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  1. I hope you'll like this one
  2. Hello, I have experimented a lot with this. I hope you like it. Comments are welcome!
  3. Hello, Check out my recent psyprog track. I hope you will like it. Comments are welcome
  4. We tried to make it in the best tradittions of psychedelic trance but also took into matter the new developments, so thats what we got. Comments are welcome!
  5. Hey! Thanks a lot. It's out in most shops (beatport, juno etc)
  6. Sorry, this should work, its the link to youtube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7NI5hB26A4&list=PL_igjNvLudKdazsQ9ADkqwiO8enjDgXHv
  7. aaaand its out. https://www.beatport.com/release/maladaptive/1928300 You can listen to the full album on youtube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuIvPcCcRvTfWnnj8TiQmsYJiBjhUnr_H
  8. Happy to see your comment! A very useful one! Thanks for that. I have collected the last 8 tracks into an album and its now in distribution to be released on 18th of Jan. I will try to change the structure as well as the sound. In the end it's the matter of taste. I've been working on the quality of sound and i tried to fit the music in my personal taste for the last few months, I think i've reached my goal. now i will try to work on the actual content and people that are likely to listen to it.
  9. Hey guys! check this out. I hope you'll like it. comments are welcome
  10. https://soundcloud.com/2kijamusic/2kija-trust-me-youre-dead
  11. Hello! Check out my crunchy progpsy track. I hope you'll like it https://soundcloud.com/2kijamusic/2kija-starformer
  12. Hello, Check out my new track. I think it could be labeled as power fullon with forest influences. I hope you will like it. Comments are welcome.
  13. Check out my tribal darkprog track. I hope you like it. Comments are welcome! https://soundcloud.com/2kijamusic/2kija-the-ritual-of-machines
  14. I hope you'll like it! Inspired by music of Nuclear Ramjet, Ishome and Shaoleen Wooden Men
  15. Hey guys! Hows it going? Check out some of my recent tracks: Veils of Illusion [Psytrance] https://soundcloud.com/2kijamusic/2kija-the-veils-of-illusion Mitzatmokmedi [Psychedelic Techno] https://soundcloud.com/2kijamusic/2kija-mitzatmokmedi The Dreamlord [Progressive Psytrance] - https://soundcloud.com/2kijamusic/2kija-the-dreamlord Mzveravi [Psyprog/tech] - https://soundcloud.com/2kijamusic/2kija-mzveravi The Lake of Desires [Forest psy] - https://soundcloud.com/2kijamusic/2kija-the-lake-of-desires I hope you like it. Send me your thoughts. Cheerz :>
  16. Everything is Legal is a group of psytrance artists from Republic of Georgia. This album sounds all different. With the elements of future tech, electronica, breakbeat and glitch. Containing 3 Downtempo tracks, each with a very special sound. The experimental method follows the whole album. In a world of sound standardization this album clearly stands out with its special attitude. It had to come eventually - very special album from the gradually growing Georgian Psychedelic Community. Hear this and you won't be disappointed. Everything is, in fact, legal in the world of sound. Or at least that is how it is supposed to be. You can actually listen to the whole album for free on the Bandcamp. Not sure if it is downloadable or not: https://2kija.bandcamp.com/album/udabno-2 Tracklisting: 1. The North Node 04:56 2. 1 Corinthians 10 23 05:58 3. Shkhara 06:38 4. 2kija vs Everything is Legal - Free Form God 08:12 5. Spide-R 05:07 6. Artsaxvide 06:12 7. Udabno 04:29 8. 12 Knights 06:43
  17. Hey guys. Check out my new album. It is a new kind of sound you have never heared before from Tbilisi, Georgia. Comments are welcome. You can listen to it on bandcamp: https://2kija.bandcamp.com/releases
  18. Hey guys. Check out my new track. comments are welcome. and if you like it share around. Cheerz https://soundcloud.com/2kijamusic/2kija-free-form-ego
  19. Hey, thanks. I use Ableton Live 9 VSTI is mostly nexus but i put in some applied acoustics string studio too in this one.
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