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    Deep House

    That is something, never herad such a bassline, feeling that is coming out of nowhere ... Also Timewriter - Resensed Part 1,2 was special Meanwhile Gab_Oliver Mix_for_JJJ_Mixup_In_Australia. great set, not for sober listening and :Anthony Pappa - Resolution
  2. So Mars, Can you at least make this thread alive?, for the old members who visit psynews.org not frequently to get reconnected? Trust me, with a little effort the book and movie section could have become more nastier that you ever dreamt of, without single insult or the F-word....
  3. Style Of Eye - Duck Cover And Hold Duck, cover and hold!
  4. Royksopp - Junior One tiny punch and pop sounds great. I mean you can not dislike those vocals
  5. Not at all. MSN/Bing, Yahoo and Google staying; till they won't break the rules
  6. If I gave 9/10 to SET 11(, This has to be honored by 10/10+++ This is exactly what I expect from psytrance to sound like.
  7. As for labels I just grab releases as they go -Zenon -Peak and all above
  8. The problem is if you adjust the scale below the average you end up oscillating around it ad infinitum... I think that each "mass/fight" shall be bring toward its end untill the one side runs out of arguments - there is no stopping needed - it's actually contraproductive and create more space for shit in the future.
  9. Pretty enjoyable listen all the way through. Very good mastering and even on high volumes you don't do big mess around the house. Seems to be a lot work behind it 9/10 e:it's probably 8/10 after more spins
  10. I have to say that 50% of the right drugs usage depends on the music environment. But main benefit is the right push for the brain that fuels my inner life. It helps me concentrate on books I read or creates the shelter from the environment I am in. Change of setting, mood... But if the music is indeed good I just listen, listen and cry, justifying past, foreseeing the next and right before the climax; I start to play....
  11. But Twisted is about to bankrupt. And What is Hallucinogen without Twisted? As I remember he didn't want to make 4. Shpongle and cause high expectation he doesn't want to go with third Hallucinogen. He loves his Live shows and probably will go on with them but there is a possibility that he will step down to underground...
  12. As I read his comments he seems to be tired of empty Twisted account and was hoping that some miracles would change it. (new sphongle???) He'll find some job in BBC or start making background music to Discovery Channel....
  13. What to say; decay is on the way - everywhere. But Simon is threating to quit making music - that's a bad thing cause talent is not st. you make out but it's a gift down from the rabbit hole! As for profit thing, Isn't it naive to count with sales numbers these days? Maybe it's time to close down the scene entirely - to be born again; it's just not readable anymore...
  14. No, It's http://en.wikipedia....ma_Orloj_en.png Very personal issue for me, since one of my greatest master and teacher is from Czech republic. He taught me many forgotten arts until the astrology. Dispute was strange and even if I looked naive, I regard Descarte's advancement of science superior to the mythology and astrology. I thought that marriage of science and occult could result in higher transcendent state, where no astrology would be needed since the enhanced intuition and (in)direct exposure to archetypes would cover it all.
  15. We are over that evil nasty shit and 1000 years reign of our Lord has become. Welcome to the world of peace and love As for music see: Deep and Futuristic Techno/TechTrance topic here and Dubstep in other electronica and some best of + Ultimae catalogue
  16. They do care they just don't get it. Especially causal Female got problems with psy and people who don't do drugs are also not much into the heights and complexity of this field (plebs in general...) As for second: The semiotic of the language and structure of the music have almost nothing in common. That's why general section resembles graveyard.
  17. FTP

    V/A - Nitz-Ho-Goa

    First causal listen put surprising smile on my face. I'm very itchy about new school (but also for old Goa) and this the way the build-ups shall be created. Very well put melodies focusing around the epic development of the stories backed up by great and precise mastering. Very good start for the label
  18. Hi there!


  19. Very long time ago before psytrance discovery I've had some set by John Digweed from some bodies; It was incredible mental. But since then I never really found truly deep 60 minutes of such an arrangement; even labeled as deep house - it was just house. Is deep house yet to be created or there are some achievements?
  20. His live set here was pretty good, let's see if the production got some tweaks
  21. Why? What's wrong with Krumeler? You just need to filter it
  22. nothing I still have like 5000 new songs to listen and good shit is coming every day. But Media and culture around it and "too many wanna be artists" who PUSH the real artists out of businees. My assumption is that biggest dirt is somewhere around the biggest party organizers and networks behind it with connection to main stream radios. Good music is not sufficient to succeed, you need to be a Dick to anyone who disagree! e:As for definition of psytrance: no full on and no new goa, first is without melodies and second has it too much and disoriented but more dark-electro-minimal-tech style + all good ambient
  23. 5-6 unnecessary clicks and not the best ones Here - 2 clicks and tops
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