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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Cascades of Life Label: Psynews Date: May, 2016 1. Imba - 604 Revolution 2. Profetia - Rage Against The Crashing 3. Colin OOOD & Goa Travellers - 100 Billion Neurons 4. BlackStarrFinale - Seige of Phobos 5. Phobium - Orbital Resonance 6. Nebula Meltdown - Didgeridreams 7. Dragon Twins - Foster 8. Cybernetika - Prismatic Reflection 9. Xenofish - Made Out of Stars 10. OneArcDegree feat. Georgia Irakli - The Tree Maiden "All of life is made of sound. I mean, everything vibrates." "There are 100 billion neurons in the brain. Everything you do...and everything you are." The world's number one psychedelic trance site is proud to present its next compilation which includes tracks from new and veteran artists. It's a potpourri of genres and there should be something there for everyone. Mastered by Deimos with artwork by Gasolin3 the compilation is free to download at Ektoplazm. In a classy move this was dedicated to one time Psynews moderator Nemo who we unfortunately lost this year. The first two tracks are quality straightforward goa trance that will move the body. Pure power. Leave it to Colin to soften the mood and provide a more relaxed feel that is no less spacey. That is until the climax throws razor sharp 303 daggers. BlackStarrFinale is back with what at first seems a cosmic downtempo track, but eventually morphs into a groovy, bouncy head nodder that lost none of its atmosphere. And speaking of atmosphere, Phobium's Orbital Resonance embraces the cold chill of space reminiscent of masters Tangerine Dream mixed with Vangelis. The cosmos is viewed in high definition as this long ambient track slowly but deliciously unfolds. Really that didn't feel like 11 minutes. The refused to be pigeon-holed Nebula Meltdown incorporates a smooth progressive didgeridoo in Didgeridreams that has a floaty quality. The most striking offering goes to Foster from Dragon Twins. Dark and eerie it gets up in your business in a hurry and at times reaches that nearly unbearable level of screechy. But that cunchy 303 madness tho...so satisfying. Lars Goosens (Cybernetika) can seemingly do no wrong with his brand of science fiction drum n bass and like the rest of you I'm salivating at the thought of his announced trilogy of music. The question here is how does he extend this track for over 11 minutes? And how does he keep it from getting boring? Xenofish delivers Made Out of Stars in a very similar vein only without many changes. If there was one track here that I felt suffered from being overlong it was this one. The Tree Maiden is a soft exit ambient tune with gentle vocals and the sound of falling water. Good job by everyone involved. The compilation doesn't disappoint and flows magnificently. As mentioned there is something in here for everyone so don't hesitate to download this. RIP Nemo! Free at Ektoplazm
  2. Artist: Shpongle & Mad Tribe Title: Stoned Remixes EP Label: TIP Records Date: May, 2016 1. Out Here We Are Stoned (Mad Tribe Remix) 2. Out Here We Are Stoned (Shpongle Remix) A remix of a remix? Can you do that? Won't that create a rift in the time space continuum? Oy TIP. Good to see you employing the "just throw some sh*t together" method of album art. This is a short 2-track EP that attempts to remix the X-dream remix of E-rection's Out Here We Are Stoned. It's a classic track and the fact that Shpongle did one of these will probably have all the Shpongle bunnies emerging from their hidey holes. Ok we know how this goes. Take a classic track and usually make an inferior full-on sounding remix. Mad Tribe (Space Tribe + Mad Maxx) did just that. What did you actually add that made the track better? You full-oned it surely, but didn't even throw any of that sticky acid both projects love to use in there. Yeah you kept the iconic signature melody, but... Fail. Now I was surprised with the uptempo Shpongle mix. It wasn't better or transformative, but from the middle of the track onward was pretty bouncy. The promo said this was from the deleted vaults (whatever that means), but perhaps the most intriguing statement: "Essential release and a taster of an exciting project we will be releasing news on very soon!!!" The first part of that statement is an outright lie, and the second part...well we'll have to see won't we? TIP we all want to see you back on top, but you're gonna have to do better than this. Beatport
  3. Artist: Sky Technology Title: Free Spirit EP Label: Goa Records Date: May, 2016 1. Be Like Water 2. Free Spirit 3. If You Are Not A Human "Be water my friend. Be water." Dmitriy Kolosovskiy is known for his chaotic goa style, but here he delivers something slightly different. Free Spirit is a digital EP that focuses on going deeper into oneself perhaps. The pace is slower with a mystical twist on downtempo goa trance. The title track may have well been recorded inside of a Nepalese temple on top of the Himalayas. It's very spiritual with exotic instruments and intriguing percussion. The other two are smooth downtempo goa in the mold of an E-mantra. Relaxing and melodic. Pretty good ep! Psyshop Digital Beatspace Digital Juno Download Beatport
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