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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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How's the Hol Baumann? & what do you think of the Mutagene?

I like the Hol Baumann... Listened trough it once, and VERY good production, too bad its less than 60 minutes long... but look forward to it my friend! :)


on track #3 on Mutagene... so far I'm really enjoying it!

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I'm on it now :ph34r:



I just did?







eh maybe I will, lots of time to spare next week :)

Just read the 1st few pages of your sig link :lol:


Went very well with what I'm playing now


YB - Last Days of Gravity

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But for sure we should get together when something happens in our little town, I think it would be fun! I will keep my eyes open for something fun. U should do the same ;) cus I might miss it :lol:

Well, I have been to one of these parties before and had much fun. Don't know any of the names on this party but they're worth checking out now and then.


np D.I.M.O. track 7


Posted Image


I have to work on it but after 3 repeated listenings it's making better sense. Still, I'm not overrun. Not yet, that is ... <_<


ps: Saw your batch of cds arrived ... Just placed my Ultimae order. :)

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