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  1. I think this album was kick ass fav's were 2,4,6,8 1 and 3 I liked too for these people who saying its not as good as their first album well what the hell do you expect man AYS was a timeless masterpiece, no one will ever top that but you cant say an album is bad becuase you expect it to be perfect It's a different album listen to it for what it is, don't hold it to a standard of the prevois 3 albums you'll never really enjoy musical works if you only compare them to other works of music
  2. cant belive never heard of this album friend o mine is into ka-sol but i never knew their was a second album sounds even better then the first one
  3. holy shit have you listened to the tempo on track 4 I didnt know psy could go that fast, way over 160bpm I benn listening to tumult a lot and I need something else to fry my brain this seems promising
  4. I find this CD pretty relaxing actually especially the first track
  5. this album kicks ass pure and simple anyone into dark psy needs to have this
  6. this album creeped me out the first time i listened to it theres no way id be able to listen to this on psychedelics
  7. you got an account here to k-ban yeah check this mix out it rules
  8. I cant decide, their both so good but i'd have to say shpongle even though i really just look at it as a continuation of hallucinogen
  9. words are not enough to describe the complexity and intensity of this album The sounds are just unreal, and the trippy factor is just rediculous no knob was left unturned on the synthesizer when this was put together Whats cool about this is if you listen to this outside all the noises that are around you dont detract from the listening experience but rather get tangled up in this mesh of noise I'm having a hard time remembering words, this CD is a minf*** and it gets darker twords the second half easy 10 out of 10
  10. I got this album about a year ago and man is it mind blowing favorite tracks are 1,2,3,4 and 8 the others are just good. even though LSD is just the title track, the whole album is one mind altering experience when it goes to track 2 its the LSD journey continued
  11. thats great news, i have not been able to get a hold of this album
  12. lots of noise, very fun album too listen to reminds me of walking around the grocery store completley stoned while browsing the cereal isle if your into old school goa get this album
  13. just listened to this album today and man is it some good stuff what I like this album is that esch part as its own distinctive melodic interlude which makes each track unique whats with people giving sixes just because its not absolutley perfect theres plenty of trippy sounds and every track is good if not great the last two tracks are definetly my favorite 9/10
  14. this CD was a real trip much better than I expected favorite tracks 2,8,9 but the others were really good too
  15. I have not been able to find any information on this track The track title says GMS, but the youtube poster obviously made the ID up becuase everyone I know says its not GMS does anybody know who really made this track
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