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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Nostromosis Title: Battle Times Label: Timewarp Records Date: April, 2015 1) The Gods Descended From Heaven 2) VlaMen 3) Kali-Yuga 4) Nuclear Apocalypse 5) Space Tribe Of Siberia 6) Revival 7) Voyager 8) JeVo Ugh. That cover. I realize the artist chooses their cover, but perhaps some stronger nudging in a different direction was in order? So conflicted on this one. I see boobs so I already want to like it. The fact that she's blue is irrelevant because we as a people should celebrate our differences, but mostly she's got tits. If making it with an alien of a different color is good enough for William Shatner it's good enough for me. Sure the multiple appendages seems intimidating, but think of what she could do with those multiple appendages. Only when you look closely do you realize she may just as easily dismember and eat you as soon as mate with you. Well, damn...now my penis is afraid and I don't know what to think. Nostromosis is Russian Igor Sidorov and I haven't been impressed with any of his previous work. Sorry. It happens. I know it makes me unAmerican, but I feel the same way about Bob Dylan and Springsteen. Never liked them. Thing is his tracks aren't bad per se, but they leave me unfulfilled. He's the Chinese food of goa trance. Whether it's his sound choice, consistently galloping bass line, or affinity for key changes his music sounds like it's a level below the really great artists. Having said that this is his best work to date in my opinion. He still embraces the key change thing unfortunately, but the sound is layered well and expertly produced. It's goa through and through with a trancey vibe. Which is in direct contrast to that threatening cover. Right now there are hundreds of darkpsy artists crumbling up artwork and having to begin anew. And speaking of that, this music is threatening the same way suburban white kids are gangsters. It's hard to be mean mugging and violent when you have yearbook after school. Revival has an edge to it building tension right from the outset, but even tat track can't maintain it's stance and loses steam. For me the music is too soft and lacks punch. Nuclear Apocalypse sounds less like the brink of armageddon and more like a pillow fight. Not bad and the potential is there, but right now I feel he's got a ways to go. Beatspace Psyshop Download
  2. Artist: Various Title: Goamystica Vol. 1 Label: Mystic Sound Records Date: April, 2015 01. Maiia303 - Great Spirit 02. Imba & Jagoa - Unidentified Flying Spores 03. Space Elves - Trance India Express 04. Fiery Dawn - Feelings 05. OXI vs Ancient Vision - Balkania 06. Afgin - Nothing Is Over (John Rambo) 07. Jikooha - Going Forward 08. Somnesia - The Flight Of Horus 09. Cactus Arising - Changes 10. Khetzal - Damocles 11. Main Sequence Star - Low Earth Orbit Mystic Sound Records is a label founded by Alla Vagner (Maiia303) and Edward Cybered and their goal is to release music from across the psychedelic spectrum be it trance, downtempo, or psychill. This is a digital release (which is a shame cause that cover art is mindblowing!) and it sports quite the impressive track list. And let me tell you it is a solid compilation with a fair amount of superb tracks as well as good ones. Maiia303 fresh off her album Sky In Diamonds and EP release Sleepless in Anjuna absolutely wrecks the box with a stormer that I had trouble getting past. Just kept hitting repeat. Imba & Jagoa as well as Fiery Dawn rattle a few windows with some massive sound. Afgin's back and his Rambo track made me smile cause I grew up on Rambo and I have a nice smile. Hide your girlfriends! Jikooha does what Jikooha does and wraps the listener up in a time sucking vortex of twirling that was over far too soon. The second half was pure madness! The only one I didn't care for was the Space Elves track with it's annoying repetition. Just didn't sit well with me. However the biggest disappointment on the compilation was from Khetzal. It's a good track, but when I think of Khetzal I think of Corelle and this wasn't close to that awesome bliss. Nice work and thanks to a friend for putting me on to this album, he knows who he is. Here's to hoping one day we can get a physical release outta this. Oh and by the way...I think I'm in love with Maiia303... Mystic Sound Records Bandcamp
  3. Artist: Trinodia Title: Untuned Visions Label: Goa Records Date: April, 2015 1. Untuned Visions 2. Everything Allright 3. 4th Dimension 4. Intelligent 5. Snapshot 6. Escape 7. Change 8. Unseen 9. Voxel9 - Errors and Trials Trinodia is Daniel Eldström and he has established himself as one of the pillars of the current crop of goa trance artists with albums such as Astral Clouds, Stargazing, and Human History. But before all those great albums he was just like you, trying to find his way and discover his sound. Maybe not you. Cubase is hard, if it was easy everyone would be using it. This digital only release has been remastered and was his second album originally released back in 2004, pretty much the height of the full-on craze. And make no mistake it's full-on as Daniel will proudly tell you. But like most of his compositions the level of detail is off the charts. It's big on atmosphere and oftentimes groove. If the full-on producers today could make music like he made ELEVEN f*cking years ago maybe it wouldn't get rightly sh*t on like it does. This is good stuff with some really thumping beats and you might be able to detect a sliver of the the goa direction his music would eventually take. That being said as fresh and enduring as I think it is, it's full-on so it will never get top marks from a lot of people and that's understandable. Full-on is the red headed stepchild of psytrance. Daddy doesn't love you. I can't say this is essential, but if you're interested in Trinodia's great production of music other than goa trance then this should interest you. Psyshop
  4. Artist: Asia2001 Title: Psykadelia Label: Suntrip Records Date: April, 2015 1. Anafuzz 2. Orion 2 3. Eolis 2 4. Kalimba 5. Replicants 6. Sherkan 2 7. Reykjavik 8. Flirt Filter $350.94 Let that number sink in. Lotta money. You could do a lot with that kind of green. You could get about 15 private lap dances in a row in West Philly. Or...you know, one if we're paying by the metric ton. Damn...that sh*t is straight hood. You could get an absolute f*ckton of Twinkies. Why you gotta be like dat? We had some good times. Or...or...and hear me out. You could've said f*ck my car payment like someone from Discogs did and purchase this album. Yes, just the album. That's right, buy the original and a n*gga be walkin' to work. This is arguably one of the best goa trance albums that Gilbert Thévenet ever released. We all want this album yet we also don't want to ditch our whip and have to take the f*cking bus. 37 minutes into a 5 hour bus ride and Short Round fears that his celebratory Taco Bell bon voyage lunch will soon arouse suspicion. And let's be honest most of us only have the download. Don't act like you don't. So I think a little gratitude can once again be thrown towards Suntrip for channeling their inner DAT Records and re-releasing this beast from the golden days. Starting with the artwork it's highly recognizable for those of us in the know. A psychedelic Buddhist alien practicing meditation? He's so shiny! And now with increased shininess! The kind folks at Suntrip have kept the artwork in its original form for the most part. There is a new CD tray and the art on the CD was tweaked a little bit. An album however is always going to be judged on the music contained within and this one certainly doesn't disappoint. Spiraling melodies abound, twisting and extending. It's vintage, but instead of smelling like the bathroom after one of grand dad's "thinking sessions" it's old school. Layers, aggressive leads, and a seemingly endless supply of bounce to the ounce. This is one of those classics that starts out in beast mode and gets stronger as you get sucked further into its psychedelic vortex. Looking at the tracklist is like reading the ten commandments. Anafuzz sizzles like Though some of the sounds are dated, it works. Supremely well. Having trouble figuring out how to totally kill a dance floor? Have your recent DJ sets driven the kids to treat the dance floor like it was covered in land mines? This is one long dance session where you can push play, go get a drink, have a smash and the crowd will still love it. My personal problem with the CD has nothing to do with what Suntrip has done. Nope, it's Orion 2 which suffers from sample fatigue, but even with that I can see how that would entrance the masses. Other than that this is another jewel in the Suntrip crown bringing a thin slice of heaven from the past back to where it rightfully belongs. An album like this needs to be heard and is now accessible to a wider swath of fans and people who are soon to be fans. It's a collector's dream come true. Thanks Suntrip. You just saved me over $338. Suntrip
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