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Found 41 results

  1. Artist: Tranquility Base Project Title: Strange Theories Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: September, 2018 1. What Is Reality 2. Time Traveler 3. Bubbles In Space Timewarp Records is a goa trance factory, releasing a whole bunch of material. They cater to those who enjoy digital and physical media. This is a debut Ep from Austrian Alexander Koch and I gotta say it hit me in the sweet spot. This digital ep has three long, winding tracks that have an E-mantra feel. That's 33 minutes of kicking back and putting off today what can be done tomorrow. He shows that he's not in any hurry to unwind and lift you above the clouds. There are sharp 303s, layers aplenty, and smooth transitions into and out of breaks. What is Reality is a track that I will have on repeat for several weeks. All the tracks have a liquid feel to them leaving me very impressed. Great job! Timewarp Bandcamp
  2. Artist: Fractal Vivesection Album: Through The Vortex Label: Timewarp Release November 25, 2013 There's something deeply alluring about the sort of main room goa trance that Fractal V put out on this album. If Goa was the sort of genre that had big 6 month promotions for stadium shows in capitol cities, Fractal V would be headlining. This is full power orchestral trance that blasts you through vortex after vortex with non stop energy pulsing through you. The use of vocals is Al Dente, the looping in some parts of the song could come across as repetitive to some but for me it just adds to the intensity of the builds. The variety between tracks is just right with each one being equally as uplifting as the last. Interplanetary Voyage - Alarmingly sweet. We are introduced to the album, and before we know it shot into interplanetary space. An entrancing album opener that leaves me open for more. Traveling Apart - Diffidently amazing. an absolute orchestral treat for our ears. We have guitar, strings and vocals, with nothing overused. My favourite on the album for sure with full jumping up and down a part of the package. Interstellar Gliding - Shockingly good, i love the phaser sounds at the start, cutting through the air like it aint a thing. The singing comes through the same, cutting its way above the track and floating through the air. One of my favourite tracks on the album. My Name is Trance - Terribly enjoyable. The vocals lift me up and send me floating through trance land. The main lead is a little much after a while but when it leaves the rest of the song doesn't let up and carries it self forward right to a beautiful end. Molecular Instability - Appallingly ethereal. Here i was thinking that this album was going to be full of lightness. What a goofball, Space isn't full of light. In fact there is more darkness than anything in this universe. More nothing than something. Unlike this track which is most certainly more something than nothing, sneaky little guitar. You'll see. Distant Echos - Fearfully soft. Love a long intro, love organic instruments, love builds. love the main break, love the echos. All Bueno over here Tachyon - Hopelessly wonderful. The string instruments are a treat and leave a little hoping for what is to come. And they do come back in all their grace. Subconscious Flashback - Timorously pleasant. FV comes in with a slower softer track. The leads go on for like 168 bars before changing, very cool track with a little bit of something special making me raise my hands to the sky all the way to the end. Travelling Apart (Part 2) -Diffidently sensational. A floating outro eases us out of the many vortex's we have been shot through. 3:18 isn't quite enough to slow my heartbeat down but it's a start. Timewarp are tricky to navigate. You find an album, you earmark it for later and before you know it 3 more albums are out that require attention. Then Neogoa release something that is obviously going to poke at you till you give it a listen. Before you know it your 'to listen' list is taking up too many Giga bits and you gotta start fresh. Into the Vortex was a complete chance listen one night before going to bed but which ensured i did not go to bed. A complete surprise. If you are a full powered trance fan who can go an hour without letting themselves up from a punchy kick, then this album is for you. https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/through-the-vortex
  3. Psychedelic Quest - Out Of Time (timewarp079 - Timewarp) Band Camp: bit.ly/2uGhkCO Beatport: bit.ly/2JfR0CU Psyshop: bit.ly/2Gvp7oC Itunes: apple.co/2Gu0koM Amazon: amzn.to/2GvQxKW GooglePlay: bit.ly/2pXAG1s JunoDownload: bit.ly/2EewAWZ Youtube: bit.ly/2qaxdMg @timewarp-records @geomagnetic www.facebook.com/Timewarp.rec twitter.com/TimewarpRec dj.beatport.com/timewarp www.beatport.com/label/timewarp/33169 timewarprecords.bandcamp.com geomagnetic.tv/ 01 - Psychedelic Quest - Out Of Time 02 - Psychedelic Quest - Flowless Mind 03 - Psychedelic Quest - Psychotherapy
  4. Trance2MoveU

    Fiery Dawn - Magus

    Artist: Fiery Dawn Title: Magus Label: Timewarp Records Date: February, 2018 1. Dancing Fire (feat. Omneon) 2. Electro 3. Kundalini 4. Nightfall 5. Searching For UFOs 6. Tartarus 7. Wings of Fantasy 8. Magus 9. Flying To Infinity Yeahh....I'm gonna file this in the "just because it's goa doesn't mean it's super awesome" folder. This is Giorgi Shavgulidze with his debut album and unfortunately it sounds like he released a bunch of sketch pad ideas. Tracks that go nowhere, sounds that aren't really inviting...it just doesn't work for me. Even the parts that begin to build momentum don't develop into anything worth writing home about. The lack of supporting sounds and layers is also evident thus diminishing the final return. It's 2018. Need to step your game up. Timewarp Bandcamp
  5. Trance2MoveU

    WOTE - Sekhem-A-Kheftiu Ep

    Artist: WOTE (Worms of the Earth) Title: Sekhem-A-Kheftiu Label: Timewarp Records Date: October, 2017 1. Umes (Opening the Hidden Doors) 2. Sekhem-A-Kheftiu 3. Tesert-Baiu "You know you cannot escape death, but immortality can be obtained." This movie looks awesome! I always appreciate artists asking me to write reviews because most of the time it means that they have read my work and find that it has some value. Writing reviews is a time consuming process so getting asked to write one helps me continue to want to do it. This is the solo project of Dan Barrett from DC...wait, you're from DC? I'm not saying I have a lot of rotten fruit and pungent dog feces lying around, but if I did... do you think you could make a delivery to a certain bloated douchebag? His address is 1600 Pennsylvania something or other. You can't miss him. Just follow the trail of lies and stupidity. Anyway Dan Barrett's Discogs page describes him as a dark electronic project with a few releases. I've never heard any of his material, but like a diligent detective I thought it proper to educate myself. Listening to some of his earlier material reveals his industrial side sounding oftentimes like an early more primitive version of FLA with tribal affects. As a fan of FLA this is appealing to me. So with high hopes I gave his latest effort a listen through. Unfortunately this doesn't have a tenth of the raw industrial feel or the layered detail of the older stuff. This is a three track digital ep that was mainly full-on with some psychedelic touches and goa flavor which mainly comes off as bland and uninteresting. The production is quite good sounding very professional so for that he should be commended. The only track that held any interest for me was the opener which sounded akin to something from Zion604. I find his strength so far to be his dark ambient work. While not Cold Meat Industry material it's dark and moody (Thagirion - Mired In A River Of Drowned Bodies is a sample of a track title) with chants and whispered recitations that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Check out Sitra Achra if that's more your thing. Timewarp Records
  6. Trance2MoveU

    Median Project - The Wanderer Ep

    Artist: Median Project Title: The Wanderer Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: July, 2017 1. The Wanderer 2. Made On Earth 3. Nuclear Reactor 4. The Lonely Mountain With the newly announced upcoming album from the Median Project on Goa Trance powerhouse Global Sect Records I thought it would be worthwhile to take a look at some previously released material. Sergei Petrenko from mother Russia delivers a digital ep on Timewarp (have they gone full digital?) which I believe to be a gem for lovers of straight forward space goa. While he didn't reinvent the wheel, the result is a decent journey across the cosmos with great effects and nice layering. My favorite was Nuclear Reactor. Sometimes I felt he lost his way and left the ship on autopilot a little too long, but I was never serious about hitting the airlock to try to escape. So good on you my friend, I can't wait to see if your debut album reaches epic status! Timewarp Records Bandcamp
  7. Trance2MoveU

    Cactus Arising - Star Storm

    Artist: Cactus Arising Title: Solar Storm Label: Timewarp Records Date: December, 2014 1. Sand Inspiration 2. D.I.Y. 3. Night Fractals 4. Star Storm 5. Opposite Spinning 6. Between Our Galaxy 7. Transfer at the Speed of Light 8. Moon + Sun 9. Nova Fractal - Connect (Cactus Arising rmx) A little over a year ago Timewarp Records released this album to minimal fanfare. I mean, it seemed like it was only very lightly advertised. It's digital only from two Greek newcomers who have made the rounds on several compilations like Goamystica, Goa Energy, and whatever the hell Goalogique is doing. I've had this on my hard drive for quite some time, but couldn't successfully get through it. Not because it's bad (it isn't), but because it doesn't offer anything new. The tracks are solidly thumping new-school (I know some people hate that classification) production with similar sounds all the way through. Nothing stands out or makes the tracks particularly memorable however. I found myself waiting for twists and turns that never came which makes the album rather vanilla. Not bad, but there is a lot more dynamic work out there. Beatspace Psyshop
  8. Trance2MoveU

    Nostromosis - My Way Ep

    Artist: Nostromosis Title: My Way Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: August, 2017 1. Psychedelic Space Mom and Baby (First Breath) 2. Old ROM 3. Sirena Cosm 4. Monomakh (Second Breath) 5. New Life (with Sonic Elysium) Timewarp keeps chugging along and I for one am grateful for that. That said when you produce a lot of material it's fair to say that not all of them will be home runs. Nostromosis is Igor Sidorov from Mother Russia and I've always felt that his is on the lower tier of today's goa producers. Nothing personal, but his sound isn't as polished and seamless as other artists. His sound choice at times borders on annoying and none of his tracks have really impressed. Unfortunately for me with this Ep he still seems to be stuck in this rut. The second half of Sirena Cosm brings hope, but ultimately his tracks contain no drama or dynamism. They're just...there. Sorry, but this one's a pass from me. Timewarp Bandcamp Psyshop
  9. Psychedelic Quest - Morning Trip (timewarp053 - Timewarp) Beatport: btprt.dj/2ntEis7 Psyshop: bit.ly/2nsc3FZ Beatspace: bit.ly/2n7o1YC 1 - Psychedelic Quest - Morning Trip 2 - Psychedelic Quest - Crystal Moon 3 - Psychedelic Quest - Lunar Circles 4 - Psychedelic Quest - Crazy Forest Timewarp is honored to welcome back this amazing sound sculptor, Psychedelic Quest, for his second release with the label called Morning Trip. These four epic songs will take listeners on a wild ride across the event horizon with a soundtrack from the future which will stoke memories of legendary goatrance vibes rarely found to. ► Subscribe: bit.ly/YTsubTimewarp ► Beatport bit.ly/BPtimewarp ► Spotify: play.spotify.com/user/timewar... ► timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/ ► www.facebook.com/Timewarp.rec ► @timewarp-records ► twitter.com/TimewarpRec ► youtube.com/c/TimewarpGoa Released by: Timewarp Release date: 20 March 2017
  10. Trance2MoveU

    Psychedelic Quest - Morning Trip Ep

    Artist: Psychedelic Quest Title: Morning Trip Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: March, 2017 1. Morning Trip 2. Crystal Moon 3. Lunar Circles 4. Crazy Forest Dude....where are the f*cking cookies? That's how this short digital ep from longtime producer Leonidas Giotis makes me feel. The sound is great, but it is what I term new school stagnant. It finds one groove and rides it all the way home. It's got a very happy and uplifting sound, but man it just doesn't go anywhere. All the tracks have similar arpeggios and feel a hell of a lot longer than they are. Sorry, but I cannot recommend this one. Far too weak on depth and details. Timewarp Bandcamp
  11. Trance2MoveU

    Cactus Arising - The Remixes Ep

    Artist: Cactus Arising Title: The Remixes Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: 2016 1. Radical Distortion - The Dreamer (Cactus Arising Remix) 2. Fiery Dawn - Mahakala (Cactus Arising Remix) 3. InnerZone - Universal Enlightenment (Cactus Arising rmx) 4. Spectrum - Medi teranno (Cactus Arising rmx) Cactus Arising is a Greek duo which had their debut Star Storm a few years ago and it uh...hmmm. Well let's just stay it failed to impress. So now they release a digital Ep of remixes on prodigious Timewarp Records. The Dreamer- The original on Suntrip's Opus Iridium by Radical Distortion was a smash with a superb lead melody. It never let up. This remix is a little more subdued but still contains good melodies. Mahakala- Fiery Dawn's track found on his Cosmic Ascension EP is a steady does of crackling 303. The remix is a layered treat that may rival the original. Furious! Good job! Universal Enlightenment- The next two tracks I have never heard so...blank canvas you know? It was a nice layered track, but had that...unfinished or raw quality. Decent, but not very distinctive. Medi Terrano- The little blurb on Discogs mentions that they like to close their sets with this track. And I can see why. There is a lot of energy here with a nice balance of power and dreamlike quality. Great track! While I wasn't a fan of their debut this little digital ep shows that they have talent and they understand that a remix isn't just a carbon copy. That alone endears them to me. While not superb, it's a good little ep and I look forward to their next album. Timewarp Records Bandcamp
  12. Trance2MoveU

    Sky Technology - Spirituality

    Artist: Sky Technology Title: Spirituality Label: Timewarp Records Date: October, 2016 1. There is Enough Room For Everyone 2. Dancing Elves 3. Spirituality 4. Cold Ies 5. Somewhere In Travel 6. Enlightenment 7. Hypnotised 8. Trance Asian Express 9. Shamanic Dream 10. Words In Collision So the lord of chaotic goa made...a downtempo album? I'm listening. Dmitriy Kolosovskiy from Kiev is a guy that has taken goa to places that may make some feel uncomfortable yet refreshed at the same time. Like when you decide to wear your wife's panties for the first time. And realize this is who you were meant to be. "Dude, you told your wife you wouldn't leave the house. Just sayin' she's gonna freak." And much like his uptempo style it might not be what you'll expect. Well, maybe you would. He recently released a small EP of slower tempo music with his Free Spirit EP. But let me tell you this is not your father's Ultimae albums. First you're not going to be napping to this. It may be downtempo, but nobody told the instruments that. Second, it's not a pure goa album although there are touches to be found. Dude, so what the f*ck is it? Interesting as hell that's what it is. As I mentioned it's a downtempo album that seems fast, sometimes with frenzied melodies. Almost as if he wanted to make lower tempo music, but he couldn't help himself and some of the chaos got out. The tribal elements are well done and there are plenty of layers to dig through. He's experimenting here, pushing the sound and structure of his tracks, more than casually flirting with techno. It's a chill album that takes the listener on a journey and perhaps shatters any preconceived notions. I will say because it's in that grey zone it isn't the easiest album to digest and for that reason it isn't on the top of my playlist. Psyshop Beatspace
  13. Trance2MoveU

    Javi & SkoOma - Anatidaephobia EP

    Artist: Javi & SkoOma Title: Anatidaephobia EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: June, 2016 1. Save the Universe 2. Butterpsy Effect 3. 1123581321 4. Dark Side of Our Foot Ummm...is that...a, uh...I mean...seriously? That's a thing? Apparently anatidaephobia is a thing and it means a fear of being watched by ducks. All I know is Daffy is making me feel a bit uncomfortable right about now. I think I have it. No seriously, I think I have it now. I'll never look at ducks the same way. The funniest team name in goa is back at it with another ep of goa trance. There was like zero publicity for this digital ep so I'm happy to help the masses become woke. I think if you're going to have a track that deals with saving the universe (pretty big deal) it should have more gravitas. This was kind of flat. Not terrible, but I think the universe deserves better. Or maybe it doesn't. Butterpsy is ok and gets better by the end, but it just didn't grab me. The next track though...It'll grab you by the p*ssy. I don't know what the significance of the track name is, but I will tell you that it is psychedelic as f*ck. Trippy sounds and melodies that twist and turn. The last track is also hella good, powerful goa. So at the very least the final two tracks will make a welcome addition to your goa collection. Good job gentlemen. Timewarp Records
  14. Trance2MoveU

    Fractal Vivisection - Through the Vortex

    Artist: Fractal Vivisection Title: Through The Vortex Label: Timewarp Records Date: November, 2013 1. Interplanetary Voyage 2. Traveling Apart 3. Interstellar Gliding 4. My Name Is Trance 5. Molecular Instability 6. Distant Echoes 7. Tachyon 8. Subconscious Flashback 9. Traveling Apart Pt. 2 One, that cover is hideous. Two, I have been listening to this for a while and it made me think of cats. "Jack! Jack! Get the f*ck in here! Check it out...That fat f*cking dog just put a slice of pizza on my head. I know, I know...*makes explosion motion with paws* mindblowing. Quick get a shot of it so I can put it on my Facebook!" What the f*ck is wrong with people? Excuse me, what the f*ck is wrong with cat people? There is a cat with a slice on its head. In space. Why does this even exist? To what purpose? If you've visited the internet since ever people have this (in my view) unhealthy and psycho infatuation with cats. A quick google search will take you to countless images of cats where there should be no cats. I think it's a game of one upmanship to post pictures of cats in the most random and non-sensical situations. This is one of the latest releases from Timewarp and it's a bit of a surprise. It's a mixture of deep space trance and goa elements. There is a very futuristic and cosmic feel to it (just peruse the track names) with lots of layers. When I first heard it I couldn't stand it. Turned it off and went on to review sh*tty ful-on compilations that nobody asked for. But somehow I came back to it. It's not the best thing I've heard and certainly not on going to challenge E-Mantra. But it's not meant to be. I like it when artists combine genres (mostly) and while some of it sounds simple and cheesy a lot of it is very engaging. Every time this Russian gets to the goa parts I start liking it and get sucked back into the dreamy atmosphere. It's not for everyone and like I said it had to grow on me. But I would easily say it is worth a listen. We can't all be as enlightened as this guy. "No way man, no way! I think you just won the internet!" Beatport Mdk
  15. Sky Technology - Spirituality OUT NOW! PSYSHOP 01. Sky Technology - In This World There is Room For Everyone 02. Sky Technology - Dancing Elves 03. Sky Technology - Spirituality 04. Sky Technology - Cold Less 05. Sky Technology - Somewhere in Travel 06. Sky Technology - Enlightenment 07. Sky Technology - Hypnotized 08. Sky Technology - Trance Asian Express 09. Sky Technology - Shamanic Dream 10. Sky Technology - Worlds In Collision PREVIEW: Drift away with us on a cosmic journey deep into a dew drop suspended above infinity. Timewarp Records is profoundly elated to present the full length chill tempo goa trance odyssey 'Spirituality' by Dmytro Kolosovskiy aka Sky Technology. After many contributions to the world of music both as his up-tempo side Dmytro recently compiled an epic compilation entitled Goa Meditation that opened up the doors of perception quite widely for the world to enjoy. This full length artist album picks up where his recent EP on Goa Records 'Free Spirit' left off. Deep and heartfelt musical compositions artfully weave a picturesque narrative and evoke a strong visual effect in your mind as the melodies and sound scapes transport you around the worlds, and then slipping in and out of luscious reverie. At one moment zooming deep into sub atomic space, then gently expanding to encompass the entire local cluster of galaxies. Drifting back again to your body you find yourself stretched out into natural yoga poses, able to focus and become clear with your deepest soul objectives and inspire your daily waking life with the boundless energies that reside in your spiritual core. The hidden messages communicate clearly. Awaken your energetic 'light body'. Each day is profound gift of life to cherish. Sky Technology is a well-known Ukraine psychedelic trance producer who comes from Kiev, born in 1982. His main style is melodic Goa trance, tracks with powerful beat, full of energy, ethno motives, spiced all with acid sounds. He also makes very powerful and emotional down tempo and ambient music. So far he has released a couple of EP, 2 full length albums, numerous tracks on various compilations, he has curated and compiled several successful various artist compilations. From this talented artist the world has been eagerly expecting this long awaited new down tempo album. Recently his work was featured in the Asana International Yoga Journal in the 'Breathe Beats' music reviews section interviewed by LA Times writer and frequent columnist Josh East from Leaky Synch music management in LA. SKY TECHNOLOGY
  16. Trance2MoveU

    Nostromosis - Battle Times

    Artist: Nostromosis Title: Battle Times Label: Timewarp Records Date: April, 2015 1) The Gods Descended From Heaven 2) VlaMen 3) Kali-Yuga 4) Nuclear Apocalypse 5) Space Tribe Of Siberia 6) Revival 7) Voyager 8) JeVo Ugh. That cover. I realize the artist chooses their cover, but perhaps some stronger nudging in a different direction was in order? So conflicted on this one. I see boobs so I already want to like it. The fact that she's blue is irrelevant because we as a people should celebrate our differences, but mostly she's got tits. If making it with an alien of a different color is good enough for William Shatner it's good enough for me. Sure the multiple appendages seems intimidating, but think of what she could do with those multiple appendages. Only when you look closely do you realize she may just as easily dismember and eat you as soon as mate with you. Well, damn...now my penis is afraid and I don't know what to think. Nostromosis is Russian Igor Sidorov and I haven't been impressed with any of his previous work. Sorry. It happens. I know it makes me unAmerican, but I feel the same way about Bob Dylan and Springsteen. Never liked them. Thing is his tracks aren't bad per se, but they leave me unfulfilled. He's the Chinese food of goa trance. Whether it's his sound choice, consistently galloping bass line, or affinity for key changes his music sounds like it's a level below the really great artists. Having said that this is his best work to date in my opinion. He still embraces the key change thing unfortunately, but the sound is layered well and expertly produced. It's goa through and through with a trancey vibe. Which is in direct contrast to that threatening cover. Right now there are hundreds of darkpsy artists crumbling up artwork and having to begin anew. And speaking of that, this music is threatening the same way suburban white kids are gangsters. It's hard to be mean mugging and violent when you have yearbook after school. Revival has an edge to it building tension right from the outset, but even tat track can't maintain it's stance and loses steam. For me the music is too soft and lacks punch. Nuclear Apocalypse sounds less like the brink of armageddon and more like a pillow fight. Not bad and the potential is there, but right now I feel he's got a ways to go. Beatspace Psyshop Download
  17. Trance2MoveU

    01-N - Acid Experiment

    Artist: 01-N Title: Acid Experiments Label: Timewarp Records Date: August, 2015 1. Acid Experiment 2. Implant 3.Tri-sight 4. Groans 5. Hippocampus Control 6. Incubus 7. Proliferation 8. Vishuddi Chakra Believe it or not this is the 5th album from Japanese producer Takashi Oikawa. I know right? Never heard of this guy. Anyone know the significance of the artist's name? If I read the promo right on the Timewarp Bandcamp page, these tracks were made in the early 2000's. Suppose he was just waiting for the right climate with which to release this. This digital only release is frenetic and full of bombast. And loud. This doesn't float into space it straps you to the back of a rocket and propels you there. Screeching melodies that pack a lot of punch and have a distinct Japanese flavor to them. All the tracks are fairly long which means plenty of time for development. Each production has a raw quality to it and it's the type of goa where you are pummeled with sound in the hopes that it will force you into that state of trance. Powerful surely, I just can't decide if I like it or I love it. I do know this...I :wub: :wub: Implant and Incubus. Especially Incubus. That f*cking thing is an inferno of acidic porn. Timewarp Records Bandcamp
  18. Out Now ! Psychedelic Quest - Unusual Chemistry [timewarp040] (Timewarp Records) Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1RKzyWa Psyshop: http://bit.ly/1N61Cgn Goastore: http://bit.ly/1ZZ4uov 1 - Psychedelic Quest - Unusual Chemistry 2 - Psychedelic Quest - Endless Journey 3 - Psychedelic Quest - Spiritual Atmosphere Timewarp presents Unusual Chemistry, the debut EP from Psychedelic Quest a new Goa Trance artist from Greece, welcome to his wild stories and epic melodic journeys through these 3 killer tracks. https://soundcloud.com/timewarp-records https://soundcloud.com/geomagnetic https://www.facebook.com/Timewarp.rec https://twitter.com/TimewarpRec http://dj.beatport.com/timewarp http://www.beatport.com/label/timewarp/33169 https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com http://geomagnetic.tv/
  19. Trance2MoveU

    Tavi - Magnetic Field

    Artist: Tavi Title: Magnetic Field Label: Goa Records (Cd) Timewarp Records (Digital) Date: April, 2013 1. Magnetic Field 2. Step of the elephant 3. The spirit of the east 4. Space Sail 5. Wanderers of the desert 6. Reactive Acid 7. Airavata 8. Desert Wind 9. Neptune 10. Cosmo Elephant I tried. Ummm...I tried harder than that. Not that I'm faulting your effort, but perhaps you should go look in the bootyliscious section. Hold up, I'll come with you. I really tried. This album came out of nowhere and I'm like, "Tavi? Who the f*ck is Tavi?" Then I read a thread in the label announcements section and there was a comment about the mastering being horrible. Like Suncokreti bad? Or I've got really great listening equipment and I can graphically show you bad? Puzzling. So I was pleased when Renato asked if I would like to review this. Renato what the hell are you doing here? Apparently this album was first released on Goa Records and while still available is now being offered as a digital download from new goa label Timewarp Records. So now I get to give this a proper listening. First I would like to say the cover is misleading. This type of goa has more in common with Egypt than with space. We've heard cosmic goa trance before and this ain't it. The melodies float gently over each other and evoke images of desert sands. There are nice layers and it is constantly changing shape. Sometimes those leads scream and sometimes they bubble, but what I really liked was that he would go from the wispy highs to the deep lows. As far as the production goes the more I played it the more I noticed the lack of dynamism. It did sound flat in the sense that I felt the need to continually increase the volume to bring out the awesome richness contained within. Not ideal, but not a deal breaker for headphones. On a big outdoor setup though I'm not so sure. So I decided to do a test. If I compared the sound quality of a 320 kbps copy readily available on the net and the 16 bit wavs Renato gave me the wav files sounded fine. Normally I cannot tell the difference between the two even though I'm sure that debate shall rage on. I don't know enough about the formats to speak intelligently on the subject. I'll gladly listen to anyone to anyone who has more knowledge on this matter because the last thing I want to do is tell people to buy something that is truly deficient in quality. I just don't see that being the case here. Bottom line, if you buy the original or the digital release from Timewarp you should be fine. Imagine that, getting good quality and compensating the artist for his hard work. Back to my original statement, I tried to find a reason not to like this album. It's just not there. Tavi created a great, melodic goa trance album and I can't wait to get my physical copy. Highly recommended. Psyshop Beatspace Goa Store Juno Download (Goa Records) Juno Download (Timewarp Records) Mdk
  20. Trance2MoveU

    JIS - Illusions of Reality

    Artist: JIS Title: Illusions of Reality Label: Timewarp Records Date: October, 2013 1. We're The Aliens On The Earth 2. Behind the Lights 3. Aldebaran 4. Blessed Unconsciousness 5. The Illusion of Reality 6. Factorum Spectre 7. Plan B 8. The Journey 9. Mind Therapy 10. Birdie "This is a journey into sound." Blue Planet Corporation. I would swear I was listening to Blue Planet Corporation. THE name in melodic trancey goa finally has a worthy successor. Who the hell knew he was hidden away in Hungary. JIS is Gabor Czellux and this is his debut full length album. Beautiful melodies are the cornerstone of this music that doesn't forget it's still goa trance. We're in a time now where just making melodic goa trance isn't going to set anyone's hair on fire. Past that. What Gabor does is take light and airy melodies and surround them with the signature sounds that scream goa trance. Layers? Check. Shimmering synths and reverb? Oh, yes. Tactile breaks and great production? You. Know. It. This isn't dark or acidic goa trance, but the hyper melodic stuff that reminds you why you liked trance to begin with. Can't be dark all the time...people will begin to shun you. "Look Gary, I like you. You're a nice guy and do good work, but people don't want their accountant to look like the walking dead. Makes 'em nervous." The opener sounds lush and combines all of the things I've mentioned. And he doesn't stop there. Delicious layers cascade over bubbling basses like maple syrup on a short stack. Blessed Unconsciousness is infectious and has a playful bass line that reminds me of Dark Waters by MFG. The Journey you will recall was released on The Call of Goa (*gives hi-five to Nova Fractal) and does everything right. If there was one complaint you could possibly raise it would be that it's an album composed of very similar tracks, but I was dancing so much that I didn't care. When I found out BPC was his favorite artist it made perfect sense. Gabor deftly navigates the sometimes blurred lines (I know you want me) between melodic and goa trance (I know you want me). Just like the artist he draws inspiration from. This is light and airy melodic goa trance that is quite vivid and well produced. One could even say gentle at times. None of the tracks are going to overpower you. Dark and acidic goa stormers won't be found here either. It's not that kind of party. But if you're a fan of melody and layers then this is for you. It's a digital relase, but shoot him an email and he might have a physical copy left for you. Beatport Mdk
  21. Trance2MoveU

    Ion Vader - Expansion EP

    Artist: Ion Vader Title: Expansion EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: February, 2015 1. For Deg 2. Ajjna (feat. Root) 3. Trip To Nowhere Ion Vader isn't an artist I've heard much or anything from, but since it was released by the good folks over at Timewarp I thought I'd give it a go. It's a short 3 track EP (Captain Obvious) that has it's roots in several genres. For example, For Deg begins with an uplifting sound and then promptly ventures into darker territory before it rockets into cosmic goa. Ajjna has some tribal chants and is rather uninteresting until near the end when once again, the goa leaks out. The final track Trip To Nowhere is more of the neo-goa style I was expecting. All in all not a bad ep that sounds really clear. Hope he sticks with it as there is some potential here. Timewarp Records Bandcamp
  22. I want to present you the my new mix, fueled with Timewarp Records goodies aswell with guest mix from my friend Cristian Fernandez (Morphic Resonance), hope you will like it as much i like it, tracklist is below. Enjoy!! The Mush Effect (Timewarp Records/Connection Festival Crew) TRACKLIST: The Mush Effect Dj Set: 01-Anumana- Cataclysm 02-Ion Vader & Root- Ajjna 03-Anumana- Sound from Space 04- Omneon-Psytrance 05- Omneon-Sirius 06- Kurandini-Kalindinan 07- Arronax & Weedran- Acid Sunshine 08- 01-N- Teonanacatl 09- Omnivox-Behind the Wheel Morphic Resonance Live Set 01-Morphic Resonance- Altered Perception 02-Morphic Resonance- Neutrino 03-Morphic Resonance- Epsilon Aurigae 04-Etnica-Phthalic Vibes (Morphic Resonance Remix) 05-Morphic Resonance- Bad Trip 06-Morphic Resonance- In the mouth of madness 07-Morphic Resonance- Moonwalker 08-Morphic Resonance- Tachyon
  23. Trance2MoveU

    "V/A - Colors of Goa"

    Artist: Various Title: Colors of Goa Label: Timewarp Records Date: February, 2014 1. Ingenuous Curiosity FILAMI 2. Mind Therapy J.I.S. 3. Dark side of the universe COSMIC DIMENSION 4. Kalindian KURANDINI 5. Behind the wheel (2013) OMNIVOX 6. Procyon TRINODIA 7. Gods of annihilation GOATREE 8. Wibbly Wobbly SCREWLOOSE 9. Ready to fly SKY TECHNOLOGY 10. Paranormal FROST RAVEN 11. Free your mind KOBAIA 12. Sand Planet TAVI 13. Kristallwald GHOSTONACID 14. Gemini Asteroid OXI 15. Galanga GOWAX 16. Universal Enlightenment INNERZONE 17. Solar Resonance (Live Mix) IMBA, ETHEREAL 18. Sojourn in Goa (2013) SOMNESIA "Children don't read horrorscopes." True. But they do have accidents sometimes and sh*t their pants. And then proceed to track it all over the classroom floor. Bu, you know, since there was a birthday party the same day and chocolate cake was served nobody seemed to notice. Only when the teacher bent down to clean some of it up did she realize this was a whole different level of fudge. To find out who had the accident (think a 5 year old in a classroom of their friends is gonna tell you? You obviously don't have kids. I sh*t my pants once and as a last resort found refuge in a Taco Bell bathroom. I know right? My whole world was turned upside down. Everything was backwards. You don't normally have a pre-emptive smash at the Bell, they are usually the cause. Weirdly there was no line. I'm thinking they should just have a slide from your table to the crapper...just makes things flow better. But I digress...) So the teacher brought each child behind a large easel to check their pants and not embarrass the culprit. Cause believe me, that is one insult that will stick with you right through high school. So of course the next day the school was flooded with questions from insane parents as to why a teacher was eating a sh*t sandwich in class and looking down precious Johnny's pants. So yes children don't read horrorscopes but they do tell imaginative stories. Truth is stranger than fiction and this actually happened at my son's school last week. Anyhoo (awkward pause and segue) Timewarp Records has really stepped in it now. Fresh off the heels of The Call of Goa comes another 2 CD album that you are going to want in your shiny "Get...those f*cking chocolate fingers away from my CD's!" collection. *puts finger to ear to listen to producer.* "No that's not what I...I'm sure they..." *sigh* "Fine." Uh, about the chocolate fingers remark...I wasn't labeling black people as thieves. I mean c'mon, I'm not a Republican. My kids just had a few Hershey Kisses so they really did have, you know...chocolate fingers. Timewarp is really leaving their mark in a very short time. Compiled by Nova Fractal and Ovnimoon this brand of goa is bouncy and highly energetic with great sounds and melodies. The first CD is comprised of names you should know whilst the second introduces you to the less familiar. Except that Imba / Ethereal combo. We've all heard of Ethereal (new album with a re-release of Anima Mundi please) and there are pictures of Imba defiling the Holy Land all over my Facebook newsfeed. At times it bubbles and harkens back to those golden days of Indian beaches, but sounds as clear as if you were in the room when it was being produced. Filami and Kurandini (sounds like something the Jawas would say) absolutely crush things with very impressive offerings. Cosmic Dimension and Trinodia serve up more space goa and Screw Loose adds a deluge of Psilocybian frothy psy to their track. By the time you wipe the sh*t eating grin (are you my kid's teacher?) off your face and make it to CD 2 another journey is set to begin. Frost Raven delivers an X-Dream /M-Run (hyphens not included) hybrid with much bounce to the ounce. Kobaia (where the f*ck did you find these guys?) sounds like they've been worshiping at the altar of Artifact303. Tavi takes you to arid desert lands full of turbans magic lands and chilled monkey brains while our very own GhostOnAcid paints a swirling goa portrait. I thought the newer guys did a great job presenting many twirling moments and held their own against the first CD of veterans. The whole thing is an absolute must buy if you're a goa fan. Another triumph Renato. Keep hitting it out of the park like this and soon they're gonna start asking you to pee in a cup before an album release. Psyshop Mdk
  24. Trance2MoveU

    "V/A - Goa Energy"

    Artist: Various Title: Goa Energy Label: Timewarp Records Date: November, 2014 CD1 01. Travma - The Reality 02. 01-N - Teonanacatl 03. Screwloose & Lunar Dawn- Sunspots 04. Trinodia - Astral Clouds (Edit 2014) 05. Siam & Nova Fractal - Inside the Vortex 06. Cactus Arising - Transfer at the speed of light 07. Fiery Dawn - Mahakala 08. Nova Fractal - Naga 09. Somnesia - Wind Melody CD2 01. Psysutra - OamPower 02. Lectro Spektral Daze - 25th Century Technology 03. Anumana & Nostromosis - Traveler 04. Arronax - Lightning Bolt 05. Omneon - Sirius 06. OXI - Haunted Dreams 07. GoaTree - Hide & Clap (Morphic Resonance Remix) 08. Morphic Resonance - Neutrino 09. First Man - First Sound F*ck you Yoda. Yeah, my review game as of late has been pretty weak. I know it. But my meatball game...legendary. So I've had this album for a long time now and it just kept getting pushed farther and farther back. Kids, life, and those meatballs don't become legendary by themselves. So I apologize to Timewarp for the delay. It's not like there have been any good goa trance releases in the last six months anyway. Cube! Can we not get past this? You make kids movies for chrissake! So yeah no pressure. Well Timewarp (underneath the huge umbrella that is Ovnimoon Records) has established itself as a quality goa trance label with releases like the Colors of Goa and Call of Goa series in both the CD and digital arena. So it should be no surprise that their next compilation is also 2-CD release because clearly Renato is on a personal quest to suck up all my personal time like he was a three story vacuum cleaner. That's ok, I don't mind. Could be worse I suppose. I could actually have a, you know...job. *shudder* I'm here to tell you that this is one of the best things to come out of Timewarp Records. 2 Cds and not one mediocre track. Sure there is a clearly defined level between the more well known and established acts and the relative newcomers, but it's not a dramatic gap. But before I give you my opinions on the standouts, I would like to voice my concern over one artist in particular. Travma. What the hell happened? The new stuff to my ears is not even remotely close to what he brought to the scene years ago. Night and day, might as well be full-on. Perhaps he has other interests and goa trance isn't at the top of his priority list, but his track left me wanting. Wanting to hit the skip button. *Rim shot* After the gentle opening, we are treated to bomb after bomb with just very good to great to even outstanding goa trance. I broke Renato's balls a bit with the last 2-Cd compilation as having a lot of filler, but that ain't the case here. Trinodia's remix of Astral Clouds (already a monster track) made me sit up and take notice. Arronax and his acidic live wire Lightning Bolt was another eye opener. Fiery Dawn and Lectro Spektral Daze also put this comp on their shoulders and ran with it. Even the new"ish" projects like Omneon and 01-N impressed. But hands down the the one two punch from flavor of the month Morphic Resonance was the knockout blow. Since Astral is for all intents and purposes (loved the remixes, but let's have some new material) the walking dead, the guys from Morphic Resonance are the logical choice to rip the torch from Astral's cold, lifeless grip. With a frenzied pace melodies came fast and furious putting an exclamation point on this compilation. This was a monster dunk and you got posterized. Damn...a brother can't even check an Ebay auction without getting dunked on. Do not hesitate to purchase this compilation. Psyshop Beatspace
  25. Trance2MoveU

    "V/A - The Call of Goa Vol. 2"

    Artist: Various Title: The Call of Goa Vol. 2 Label: Timewarp Records Date: May, 2014 CD1 01. Sky Technology - Life or Coma Dream 02. Fractal Geometry & Bionic Delay - Dancing Shiva II 03. Celestial Intelligence - Evolution of the Atmospheres 04. Javi & SkoOma - Flubber 05. 01-N - Re:Glitch 06. Siam - Transparent Feelings 07. Doruk - End of the Beginning 08. Trinodia - Re-Mote 09. Asterope & Analogic Culture - Melodias Ancestrais 10. Laboratory X & RDM - Kenaz CD2 01. Psilocybernetics - In servitude to Cephalopods 02. Jayex - Instant Enlightenment 03. Persistent Aura - Century 04. CoaGoa - Sequoia Valley 05. Ephedra & Imba - Mystical morning in Vielsalm 06. Anumana - Lunar Dreams 07. Alienoma -The Invasion 08. Timofey & JBC Arkadii - This are the Asteroids 09. Nostromosis - The Road Home 10. Lunar Dawn - Ananke When I hear great goa trance it's like a good meal. The smells, the presentation, and of course the taste. All the senses are satisfied and you just sit back, undo the belt, and fart your way into a blissful slumber. Over here we call it da itis. And that's how things were shaping up when I ordered the second installment of the Call of Goa series. Celestial Intelligence, Sky Technology, and Javi and Sk00ma began the meal nicely and it smelled great. The next six tracks however were like trying to swallow a pine cone. Six. In a row. It wasn't just subpar goa that sounded raw and amateurish, but some were hardly goa at all. Not that I have anything against psytrance (Lord knows how many thousands I've spent on it), but if I'm eating at a the goa restaurant save the avant-garde sh*t for those California daisy huggers. It was either too fluffy or lacked the depth I'm used to from Timewarp. And Trinodia...what it the name of refried beans was going on there? I'm convinced that this was the first track he ever produced. On a Casio. That may or may not have been plugged in. Luckily disc one came to an end and the second began. Light fare from Psilocybernetics (interesting downtempo) and Jayex to be sure, but things became more palatable with a very un-nitzhonot funky track by Persistent Aura. It's not until the pairing of Imba and Ephedra that you get the first storming goa track. The rest are decent, but certainly nothing amazing. It ends on a real good effort from Lunar Dawn (check out his debut on Neogoa). Man that pine cone is gonna hurt coming out. I love Timewarp and usually I send nothing but glowing praise their way, but I came away from this disappointed. How could I not based on their previous output? This was like going to a fancy restaurant and expecting a well prepared meal only to catch a peek behind the kitchen door and see your dinner come out of the microwave. Putting together a double CD sounds difficult and I think this would've been better as a single disc. Too much filler and very few gems. Of course the ones that are great are really great and as a collector I bought it. Will probably buy the third one if they decide to make it, but do me a favor...spend some more time in the kitchen. Psyshop Beatspace