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  1. Haha seeing that post, is like seeing a big list of chores that need to be added to my current list. But I already have downloaded quite a few of those non-psy things, and will get around to them soon.
  2. Listening to music is actually like a chore to me. I force myself to do it, and to keep listening to new stuff, even when most of it sucks. You guys should be thankful that I share my research with you. :drama:
  3. What are you even talking about? Half the stuff on the list isn't very good, and wouldn't be recommended by anyone who I take recommendations from, only some random person named it so you added it to your list. That's why a combined list is useless....
  4. Other stuff that's not as good, but still decent: Abakus - That Much Closer To The Sun Aes Dana - Season 5 Asura - Code Eternity Cardamar - Steam H.U.V.A. Network - Ephemeris Hol Baumann - Human Ishvara - Magik Square Of The Sun Kick Bong - Flower Power S. Zeilenga - In Media Res Ten Madison - Avenue Terra Nine - Strange Craft The Kumba Mela Experiment - East Of The River Ganges Xerxes - The Mirror Formula PS: I only actually listened to about 3/4 of the chillout music so far, so my list is not complete.
  5. I always imagined that artists would find it annoying if random people emailed them their thoughts on their music, as though their opinion was actually substantial.
  6. A combined list is actually pretty useless, similar to looking at the combined rating for a release on discogs. You have no idea who recommended what. Ratings are only useful if you know who liked what and how often you like the same things that that person likes. If the goal was just to list chillout releases indiscriminately I could print out my directory list of them (before I delete 3/4 because they aren't worth saving) as a starting point.
  7. Here's some of my favorites list, since I disagree with a lot of that combined list. Aes Dana - Aftermath Aes Dana - Memory Shell Aes Dana - Leylines Asura - Lost Eden Asura - Life2 Aural Planet - Lightflow Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers Cardamar - Where The Skies End Children Of The Bong - Sirius Sounds Chronos - Steps To The Great Knowledge Distant System - Spiral Empire DownHill - Silent City EN Voice - Hall Of Dreams Entheogenic - Entheogenic Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination Essential Trip - Trip To Inner Self Healer - Wonderground Ishq - Orchid M-Seven - Activate Mystical Sun - After Materia Cloudland Mystical Sun - Deeperworlds Orthonorma - Time 2 Wait Phutureprimitive - Sub Conscious S. Zeilenga - Of Beauty & Mystery Shakatura - Shakatura Solar Fields - Reflective Frequencies Solar Fields - Movements Sundial Aeon - Apotheosis Welder - Vines And Stream Yagya - Rigning
  8. Next question: What was the first ever goa trance album?
  9. This music is not only about arrangement though, but about making the instruments as well. Nope, it was a joke. :wank:
  10. Here's an album I consider revolutionary... totally pioneering goa/psy trance (more so in other tracks lol), cited as the inspiration for AP (who in turn inspired IM 8 years later)... and look... they integrated classical (and opera) sounds in some tracks! (More heavily than IM, granted.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2G7zZc3v6c But anyways, I hypothesize most artists didn't use so many direct classical sounds because it's actually not as creative as creating their own sounds and atmospheres for tracks, rather than using something that's been around already for hundreds of years. So I really struggle to call such seeming relapses revolutionary. Either way, I think you will find IM extremely similar to Sandman if you listen to both, though Sandman doesn't use any direct classical sounds. I refuse to count IM as some great revolutionaries because I can point very easily at their influences: Sandman's style + synths from a popular genre of music hundreds of years old. Brilliant! Absolute genius! How could they ever come up with that?!?! :wank:
  11. Elysium already provided a really good basis a page or two ago. Listen to Sandman and you can't really tell the tracks apart from IM, except maybe IM has slightly better production. Throw in some of the others he mentioned like GNOTR, Tandu and MFG, maybe Tarsis, and you pretty much have discovered the roots of their music. Suddenly it doesn't seem all that new and original after all. If you've never heard these other earlier artists you might otherwise arrive at the wrong conclusions.
  12. This is no secret, I've already told you. It's a little more difficult than comparing two towers, but if you understand the established procedures at the time and then compare them to a new album you should be able to judge how revolutionary it was or wasn't.
  13. I don't call myself a philosopher since modern society has confused the term with pussy. Yes I made an argument and I presented it sandwiched between several ad hominems which pussy philosophers these days cry about but aren't really fallacies. This is one of my favorite styles to use.
  14. That's nice you think it's interesting. As I've already said it's like discussing how one decides if a tower is tall or not. I hope your philosophical abilities extend a little deeper than this (though I suspect you're probably limited to saying nothing of substance, playing the relativistic card at all opportunities, and reciting latin names for fallacies).
  15. So you listen to music with a kleenex in your hand? Sounds really depressing. I'll admit I have cried listening to music before, but it was pretty much just uncontrollable crying about the wind or a bug got in my eye.
  16. I really hate when someone makes an album that's got some good tracks and some crappy tracks. I really hate how most of the pop music listeners just listen to the hit songs and never listen to 95% of the other stuff released along with them. I always listen to a CD from the start to finish unless it's too boring or bad and I have to shut it off early. So yea, bad tracks are important to me. And there are a handful of albums that have no bad tracks, and all great tracks... those are what I consider the top albums.
  17. This is sarcasm right? I mean I've heard goa-psy music with very classical parts all the way back in 1991, so I hope you guys aren't serious. The reason that most albums do not use this is because it's not as original as making up their own space alien sounds.
  18. I gave up. Couldn't figure out how to split apart the sections into loops of the right length using Cubase.
  19. It's not a good quote. I am telling you this as someone who is a mathematician/logician (related to architecture), and likes dancing and music as well. (I believe I am more qualified to judge this quote than you, but if you feel differently, we can go more in depth about whether it is true or not.)
  20. I won't let you PUSSIES run away claiming everything is relative and personal. Throughout practical life we continually assume that all other human beings have relatively the same perceptions as the rest of us, so please let's do it for music too: let's assume that I hear the same thing coming from my speakers as you do in the same way that we assume that we both visually perceive the exact same object the same way. Debating which music is more revolutionary is like debating which famous tower is taller than the other: it's a question that has a definite answer, and only ignorance of previous musical influences gets in the way of one knowing that answer.
  21. I don't even see your point here. Music is a language? OK freely I'll grant you this if you want it... but we can discuss the quality of a language too.... There may be some truth to that (I haven't decided yet) but it's still completely missing the point. If I copied Beethoven's style and wrote my own very similar symphony you still couldn't tell me what it was about, but you wouldn't call me a quality musician or say that my symphony was revolutionary, because it isn't. By definition. It's a copycat work. It may even be very nice music, but unless I've introduced some new elements, it cannot be called revolutionary because that's not what the word is defined as. That's a PATHETIC excuse. I can tell you why albums that I deem masterpieces deserve the distinction and I can tell you why IM doesn't deserve it. You on the other hand seem only capable of sitting there covering your ears saying "LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!" You don't want to hear me or you have some mental deficiencies, but that doesn't excuse you, it only invalidates your opinion.
  22. Oh yea whenever you people are wrong you try to say it's a matter of taste or something that's relative, but it's not. Revolutionary means by definition that it's something unique from past music. So you should be able to point and say "this, that, and that are the unique elements that make this a revolutionary album". But instead you just sit there saying "I'm not telling" and "you're wrong because it's a matter of taste", so I guess you really don't know any answer. And someone already said that millions of people find it revolutionary but most of them also never heard of any previous goa-psy artists so for these people IM might as well of invented psytrance. In other words, these people believe the album is revolutionary out of ignorance. Are you one of these people, or can you back up your argument?
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