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  1. Reminds me when I wrote A Decade of Psychedelic Trance eight years ago (OMFG, soooo long ago...). I'm pretty interested by what you wrote regarding the new millenium, thanks for the article!
  2. Back in 2000 I was said that the Gathering was "100% psytrance" while "Classical Mushroom" had sold out. Too bad I didn't keep the messages, you'd be surprised. History repeats itself. Besides, Psychedelic Trance is an always-evolving genre built upon all kind of musical sources. From that perspective, talking of "100% psytrance" is almost a contradiction in terms IMHO. Welcome to the club! We're not Pure Goaheads ©, we'll have to live with it!
  3. I'm with you on this one. Actually I remember saying more or less the same thing as you when Classical Mushroom was released, and people around were accusing IM to be betrayer to the psy-cause. OK, so IM have been betrayers to the True Psy spirit for 9 years now... but still counting. This one sounds promising :
  4. Funny. In the early 90's you could hear the same kind of reactions from old hats of the Goa scene, complaining about the disastrous aftermath of the first Goa LP released in Europe, attracting "fake" goaheads on the Indian shores. "This is the future of our scene? Hell no!" Some things never change in this world.
  5. Pink Floyd - One of These Days (Haldolium remix)
  6. My first April fools of the day! (that I am aware of at least ) Makes me remember that there had been a killer one on this forum a few years back, very elaborate and thoughtful.
  7. Sorry, don't feel like checking every title for potential duplication with the above posts: AC-DC - Thunderstruck (Chromosome rmx) Alphaville - Big in Japan (CPU rmx) Canned Heat - On the road again (Total Eclipse rmx) Dire Straits - Money for nothing (1200 Mics rmx) Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Tortured Brain rmx) Frankie goes to Hollywood - Relax (Joujouka rmx) Greece 2000 - Tree drives (Man with no name rmx) Jimmy Hendrix - Purple Haze (The Melovskys rmx) Killing Joke - Love like Blood (Deebrah rmx) Megadeth - The killing road (Shift rmx) Metallica - Seek and destroy (Paranormal Attack rmx) Nirvana - Smells like Teen spirit (Beat Hackers rmx) Pink Floyd - One of these days (Haldolium rmx) Pink Floyd - The Wall (Evil Drug Lords rmx) Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine (Oforia rmx) Prodigy - Smack my bitch up (@cid rmx) prodigy - Voodoo people (Eskimo rmx) Rammstein - Du hats (Digital Outlaw rmx) The Gentleman - Roop Suhana Lagta Hai (Audialize rmx) Van Morrison - Brown eyed girl (Fuzzion rmx)
  8. My case exactly... except that I lost touch in 2003, after I wrote my little historical synthesis actually. Since then Moni's Billboard is what I feed on psychedelically speaking, no time to browse by myself. So, I'm used to waiting for a whole year, a couple of days more won't disturbed me in the least.
  9. E-Rection - Smoke my Dang-A-Long (1992) Some of Electrotete's works (91 - 92)
  10. Holymen - The Formula Yeah right, burn me at the stake, I deserve it...
  11. Same as Anoebis. Depends on what you call "psychedelic" also. Personally I stick to the synesthetical definition, i.e. perceiving sounds as colors. A very subjective experience indeed. My favorite example: Koxbox - Dragon Tales.
  12. Very good detailed descriptions of each track having already been provided by previous reviewers, I'd rather give my overall feeling on this album. Personal background: I have been listening to IM since 1999. Not a huge fan at the time. And then Classical Mushroom popped up. My first reaction was rejection: this was not psytrance according to my holy scriptures (read Pleiadians, Hallucinogen, Koxbox or Astral Projection)! Though I soon became addicted, precisely because they had given up the orthodoxy of the Psy sound (something which should never have appeared, but that is another story). Some said they had sold out. Maybe, maybe not, I couldn't care less anyway. The motivation of IM, or any other bands, for doing their stuff is one thing, the musical appeal of their production to my ear is another. I always saw this new trend as a way of infecting "standard music" with psychedelic elements. For me, it perfectly illustrates the definition of psychedelia, suddenly appearing here and there in a monotonous reality to beautifully twist it. We already had masters (see short list above) producing 100% oniric landscape, science-fiction style if I may say, and then we had a group producing fantastic (to be understood as the literary genre) music, that was refreshing. With Vicious Delicious, I'd say that they have pushed this trend very far. We have Nu-metal guitars, lots of rap-style singing to the great dismay of Psy purists (lyrics in my Psytrance, OMFG, the ultimate blasphemy! ). To some extent, I share the concern of many reviewers above, which I would thus formulate: by dint of navigating at the fringe of non-Psytrance music, didn't they finally cross the boarderline between Psytrance-infected standard music and commercial-infected psytrance? The question arises in my head when I listen to In Front of Me for example. Though this is not the case to me for Artillery that so many seem to loathe. I even take the infamous Duvdev's "tataratata" as a sign of welcome self-derision. If I remember well, before the release of Converting Vegetarians, IM had announced that they would stop producing Psytrance. This heralded mutation has been running for three albums now. In Vicious Delicious, as Jon Cocco pointed out, the amount of tunes located at the fringe of Psytrance now represents about half of the album. On top of that, the only "100% Psy" tracks of the album are rather uninspired IMHO, particularly Eat it Raw. My favorite tracks are thus in their old blending vein: - Becoming Insane - Heavy Weight - Change the Formality - Before If they continue their mutation toward more and more Metal, I think I will stop following them, as I stopped following Pleiadians with their third opus, because I am not convinced that they can bring anything new to the Nu-Metal genre (and not because they would be "betrayer" to the Psy cause...).
  13. Nothing to add, I am exactly on the same boat!
  14. The short introduction by Oakenfold is quite interesting. His last words should be meditated by all the "purists" of the Psytrance sound IMHO:
  15. I should receive Vicious Delicious tomorrow in the mail. Reading the reviews dealing with, let say, their 3 last albums, I was wondering whether I was the only one to love what IM has been producing since day 1?
  16. OMFG! I used to listen to it a while back. Thanks to the playlist, it was a good opportunity to discover new artists for me.
  17. It was a general remark, not at all aimed at you! Of course the goal of such a discussion board is, among other things, to talk about which artists we enjoy or we can't stand, and why. What I was questioning is the use of the notion of ratings, rather strange IMHO when applied to discussing a form of art. I don't know, saying that an artist is often booked at festivals or that he sells well seem more appropriate to me, no? Anyway, from then on, I'll mentally replace "overrated" by "too popular IMO" and it should be fine.
  18. Why does everybody seem obsessed with ratings nowadays? What is this board about, music or math exam outcome? I never understood this whole overrated/underrated business. Who gives the ratings? Who's the official jury? DJs? Label owners? Customers? "Professional" reviewers? Party organizers? I liked Hallucinogen - LSD a lot when I bought it in 1995. It was different from anything that I had heard of sofar at the time. I have no idea what it may sound like to some Goahead listening to it today for the first time. A bit stale, maybe. Anyway, it is still highly rated in my personal taste, and that's all that counts for me.
  19. Before 1992, Eat Static, The Overlords or SFX for instance sound very much Indus rather than Trance to my ear. No wonder, of course. I guess everyone is entitled to draw his own line between late 80's Indus and proto-Goa. Personally I still consider The KLF - What time is love (Pure trance version) (1988) to be the very first proto-Goa trance track to have been released. Looking eagerly forward to it!
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