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Found 7 results

  1. Finally! A Clementz LP to the circulatory.. Norway has spawned a new full-blooded Goa-Trance Artist ready to shock the World. No longer is RA the sole LP released Goa-Trance Producer on the plate. CLEMENTZ is in the Lighhouse, electrifying and intens. Where Ra are the LP Kings of Norwegian Released Goa-Trance, for sure Clementz is with his KRETSLØP Album the resilient Prince. Goalien the alien, Microcosm the holy spirit ghosts, the newly announced Maan LP as the up&standing, and of course Material Music as the psychedelic footpather .. *Heia Norge! CLEMENTZ - KRETSLØP Release Date: 3rd of May 2020 "Fierce Full Power Acidic Spiralling Goa-Trance like in the Old Dayz" - Dj Anoebis of Suntrip Records SAMPLES: https://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD61/ 10 Track LP Total time :71:22 Style :Crazy melodic psychedelic trance Mastering :Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios, Germany Artwork :Andrii Averin, Ukraine @ Shiva Om Art Cat no :SUNCD61 Barcode :8 001120 002853 Format :CD (Compact Disc) + Digital Download Physical copies pressed :300
  2. Release him, get him out of there. ... No wait! .. http://music.monstercat.com/album/more-than-just-a-name Diiieeeee.... :((( Anyway. Cool figures / coverconcept. I'm happy the Classical Mushroom mushroom-groove-piano playing mushroom isn't inside one of those lab-tubes.. PS. Check this out, it might pick you up: https://soundcloud.com/morphic-resonance-goa/infected-mushroom-the-gathering-morphic-resonance-mix
  3. Released already on the 14th of September 2018 on Spiral Trax. Comes the 6th album release by psychedelic trance dance producer MATERIAL MUSIC. Material Music - Divine Dance = 11 Tracks. http://spiraltrax.bandcamp.com/album/material-music-divine-dance-spit139-spiral-trax + world wide distribution *) Yo like?
  4. Kommer 30. Juli 2018 overalt. MATERIAL MUSIC - 2DRAGONS [GEOMAGNETIC RECORDS] 01. Access Material Virus 02. Avalon Vacuum Technology 03. Alien Wis-ard & 2Dragons 04. Black Hole Dancing With Anti Matter 05. Inside the Reaksjon 06. Galactic Connection (Gamma~Maya) 07. Turquoise Planet (Trance Healing) 08. Oxytocin 09. Sound of Everything 10. Superconscious Minds (Synchro Science) 11. Magenta Platinum (17th Cha-kra) 12. Undefined Field (Singularity) 13. Turquoise Planet (Ambient Healing) Pre-listen here: http://www.goastore.com/material-music-2dragons.html Or maybe here? https://www.psyshop.com/2Dragons-Material-Music/geo1dw928/
  5. Look and sounds pretty cool!! * MATERIAL MUSIC - DNA (GRE1DW058) 1. Sigh Formulation (misspelled Psy Formulation....) 2. Psy. System (well, when you move track 2 to track 8, like it should be, this 3. track becomes 2nd track on the album) 3. Blue Mysost (Myost is such a better word for this track then Alkymist, also think of the blue in mushroom outside the cheese) 4. Psychoactive Systems 5. DNA (what a great flying reminiscing track..!!) 6. Psychic Power 7. Planetary Movement 8. Par-Ra-.Rel Universe (you see, you hear what I mean? - this is a mistake but it was too late to fix - big distribution - so my bad:/) 9. Digimafia ^ how it should have been released 4th of June 2018, but becasue of a misconseption., this is how most prob. it will be released: https://www.psyshop.com/DNA-Material-Music-Goa/gre1dw058/ MATERIAL MUSIC - DNA (GRE1DW058) 1. Psy Formulation 2. Par-Ra-Rel Universe 3. Psy System 4. Blue Alkymist 5. Psychoactive Systems 6. DNA 7. Psychic Power 8. Planetary Movement 9. Digimafia https://www.psyshop.com/DNA-Material-Music-Goa/gre1dw058/ + other music joints .. 4th of June 2018 aka. Date 604 WEEK Coming soon / listen to samples STYLE Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance FORMAT Download, LP CATALOG GRE1DW058
  6. for sale or trade a very good, decent, taken good care of copy: Shpongle - Are You Shpongled? http://www.discogs.com/Shpongle-Are-You-Shpongled/release/35888 2xLP black vinyl, #1373, Condition is VG/VG+, small tear on top spine and on the side around 1cm of cover; some normal light usagemarks also on discs, nothing serious, i'm open for trades, here is my wantlist on discogs: http://www.discogs.com/wantlist?user=psyhoe i'm highly after the clear vinyl repress of this album, or something else of equal collectorsvalue. money offers will be also considered
  7. i still have a virgin mint brand new unplayed numbered limited edition 2xLP vinyl copy of Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland #183/300 propably the last new and unplayed copy existing therefore a true collectors gemm http://www.discogs.com/Shpongle-Ineffable-Mysteries-From-Shpongleland/release/2285169 I'm rather interested in a trade so msg me if you are seriously interested for sale only if the offer is really tempting and i'm not in hurry to let this one go sooo..... Also up for trade or Sale: Are You Shpongled? on Vinyls here: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php/topic/68111-fst-shpongle-are-you-shpongled-2xlp-vinyls/
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