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  1. Hello there, I just bumped on your myspace a few minutes ago and started listening to "The Bathysphere" and "Inside the Tree" once again, after all this time. Those tracks still give me the chills, so as i remembered posting here a while back.. i wanted to know what's up on your side? Anything cool you're working on? Give your fans some news dammit! Cheers
  2. Thanks for the gift mars and Jannis! I was dying to hear those remixes eventually.. just bought it and downloading right now By the way Jannis as you're reading this thread, may i ask if you ever finished the track called "Those Talking Machines" (i think it was its name) ? I remember listening to the sample on your website quite a lot when it was up (like 2 years ago) and loving the "ghost/haunting" atmosphere. I've been waiting to see it appears on a VA ever since, but i'm getting impatient now Same thing for the lower pitched version of Back To Earth, it was sounding very good. Best regards.
  3. It's true that sometimes long tracks can sound repetitive, but i think it's done on purpose in order to create a mood/atmosphere and not by lack of originality (though that might be true in many cases). You know how sometimes it seems to sound the same for 10+ min (just 1 melody), but you're getting totally lost in the music and those 10+ min felt really shorter. I also find it hard to really get into a 4-5 mins track, and always regret that they aren't build up properly with more time spent on the atmosphere, on the structure, on playing with the melody(ies), etc. So while i agree long tracks made for the sake of being long can be boring, i think good short tracks could have been amazing if they were longer (without losing in quality/creativy of course, thats where the problem lies in).
  4. That's one constructive post FTP. Always easy to critize and spit on, less so to do it in an intelligent manner with some propositions to improve things. I guess that is just a perfect exemple of what i describe in my first post
  5. I would guess most DJs don't even know/like the 90s sound. They might know the great classics (Mahadeva, LSD, etc), but their "psytrance culture" is based on the 2k+ sound and that's all they will play. When they speak about oldschool, they usually mean tracks that were made at the begining of the "new era".
  6. I love Paradise Connection, One love and Stardriver, but i'm not a big fan of what he has done after that (especially now). I've seen him live at Ozora this year, and have been very disapointed. It was more of a rock concert (over 1/2 of the tracks were played with live guitars) than anything. Very far from what you could expect to hear at a psychedelic trance gathering. Guitars, cheese, ppl claping their hands.. i have nothing against all those things, but i hated his liveset.
  7. I want to hear good music. I don't care whether it's old or not, and if the production is good or not. V.T.O.L. SQ is awful, but if a DJ spins it i'm going to lick his toes right after his set. That goes for dozens of oldschool classics.
  8. Oh yeah, i agree with that. Same people, different education/environement, but same kind of ignorance at the end (note: this isn't an insult, i consider myself at least partly ignorant as well). It only got on my nerves because on one side the trance crowd is supposed to be very open minded, tolerant, etc, yet those same trancers (or maybe are they just trolls and the real trancers are more interesting than that, i wouldn't know) saying PLUR all the time are judging/criticizing/insulting anyone who doesn't share their view on the world, which are usually people living in "rich" countries. Sounds as stupid to me as those saying that ppl living in "poor" countries are all retarded and "inferior". Different part of the spectrum but same kind of ignorance really. Anyway.. moving on. If anything, i think the culture around Psytrance/Goa on a personal plan made me a bit more curious and interested into stuff that i didn't care or even know about before. Always thought spirituality was an illusion created by ppl in order to reassure themselves and have some answers to the existential questions. I always thought it was a form of ignorance, and still think that in most cases.. it is. Actually i still have the same opinion on religions, but i learned to distinguish them from spirituality. While i'm very materialistic and just can't believe (i want to know, not to believe) in anything that isn't proven to exist or that i didn't experience myself, i now think there might be something more to all those spiritual stuff than a "how-to behave" guide book conditioning ppl. I might also be more sensible to some ethical matters concerning nature and stuff, but that didn't really change anything in my lifestyle.. yet. The music in itself made me realize that electronic music had A LOT of potential, and could really be Music (the art).
  9. I don't think i would be any different if i never stumbled upon psytrance. I'm just interested in the genre (well, a part of it anyway) for what it is (music), but everything that is around it doesn't interest me that much. I mean.. i didn't wait to listen to psytrance to know that life isn't fair, that the system we live in isn't perfect, that we have ecological and social issues, that peace is better than war and not polluting better than polluting, etc. All those matters aren't unique to the psytrance culture, and i'm not too much into the whole "let's criticize, judge, and insult western's societies and populations, but let's not bother thinking about realistic solutions" movement. We all know that a lot of people in the modern societies are spending a lot of their time and energy on superficial stuff, which are often being made at the expense of other ppl. But i often read those "everyone in the western world is a nasty capitalist spending their life trying to get power and money, while pissing on the rest of the world". Sure, we have some of those. Probably too much. But most of ppl living in "rich countries" aren't the ugly persons a lot of the "trancers" are making them sound to be. It is just so short minded to think that because i have a car, hi-tech goodies and eat meat, then i must necessarly be a rich, selfish, ignorant and arrogant f***er. It's like they don't know that a lot of ppl here as well are having hard times getting enough money to feed their family, give the possibily for their child to study, let alone saving a bit of money for the fluff that will make them forget their relatively hard and boring life for a few hours. The "your country is richer than most and thus you're a bastard and should feel guilty about it" is just so wrong and ignorant. I also find most psytrancers (at least the ones i met.. which are probably not very representative of the real scene i'll give you that), to be quite naive. Or maybe should i say utopist. They're preaching and lecturing everyone about how they should behave or not behave, but they seem to have 0 knowledge of history, sociology, and psychology. Like if making a paradise out of this earth and it's 6 billions of human being could be done in one day, or even 10 year or 1 century (or done at all). Also, all the conspirations theories based on literally nothing are quite ridiculous. I think i've read several times that the reason why LSD is forbidden, is because governments want to prevent us to see the world how it "really" is - and thus that LSD is a danger for the system because it would "awaken" people. That made me smile at first, but i think it's pretty sad to be that paranoid. Anyway.. going to stop there lol. Sorry for the rant, but i have read/heard so much unproductive nonsense since i'm in this scene.. i needed to get that out of my mind. More on topic, i'm intrigued at how you guys have a more expended consciousness since you've been listening to psytrance. I always see the "expended consciousness" expression, but what do you mean by that? Do you mean that you have a different, wider perspective on the world we are living in? Is it coming from the music in itself, or the culture around it?
  10. Copy paste from the isratrance forum: Link here: click
  11. Sorry, never heard them before. I only know the third track, so in case i don't know how to count and you meant this one.. it's If that's not the one then i have no idea.
  12. Isao

    Pleiadians - IFO

    I also find that Maia and Alcyone are the 2 best tracks on this album (read: the 2 i liked the most) and 2 of the very best tracks this genre has to offer imo. Infectious melodies, intensity, story telling, unique Pleiadians trademark, i didn't find anything else close to those 2 masterpieces. The other tracks are good as well i suppose, but they don't touch me so i won't comment. In any case this album is definitly a must to listen, you can also get the wavs from juno if you're interested.
  13. Hmm, i'm interested into normal trance since i'm a melody lover, but i know almost nothing about it. From when did they start calling stuff like Tiesto trance? One of the main reason i've yet to explore trance is because i know i'll find a lot of Tiesto-like clubby music, which doesn't suit me at all. Any artist you could recommend me that would sound like L.S.G. - Lonely Casseopeya ? I've also heard the last track (i think) from Union Jack, called "Papillon". Not sure if that's called trance or acid trance, but i digged it (aside of the french sample, sounds stupid.. at least for the french i am).
  14. lol yay! first comment!

    thanks psytones =)

    I'm digging the CPC album you recommended me right now - especially Copenhagen and Secrets, awesome tracks.

    Thanks a lot for that as well!

  15. Hi, are you missing a comment? Looks like your missing a comment. Let me be the first to make a comment in your comment box. 'Your Panda is cool'. j-e - happy music hunting!

  16. Thanks for the track Laserflip! Oh! I've heard that one. I really liked the second track with the flutes, it sounds very relaxing/peaceful eventhough the bpm is quite high. I've disliked darkpsy for a long time, but that kind of tracks along with some psykovsky ones (Indigo Child/Compos Mentis/Only Love) made me realize that this genre had a lot of potential that is yet to be fully exploited. Thanks for your other recomendations anyway, i'll check them out!
  17. Is there such a thing as melodic darkpsy? By melodic i don't mean stuff ala nitzo/full on/morning goa, but just more melodic than "random effects" (i know they're not random, but you got my point). Something that could be like melodic dark soundscapes and subtle melodic lines, with a darkpsy-ish bassline. The best exemple i have of this is the soundscape in "Cosma - Nonstop" starting at 3:27. It's not much but it's a good start. It's both dark and melodic, and that unfortunately sounds pretty unique in darkpsy (or should i say in psy music at all), from what i know at least. "Only Love" by Psykovsky & Deja Vu is also quite melodic and dark. I would really be interested in hearing some mad melodic work in that genre, so i'm wondering if there are any.
  18. Oh, i bought an album from Phonokol not so long ago - got it a bit late but still got it. There are some very nice tracks to buy on their website as well, 1$ for a .wav.
  19. /nod It happens quite regularly with this website as far as i've read.
  20. Yeah i would stay away from that website if i were you. I made an order back in november, but they never sent it and ignored my mails.
  21. "va filmer ton bonhomme là.." Cool vids! Did they play any goa btw?
  22. If you never cried or had shivers down the spine, then i think you just didn't find the right songs/tracks and/or that you don't let yourself get lost in the music. I rarely get emotional over goa/psy, but some tracks make me feel euphoric - and once i'm in that euphoric state, if the track keep going more intense and keep surprising me, then i'll get some shivers. Then if it goes another level higher, i'll have some tears of euphoria because i'm simply blown away and never expected to hear something like that. The last time it happened to me must have been on the second half of , from 5:05 to the end. The infectious melodies, the fact that it gets more intense all the time and that it seems to last ages, the synths used to make those melodies.. all that is going beyond what i was expecting, and if i'm dancing to it accordingly to how it makes me feel, then i'm totally sucked in the intensity/emotion and i'll have uncontrolled shivers and tears. If i try to analyze how i feel on that second half.. - 5:05: an aggressive melody starts and gets all my attention - 5:18: the beat is coming, i'm getting off of my chair and start moving my butt, expecting a climax to come soon - 5:44: 2s break, then the beat starts again with this time an "atmospheric" layer that enhances the melody and makes the track feel "full". Getting my first shivers at a point which sounds like the climax to me - not expecting to hear anything more intense or different - 6:11: as it seemed to fade away, another melodic layer is coming on top. Sublte and high pitched, it contrasts very well with the aggressive melody, while being in the same "serious/desesperate" mood. Another wave of shivers, more intense this time. I have a big smile on my face, and start to realize i'm going to lose control if it keeps going this way. - 7:05: another 2s break, another aggressive layer added. Tears are coming and, dancing in my bedroom with a big headphone and smile on my face, i look like an idiot. But what an happy idiot i am! - 9:05: it's still getting more intense. The final melody is now appearing and while it doesn't touch me as much as the previous ones, i'm still blown away that the track is still evolving and going crazy. - 10:29: track over. While it only lasted just over 5 mins, i feel sore and exhausted, as if i spent the past 24 hours dancing non stop. Unfortunately that happens maybe the first 2 or 3 times i hear such a track. Once i'm getting used to it, i'll stop feeling anything and will eventually get bored of it. It's like i won't feel anything if i know what is going to happen. Some other tracks that made me feel a strong emotion: Ra - R.O.M. Planet B.E.N. - Ant Invasion Pleiadians - Maia Technossomy - V.T.O.L. ManMadeMan - Radar Green Nuns of the Revolution - Atomic Armadillo The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing Nuxx - Arkhimedes CBL - Photosynthesis Sorry for the long post and the bad english
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