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  1. Woah, thank god I came back here! Lots of new suggestions! I'm listening to Bear McCreary - All along the watchtower... From Battlestar Galactica... Awesome tune!
  2. Don't know if you guys like listening to some different genres, but I'm posting here anyways, it's my newest electro track. http://rapidshare.com/files/17724200/Dihyd...achine.mp3.html Feedback please? Thanks in advance
  3. Could you please check this track for me too? http://www.sendspace.com/file/uhxdbn Tell me if in your system its all good, bass levels etc... and if you like the track of course.. Thanks!!!!
  4. Hey! This is my first electro house track and i'd like some feedback on it, if you have the time! Thanks!! Dihydrogen - Away from here Here's the url: http://www.sendspace.com/file/u785lk
  5. Its in usenet.. I doubt it isnt in p2p... DLing just to see the crapness for my self hehe
  6. The Greyboy Allstars - Doin Time Greyboy allstasrs is a soulful jazz band, its awesome... Great stuff..
  7. Its timeless. Time is not a frame of reference for that kind of art.
  8. Sorry, its true. Twisted is a masterpiece. True art.
  9. One of the best sets i've ever heard in a psy party had electro, psytrance and techno in it... I thought it was awesome heheh.. and it was like almost morning, kinda like 5:30am.. I like it, lots of people enjoyed it.. Maybe not many djs play different tracks because they think that they have to play a certain kind of music, when in fact, maybe, they should surprise the listeners to a broader range of music.. Like the dude (i dont remember the name, it was Tim something I think) played a ultra-cheesy psy song, GMS-Juice then after that he played the electro version of outta space, which was awesome, everybody jumped when he made that change... But some people didnt like it too, but most people that weren't new to the scene loved it.
  10. A quick note: Solar Fields - Extended has a melody that moves my soul.. Its a small melody, only 4 notes I think.. But it is so well placed that it is awesome.. I love listening to that cd while going to college..
  11. Sublime - Santeria probably one of the best songs of all times... and im probably overreacting too but i love it
  12. I'd probably pay 1000US to see this.. omg.. awesome...
  13. Sublime - Garden Grove one of the craziest songs ive ever heard lol, love it.
  14. Bob - No woman no cry live yea, cliche but awesome nonetheless
  15. In a arpeggio he was doing I thought he used the same keys as hallucinogen or juno reactor Weird. and great
  16. Pretty much the same thing lol! Except i didnt listen to Enigma, Technossomy and a walk through neptune's garden that much
  17. Mm... Still one of the most psychedelic chill-out cds out there.. Hardly anything tops this.. 10/10
  18. Ehm... a bit late aint i? Ishq - Orchid... Lots of study sessions listening to this masterpiece.
  19. I like to study to that cd haha... its great imo
  20. At least psychill is indeed having some good releases!! Who cares about psytrance today anyways? :P
  21. Technically, i find Blumenkraft sound way cleaner and more professional than H in Dub. But imo both are different sides of a light spectrum, i cant really compare. H in Dub is waaaaaaaaay darker and twisted than blumenkraft. Blumenkraft is daylight music, while H in Dub is more of a night hours dub trip.
  22. Coke... Lots of coke... (the drink not the drug you addicts!) Oh and i also like to walk around when im stuck without ideas, and by walk around i mean walk around my house listening to the track in a loud volume trying to think of something..
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