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Filteria - Sky Input

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tbe    0

Filteria - Sky Input


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November 22 2004, Suntrip Records first CD was released : the long awaited album of Filteria, "Sky input".

Filteria, alias Jannis is a Swedish born Greek... he gives us now his first album after months of work.

While unpacking the CD, we can see a pretty cover which gathers nature and psychedelism... so Swedish !

The author gives us also his feeling about each tracks.


And now the tracklisting:

1. Operation Pulse

2. Stars

3. Navigate

4. The Snuggling Snail

5. Domestic Modulator

6. Ultimator

7. Galactic Rays

8. Sky Input


1. Operation Pulse, opens the album. The takeoff is progressive: after some good selected Fxs, a melodic loop comes quickly but it is at the end of 3 minutes that serious thing starts. We penetrate in the Filteria's world, full of trippy and energic melodies following one each others. We can notice these characteristic breaks. A very good track.


2. Stars, a rather mythical track will make us fly high. It is rather characteristic of what Filteria brings to the trance... melodic but with a very modern basis. I must admit I don't like some minutes at the end and I prefer another version ( let's hope it will be released one day !)


3. Navigate . The beginning of this track involves us directly in a mystical and very psychedelic world. The lead synth is energetic, and the Jupiter 6 gives his best. An effective track from first to last note.


4. The Snuggling Snail. A little different track from the others because of his feeling. Perhaps a little bit "harder" than others. A very very good and trippy track. We want more !!


5. Domestic Modulator. After the Snuggling snail, Filteria now make us fly in the golden age of Etnica/Pleiadians... The melody is superb. What a track! A true voyage...


6. Ultimator . The title lets inaugurate a synthetic madness and as soon as the intro is finished, melody and other layers make us understand the title of this track. No boring seconds...and No more legs for the dancer too ;) after those mindblowing eleven minutes.


7. Galactic Rays is a well done, rather classical of the Filteria's sound at its starting. At the end of 5 minutes an amazing recovery comes from nowhere. This track finishes with a hammering lead...woaa powerfull track !


8. Sky Input well deserves its final place of the tracklisting. It's the real apotheosis. From the first to the last second we fly with the melody, the beat, loops... frankly a track made for the dancefloor. Absolutly epic.


So, a very original album which sends us fresh air. Those 8 tracks send us also light and dream..... Highly Psychedelic and creative Sound ! Melody is back ! Definitively one of the best album of the year.

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kabamaru    7

magic...pure magic! this is GOA


amazing production quality + psychedelic synth melodies

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Lemmiwinks    35

fucking hell this is a KILLER!!!


I must admit that I was kindof skeptical before listening to this one. I mean, basically the main promotion line of this album was that it sounded like Pleiadians - IFO ... and everytime I read that I couldn't refrain myself from thinking "yeah but why get a copy of something when you can get the real deal instead?". I also couldn't refrain myself from remembering all the artists promising to "bring the oldschool sound back" and failing miserably... So anyway I decided to get this anyway and try for myself and... and... it simply swept me away!!! The album hits you on the first 30 seconds and then you can't help turning that volume knob a little more then a little more again and then yet a little more!!!

My heart beat steadily rised until I couldn't sit on my chair anymore and during some intense moments I actually got shivers down my spine!

"Yeah OK, this is good on the first listen but maybe it'll wear off fast?" So I listen to it again and again and maaan it just sounds better and better every time!! In the end I had to turn down the volume because of my neighbours, well volum turned down it doesn't sound as good but still!!!


Track-by-track commenting is a little redundant IMO... you all know how IFO sounds, right? Well, this sounds exactly like that. Same swirling melodies, same dynamic progression, same fast pace, even pretty similar synth presets and melodies all together. But rest asured, you WILL like it, you won't find it as some cheap-ass imitation, this is JUST AS GOOD as IFO , I'd even say better but to make that statement this would have to stay in my collection for a few years and see how it will age. And just like IFO I can't actually name a best track, they're ALL killers!! OK, if you put a gun to my head and forced me to pick one then it would be Stars . Just one regret... no Celaeno on this one (all tracks are full-tempo) :(



Conclusion This one beats ALL of the other 04 releases hands down!! Yes it does indeed remind me of IFO , some melodies and synth presets actually sound VERY alike but it's a GOOD copy! And then, there only was ONE album in the style (even Pleiadians themselves moved over from the "hurricane of melodies that's gonna pull the roof off your house any minute now" sound) so why not have another album in the same vein anyway?


OK if I MUST say something critical about this it's that it sounds TOO MUCH like IFO. I recomend Filteria to dig up some new synth sounds for the sake of originality (not that it bothers me...)


10/10 from me. All I can wish for is that this will be such a huge hit that other artists will want to do stuff in the same style :)

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Somseensee    0

This cd is real psychadelic, melodic madness. Very good record with lots of spins and very nice overall melodies that keep you floating in hyperspace. It's the kind of music that I've always wanted to hear.

It belongs next to the big ones like hallucinogen, pleiadians, astral...

It's a real work of art. Can't say I like this song or that song most because the cd has an overall excellent sound that 'll make you freak on the dancefloor or sends you to far far away galaxies when you're listing to it at home.

Definatly the best release Of 2004 and it's in my top 3 albums of all time.



greetings sam

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ritual om    26

at last i listened to sky input.the plus things are many and u know them.the most important posutives are that it surely is the best release in melodic stuff since 2000 and surely is better than any full on release.at last i listen to the bass i desperately wanted to listen to for years(deep driving basslines not having that silly gms sound)

the three downsides are:

1.some of the melodies in some tracks sound a bit cheesy(not the arrangement but only the sound of the synth preset).

2.the background layers would be better(it's only my opinion) if they were more massive

3.if u make the whole tracks more flowing and liquid u're gonna become tip-top.


tracks 1 and 5 nail some ass(i saw intolerable cruelty yesterday)

go on filteria.just follow the path

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DeathPosture    15

Filteria – Sky Input


Posted Image

High-res cover: Front + Back


Artist: Filteria (Sweden)

Title: Sky Input

Format: CD (jewel case)

Label: Suntrip Records (France/Belgium)

Cat. #: SUNCD01

Distribution: Arabesque

Date: 22 November 2004


Track listing:


01. 10’35” Operation Pulse

02. 09’43” Stars (Starstuff Remix)

03. 08’26” Navigate

04. 09’01” The Snuggling Snail

05. 09’05” Domestic Modulator

06. 11’04” Ultimator!

07. 09’14” Galactic Rays

08. 07’46” Sky Input




Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in…


Meet Jannis Tzikas a.k.a. Filteria: Originally from Greece but now residing in Stockholm, Sweden. He’s a 21 year old music producer and basically the personification of goa trance anno 2004. He’s been lurking under the surface for some time now, developing musical skills in the art of melodic goa trance. His love affair with classic goatrance has now materialized in this debut album, released on Suntrip Records – a fresh label, recently started by psynews.org godfathers Mars & Anoebis -dedicated to bringing melodic, psychedelic trance back into the scene…


After months of hype following his much acclaimed live-performances throughout Europe, the much anticipated album is finally here – before I pop it in my stereo, let me just take a second to comment on the very lovely artwork cooked up by Ukiro…


Let me take you thru the tracks…


#01: Operation Pulse [144 BPM]

First up is Operation Pulse which kicks things off with an eerie Twin Peak like intro… But it’s not long before a couple of Filteria-acid lines pop up… At first they’re playing around merrily, hinting what’s about to unfold… And the prophecy was right – before you know it, you’re in the middle of a multilayered, complex, highly melodic morning stomper… And that really encompasses what I love about Filteria’s style… Trippy, spacey, magical!


#02: Stars (Starstuff Remix) [146 BPM]

Holy fuck – this one makes the soft hairn on my arms become punkies… *g* This is a full-blow, climax-ridden, melodic morning tune in the true goa-sense with heavy Eastern influences and wall-to-wall psychedelia… I can’t believe how many layers this has – and how Jannis continues to amaze me with the endless amount of melodies he pulls of out his sleeve… Thick, strong, Pleiadians influences - beautifully crafted… Get stoned and watch the stars – and let this be your soundtrack!


#03: Navigate [148 BPM]

Try navigating through this… This is the fastest track here - goatrance with a distinct darker flavour… Twirling acidlines, stiff kicks, Jupitor6 distortion and hardcore tweak-o-rama… Check out the digital birds – that hummingbird must’ve slurped some acid instead of nectar... Pheew – this track is so intense… Brace yourself!


#04: The Snuggling Snail [144 BPM]

“I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a chocolate declare. That's my dream. That's my nightmare” Jannis samples the Apocalypse Now spoof on Celebrity Deathmatch… The snail-track is also a little darker than the most melodic parts of the album… It has a bouncy feel to it – the pads are somewhat raw, and the melodies highly trance-inducing… I really dig the breaks and build-ups – and the tons and tons of melodies put forth here…By real analogue synths mind you! Klonk (the sound of my jaw dropping…)


#05: Domestic Modulator [144 BPM]

Return of the melodies: extended edition… Now I’m guessing the title is a subtle, friendly nod to the kings of the past: Pleiadians… Again, we’re treated to some of the most complex, multilayered, deeply melodic stuff I’ve listened to for ages… Twirling, catapulting, perplexing, gut-hitting, intoxicating – strong words, but still no where near describing how good this is…


#06: Ultimator! [146 BPM]

Prepare for eleven minutes of ultimate bliss! This actually kinda reminds me of that climax part from X-Dream’s track Eleven… Interknitted layers of sonic sound manipulation constructed of blazing synth galore and psychedelic trickery… I’ve always been a sucker for flaring acid riffs, and here I get more than I bargained for… I mean – just listen from 6’20 and onwards… Sheer excellence!


#07: Galactic Rays [147 BPM]

Digital drops, acid farts and electronic burps make out the intro here – and after about a minute, we’re hit by analogue lightning - IFO-style… Old school with nu-school production techniques… Another highly intense piece, that sends shivers down an old trancer’s spine… This will teleport you back to 1996 faster than you can say ‘space cadet’ – and what a trip down memory lane this is… Check out the climax @ 8’03 – bom bolibompa! Amazing!


#08: Sky Input [146 BPM]

“If you do not know the present, how can you claim to know the future?” Right on – The title track wraps things up very nicely with a softer kick, atmospheric pads and the ever-present twirling acid-lines… Very well-constructed, constantly building and evolving and an overall very nice ending to a truly magical album…


Holy mushroom! Listening to this album is a breathtaking experience – a sonic blast that’ll catapult you well into space… Prepare to be totally blown away – it’s one of those freak occurrences where you’re just completely sucked in by the magnitude of the music… And damn, I like those occurrences… This album encapsulates the original essence of highly melodic, multilayered, climaxing, uplifting, epic, trance-inducing goa trance… Just like the pioneers did back in the nineties – though with modern production techniques… The Pleiadians-link is evident, but this is far from plagiarism – this is a musical testament paying reverential tribute to an era long lost… And damn, it’s been ages since there was a goa trance release, but now it’s here… ;o)


As stated above, listening to this is a very intense experience, and personally I sometimes feel like Ricky Fitts in American Beauty, when he says: Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in… What I’m trying to say by quoting that is that occasionally the intensity level can be intimidating … My senses are bombarded and I feel overwhelmed at times… But that’s a good thing right? It's just not very often that new music does that to me… On a related note, I could also wish for some of the many build-ups to be just a little longer for extended pleasure – but hey, I’m only nitpicking here! This album is among the best I’ve listened to in a long time! I give this my highest recommendation – and encourage any fan of melodic goatrance to check it out! Rest assured, this is an instant classic – you do not want to be without this! Enjoy!


Favourites: All



Posted Image


External links:

Filteria: http://www.filteria.com

Suntrip Records: http://www.suntriprecords.com

Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sut/sut1cd001.html (Audio samples available!)

Saiko Sounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=4400

Juno Records: http://www.juno.co.uk/IP/IF162632-01.htm

Chaos Unlimited: http://www.chaosunlimited.co.uk/cgi-bin/pr...?LR=SUNTRIPCD01

Trance Shop: http://www.trance-shop.com/de/catalog/prod...roducts_id=4196

Beatspace: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=1697

Discobole: http://www.discobole.gr/product.asp?pid=75061

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Jeff    0

It is definitely no easy task to come after DP's review, especially when you're about to write your very first full-length review ! Okay, that's enough for the intro, straight to the matter now.


I bought this album because of all the hype going around it (I took a listen to the available samples beforehand though). This first Filteria album is said to be the illegitimate brother of Pleiadians' IFO and FOL. As Lemmiwinks, I was highly skeptical about it, since IFO belongs for me to the Psy Trance top 3 best albums ever. I guess my skepticism outlasts his, even after listening to the album a couple of times.


Warning : because of the IFO syndrome, this review is largely biased, since I made it as if this album had been built to challenge Pleiadians' masterpiece.


I'll make my point clearer while browsing through the tracks :


Appetizers : Operation Pulse & Stars

Straight from the beginning, here we are : 90% Pleiadians-like sounds (+10% Astral Projection, Another World era). In passing, I think there are as many IFO sounds as FOL in it. Good point for Jannis, because I always deemed these sonic manipulations were great, and rarely matched afterward. These two tracks are very smooth and undulating. It's like Jannis tuning his synths for the storm to come.


The Storm Bringers : Navigate, The Snuggling Snail & Domestic Modulator

Plain and simple, Navigate kicked my ass ! Very powerful track to say the least. Afterwards comes The Snuggling Snail, with THE great melody of the album, and then Domestic Modulator whose last 1:30 is pure bliss. These three tracks are the highlight of the album for me.


Story-telling is a difficult art : Ultimator! & Galactic Rays

With these two tracks, I realized that Jannis music hadn't reached the level of IFO or FOL yet. In both tracks, he uses lots of good melodies, but where Pleiadians knew how to make them develop and tell a story (which is what Goa Trance is mainly about IMHO), here I can only hear a string of more or less unconnected pieces. No misunderstanding : I'm not saying Jannis doesn't know how to properly build a track ! I'm saying that if his intentions were to build tracks like Pleiadians did (and I think it is the case), the mission is not complete yet.


Outro : Sky Input

The shortest but maybe the most well-built song of the album. A nice goodbye.



Overall impression : Well, don't get me wrong. This is a GREAT release for me, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered buying it in the first place (I only bought 5 Psy Trance records this year...). But since everybody was saying this is in the vein of IFO, my expectations were the highest. And as often in such cases, they weren't entirely met.

There are sounds from IFO and FOL, sure, and what's more Jannis also knows to make his own. His music is far far from a simple flat copy of Pleiadians style (for instance his melodies are very catching, though they don't sound like Pleiadians' that much to me, and that's a good sign for future productions), but I think this music needs a little more maturing as far as the storytelling business is concerned, before really challenging the "Italian maestros" in their own [lost] art.


Best tracks : 4,5,3




PS : I don't like rating albums with school notes, but if I were to use the common 10-degree scale, I guess Sky Input would be 9/10.

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Trolsk    17

Filteria - Sky Input - Suntrip Records 2004 - SUNCD01


This album has unjustly been compared to the Pleiadians masterpiece album ”IFO”. I say unjustly because it sets the expectations too high. Keep in mind that the excellence of “IFO” came after two Etnica albums and numerous Etnica/Pleiadians/Crop Circles singles and several years in the scene as one of the cutting edge acts of it’s time. Filteria’s “Sky Input” album is the first album from Jannis. To compare a debut album from this one guy to the condensed experience that is the Pleiadians “IFO” album will make anyone disappointed. This is not a new “IFO”, this is Filteria’s “Sky Input”, appreciate it as such and ye shall be happy with it.


The album is a lovely reminder that goa trance can still be made. Yes, this is goa trance! A lot of albums have claimed to be just that in the past years but most of them have sounded simple, cliched and plain stupid. This is an exception though. From the first tune to the last we’re served a sound that draws influences from old school heroes such as Etnica, Pleiadians and Dimension 5; fast paced, melodic, swirling, cosmic, ego dissolving trance for short.


What I miss in this album are some twisted elements. It’s too straight forward at times, but this is a debut album, and as such there’s always room for improvement.


Filteria’s “Sky Input” album is one of the most exciting albums of 2004, not because it’s the best, but because it’s a reminder of what the most mindbending sound on planet earth used to be like. If you’ve ever “been there and back” be prepeared for massive flashbacks and a huge grin all over your face! Highly recommended album.


Highlights: Operation Pulse, Domestic Modulator, Galactic Rays, Sky Input

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spacemuchi    0

[Filteria is the release I’ve been waiting for for such a long time ! a lot of the new releases are boring “GMS-like full on”, but this one,.........this one is totally different!!!! Everyone who likes melodies will like this mindblowing cd!! This cd will take you to a trip in outher space from the beginning to the end!! The melodic climaxes are amazing!!

This music reminds me on the old sound of etnica and pleiadians, but still, the sound is up to date!!

This is deffenetly the best release in years!!!



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Ormion    420


In my top-3 releases ever!!!

Goa 100%

Long live Filteria


That's all

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Peyote    1

I think everything is already said before, for me this is one of the best releases in the last couple of years. It brings back the feeling of the old masters, hope to see more of this releases in the future. I find it quite impressive for a first album. If you want to buy one album this year it must be this one, cause it's worth every penny.


Very well done Jannis, thx for all those hours of joy. Up to the next one.


Greetz Peyote

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Jon Cocco    94


Track list:

2. STARS - A-

Each track on Sky Input is like its own world. With this many build-ups, climaxes, and explosions of melodies, Filteria has pushed climactic music to the next level. This album has tracks great to hear at a trance party. Listening straight through the album may be too much for some (but that's preferential). This can be a good thing when just any track may cure your adrenaline fix, at least with music.

If the words, "PLEIADIANS" were on this album in place of "Filteria," I would have thought Sky Input was their third album. The artist admires I.F.O's style. The production here is better, more crisp. None of us can forget how unique and distinct I.F.O. was for its time and still is today. Overall, I was more impressed with I.F.O., because I.F.O. was the first time I had ever heard this super psychedelic, melody-braiding, orgy of intricate sounds and layers style. That is not to say that Sky Input isn't impressive. Sky Input is the most impressive Goa album I have heard in over half a decade!


Either you will like this style or you will not. Either it will be too much for you or not. It's that simple. For what this is, its hard to find negative things to say, but here are some thoughts that can be considered not positive I suppose.

A.) - Because I.F.O. came first, Sky Input isn't groundbreaking; it doesn't revolutionize. Alright, that was a low blow.

B.) - Each track has so many layers of melodies (in general I like many layers in Goatrance)- that sometimes its nice to have one strong, leading melody to stand out and carry the rest of melodies. Sometimes its nice to hear one catchy, dominating melody as opposed to many melodies all piled up on top of one another. I realize Pleiadians had many layers, and like Pleiadians, Filteria has created some very catchy synths and/or leads that carry parts of the songs. But sometimes its difficult to fully realize them. An example would be at the end of Galactic Rays where a really cool tune is almost drowned out by the other sounds. The point is to be over-the-top while creating strong impact and delivery. The idea is that you can have chorus like melody(s) that many people will enjoy and make such melodies more focused and distinguishable. I really enjoy this style. I think creating several songs in the future with a more focused leading melody (while also having lots of layers around it) is a good thing to explore, especially from an artist who knows this elaborate approach to music. Songs like Trashish by Transwave and Kabalah by Astral Projection are just two examples where one great, catchy melody was so strong, it dominated the solid song, and without sounding tiresome or repetitive. Alas, those weren't the Pleiadian style. Nonetheless, those tunes were unforgettable to many people, easily accessible to many minds, and playable at any time verbatom in the head.

* I'd also be interested to hear Filteria pull off something darker, with an intriguing/eerie intro, chilling, icy atmopshere, etc.. just think about it. I also challange the idea of an ambient-influenced Goatrance (downtempo) track, a chill track that ends the album, one that's melodic, catchy, floating, and maybe even emotional sounding, and those are just some ideas that I think sound interesting.

In conclusion, Sky Input is the best Goa/Psy Trance album of 2004. Part of me feels that Sky Input is on another level compared to most Goa/Psy today. The artist takes an existing, complex, and sadly abandoned style and revives it. This album is like a roller coaster from start to finish. It goes so far over-the-top, I swear we're not in Kanses anymore. The album's sheer energy may be unparalleled at times. This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Every song is well done. Several definitely have more memorable melodies and elements than others (Snuggling Snail I like the least). Do I wish Pleiadians had followed up this style? Sure, back then, yes. They didn't however and someone else did in 2004. I think it's interesting to see someone follow-up such an innovative style. I imagine racing through outer-space and other worlds while listening to this album, similar to Pleiadian's I.F.O. and Astral Projection's Dancing Galaxy. I'm curious and interested as to if Filteria could incorporate more atmospheric parts to give the track not only a more outer-worldy feel, but more of an identity! This can be accomplished without harming or taking away from the concept of epic tracks, style, and overall experience. With exception to the similar style and some similar sounds used on multiple songs here, every track is inventive, imaginative, extremely melodic, intricate, good, great, excellent; only one I thought was fairly good (Snuggling Snail - the melody work grows tired on me). If you love I.F.O. you'll probably love, if not like this. Sky Input is loaded with killer songs. Thank you for this wonderful release. As was the case with I.F.O., it is rare that a debut album is this strong and exciting!

ALBUM COVER - The cover's artwork is very catchy, creative in design, and attention grabbing. I like the cover very much and hopefully the next cover can be just as imaginative and psychedelic! This is a great album! I'm looking forward to hearing and buying more from this artist again in the future.

HIGHLIGHTS: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8.


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tony    0

totally agree! pure GOA :D !!! Too bad I am missing "Stars" :( never managed to listen to it...

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Dragonflier    1

I may be the only one, but this album didn't do it for me. It started nice enough with some nice melody work, but then track after track came along with the same structure and intense melody use. Way too samey IMO, one track in a compilation may be great, but a whole album is just way too much. This isn't meant as criticism or anything as the album definetely hit full score with many people, but to me this isn't the essence of real oldschool goa. Just my two cents.....

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Lemmiwinks    35

then track after track came along with the same structure and intense melody use

ever listened to IFO? it also had the same structure and intense melody use... But I see your point, listening to the whole album from start to finish can be a bit tiresome on the ears, I agree... although noone forces you to listen to the whole thing in one shot :)

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seraph    14

I see his point Lemmi, cause lot of it sounds like he was forcing and squeezing the melodies just as for sake of melodies where in IFO, the melody stuctures are so fine and smooth that you don't even notice change or transition. I like Filteria style, it is definitely one of the better albums last year but some melodies do sound overused and somehow too EPIC. If only he made smoother transitions and less melody brain f.cking, this album would be absolute perfection.

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Lemmiwinks    35

ok, probably not the best place to discuss this but... I'd hardly consider IFO to have fine and smooth melody structures... believe me, I knew when they changed. It was precisely that "in-your-face" style that I liked about IFO... it's true they became much more discreet with FOL but that's another story...

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Quazzi    11

There's a masterpiece in this album! "Navigate"!! Already on my top 5 tracks ever

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GeoAcid    0

...sorry, Filteria doesn' t work for me.


The synthesizer which builds the basic melodies in all tracks, sounds so cheeeap!

Also don't like the production, there are too many sound layers thrown together. This production sounds like you try to put something in a box that is too small, or something like that...When I want to listen to older music I prefer old Cosmosis or Green Nuns.

But hey tastes are different...So I hope, nobody feels that I want to say something bad about his/her favourite music! Just enjoy when you like it and don' t give too much about what people say is good or bad.

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Guest Rain   
Guest Rain

ok actually this the first time I can write something about this promesing release... want to know why?... I just can't listen to that album in one stroke... It took me a week to listen to filteria sky input one time... As a big goatrance lover I can only encourage such goa artist who still keep the old skool alive... then again this review will contain more negative then positive vibrations...


this album is too much... I can stand one track, two tracks but then it has to stop... it's no fun anymore to have continue melody from the beginning until the end... it's not subtile at all... it doesn't create the need for more cause there is nothing left... At the 4th minuut of every track my eyes roll up and think is he going to make that wave more melodic and more faster... There is one thing that annoies me of the evolution of electronic music... Artist who are trying to be good by just making another more greater, faster, more melodic release... that's not the way to do it... it's their right off course...


Comparing it to IFO... well what I recognize a lot is those psychedelic births flying from the left to the right speaker and the climax do sound the same once & a while... still at IFO there are only 5 or 6 actually climaxes and the rest are waves... Filteria is pure climax...


Listening to filteria is the concept of direct satisfaction just the way morning fullon works... And I don't want direct satisfaction...


The most postive element about this release is that the melodies are 100% goatrance and sound very good... I love too hear them created with new technologies... SUPER !!!


this is no homelistening album to me but definitly dancefloor killers... One track is super but then... no more ;)

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Taika-Kim    42

Initially I was very excited about this album, but afterall haven't listened to this so much...


I agree with the previous poster... There's a lot of good sounds (they're real analog synths for most part not "cheeap synth sounds" as far as I know!) and melodies on the album, but, yes, it's a bit too much...

All the tracks sound very much the same and it gets a bit tiresome, there's no subtlety, drama and sense of mystery here.

The same thing with Filteria live, I don't think that the basic concept of just climax after climax is TRANCE really, more like hard DANCE or something.


So one or few tracks on a compilation, or in a DJ set and this will rock the hell out of pretty much anything released lately, but in so large portions as this it just doesn't work so well.

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Manuser    280
Ok it's full of energy, and it really sounds old school goa, but saying it sounds old school is not necessarily a good point, at least for me. It's not varied enough, and I don't see any track which has its own "personnality", a track you can immediatly recognize, like Maia, Electra, Alcyone... and of course IFO was much more complex. The album is like a full track of 70 mn. But some people might love it, I am just tired of this sound.

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