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  1. I was a bit ironic when I posted this. It's offensive stuff indeed and given the fact that it comes from one of the veterans in the genre, makes it even more pathetic.
  2. Hello guys, did you notice this magical album getting released? It is available from Psyshop and the samples sound quite promising...My favorites so far are tracks no.8 and no.10, but I guess all of them will storm the dance floors around the world this season. The old Talamasca is back! Talamasca - We Gonna Rock The World (Dacru 2018) http://www.psyshop.com/We-Gonna-Rock-World-Dacru/dac1cd047/ 1.Shared Experience 07:53 2.The Good Place 07:34 3.The Secret Of The Universe 07:16 4.Davai Davai (Talamasca & Ivan Castro Remix) 08:08 5.Eternal 07:43 6.Marijuana Reaction 08:08 7.Dear Devil 08:10 8.Nova Goa 07:29 9.After Winter Comes Spring 06:50 10.Uprising Tribute To Muse I am really looking forward to hear your opinions as well!
  3. Endora (Boris Blenn & Sangeet) Subcouds Little blue Men Weirdo Beardo
  4. Ozora definitely, theres something for everybody
  5. I have it, dunno why it became such rarity...A good album indeed, one of the better fullon out there. I am not decided if i would sell it, though...
  6. I would like to see: The Infinity Project - Raja Ram & Graham Wood 12 Moons Ololiuqui Human Blue
  7. Any music you're not into will sound the same. You can notice and appreciate the small nuances when you get deeper. If there are any story to tell, of course... At least Luke sounds mature and authentic...Personally I never liked Jeff Mills. He produces a lot, but only for the sake of producing. His fellow Robert Hood (which also participated in the series above with Mills) is another thing. He still produces top of the cream classic techno. I put him next to Luke.
  8. Good stuff from Luke Slater. I like his PAS moniker the most to be honest. On the sound uniformity, I could say that an up-to-date psy album doesn't cut it much more than that with the same-ish full on bassline in 95% of the releases. Or neogoa's melody upon melody of sameness. So in the end it's pure techno, sounds very much like classic Tresor stuff.
  9. I hope you haven't seen Illuminus - Sweep Dreams. The music itself is godd, but the shape, size and materials is a pure joke. I haven't seen such lame CD cover...
  10. I agree with antic on everything he said. I would also add that the artists in the 90s were influenced by totally different genres - like early techno, house, jazz, some of them had background in rock or punk music. Most of these artists were trained musicians and invested thousands of bucks on equipment, which is an investment no amateur wannabe would make. There was a lot of bullshit, yes, but it was only a small share of everything that had been done during the classic period. Even with these huge constraints in making music (old equipment, few possibilities for sound processing), there was plethora of individual styles and authenticity in music. I started my journey in Goa music with Spirit Zone. I could tell blindly only by hearing 5-10 secs of the track that this is Electric Universe, or this is Space Tribe, or this is Shiva Chandra, or this Ololiuqui... Now what - most of the compilations sound like artist albums with minor differences in effects used. So it is not only a problem of analog vs digital in the end...It is a talent crisis, and huge uniformity with extremely short lifespan of most of the tracks. The age of hyper consumerism has left its mark even on our little scene...And when somebody like Nervasystem puts an album that is so distinct and intelligent, only a few people notice...
  11. 300 copies is the new normal for a physical release, so they shouldn't be considered "limited" editions. Most of them still sit on the shelves...
  12. This is the same thing I heard when I loaded up the cd. Too much noise that plagued almost the whole album...Honestly I expected cleanlier sound, so probably the source was very difficult to work with.
  13. I'm not sure about 6 foldouts of CBL - World of sleepers, mine is plain and simple digipack. Actually, I expected more from this re-release. Not that I wanted something similar to the I.F.O. or Let's Turn on, but the cover work is inferior to the original. By the way, a Russian label is re-releasing VLA by CBL on CD, could be interesting. I miss only Twentythree in my CD collection.
  14. Some of the samples predict very good atmosphere (4,5,7), some will remain enigma until the album gets released (1,6,8)
  15. I thought it could be the same guy, because I read the thread about the mint Pleaidians vinyls... The discogs name is pulserave with no buyer or seller rating. Maybe he targeted me because of my Goa collection, so probably others are also contacted. Well, kostas may be a common name in Greece, who knows, but I suspect he is the same guy and will steer away...
  16. I received this message on discogs from somebody I don't know: i sell or exchange (with equivalent tracks of 90s), my collection of goa unreleased tracks from the 90s. All in WAV format , ripped from my dats. 300 tracks If you are interested feel free to pm me Greetings Kostas Do you know who might he be? And are there really any still unreleased tracks flying around?
  17. Listening now on spotify, while travelling. Great journey!
  18. He tries too hard to be Ott I think...
  19. Samples sound very promising indeed. I like the somewhat more aggressive and focused approach compared to 9th. A definite buy for me.
  20. I'll add a big favorite of mine: 12 moons/Healer He has very unique touch to the music, war, and emotional.
  21. I tried recently to listen to 9th and found it very unremarkable. The songs are too repetitive in terms of arrangement and the melodies were not memorable at all. To Sirius was really great, with a lot of distinctive musical themes that make you return to it often. The transition between the 1st and the 2nd album reminds me of the transition between the first and the second Goasia abum. The second one was utter disappointment. Saying that, I really want to believe that new Ra album will offer something new to the table. And, I'll buy it without listening to samples, just for the name sake.
  22. I was really surprised by this album. I bought it just a couple of weeks ago as I couldn't connect Denis Hux Flux with chillout and downtempo so far. Well, it was a nice surprise indeed - something like dubby early Entheogenic. The overall mix is very pleasant and doesn't enter into cheese territory, it just floats and bubbles all the way through. Good work, Denis! 8/10
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