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  1. i think you should train more your mixing skills some of the mixed part are not streaming well... very good selection of tracks though keep up bring more mixes
  2. agree with you awesome track imo one of the favorite i heard this session of the year but the cover still sucks..
  3. about your question (Silly question!) : "Can The Misted Muppet Be Defeated?" No one can defeate artist who develop unique music like: The Misted Muppet Hallucinogen Infected Mushroom Astrix Space cat GMS Wizzy Noise ... there is no compettetion between those artists, because this is not typical style each of them bring new ideas with his own twisted mind. each one of those anems is a LEADER of new ideas! There is no compittetion between the leaders only between the followers. so the answer is No! " From The Legend" was a FUCKING GREAT DEBUT, and one of the best debut ever in the whole trance scene! and the way misted play live is way new level for the psy scene! i get so much inspiration this group! RESPECT!
  4. ur advice clear my mind. i bought what i need all works perfect happily recording thanks man
  5. their sound is too fucking boring can't listen to it at all. seems like they have tried create album for the dancefloor with I'M VISA but actually it doesn't work on the dancefloor at all! boring lack of creativity lack of psytrance seriously some of the track like NOON and Horus The Chorus are one of the worst track i have heard in my whole life, this isnt just bad, it annoying my ears! still have respect for their old days but nowdays i can't even listen to them, and if they playing in a party this is a good reason NOT to go there.
  6. I don't think Hallucinogen, Misted Muppet, Infected Mushroom, Violet Vision and all the artists with the great musical background have anything related to copycat issue, because what they make is music, they use chords and scales in very interestion ways, making lots of great ideas with their equipment and the skills and making their own special interesting mix ! *news flash*, infected are not the people behind the arabic scale, minor scale or any other scale invention . since not much people know someting about music, they think that if artists use the same scale in some track he is coping. PS i wish more artists follow these big names and start make music at least!
  7. Preamplifier are more quality than mixers.... ? what is better for Dynamic Microphone? any recommendations for good mixers or preamp what ever is the best for me...? i need it because the noise that happen when recording...
  8. Jump Jet - killer drum n base artist from bristol
  9. oh crap JUNO REACTOR (LIVE) is also interesting!!! killer album i wonder how this works in the dancefloor with all the long breaks...
  10. nuhhhhhhh there are much better line ups to kill for (but if you are a serial killer, you have no problems then:D ) though hallucinogen is always good reason to come!!!
  11. some of the tracks are too comercial imo aquatica & misted killer tracks but i like only those 2 in the whole compilation the cover is cool awful no doubt about that
  12. damn you all this topic is about michellush and agitato stick to it! now, Fuck agitato! i used to like them in the past now they sucks, the music they release sucks, the whole label is stinks. this is not the first time their artists complain because money problems!
  13. The tracks after the album are even more genius than album itself imo. i think spiritual visions is one of the most exciting tracks ever. and just for the record Misted Muppet - From The Legend , all the album was wrote by Dagan Israeli (the one who is the misted muppet now) Tal was involed in very few track misted ever released. thats the main reason Tal was kicked out. this what i heard from artists who knows them very well.
  14. Le Lotus Bleu, i don't know what's your problem this is hell of compilation...!!! u have something personal against com.pact lately?! you saying stupid things lately! what is commercial?! you know? being commercial is making something u don't like to make, who the hell are you saying these tunes are commercial or not, only the artists may know if they are commercial or not , and who the heck care if this is commercial or not, this is good stuff, i love what sounds good to my hears and this is how i like it , this is what i buy... i think only these release worth the money! you dissapointing with ur immature hate spreading this is the best compilation com.pact ever released in my opinion with final fantasy of course. just keep your shit and hate for yourself. saying something commercial and not to buy because it is commercial is the most stupid thing i have ever heard. if it sounds good and you like it, fuck keep it "commercial"! thumbs up for com.pact. killer compilation
  15. i will give you infected mushroom - i'm the supershit for the misted muppet - from the legend ps i had the misted muppet original album, but some Mothafucker stole this precious from my car anyway i will order it again if not...
  16. simply no but there are nice headphone that may give you nice spectrum of sounds...the Sennheizer as mentioned are the most known for Dj's is best headphone but i'm not sure if these are the best for studio.
  17. GOA india was the land of trance and will stay the land of trance israel is only the best artists. i met few israeli artists and they are great people as well as great musicians! behave well people
  18. Damn i like to mix it too! opening you Set with the track "from the legend" or "Closing with this track. is the most crazy push up people getting insane with lots of love on the air and smiled faces... undescribable!!! and you should see Dagan in their live act! damn he play good on the keyboard synthesizers and such amazing control on the fx!!!!!!!!! Misted are Idols!!!
  19. what i like in the misted muppet is that they make evey track with new formula. i always expect some surprise which is the coolest I dig their music with headphones as well as i dig them in the dancefloor even more. which is really important for me. the misted muppet gave me some faith in psytrance again...i just can't wait for more tracks from them... i love when artists make good surprises and not keep on making the same shit all the time by the way some word on the common full on like the astrix copycats: it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! u already know what to expect and it become boring...they just copy one the another and go nowhere... i wish we will have more artist with musical education like the misted muppet that can make good diferent music...
  20. Elixer

    Filteria - Sky Input

    true! great music here!
  21. tasty! copy ordered review soon
  22. by the waY fruityloops studio 5 is out !!!!!!
  23. you should check yourself... I adore the misted muppet, and reading some review like this make me think if you heard the album at all... because your review doesn't fit to the album's content at all. for me this is the best album and for sure the best debut! exciting uplifting climax! acid smooth baselines kicking rhythms atmospheres ... multilayered psytrance ! it has everything in its best and everytrack is a different story! They are a gift in our scene! Respect!!!
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