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Found 16 results

  1. Artist: Radical Distortion Title: Back In Time Label: Eutuchia Music Date: April, 2013 1. Promise of a Better World 2. Magic Carpet Remix - Gene Joke 3. Dark Energy 4. Relentless Galaxy 5. Solar Storm 6. Celestial Traveler 7. Voltage Source 8. Back In Time 9. Dreamer (2007 Original Mix) 10. India (2003 Original Mix) Ever wish you could go back in time and have a do-over? Maybe ask that girl out that you didn't years ago because you were too chicken. Maybe place a few bets on a Super Bowl. Or possibly take something back. Something you shouldn't have done. Ha! Imba you thought nobody was watching you in Spain, but we got you on tape mother f*cker! Eutuchia Music presents it's very first CD (been digital up till now) from Radical Distortion. This is the fourth album from the Greek duo Nick Polytaridis and...no way. What a dreamboat! I knew he played a musician on Full House, but didn't think he... That's not the same guy? Are you sure? *frowns* Well...they should hire him to stand behind the decks to twist a few knobs. Think of the hot chick spillover! These guys have always struck me as the Rodney Dangerfield of goa. Even though they've been around for a long time they're not the first names you think of when you rattle off the best in new school goa trance. No respect. Maybe it's cause it's a crowded field or maybe it's because they half assed it on Regenesis. People still talk about what could've been on that album and seem to have long memories. Well from my perspective they've been making amends ever since. And quite well I might add. Having released Psychedelic Dreams on Suntrip in 2009 (that's like 28 in goa years) they've also produced quality tunes for a bunch of compilations. Even the Suncokreti one with the sh*tty mastering where they gave away the track cause it was unrecognizable to their ears. All in the past. Now with their latest out on Eutuchia (didn't see that coming) we can finally slay the Regenesis dragon. In my opinion this is the best work they've ever done. Yeah, I said it. First of all these guys use a lot of analog hardware so expect that warm old school sound. And this is straight out of the past with ripping goa leads and entrancing melodies. Their remix of Magic Carpet is on absolute fire bringing relentless goa heat. But the whole album is full of tracks like that. Dark Energy twists and turns with melodic spirals in ever widening circles. Celestial Traveler is another stormer with a dark edge and lots of 303 pop. They also include two older unreleased tracks (the 2007 remix of Dreamer and the odd 2003 remix of India). I tell you this is old school goa trance to the bone. At times it sounds like Transwave. Other times like MFG. They do the Indian melodies as well as the outer space stuff. All the tracks sound great so hats off to Nikos who did the mastering. So yeah, they took a step back in time and brought back some freshness. Congratulations gentlemen this is some fine work. Highly recommended. Bandcamp Get a digital copy for just 4.50 Euro! What a bargain! Mdk
  2. Artist: Tavi Title: Magnetic Field Label: Goa Records (Cd) Timewarp Records (Digital) Date: April, 2013 1. Magnetic Field 2. Step of the elephant 3. The spirit of the east 4. Space Sail 5. Wanderers of the desert 6. Reactive Acid 7. Airavata 8. Desert Wind 9. Neptune 10. Cosmo Elephant I tried. Ummm...I tried harder than that. Not that I'm faulting your effort, but perhaps you should go look in the bootyliscious section. Hold up, I'll come with you. I really tried. This album came out of nowhere and I'm like, "Tavi? Who the f*ck is Tavi?" Then I read a thread in the label announcements section and there was a comment about the mastering being horrible. Like Suncokreti bad? Or I've got really great listening equipment and I can graphically show you bad? Puzzling. So I was pleased when Renato asked if I would like to review this. Renato what the hell are you doing here? Apparently this album was first released on Goa Records and while still available is now being offered as a digital download from new goa label Timewarp Records. So now I get to give this a proper listening. First I would like to say the cover is misleading. This type of goa has more in common with Egypt than with space. We've heard cosmic goa trance before and this ain't it. The melodies float gently over each other and evoke images of desert sands. There are nice layers and it is constantly changing shape. Sometimes those leads scream and sometimes they bubble, but what I really liked was that he would go from the wispy highs to the deep lows. As far as the production goes the more I played it the more I noticed the lack of dynamism. It did sound flat in the sense that I felt the need to continually increase the volume to bring out the awesome richness contained within. Not ideal, but not a deal breaker for headphones. On a big outdoor setup though I'm not so sure. So I decided to do a test. If I compared the sound quality of a 320 kbps copy readily available on the net and the 16 bit wavs Renato gave me the wav files sounded fine. Normally I cannot tell the difference between the two even though I'm sure that debate shall rage on. I don't know enough about the formats to speak intelligently on the subject. I'll gladly listen to anyone to anyone who has more knowledge on this matter because the last thing I want to do is tell people to buy something that is truly deficient in quality. I just don't see that being the case here. Bottom line, if you buy the original or the digital release from Timewarp you should be fine. Imagine that, getting good quality and compensating the artist for his hard work. Back to my original statement, I tried to find a reason not to like this album. It's just not there. Tavi created a great, melodic goa trance album and I can't wait to get my physical copy. Highly recommended. Psyshop Beatspace Goa Store Juno Download (Goa Records) Juno Download (Timewarp Records) Mdk
  3. Artist: Various Title: The Science of Music Vol. 1 Label: Global Army Music Date: April, 2013 1. Abomination - Yabcoder (Abomination vs Shameless Remix) 2. Zinx - Knowledge 3. Brainwash & Klacid - Space Technology 4. Sick Addiction - Into Magic 5. Rubix Qube - Continuity Vol. 1? You mean there's more of this dreck? Oy. Lest you think this is some ground breaking sh*t let me assure you that the only science this contains is gotta pay my rent throw some sh*t at the wall oh look these guys will release it junk science. Before those sh*tty movies ruined the term twilight, this would've fallen under that category. Only it doesn't. It's not dark and it is more akin to the glow-stick noise trance masquerading as proper night time music. The leads are annoying and the stops and starts are plentiful. I'm most surprised at the presence of Mr. Qube's track. He's usually much better than this. At least it was just a digital release and didn't further pollute mother nature with an actual CD. I'm sure it's on Beatport, but their new site takes too f*cking long. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!
  4. Artist: JBC Arkadii Title: Sounds From Tomorrow Label: Sita Records Date: April, 2013 1. Trance Galactic Voyage 2. Cosmic Butterflies 3. Mantra Trance 4. Colours of the Night Sky 5. Flashing 6. Sounds From Tomorrow 7. Transparent Emotion 8. Teleportation 9. Spirits Dream "If you come to me at this moment...your minutes will be come hours. Your hours will become days. And your days will become a lifetime." I'm not sh*tting you this is the exact phrase found at the counter of every DMV location in the states. It's the one thing they do consistently well. We live in a great time goa heads. Not just because we have porn on demand or twelve different flavors of 5 hour energy. Nope times are great when we have so many fantastic goa releases that some really great ones fly under the radar. This is Arkadii Tronets from the wilds of Russia and he's put his stamp on the whole nitzhogoa sub-genre. I'm the first on to call out nitzhonot as campy and corny, but he does a good job of keeping the frenetic kookiness to a minimum. He delivers fast paced goa melodies that make you want to dance like nobody is watching. It's music that looks different going into a break than coming out of it. It has that Middle Eastern vibe with a lot of descriptive layers. There will be one melody and then another sneaking in from the left. Mantra Trance will blow the doors off your Honda Accord so it's not lacking in power. Some might not be able to get past the laser kick, but I urge you to try, because the rewards are worth it. The sound is very clear so kudos to whomever did the mastering. I think it strikes a good balance between goa and nitzho staying true to both sides. Recommended. One thing, the Sita Records website appears to be down. I think I was redirected to an Israeli site telling me it was time to get my license renewed. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  5. Artist: Ascent Title: Colored Reality EP Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: April, 2013 1. Happiness 2. Lights 3. Imagination 4. Progressive Dream This is my second experience with this artist and it just keeps getting better. Or maintains it's current level of awesomeness. His brand of psy-gressive is glorious and fits well with the Ovnimoon style. If you're a fan of the layered melodic progressive trance that's floating around these days then you'll love this. The atmospheric value is off the charts and it's loaded with sounds to give it depth. Iono? Nope. Ovnimoon. I hope you're paying attention to this label because they are releasing top quality music at a rapid pace. This is no exception. Think of them like Mcdonald's except they're serving up real meat. Beatport Mdk
  6. Artist: Deliriant Title: Unstoppable EP Label: Psyology Date: April, 2013 1. Unstoppable - Deliriant 2. Weyland - Technicolor (Deliriant Vs. Mad Piper) 3. Hologram - Deliriant & Z3ro "Similarly, our bodies are holograms of the universe. Which means everything that can possibly be known is already recorded in our bodies." That's great. Really, it is. But I just wanted to get a lottery ticket and a pack of Swishers. Deliriant is Shane Renew and has released two very good albums of twilight madness called Chemistry and Miracle Cure. This ep is three tracks of the same type of stuff. Acid deluges and lasers with futuristic samples. Darkly melodic in the powerful South African style. If you're a fan of this music then don't hesitate to check this one out. Don't let the cover by the 7th grader who flunked out of wood shop fool you. Seriously I almost missed this one due to its...hideousness. Beatport Mdk
  7. Artist: Aes Dana Title: Aftermath 2.0 Archives of Peace Label: Ultimae Records Date: April 2013 1. Aftermath #1 2. Aftermath #2 3. Aftermath #3 4. You get the rest...there's 8 of these tracks so if you can't figure out the next in sequence, I don't know...you're a f*cking idiot. So this isn't anything new. It's a remastered version of his 2003 album Aftermath which I reviewed here. Aside from being remastered it comes with 14 HD wallpapers if you're into that. Also Aftermath #8 which wasn't on the original (only on the Albedo compilation from 2005) is included. Cool thing is if you already bought the original then all you have to do is send them a picture of the cover atop your naked girlfriend and they'll send you the download link for free. Ok you got me...naked grandmother. Bunch a weird f*cks over there. Bandcamp Mdk
  8. Artist: Nuage Title: Vivant EP Label: Purple Hexagon Records Date: April, 2013 01 - Sweelo (99 BPM) 02 - Banyan Tree Snipet (120 BPM) 03 - Loulou de Pleine Lune (95 BPM) 04 - Anjuna Lecture (120 BPM) 05 - Diwali Liquids (120 BPM) "It's our intention to assist you in creating a new vision." Floating. Drifting. Peaceful. At ease. All apropos descriptions of this release. If you would like to just lay down and space out this is your vehicle. Channeling his inner Vangelis the man behind the Virtuart project (and several others) brings you this very relaxing ep. The first two tracks are downtempo and ambient cloud walkers. Loulou takes on a sinister quality that is a gentle nod to the sunny days of goa. And if that was a minor flirtation then the overly long Anjuna Lecture is a full fledged make out session. Hey! Keep your hands above the equator! He closes with Diwali Liquids and that is an ambient trance track in the vein of Solar Fields. It's nice. He didn't reinvent the wheel or cure cancer, but it's still an enjoyable ep. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  9. Artist: Sidhartha Title: Into Immortality Chapter One & Two Label: Hypergate Records Date: April, 2013 Chapter One 1. Into Immortality 2. Yutopia Paradox 3. Single Atoms 4. Dominant Species Chapter Two 1. Sidhartha & TDR & Shaddai - Iori Yagami 2. Symmetrix & Sidhartha - Time Is Your Illusion 3. Sidhartha & Tryon - 4th Dimension Encounter 4. Sidhartha - Wonder In The Night What's with that little thing in the corner. Looks like a peppermint. Makes me want a candy cane. If acid and lasers are your preferred sweet than this is Christmas and Easter on the same day. Sidhartha has been around for a while and here he delivers two twilight EP's. The first one is all him and the second one he enlists some friends to help with the heavy lifting. Into Immortality- There is a certain amount of groove to be found here amidst the fast paced intensity. And it seems really fast. With the rapid pace I feel like he's trying to fit a lot in on the move. Like the drive thru guy at Wendy's attempting to hand me my order as I blow by him at 45 miles an hour. Not a bad bouncy opener. Yutopia Paradox- "If there are extra terrestrial beings out there where are they?" Wal Mart. Where else would they be? It begins as just generic full-on, but he eventually begins the acid shower and some great movement. Good, but not great. Single Atoms- Didn't care for this one. It was noisy and had the depth of a kiddie pool. Dominant Species- I guess this is where the drug use started because this is simply put an all out assault bursting with acid and thumping kicks. With just a couple of chances to catch one's breath it moves like a rhino through a door built for a smurf. Iori Yagami- It's on to part two and right away it seems more focused and deeper. Lots of juicy bits flying about with a powerful punch. The sticky icky is everywhere so bring a towel. The samples are muffled with more grunting and groaning than a late night Taco Bell visit. These guys know what I'm talkin' about... Time is Your Illusion- Who ordered the meal with extra lasers? This is a fat guy in daisy dukes on rollerblades without brakes going downhill. You can't turn away and there is going to be a lot of damage. Great lose your mind track. 4th Dimension Encounter- Teaming up with twilight Jesus (Tryon) it's more acid washes than the 80's. The ass shaking is in full force immediately as they paint a picture. But they don't use brushes. They use buckets. Wonder In The Night- With the final track it seems he wants to end on a less bombastic note. But it doesn't reflect who he is. It's rather boring especially placed next to the other monsters. Put that f*cking crash helmet back on. Two EP's. Lasers and acid. Powerful twilight music. That's what you're gonna get and that's what I woulda wrote if I could get away with a two sentence review. But that's not my style. I liked part two better as it was a straight up out of control freight train with no brakes. And I ain't Denzel. Beatport Chapter One Beatport Chapter Two Mdk
  10. Artist: Various Title: Fresh Part 03 EP Label: 3D Vision Date: April, 2013 1. Mutants - Absolum & Ex-Gen 2. Assistance Required (Powered by Absolum) - A-Mush Some of my favorite music is the stuff by Absolum. Inside the Sphere (almost 10 years old) still set the bar so unbelievably high. That high tech acid insanity never fails to get me moving. It's intense, moody and will take out more teeth than a hockey fight. Down goes progressive. The third part in the fresh series is more balls to the wall hyper trance that is purely unforgiving. Can't take the heat? F*ck you it doesn't care. So awesome it makes twilight music seem like ambient. More acid than a dead show it's slicker than oil with thumping rhythms and a frenzied pace. Get out of the way people it's an avalanche of awesome headed straight downhill and no f*cking St. Bernard is ever gonna find you. Only 2 tracks, but you can't handle more than that. Absolum and the Ex-Gen pairing rule and the A-Mush track pushes it to the edge. Whew. Hell. Yes. Beatport
  11. Artist: Various Title: Luxuria EP Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: April, 2013 1. 2116 2. Why Don't They Stop It 3. We Are Insane (feat Dirty Motion) "Hey we all know how we're gonna die baby, we're gonna crash and burn!" And these motherf*ckers are at the wheel. The Pereira brothers from Portugal are back f*cking up your program with their brand of hyper trance. These two have been shaking floors on comps for a while now so here comes their 3 track EP. It is loud and the concussive force is ready to push you across the room. We live in a world where melodic progressive trance is attempting to build delicate houses in the trees where we can all live peacefully. It's beautiful. Well these guys see your treehouse and raise you two chainsaws. Pure power with superb one liner samples. The acid is like an Indian monsoon and I warn you if you even have the slightest twinge of a headache steer clear of this beast. Sometimes I wish it would be a little less stop and start, but that is a minor complaint. When the dust settled and it was all over my ears continued to ring for quite some time. "Why don't they do something, why don't they stop it?" Here's an umbrella...good luck with the hurricane. Long live this sh*t. Beatport Mdk
  12. Artist: Talpa Title: White Clouds EP Label: TesseracTstudio Date: April, 2013 1. White Clouds - Talpa 2. Spirits (Talpa Remix) - Zyce 3. Unimation (Talpa Remix) - Zyce & Nerso Goran continues to impress with his music. Whether he's producing as Talpa or The Riddler his attention to detail has always been something to look forward to. This EP is released on the progressive label TesseracT so you know what to expect. White Clouds has dreamy elements combined with the electronic throat clearing of almost dubstep in a very positive track. It's uplifting and wiggle inducing. The remix of Spirits is a long, unwinding bit of progressive trance that I would expect more from Zyce than Talpa. Groovy no doubt, but unexpected. Unimation is the final track and it is another remix that doesn't sound anything like Talpa. Great, but who is this guy? Let me say that I enjoyed this release for its melodic and drifting content. It's a perfect fit for the label and expresses their style very well. But this doesn't sound like Talpa. It sounds like every other Balkan making progressive trance. Quality of course, but nothing like the guy who gave us The Art of Being Non. His style under the Talpa moniker has been trending less towards psychedelia and more in the direction of something softer and less challenging. And that's what you get here. Good progressive trance that is melodic and uplifting. But it's not Talpa. Talpa doesn't make that music. If The Riddler is his funky project and Talpa was his psychedelic endeavor, then maybe he needs a new alias if he's gonna make music like this. Recommended for melodic progressive trancers. Psyshop Beatport Mdk
  13. Album: Ubikvad Omniheita Artist: Spruce Genre: Forest, Darkpsy, Experimental Size: 335MB License: CC Price: Free and Donations Track List: 01 - Wahdat Al-Wujud (10:11) 02 - Tzimtzum Samioza (9:12) 03 - Das Herz Dialektik (13:39) 04 - Fu Shang De Fei Di (13:43) 05 - Sensory Mirage (8:11) 06 - Advaita Gita (12:58) 07 - Rgyud (11:34) 08 - Ya-O-Yorozu No Kami (10:52) 09 - Yggdrassil Ormurholur (10:06) 10 - Matryoshka Fraktali (8:01) 11 - M (7:24) 12 - La Nausee (10:06) 13 - Yarindin (25:27) 14 - Comhbhailigh Eigrioch (20:35) Through the distant fields of the universe, unknown spectrums of ever-increasing intensity and roaring chaos coexist with a single thought, an idea containing different perspectives across multiple dimensions. This vision contains a soundscape of strange, mystic terrors crashing into stars, engulfing matter, and erupting into something our world has never seen before. Some call it insanity. Others call it brilliance. Whatever the case, its unique, a legend beckoning everything and everyone to fall into its welcoming grasp. This is Ubikvad Omniheita. Ubikvad Omniheita is a very advanced, Psytrance album that takes any listener on an epic, three hour journey through unconventional and extremley original sounds and beat patterns. There is simply no way anyone can expect what comes next. Using over two hundred different electronically programmed instruments, psychedelic artist Spruce takes us on an absolutely engulfing experience through his mind. Distant melodies, chitter chatter of crowds, and in-your-face euphoric and heavy bass lines are scattered amongst the perfectly pieced together tracks, all put together into one brilliant masterpiece. In David Falao Gjølstad's last album, "Origin," we were introduced to a new, very strange style. People compared it to the works of Psychovsky, but noticed the music developed into something completely different. People loved it, earning the album a 95% rating on Ektoplazm, a critically announced psychedelic community offering hundreds of different albums spanning across 20+ psychedelic genres in the current eastern electronic music movement. Even though his previous release was awe-inspiring to producers everywhere, he somehow managed to create, yet again, something even better. Brain screwing layers of interesting percussion soundscape buildups, intense movements of growing and developing synths mixed with beautifully composed pads, voice samples of strange creatures chatting amongst each other in the distance, quirky lows and highs shooting off into every direction against a wicked drum evolution, and enveloping communities of highly mastered and thought out art are splattered onto a wonderfully done canvas, crafting together the very passions expressed by Spruce. Tribal, dark, vicious, strange, beautiful, harmonic, chaotic, progressive, unexpected, heavy, light, engulfing, relaxing, atmospheric, exotic, addictive, and epic are only a few words that come to mind when I take a listen to this incredible collection of professional done journeys. It is impossible for me to talk about every song in here. There are multiple intros in each song, building up different vibes and moods that can either collapse randomly and move onto something else or melodically adjust into an organized structure. Then, all of a sudden, sound without definition erupts from the darkness and obliterates your prediction on what you think is going to happen. You will be surprised and delighted at every turn. Even as a sound programmer, there are times when I have no idea what the hell is going on… and I fucking love it. If you want to start off with a sample, listen to the track "Rgyud" (11:34). It has a bunch of stuff in it. Orchestration, ambience, heavy dark bass, light and beautiful pads, exotic arps and oscillations, and much, much more is presented in there. I mean my God, I can not understand how anyone can come up with this. It is truly is ingenious. The next track, "Ya-O-Yorozu No Kame" has a more recognizable soundset, nesting in a steady danceable pace. It makes my body move and my head think. Even with a more conventional progression, this track still offers an undefined genre. Is it Trance? Is it Darkpsy? Is it Bluegrass? I don't know. All I know is that this guy has made some really fantastic tunes. As a DJ, I am going to enjoy giving the crowd a surprise with this one. Oh yeah, and the outros and transitions your going to hear from each track will blow you away. It takes a lot of time and effort to really appreciate this album. There is so much to explore. So much to understand. So much to experience. I can not fully express just how incredible I feel this album is. I am taken on a roller coaster of emotions, feeling happy, scared, sad, and eager all at the same time. All in all, its feels amazing. There is no way I can really express everything in this album. You have to listen to it for your self. An ingenious composition awaits, go out there and download it. I recommend listening to one song a time, taking it all in and breathing a bit before moving on. This is not for the faint hearted. Listen responsibly, the frequencies in the FLAC format are everywhere, and you can hurt your ears if you listen to it all in one sitting. Get ready to hear things you have never heard before. Your brain may not know how to take it. Enjoy, and feel the music. 10/10 Download here on Bandcamp (MP3, FLAC, WAV) - Review by FatKidWitaJetPak (Nick Sumbles) - Special Thank to Bandcamp for the download bandwidth.
  14. Artist: Main Sequence Star Title: Archaea EP Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: April, 2013 1. Archaea 2. Archaea (Nova Fractal Beat Mix) The busiest man in psytrance (other than Zyce) is stretching his creative muscles yet again with another side project. Renato Brnic is the mind behind Nova Fractal who most recently released Fractal Landscape and his compilation The Call of Goa to superb results. It's a two track wav download that is more outer space psytrance than goa. The first track is very atmospheric and deep with lots of layers above a breakbeat rhythm. He then remixes himself and makes a good track...gooder by making it more hypnotic. It's only 3 bucks at Beatport and I would say if you like his previous work, money well spent. Beatport Mdk
  15. Artist: PharaOm Title: Shelter 10 Label: Future Disorder Recordings Date: April, 2013 1. Welcome To Shelter 10 2. Inside the Core 3. Meeting Roy and Chip (Interlude) 4. Laser Highways 5. Anti-Gravity Module 6. Biomechanical Civilization 7. The Bucky Biospheres (Interlude) 8. Back To Titan 9. Nanosurgery I love science fiction and fantasy. Movies, books, comics...if that makes me a nerd then so be it. I've made an active effort to stay away from video games because that's a black hole of time into which I would surely plummet. Today things are different. It's not like it was when I was a kid. Now it's cool to be into "graphic" comics and as long as Hollywood keeps making millions on superhero movies you'll still see men running around in tight underwear. As well as the nerds who love them. PharaOm is Oswald Pfeiffer who recently released the remixes to his track Cellar Door as well as the very good Tesseract album for free. He's right back at it with more free music. Shelter 10 is a digital maxi EP that attempts to redefine what goa trance can be. Seemingly never satisfied with the status quo this album rides the space theme to a human (and extra terrestrial) colony that is filled with futuristic sounds, industrial machinery, as well as storming goa riffs. Jam packed I tell ya. There are even two interludes, one including two bickering robots. Corny yes, but it's all a rich tapestry. This is a great mixture of psytrance with goa elements that include experiments in dubstep that work very well. He closes things out with a competent downtempo track that attempts to put Humpty Dumpty back together again after some limb loss in the robot conflict. Story time. My favorite track has to be the blistering Biomechanical Civilization that just shreds anything unlucky enough to cross its path. The biggest step outside of the box has to be Back on Titan with its brief singing and out front guitars. But he balances it out with symphonic strings and more space goa. The whole thing is a marvelously detailed escape to the stars. Highly recommended. Free at Soundcloud Mdk
  16. CeZZers – Expanded Horizons Album: Expanded Horizons Artist: CeZZers Genre: Progressive Size: 68MB License: CC Price: Free and Donations Track List: 01 - Expanded Mind Ride 02 - Content Of Mind 03 - Expanded Horizons 04 - Free Ride “With the click of a mouse, a brilliant idea can circle the globe in seconds… expanding horizons” A very relaxing, chill atmospheric album that always offers a great intro meant to bring good vibes into any listeners heart. Nice and steady BPMs surround the buildup at every second, always making me feel smooth and happy. The psydub bass influences are really catchy and addicting attitude. There are a few things I would like to see changed, however. The first track seems to stop too soon. It would be nice to hear a bit more, developing that sweet bass line into something totally different while keeping the original icy flow. I really like how the second track offers this different pace, doubling up the bass and changing the vibe while keeping the vision of the album. This may be coming from someone who is use to hearing tracks that are longer than five minutes, but many of we psy fans enjoy a track that keeps a particular catchiness and engulfness for a time longer than five minutes. Still, it adds great replay ability to it, which is a theory commonly practiced by many producers. Keep doing what your doing. Anyway, continuing with the second track, i was very surprised when it jumped into a middle-eastern style… then I read you are from Israel and it made a bit more since haha. I loved it. You kept rocking that sweet double bass against a backbone of neat voices, followed by an awesome popping synth to carry on the idea. Simply done with a few wonderful touches. Well done! Something new is offered each track, and I really enjoy the guitars and more complicated production on the third one. A great addition to anyones Downtempo / Progressive collection. I can definitely see myself playing this on the dance floor to tone down things a bit. Its always good to take a break from faster music. Did you purposely make each track a bit more complicated than the last, adding length in the process? Is that why this album is called “Expanded Horizons,” because it adds more and more as the album progresses? If so, it is something I noticed. It starts out fairly minimal, then goes onto add layer after layer of juicy bass and danceable note plucks. The great thing is, it never gets too overpowering! Keep it up guys, explore the universe of sound and introduce us to it. You are pioneers, searching for land unknown in the infinite universe that is vibrations. From marketing experiences, I recommend using album art that is a bit more unique. We all have seen fields of green with tiny paths on it. There is a lot of music on here, and psychologically we automatically are looking either for genre names or, more commonly, really awesome looking album art. If you notice, some of the highest downloaded albums on here have cool album art. Judging the book by the cover is one thing, but album art should not only look cool but express your intentions and visions. Try to find someone who can hand draw the best thought that comes to mind when listening to this album. For me, it would be a monk sitting on top of a very large mountain while staring into the eyes of a caterpillar. Something like that. Just a littler offer of feedback. Great album guys. 9/10 Download here on Ektoplazm (MP3, FLAC, WAV) - Review by FatKidWitaJetPak (Nick Sumbles) - Special Thank to Ektoplazm for the download bandwidth.
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