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Found 14 results

  1. Artist: Material Music Title: DNA Label: Goa Records Date: June 4, 2018 Tracklist: Sigh Formulation Psy. System Blue Mysost Psychoactive System DNA Psychic Power Planetary Movement Pa-R-Rel Universe DigiMafia I've come to learn that every time I hear a Material Music track all the way through I pretty much am always going to have a good time. Not always easy to comment on because some times they are simply pleasant trance tracks. Pleasant meant in the best way possible, pleasant is good, pleasant is great...Praise be to pleasant. Sigh Formulat
  2. Psylicious Radio presents a Geomagnetic label group showdown as it morphs together for this show its labels, Goa Records and Timewarp! Expect a magnetic force that draws you further into a hypnotic state of mind as our guest DJS Goa Doc aka Doctor Spook and Ovnimoon lead you into this psychedelic soundscape. After all Geomagnetic are based in San Francisco, home of psychedelia, so you know what to expect! Tune In Here: Psylicious Radio
  3. Look and sounds pretty cool!! * MATERIAL MUSIC - DNA (GRE1DW058) 1. Sigh Formulation (misspelled Psy Formulation....) 2. Psy. System (well, when you move track 2 to track 8, like it should be, this 3. track becomes 2nd track on the album) 3. Blue Mysost (Myost is such a better word for this track then Alkymist, also think of the blue in mushroom outside the cheese) 4. Psychoactive Systems 5. DNA (what a great flying reminiscing track..!!) 6. Psychic Power 7. Planetary Movement 8. Par-Ra-.Rel Universe (you see, you hear what I mean? - this is a mistake but it was too late to f
  4. Artist: Sky Technology Title: Free Spirit EP Label: Goa Records Date: May, 2016 1. Be Like Water 2. Free Spirit 3. If You Are Not A Human "Be water my friend. Be water." Dmitriy Kolosovskiy is known for his chaotic goa style, but here he delivers something slightly different. Free Spirit is a digital EP that focuses on going deeper into oneself perhaps. The pace is slower with a mystical twist on downtempo goa trance. The title track may have well been recorded inside of a Nepalese temple on top of the Himalayas. It's very spiritual with exotic instruments and int
  5. Artist: Lectro Spektral Daze Title: Totally Frictionless Surface EP Label: Goa Records Date: February. 2014 1. Speechless 2. Totally Frictionless Surface 3. The Shiva Danny Marshall from New Zealand released this EP back in 2014 and I have to say that I'm really surprised and impressed. Like...Rihanna on the other end of a left hook surprised. Where did this come from? If his latest album sounded like this I believe more eyes would've been opened. The goa is cosmic and continues to be interesting all the way through. The music is entrancing with plenty of layers to de
  6. Tottem - Natural Mystic EP Goa Records (goaep171) - Geomagnetic label group Released: April 15, 2015 Tottem is Christoffer Totte from Sweeden (had to find his soundcloud account to find any information on the artist, haha, pretty low-key) and for me his music was a totally unknown until last year when I stumbled upon his EPs in the vast catalogue of Geomagnetic label group... But what a pleasant meet this has been, without any doubt my favourite new artist to appear in 2015, hands down! Already his sound is very mature and complete, so I cannot wait to hear what will be in store fo
  7. Artist: Tavi Title: Magnetic Field Label: Goa Records (Cd) Timewarp Records (Digital) Date: April, 2013 1. Magnetic Field 2. Step of the elephant 3. The spirit of the east 4. Space Sail 5. Wanderers of the desert 6. Reactive Acid 7. Airavata 8. Desert Wind 9. Neptune 10. Cosmo Elephant I tried. Ummm...I tried harder than that. Not that I'm faulting your effort, but perhaps you should go look in the bootyliscious section. Hold up, I'll come with you. I really tried. This album came out of nowhere and I'm like, "Tavi? Who the f*ck is Tavi?" Then I read a
  8. Artist: Trinodia Title: Untuned Visions Label: Goa Records Date: April, 2015 1. Untuned Visions 2. Everything Allright 3. 4th Dimension 4. Intelligent 5. Snapshot 6. Escape 7. Change 8. Unseen 9. Voxel9 - Errors and Trials Trinodia is Daniel Eldström and he has established himself as one of the pillars of the current crop of goa trance artists with albums such as Astral Clouds, Stargazing, and Human History. But before all those great albums he was just like you, trying to find his way and discover his sound. Maybe not you. Cubase is hard, if
  9. Declaration Of Unity Luminescent Revolution Goa Records Tracklist: 1. Obliteracion 2. Hypnotic Awakening 3. Luminescent Territory 4. Urban Jewel 5. Canadair 6. Jamaicalien 7. Magick Droplet 8. Prime Consciousness 9. Vista Point 10. Aqua Spirit Of the great full-on albums of 2015, Luminescent Revolution is my favorite. Staggering to think I was unaware of these guys until a few short months ago, staggering to think that of the trio one has a primary focus on making goa, another has a focus on making forest, yet here is a debut full-length where the vibe is warm and wonderful
  10. Artist: Ascent Title: I Will Fly Again Label: Goa Records Date: January, 2013 1. Purple Moon 2. Himalayas 3. Sense of Touch 4. Mystical Forest 5. Tear Drops (feat. Sideeffected) 6. When The Night Comes I don't have my finger on the pulse of the psytrance scene. I've never attended a party or met an artist or DJ. I have read Mushroom Magazine a couple of times, but there was a lot of words and half of it was in Dutch and I got bored. I prefer to let the music speak to me. This is after all "trance" in various forms so it should capture my attention and take me to another pla
  11. Artist: Trinodia Title: Ignorant Label: Goa Records Date: July, 2013 1. Halfdeaph 2. Violins on Acid 3. Whispering Truths 4. Hunger For E.S.P. 5. Ignorant 6. Groove It Up 7. Enya E Inte Rejv 8. It's All Static 9. Voxel9 - Transita Astra I'm ignorant about a lot of things. I mistakenly thought the country of Georgia was in the Balkans. I still don't understand the need for geometry proofs or why anyone would want to watch someone defecate on another person. Guess I'm innocent. But the list doesn't end there. Take this album for example. No it's not a new CD even t
  12. Artist: Siam Title: Start To Focus EP Label: Goa Records Date: November, 2012 1. Psychic Energy 2. Start To Focus 3. Run To The Sun 4. Beyond The Astral Worlds Let's keep this short and sweet. This is John Pitsakis from Greece with I believe his first EP. It's a mixture of goa and psy sounding very full-on. Psychic Energy was too long and needed some more evolution. Some good acid licks, but it felt small. Start To Focus was more assertive with its goa badassery and makes good use of layers. Run to the Sun was ok, but again light on the details. Just when I thought I wa
  13. Goa Records presents ::: Deimos - We Have Forgotten ::: [goarec024] OUT NOW: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/gre/gre1cd024.html PREVIEWS @ SOUNDCLOUD 15min ALBUM PROMO RELEASE NOTES Deimos is a psytrance & prog/techno project of Igor Čeranic, music producer from Zagreb, Croatia. Under the influence from old trance acts and industrial and metal scenes, his sound can be described as an atmospheric fullon/tech psy with a darker and more aggressive edge. After releasing several compilation tracks and EP's on various digital and net labels, „We Have Forgotten“ is his debut
  14. Artist: Deimos Title: We Have Forgotten Label: Goa Records Date: July, 2012 01. Disobey 02. Modus Operandi 03. Na Rubu Horizonta 04. Our Benefactors 05. The Raid (v.2) 06. Seishin - Deimos feat. Subscale 07. Breaking Point - Deimos vs. PsiloCybian 08. We Have Forgotten 09. Blood Magic 10. The Fallout "Our projections show that by the year 2025 ,not only America but the entire planet will be under the protection and the dominion of this power alliance." Proving to be the vengeful God that he is, Jesus is obviously paying me back for the Vox revi
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