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What new music did you get today?


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Wow, i didnt know about the new RA album. Looks really nice :) Norwegians finest GOA project I think. I bought some music latelly.


Juno Reactor is selling signed CDs. I bought the new one, and the Luciana CD. Signed :D

Today I bought on Bandcamp; World of Sleepers by CBL. Digipack 6 foldouts, CD. Only 40 left out of 2000. Costs only 10 euro + shipping.


Yeah and I bought the OPSY album, its great.

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I'm not sure about 6 foldouts of CBL - World of sleepers, mine is plain and simple digipack. Actually, I expected more from this re-release. Not that I wanted something similar to the I.F.O. or Let's Turn on,

but the cover work is inferior to the original.


By the way, a Russian label is re-releasing VLA by CBL on CD, could be interesting. I miss only Twentythree in my CD collection.

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Damn everybody wants 23! I literally gave my extra copy away! Now it sells for crazy prices.



About CBL re-issues - the quality of vinyl reissues is very good. But I do not like the colour choices and changes to the cover though :/

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Antiloop ‎– LP oCeLoT ‎– One

The Orb ‎– U.F.Orb

Orb‎– Orblivion

Banco De Gaia ‎– Big Men Cry

Orb* ‎– Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty: The Orb Remix Project

oCeLoT ‎– One

Whoever got a problem with Antiloop can take it with me  :P 

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Not realy goa/psy, but definitely a psychedelic music - I remember buying Second Toughest somewhere around 1997/98 and listening to it all the time on my cassette walkman player. Ah, the memories!  :wub:




Yes, Second Toughest in the Infants is a great album. :) Rowla and Rez are the tracks I used to listen to back in the days, and of course Born Slippy. I have the edition with the extra cd including Rez and Born Slippy.

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Just checked my email and fuck,


ASC - No Stars Without Darkness is out.


Received that a couple a weeks ago, I like it, although I haven't payed much attention to details yet  :blush:


and recently I received:


Imba - First Encounter

Ra - Earthcall

Morphic Resonance - The City of Moons

Crossing Mind - Beyond Duality

Proxeeus - Weird Tale



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This week:

- Virtuart & Friends

- Pitch Black - Futureproof

- Pitch Black - Filtered Senses

- Tor.Ma in Dub - Mara'akames Gathering


One 5CD order of 2016 stuff is in, and I'll probably place another this weekend.

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