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Enichkin - In Memory Of Love


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Artist: Enichkin

Album: In Memory Of Love

Label: Avatar Records

Url: www.avatar-music.com

Style: Dark Psytrance

Store.Date: Jun-04-2009

Rls.Date: Jun-05-2009

Catalogue: AVA054


Release Notes:


Moscow based eniChkin is back with his sizzling hot 2nd new and exciting album 'In Memory Of Love'. The album was produced by no other than Goa Gil, and features 10 new and unreleased abalones. This is pure top quality IDM, the distinctive eniChkin style with the touch of the magical 60s..




01. Enichkin - Spring Interpretation

02. Enichkin - Life Extension

03. Enichkin - Elementary Particles

04. Enichkin - Free Now

05. Enichkin - Mescalito Dance

06. Enichkin - Twilight Zone

07. Enichkin - Beyond The Shadow Of Doubt

08. Enichkin - In Memory Of Love

09. Enichkin - Memories

10. Enichkin - Transient

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"Sergey Nazarenko demonstraits the term IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) in a full scale with this second album. Having been fascinated by the 60's psychedelic era, his music is influenced by its musicians and movement. This is just another reason why Goa Gil has chosen to produce this new album. "


"It seems that EniChkin and Goa Gil (who actually was the one who discovered EniChkin) manage with Imol to deliver an acceleration, without reprising the previous album"



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If Goa Gil produced it, how is it by Enichkin - are they the same person?

I think they mean Goa Gil discovered and helped them, like producers do in mainstream music. In electronic music 'producing' means making music, but in non-electronic music the producer is the one that helps the artist..

But for not going to far of topic, the cover looks nice! :P

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This album is in similar style with Psykovsky's musical direction, especially Da Budet.

Their styles are really different, but the idea behind their music is basically the same. Vey hard beats and non stop madness over almost ambient elements. It seems like a new trend in darkpsy which personally I find very nice. The music here has a spirtuality and almost a peaceful feeling, despite it is really furious.

The promo text of this album describes it as IDM, but that's simply false. That's darkpsy to the bone, only more experimental. It's true that some tracks have an IDM flavor, but I wouldn't call it IDM for sure.

Another interesting thing about this album is that although the bpm is about 160 for all tracks it sounds way faster, thanks to the aggressive basslines and beats.


The thing I didn't like in this album is that the kick, the bass and the effects madness seem to be in the 'front row' while the ambient/melodic layers are only in the background. That's on purpose of course, and it gives to the album a strange feeling like something beautiful crawls in the dark. This works great specifically in the tracks Spring Interpretation and Free Now, where you can slightly hear some melancholic melodies in the background. Unfortunately that doesn't work in all tracks. Many times you want to hear the layers, yet the noisy sounds don't let you.


Anyway this is an interest, experimental album, recommended to anyone who's looking for something fresh.

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This is my second favorite release of the year, after Shpongle. It's just so trippy and creative. Love the use of samples throughout (Beach Boys FTW), just like on his previous release. You can tell there's a real musical intelligence at work here, as well as a highly playful spirit. A big, big cut above typical "dark" trance.


It's sold out currently on saikosounds and psyshop but you can order it directly from Avatar Records.

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Enichkin - In Memory of Love



Posted Image


1. Spring Interpretation

2. Life Extension

3. Elementary Particles

4. Free Now

5. Mescalito Dance

6. Twilight Zone

7. Beyond the shadow of doubt

8. In memory of love

9. Memories

10. Transient


There is no surer sign of something being Russian than the end of its name being "kin". Enichkin - In Memory Of Love does not particularly sound Russian, barring muddled Russian samples sprinkled throughout the album like glitter on a cheap prostitute. Also, I prefer to not imagine it being Russian - this fact somehow detracts from the qualities of the album (which I shall soon delve into). I do not mean that this is typical of Russian music, often the opposite holds I have found. Take Furious as an example, his music feeds upon the fact that it is Russian, upon the fact that it is conceived in this almost-hellish place, with its crooked streets and morals, with its history of death, and its coldness of the soul in spite of the color of the land being, of course, the color of blood itself. Zolod's "Deja Vu Fabrique" takes power from a similar vein, here you can literally hear the corruption taking place in the high reverberation of his nightly soundscape. Psykovsky, as more complex in style, does not lend himself as easily to analysis, but I think we can in his style observe a certain struggle of the soul, a classical theme in Russian literature. There can be felt, in Psykovsky's music, the hopeless abandonment of the spirit, to the grim and ultimately dark Universe - the darkness of his style, almost unmatched. Leaving the typical Russian sound behind then, how does Enichkin approach the genre?


There are some similarities to Psykovsky here, mainly the ambient components, but where these components create the darkness in Psykovsky's music, here they are auxiliary but not more. The essence of Enichkin's style instead is highly-rhythmical melodical (in the dark-psy sense) structures. He delivers these structures with great intensity in a generally non-climactic format. This is a very good thing, since the climactic format almost always is the easy way out in creating a track - and this shows in the complexity of the sound.


Enichkin also shows care to the labelling of his tracks, something which I very much so am a proponent of. The labelling of a track is an important opportunity for the artist to add something to his music that isn't really musical, yet adds to the musical experience through the imagery or emotion it provokes. "In Memory of Love" is a great such example, which sets the tone for the entire album. Trying to put a finger on the general theme, or idea, of this album, the word "love" is not the correct place to put the finger, neither is "memory". I shall not dwell too long on places where you should not put your finger, but I think these concepts lay close to the matter: the theme of "In Memory of Love", I feel, is the connection or boundary between the complexity of the human mind, and the complexity of the nature of reality. In both there is playfulness; the taunting duality of matter, the glory of a cloudy sunset or the beauty of a genius mind. In both there is also darkness; the vastness of outer space, space-time itself can be viewed as dark in its ruthlessness, and of course the state in which one sometimes may find himself when one views such darkly matters. Ultimately however it is the human mind that from the chaos that is reality, constructs such things as clouds and sunsets and perhaps even the progression of time, therefore the human mind controls reality - yet in the end, the mind is of course conquered by nature's forces. "In Memory of Love" dips into this shifting juxtaposition, with a style that balances on the line between light and dark, soulless and spiritual complexity.


"Beyond the Shadow of Doubt", another superbly named track, is perhaps the best of the bunch, here Enichkin creates a beautifully unstable melodic atmosphere in the beginning, which later deconstructs and finally rebuilds into something evolved. There is a very stimulating dual nature here, with the melodic components on the one hand, and the hard and pushing bassdrum on the other, constantly shifting rhythm keeping you on your toes. The last three tracks are also the three most melodical, they are all excellent and constitute the final, more vibrant, evolution of the meditative style kept in the early part of the album.


Overall, this is a great piece of music and I highly recommend it.

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Well Goa Gil might have published the record on his label but all the info says it's made by Sergei Nazarenko.


An excellent album, some top tracks of various moods. Definitely darkpsy, with some very energetic tracks, but I think that concidering Enhichikens unique style and the variety of moods here this one is that'll appeal to the usually non darkpsy listeners (who might only like derango and a few others, not that this is necassarily similar to them). I mean there's definitely some quite sad tracks or parts of tracks, and that's not something you necassarily hear on every darkpsy album. There's a medium to heavy idm influence in the same way that there's a strong dub influence on a lot of psybient, but as people said to call it idm is a bit silly since it's psy. I agree with the comparison to psykovsky, if you like him then you will probably like Enichkin. Not that they are that similar though.



Favourite tracks: The twilight zone, In memory of love

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Hands down the best darkpsy I have ever listened. I generally find the darkpsy sound just annoying; far too glitchy, computerized and random. The enichkin sound, however, is actually quite soft with it's drenching acid oriented direction, hypnotic atmosphere and deep basslines, which brings it almost a forest goa feel. There's also a touch of intelligence and depth in the melodies that just simply seal the deal. SuperB darkpsy!

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For me it's the best album of all times. Unlike psykosky it really has a lot of IDM elements in it. I think it's proper to call it IDM. The common thing between these two is the view on the world. It's neither dark nor light. Neither cold nor hot. Trully perfect thing for active meditation. If other music is associated with things this music is more about the particles that things are made from. Quantum Psytrance basicaly :)

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