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The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences

Guest Psychedelic Gav

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Seraph, you're forgetting Graham Wood ;> can't leave out one of the wonderful figures that was a lead man for TIP.  Heehee.  Definitely my favorite ambient/space-bliss album of all time.  Very buzzy with neaaaaaaat soundscaping.  I almost forgot it was music.  It seems so real and truely organic.  ;>





I thought that Graham Wood only collaborated on their trance album and those few singles...didn't know he was part of this album as well...:D

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I thought that Graham Wood only collaborated on their trance album and those few singles...didn't know he was part of this album as well...:D


Wasn't he the mastermind?


Anyway, brilliant and unique CD. 9/10.

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Guest antic

I thought that Graham Wood only collaborated on their trance album and those few singles...didn't know he was part of this album as well...:D


You really should check the inlays Seraph. The CD is produced by Graham Wood )synths and programming) & Raja Ram (flute). Simon Posford collaborated on half of tracks :)


I'll edit the post when I'll form my opinion, because I'm only at track #3 so far - got it today :)

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Definately one of the trippiest releases I've ever heard. Just lying back and listening to this takes me to other dimensions. Even now, post drug use :D

The answer is sooooo good. First time I heard it I had fallen asleep & when I woke up dazed and confused this little number was working it's way into my semi conscious mind and haas been lodged there ever since. Magical stuff :D:D:D

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Posted Image

The Infinity Project

Mystical Experiences

Blue Room Released


Re-released on TIP.World as a 2CD with Mystery of the Yeti in 2004




01. When Sound Becomes Clear 6:14

02. Mystical Experiences 10:34

03. The Answer 10:35

04. High Insert 0:06

05. Mortioso 4:54

06. Flute Line 2:21

07. Flying 6:21

08. Blue Aura 3:19

09. Alien Patrol 6:24

10. Under The Overtones 19:58

11. Blue Aura (Weird Meeting) 2:38


It's difficult for me to agree with the oldschool freaks who spout that only pre millennium music is worth it & all post millennium music is awful, as so many of my favourites are post millennium. There are some albums though that shake that conviction. This album is not only a piece of psychedelic ambient history it's also an album that remains an enthralling spacial journey through the stars, beyond the planets & into the mind. Every time I listen to this the better it sounds & the more I lister the deeper it goes. I'm not sure that if one day it will stop getting better but with close to 100 listens both awake & in dreamland these mystical experiences still get better & better. The time of writing this review was the best yet & I'm sure it will get even better.

1. When Sound Becomes Colour


Slow launch sequence chatter & the beats to match. There is no lift off but such alien voices have already surrounded us & even the human voices seem distant & incomprehensible. This is an amazing intro that manages to instantly transport the listener to a far away galaxy, around a planet of ultimate beauty & splendor. Amazing stuff.


2. Mystical Experiences


Wherever I was on the alien planet I've been transported into another dimension. The same physical space but shifted along slightly so that everything seems the same but different. Soft beats & heavy stabs. Very alien singing can't be tribal it feels so other worldly, or do they? Hard to tell they're so twisted. No me, no you, no nothing. Exactly! You can easily get lost in this track, everything can drive you deeper in this track. A tune so psychedelic that there are no psychedelics needed for it to take you away past your outer limits & into the outer reaches of your unimaginable imagination.


3. The Answer

One of the best tracks ever created. I once fell asleep & was lucky enough to wake up to this track. In the world between consciousness & dreams this crept. This oozes ancientness, everything about it feels like some alien relic from billions of years ago. Like a piece of music from a distant galaxy that's been travelling through the emptiness of space to our tiny planet.

It had been drifting for centuries through the inner solar system so how long has it been since it's source? This could be from a civilisation from way before our reckoning. This is one of the spaciest tracks I've ever heard. It conjures up vast empty spaces as well as intricate inner thoughts. The simple melody barely changes for 7 minutes but when it does it gives out a rush of emotions. Suddenly the floating is flying as we enter the Earth's atmosphere. The flutes try to bring us down to Earth but just in fact lift us higher, never landing. This track will never land. In this moment I knew the answer but as it ended it escaped me once again.


4. High Insert


It's 6 seconds long, what can you say? It's high among the sky!


5. Morfioso

It seems to me that this track was way ahead of it's time. The beats are reminiscent of trip hop some years later. The ambience & melody were many years ahead of the creation. Morfioso manages to sound like a 2005 piece of space ambient with that early nineties psychedelic edge. Well, it is a track from the early 90's but the production is so neat. Re-masters of albums don't sound as different from their time as this does. A classic pioneering trendsetter.


6. Flute Line


Well, it has flutes & spacey ambience. That's it but it does manage to create a really amazing atmosphere. It's only 2 minutes long but it could be much longer. Dense.


7. Flying


Very earthy yet free. This track is high among the sky. We are in the Earth but not on the Earth. Very much up among the clouds! A soft floating feeling on the smooth cool northern breeze. As it picks up pace it starts to feel like falling but falling upwards. Now we really are high among the sky. Amazing atmosphere!


8. Blue Aura


I saw a real alien, with a blue aura! Repeat this over and over again & you'll sound like a sci fi nut job put repeat it over a tripped out alienesque atmosphere from the outer reaches of space and you have a damn nice ambient track.


9. Alien Patrol


A very apt track title. I'm instantly put in mind of a small alien spacecraft scouting out an enemy base in the dark of the night. The atmosphere is one of dark, active swiftness. It moves about a lot but it has a definite objective that it must achieve.


10. Under the Overtones


This is almost an album unto itself. The Beatles - A Hard Days Night is only 10 minutes longer and not half as psychedelic or as good as this. But probably more catchy.

This is of course in no hurry to get anywhere & it takes it's time doing anything. This is a really good thing as it has the time to explore tribal sounds, natural sounds, spacey sounds, secret sounds & a mysterious undercurrent.

It builds & builds & builds but does so gradually so stays interesting through it's 20 minute duration. The atmosphere shifts from dark to spacey to vast to light to earthed electricity to night time festivities that are drawing to a close. All the way through this oozes the sort of class that doesn't have a clue about reality. Great!!


11. Blue Aura (Weird Meeting)


God damn crazy hicks always bring you out of your calm with their crazy rantings about being abducted. You can't believe the lonely drunken idiots with nothing better to do than make up stories.

The music though leaves no doubters, this guy has definitely met a real alien, with a blue aura.

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If good is good then this CD is really. In other words, you have to combine this with some sort of intermittant agent to facilitate its true potentially life changing abilities. Try this in conjunction with several other people, and I think you'll end up disappointed, or very satisfied. That is wholly dependant on your self image. You could argue that self image is all. I like tracks 1, 5 and 11 a lot.

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i just can''t believe my ears. This is so spectacular, and it has been done in 1995!!! This is THE ambient album to buy and it is the reference, i even think that they invented haha the ambient psy genre, at least, it was the best for its time, its seriously mind-expending, and without anything.

in this album, you really can see the sound moving in each other, one reacting with the other. What a blast! Flying got to be the most impressive ambient songs ive listen, yet, i feel like this is not ambient, its another thing. One thing for sure, this album has no competitors, since ive never heard anything like that in my life.

One of the few album YOU HAVE to buy in this genre. All the songs are a delight to the ears. The vocals are insane, and the waves! there's always waves swirling around your head, like if the music brings a flow of air. There's a dimension in this release that I've never heard, ishq tends to have that same feeling, but a lot less prominent. The sound are literally in movements (blue aura). Damn, now i want to buy some medecinal herbs, and just...have another mystical experience!!!!!



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I think you guys overrate this because it was made in the goa trance scene and you don't know about the thousands other ambient releases.


It's a cool album and all, but not the first ambient release on the planet by far.

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All the time I was big techno fan. But last year I start to listen psychedellic trance. And also I really start to love oldschool goa and this old production...

And now at the moment I listen first time this album which is really very beatifull. Great psy ambient/downtempo...

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While I think the tracks by themselves are great, in order to maximize what this has to offer a straight through listening will do the trick.  Trippy science fiction vibes with some darkness and tribal affectations.  To be fair Under the Overtones has a bit of dead space, but overall a very deep ride.

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Mount Kailash meditation guaranteed. Totally hypnotic music which will give you an out of body experience if you allow it to bathe your neural matrix. No psychedelics are required because this is aural acid of the purest quality. If you don't lift at least a little off-planet listening to this, may I humbly recommend that you join the queue for Getafix's magic potion, get thee to a nunnery, do fifteen years of pranayama or otherwise reprogram your horizons. Even the slightest openness to this trip will allow you to view our galaxy, let alone our planet, from an impossibly remote distance and contemplate our irrelevance in the multiverse.


It seems almost churlish, given this level of psychological profundity, to mention the significance of this album for culture generally, for music, for psychedelic music in particular. I'm not joking when I state that in my opinion this constitutes possibly the most important album in the second wave of psychedelia to sweep through popular culture; in other words, it is up there with "Are You Experienced?", "Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" or the best of early Tangerine Dream. Pretentious I know, but that is what I think. Moreover, it inaugurates the genre of psychill, psybient, call it what you will.


All tracks are simply mind bending genius, but "The Answer" has one of the all time classic samples that I feel compelled to reproduce:


"No one saw its approach

A small point of light

lost in the glare of the morning sun

it had been drifting for centuries

through the inner solar system

like an iceberg in the ocean of interplanetary space."


This track is THE ANSWER to the question you didn't know to ask. ~*~

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