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Found 1 result

  1. Artist: Deimos Title: We Have Forgotten Label: Goa Records Date: July, 2012 01. Disobey 02. Modus Operandi 03. Na Rubu Horizonta 04. Our Benefactors 05. The Raid (v.2) 06. Seishin - Deimos feat. Subscale 07. Breaking Point - Deimos vs. PsiloCybian 08. We Have Forgotten 09. Blood Magic 10. The Fallout "Our projections show that by the year 2025 ,not only America but the entire planet will be under the protection and the dominion of this power alliance." Proving to be the vengeful God that he is, Jesus is obviously paying me back for the Vox review. Seems he didn't care for my blasphemous tone. Fine Jesus, you control the weather. You're lord of the thermostat. It's stickier than sweaty donkey balls out here. I'll save you the trouble of asking me how I know that. Your mom told me. My wife had a friend in med school from Ghana who would get so pissed off when Americans would say "It's Africa hot out here." She would remind us that the level of humidity in the Southeast United States cannot be found in Africa. I don't know if that's true, but I took her word for it. She also had a gardener, housekeeper, and a butler. Totally shattered my conceptions about the standard of living in Africa. Well, Ghana anyway. So...what else have I been wrong about? Maybe blondes really aren't that dumb? Don't...f*cking...care... Maybe female bodybuilders look perfectly natural I bet my 401k that he-she pees standing up. Maybe Smithers wasn't gay, he was just well dressed. Still not as gay as Glee. This is Igor Čeranic from Zagreb, Croatia. You might recognize the name because not only is he behind the Perfect Blind Project (great downtempo stuff) but he is also half of Dual Barrell. Couple that with being part of two metal bands and I would say this is one busy motherf*cker. But check a lot of releases because he also masters a ton of them. Ironically, he didn't do the mastering on his own release. So like a fat kid at the state fair he's got his fingers in a lot of pies. Deimos is a psytrance project with a darker and harder edge to it. Know how I know that? Promo told me. And this is not hyperbole. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's begin with the cover. Love it. It gives us a glimpse into a post apocalyptic future where we didn't seem to learn our lesson. He tackles a lot of the same issues that Front Line Assembly would and you can tell they had a huge influence on his music. Identical track names and of course samples. Minus the laryngitis inducing vocals of course. The cover itself reminds me of a release by Rush in the mid 70's called Farewell to Kings that he wouldn't know anything about because f**ck him. Young bastard. What have we forgotten? That there used to not be anything called remote control. That I would have to to get up from my TV Tray that shakily supported my Hungry Man dinner and change the channel, only to knock over said tray and thereby kick the dog in anger and resume my position as public enemy number one on PETA's sh*tlist? Still love the cover. Disobey- It's a short intro track that sets the stage for what happened to us as a society. Living underground, very matrix like, broadcasting from a hidden location imploring the human race to please wake the f*ck up. Modus Operandi- Thumping and in a bad mood he takes apocolyptic inspiration from Frontline Assembly and mixes psychedelic sounds with changes in tempo. It ends on a fast note and is a further introduction into a world where man vs. machine had devastating consequences. She can't hear you scotty, you're talking into the garage door opener. Na Rubu Horizonta- More driving rhythms as the intensity increases. The break is a hollow echo in the shell of a warehouse where a few lucky survivors were able to find refuge. From a relatively safe area they are treated to more of the air combat that leveled their society in the first place. Our Benefactors- A sinister lead moves with blinding speed as it enforces discipline on the vanquished humans. It's fast, deliberate and very atmospheric. Think of Dark City, The Terminator, and Blade Runner all combined into one monumental defeat for us. The break is rich in mechanical fear as prisoners are kept at bay with a searing 303. Very powerful. The Raid (v2)- He ain't letting up for a second with that bass line as the effects ripple in the background. If the title says the Raid, I'm thinking of the machines infiltrating home base of the humans deep underground. The break has danger lurking around every corner with synth stabs soaked in reverb. He takes this music, sets the scene, and then rams it down your throat. Seishin- I'm not Japanese and only know what I see in Godzilla movies, but does that word mean sperm? Mario Tomašković of Subscale (one of the heavy metal bands of which he is a member) on guitars. Now normally I like guitars in my psytrance about as much as I like drinking from the toilet. But here, it's forceful and melancholy at times. He doesn't half ass it and the guitar adds to the vibe instead of screaming "Hey asshole, look at me!" In the beginning. The break like all the other breaks is brief but descriptive and where it solidifies itself as a trance track, but then the guitar begins to really take over and I don't care for hair metal in my psytrance. The Breakout- Here he teams up with his Psilocybian buddy and this is one of the most psychedelic tracks on the album. Throbbing with great percussion and juicy electronics that get you in the back of the throat. Leads that leave a mark and are unrelenting just spill over the banks and it makes me whip my bear back and forth. What? Hair? No, I'm pretty sure it's bear. See? Bear. Where did you get hair from? Whatever. Doesn't even make sense. We Have Forgotten- Another driving track with acid licks, but I didn't connect with it too well until the sort of break which started getting my attention. Apart from that though, not as powerful as the last track or as intricate as some of the others. Blood Magic- I get the sense that he's slowing it down without decreasing velocity. Gone is the hard exterior and in its place is a more pensive thought process. Psy-gressive would be a great way to describe this. His effects are on point and the darkness still reigns. Think of coming from underground and looking upon the devastation of the war between man and machine for the first time. It's a holy sh*t moment. The Fallout- This one is quite interesting. The title and the beginning suggest that that war is over as the track creeps along at a mid-tempo shuffle. It's still dark and eerie and the good guys have won, but will they have learned their lesson? You know there's one asshole who keeps some alien dna or something because he things that he can tame the creature. The influences jump right out at you. FLA, science fiction movies, heavy metal...all with a dark overtone. And for the vast majority he doesn't miss a step with full power rhythms and superb atmosphere creation. This is an example of an album you have to listen to all the way through to allow yourself to get swallowed up. There is no sunshine here, no winners, only the cold reality of high tech warfare and the toll it takes on all involved. If you like your psytrance powerful and dark this is something that you will enjoy. Coming Soon Mdk
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