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  1. damn great release. That's how I like darkpsy or whatever you want to call it.
  2. It really depends on my mood what I search for in music. For example: I have a love/hate relationsship with the darker side of psystrance. In the wrong mood I think what is this crap? Why did I add it to my playlist in the first place? But sometimes it thrills me to null my brain with those ever twisting and morphing sounds. With "mood" I don't refer to drugs.
  3. Looking forward to this one. I think scorbs "ipso fctvo" album is an underrated masterpiece. Actually I'm enjoying most of his output.
  4. so the album is out, bought the digital copy...currently my second run through. Some really deep basslines and soundscapes. In my opionion better than "far&off" which was released before, which I found a too glitchy for my taste.
  5. I know I shouldn't. ;D But from time to time I really enjoy Astrix stuff. His new album is no exception.
  6. I really enjoy reading your reviews, thanks
  7. Just in the middle of it. Forest may not be my favourite genre, but damn this is some well made stuff. Quite absorbing material. Sound quality is also fucking good.
  8. I just re-read my previous statement. Can't believe I was disappointed at first, lol I was missing out so much details with my cheap sound rig. This has changed now. I'm in love with this album and still play it from time to time and it's definately among my fav top5 ambient albums. It really helps me calm down my soul.
  9. frix

    Ott - Mir

    Just bought it from amazon mp3 for ~6€. Good deal. Starting first listen now
  10. I have bought it, and I like it. Pretty good album!
  11. frix

    Asura - 360

    yea, indeed a great album love the artwork too, as usual with ultimae releases
  12. for being more pop oriented music I think it's good.
  13. My vote goes for Just brilliant
  14. lol psytimeofmylife I didn't know skazi became that cheesy. I'm impressed in a negative way
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