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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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Doof - i think we can go to the moon (full moon mix)


ah yeah baby. this is where its at, doof is such a fucking genious. (and yo, in your monitoring headphones with your audio interface, pure bliss, (almost Etnica-y and Transwave-y but its Doof baby) but nothing beats youth of the galaxy. that climax in the not-final demand mix (original mix maybe, this version is from an old mp3 I downloaded from Kazaa - so yeah, its old, and its just titled Youth of the Galaxy.) just after the guy goes "its time to demand your freedom" instead of the final demand mix - this goes into the climax.

That track is a complete 10/10.


anyway, heres "i think we can go to the moon (full moon mix) [iMHO ONE OF THE MOST UNDERRATED TRACKS IN GOATRANCE HISTORY IN THE RIGHT CONDITION.... ;)..nono, just w**d.]


and as an added bonus, the version of youth of the galaxy I was talking about.

enjoy. 03:50 --> for goosebumbs. Free of charge.

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and if you cant feel, sun projects "I feel" - then you cant feel goa.

im sorry for being harsh, but this track represents for me, the absolute epitome of goatrance, in the year of 1998. And trust me, I cherish ALOT of music before this year, but for me, this is when Goa peaked - and then declined.



The absolute epitome of Goatrance -


S.U.N Project - I Feel. This is it. This is the nr1 of nr ones. Space Dwarvs is not even in the same league. Although close.. ;)

It has it all. Psychedelic FX, Atmosphere, Driving basslines and beat - incredibly well placed melodies and layers, INCREDIBLE mixing on the kickdrum and the rest of the track also - awesome stereo image - and one of the best climaxes in goatrance history.(start@03:30 ish - peaks at @06:02 and lasting the rest of the fucking track) , is that an intense climax or fucking what, tbh the climax even starts as soon as you hit play man)





and The second all time,

noosphere - carpe noctem

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omg this is what it must feel like being heavy heavy dosed down, and just drooling.

this track is so heavy its way worse than that iDoser thing that people were tripping off of.

This is so heavy I can barely write properly cause the DOSAGE this track is giving me :o


and as a refreshment from this downer, on the same topic,


you dont know where you are.

i kept the groove.


cause where you goin... the drums dont stop


btw, is that Obama speaking?


This track singlehandedly won the official award for best swedish psytrance ever (except Vibrasphere, they dont count, they never count, cause they always win, so i have to put them out of every eqaution, theyre kind of the pleiadians of swedish psytrance and well, noone can touch them) of the century.

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Converting Vegeterians II


I decided to see for myself if it is really the utter POS, but the whole thing surprisingly turned out to be quite enjoyable listen. There are some WTF moments, especially when Duvdev tries to sing, and of course it has nothing to do with psytrance at all, but it is a good music.

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