for the french i am).

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I don't know when Tiesto stuff got called trance but maybe someone else can enlighten us. :) Most trance I have is from 1992-1996.


That L.S.G. track is nice, his first album is good, the rest I don't like so much though. But he has a ton of good singles on his various aliases as well as L.S.G..



Here is typical Mystic Force sounds, melancholic, eastern, melodic. I think any goa lovers should find this easily accessible, since it's quite similar.



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Mystic force have some great tracks (and some meh tracks, but the one posted is amazing).


Normal/Euro trance sucks. 1995 and before classic/acid trance is great though.


Gotta love lsg, cosmic baby, mystic force, union jack etc (although apart from them I don't know many great names)



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The God of normal trance is Vincent De Moore.

Ok his latest releases are way too mainstream, but he's a legend.




Granted, that's the only track I know from him, but goddamn, it's one of the best tracks I've heard in trance for sure.


Anyways I don't exactly follow the trance scene because there's a TON of meh in it, but a friend of mine does and he always gives me the best tunes. I know a lot of tunes I freaking love that are all from different artists and then when I listen their other stuff, it's MEH. Odd.


One artist I'm actually looking forward to hearing music from is Michael Cassette from finland, very melancholic synthwork and a retro vibe, I love it. :D:wub:


Altho peeps say it's house? lol sounds trance to me, but whatever.

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I still love trance music!!!! alot less quality releases nowadays, but there are still some out there. A list of my all time favorites. I have around 250 trance cds.


Tiesto, Armin Van Burren, & Ferry Corsten. anything released from 2004 and prior.

Above and Beyond-better than 80% of psytrance these days. Music from the heart.

Mike Koglin

M.I.K.E. (Push)

John Askew

Cosmic Gate

Darude-Im not sure of newer material but his older stuff sure did the trick for me

Flip & Fill

Mauro Picotto

Matt Darey

Matt Hardwick





Oliver Smith


Art Of Trance

Three Drives



Solid Globe

Rank 1

Ian Van Dahl

Markus Schulz

Perpetuous Dreamer

Blank & Jones



Maor levi

Misja Hesloot

Never really got into Paul Oakenfold (besides for bullet in the gun) or Paul Van Dyke or even BT even though they get praise from most in the trance scene.

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I certainly like psy and techno better, but there is plenty of beautiful epic trance out there.


Some of favourite songs at the moment: (some are tech-trance or progressive)

Madagascar (Richard Durand Mix) - Art Of Trance

On The 7th Day (Original Mix) - Darren Tate

Moments (Danny Powers Remix) - Dave Horne Meets Econu

America - Dusty Kid

Thrill (Original Mix) - Ernesto Vs Bastian

Strawberry Fields (Original Mix) - Estiva

Fake Snake (Original Mix) - Estiva

Happy Ending (Heatbeat and Randy Boyer mix) - HeatBoyer

Hide & Seek (Tiestos In Search of Sunrise Remix) - Imogen Heap And DJ Tiesto

Cold Winds (First State Remix) - Jonas Steur feat. Julie Thompsom

Afghanistan - Komytea

Diving Faces - Liquid Child

Unprepared - Marco V

The Fractal Universe - Mat Zo

Lucky Strike - Mat Zo

The Price of Oil - Mat Zo

Magenta Sunset - Michael Cassette

Woodchunk - Orjan Nilsen

Melo (Original Mix) - Pryda

Piranha (Heatbeat Remix) - Re:Locate & Mark Sixma

Revolution - Rowald Steyn

Riff - Sander Van Doorn

Seven Cities (Armin Van Buuren Mix) - Solar Stone

Endorphine - Stoneface and Terminal

Russia (Melodic Mix) - TyDi

Time Wave Zero (Original Mix) - Ummet Ozcan

Fire Power (Original Mix) - Wolfgang Gartner

1988 (Original Mix) - Youandewan

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Trance is boring, no matter how beautiful the melodies are. I like 2 minutes in a couple of song, but the problem in trance, is that the songs last 8 minutes.


+1 to that

Only rarely can I handle the utter predictability of trance and psytrance isn't much better.

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