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Found 615 results

  1. Artist: Omegahertz Title: Stax Label: Dimensional Records Date: September, 2015 1. London Eye Ride 2. Stax 3. Tyche Planet 4. Saita 5. Glava Neva 6. Weltraum Wesen 7. Denken 8. Or Keren 9. Viajado Dis guy? Last I heard of this project he was the other guy on the Purple Energy album with GoAsia. That was almost a decade ago and I recall his tracks filled me with a profound sense of...meh. Seems as though he has been hittin' the goa weights because this was an unexpected surprise. Omegahertz is Dimitrios Pouranis and he has just planted his flag upon goa mountain. It's full of raw fury, with screeching 303's and a science fiction atmosphere. They go from the highest highs to the guttural growls all with power to break through walls a la Kool Aid Man. There is a lot to love about this release. "But dude, what about that artwork?" Baby steps young paduan. Rome wasn't built in a day. Still better than Goalogique covers. It's a storming good time that would fit nicely in your goa collection. Yeah it's a CD-r, but so is all the stuff from Submoon and we are quickly finding out how good that is. This is unquestionably a gem that is about to be hidden no longer. Dimensional Records
  2. Hi Psynews friends! I've decided to release my 2nd album now on Bandcamp. It's unlike the previous album, if you've had a chance to listen 'Shantimatter', focusing mostly on forest psytrance with playful undertones. The last few tracks have a bit of goa edge. A bit of something for everyone... Sab Kuch Milegator - Kauas Aikain Taa 1. Smoke & Mirrors (13:49) 2. Glittering Glow Oscillation Of Delight Dungeon (10:29) 3. Subliminal Upgrade (11:49) 4. Extrapyramidal Twerking On A Pyramid (11:07) 5. Ignotrancer (10:12) 6. The 7th Afterflow Of Son Mikael (10:37) 7. Goat Ranch Prophets - On A Ranch Mission (To Save The Flock) (10:31) Bandcamp: https://sabkuchmilegator.bandcamp.com/album/kauas-aikain-taa Hugs, Ridge
  3. Artist: Slinky Wizard Title: Slinky Wizard EP Label: Flying Rhino Records Date: 1994 1. Wizard 2. Lunar Juice 3. The Rising The very first release from goa powerhouse label Flying Rhino is remarkable for not only it's quality, but also because of when it first came out. Twenty years ago and it still sounds super fresh. That's how you create a classic release. Wizard is a deep psychedelic goa monster that really is timeless. Is it just me or does the melody sound like the one found in Hallucinogen's LSD? It would make sense since Simon was involved with this project. Lunar Juice (which also had Simon's hand upon it though not the more well known Moon Strudel Mix) growls like a ferocious cat and again doesn't sound dated at all. The Rising is filler compared to the first two tracks, but even that one is still a pretty good one. Mdk
  4. Artist: Crop Circles Title: Lunar Civilization EP Label: DAT Records Date: June, 2013 1. Lunar Civilization 2. Antonomasia 3. Full Mental Jackpot (Pleiadians Remix) 4. Ghost Circles Crop f*cking Circles. Rising faster than an old man's erection on Viagra is the star that is DAT Records. This is a label run by Draeke that resurrects music from the golden age of goa trance that was unreleased or only put out on vinyl and then gives it the production values of today with new mastering. His 2 CD release of Etnica Live in Athens was one of the greatest gifts you could give an old schooler, but instead of standing on his success he continues to reach higher with his next offering. What do you get when you add Etnica + Lotus Omega? Crop f*cking Circles. Now this isn't his first date with this project. Remember the "lost" album Tetrahedron back in 08? So full of thick melodic layers he's been going strong ever since. And now we've learned that no task is too herculean. So it stands to reason that his long standing relationship with this Italian supergroup would continue to bear fruit. Like most of you I didn't have these vinyl EP's released back in 07 and even if I did what the hell would I play them on. So I had to make do with mp3's that I found on the net and I was happy to have them. But now I have the CD EP from DAT Records in its little cardboard sleeve cover and the planets seem to be back in alignment for this collector. The original vinyl EP from Auricle Records had just the tracks Lunar Civlization and Antonomasia. Awesome tracks full of spiraling melodies and complex layers to be sure, but then the CD version came out and it included the mind blowing remix of Full Mental Jackpot by the Pleiadians. But Draeke does you one better with the addition of a track I've never heard called Ghost Circles. It falls right into line with their crazy Italian style. Fast, multilayered melodies with tons of 303 goodness. To close this is another triumph for Draeke and DAT Records. He has succeeded in bringing some of the greatest goa trance tracks back into the light. The music sounds spectacular and keeps the genius that was Etnica alive. No longer do you have to shell out ungodly prices for this hard to find piece of goa history cause now he put it within everyone's reach. And you don't even need a f*cking record player, whatever the hell that is. Draeke you've got your had so deep in my pocket people are going to tell us to get a room. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  5. This is my attempt at making Goa Trance with an "IDM" structure. The track is long, but I wanted to add a lot of progression, and a shorter track time wouldn't do.
  6. Artist: PharaOm Title: Tesseract Label: UAF Records Date: June, 2012 01 - Two Parallel Worlds (138 BPM) 02 - Psychic Vampires (with Baron Samdi) (138 BPM) 03 - Psychokinesis (138 BPM) 04 - Awakening Bodhisattva (Part 2) (138 BPM) 05 - Starseeds (138 BPM) 06 - Tesseract (138 BPM) 07 - Cellar Door (Nova Fractal Timeless Remix) (138 BPM) 08 - Clvmns (Genesis Addict Remix) (138 BPM) "Everything...emotion, feeling, fear has drained out. And now I'm a cold shell. I'm conscious of things around me now." Oswald pictured below He sure does love his weenie! is releasing his debut full length album on UAF for free. Should be no surprise this partnership continues as he released his first EP Awakening Boddis..Bhodist...Awakening on UAF along with his "alter ego" Baron Samdi EP as well. Now I didn't go to some fancy pants business school, but I do know that your profit margin has to be very low when you give your music away. Maybe the Euro is some magical currency that operates on principles I can't begin to understand. The more likely scenario is that most blue octopi I have cone into contact with don't give a sh*t. Especially the French ones. Not that I'm complaining. He is quite talented to be sure and most likely does this because he loves creating music. Which is how it should be (and unfortunately in this genre has to be). Great for us, but bad for rent. Two paralell worlds- "I remember reading it somewhere. Each of us has a twin in another world. An identical twin...maybe that woman I saw!" What an opener! Holy f*ck is it deep and groovy That bass and kick are thunderous! This track has a chip on its shoulder with exaggerated bounce and great sample placement. It undergoes welcome changes but never strays far from its shimmering style. While I wasn't crazy about the key change near the end, that is a minor quibble when the rest of it was so good. Psychic Vampires- "My teacher left me to my darkest lesson. That in the end we are alone. And there is nothing but the cold dark wasteland of eternity." See, that's the kind of sh*t you get at community college. This is a track with his Baron Samdi alter ego which is kinda silly cause it's the same guy. Sorry, but it is. He didn't collaborate with him, he is him. Now I didn't care for his Cursed Bloodline EP mainly due to the sound, but this tells a pretty good tale. It's symphonic in a 19th century London gothic horror way with piano riffs and choir pads. Very dark and eerie. Psychokinesis- This is a thumping good track characterized by a wobbly 303. Tasty! He gets all euphoric with an airy lead and re-introduces that 303 to make sure you didn't forget he makes goa. Damn fine goa. Awakening Bodhisattva (Part Two)- This is obviously part two of a track from his first EP. It's a fine track with nice melodies, but it didn't stick with me. There seemed to be a lack of depth that was evident in the previous tracks. Starseeds is light and airy, ideal for those afternoons in the sun. Not intense, just reflective. The sample is somewhat unnerving, but fits well with the track. Cellar Door (Nova Fractal Timeless Remix)- "Do you know anything about time travel?" Mother pus bucket this track seems to be everywhere. Call Me Maybe doesn't get these kind of spins. Ah, but there is a reason for that young Paduan. It thumps and at the same time wraps you in a satiny body harness. Unfolding before you with sonic booms and future possibilities. It then kicks into high gear with the shimmery lead treatment. A good tale that flies by. Tesseract- "There is no God!" Gonna have to call bullsh*t on that one, miss. The pace is picked up and the melodies are thrust forward. It rages after the sample above picking up some 303 sounds along the way. New leads come in and I'm fully on board. Hear that? That bass is astoundingly clear giving the track a nice bottom end. And I do love a good bottom. "You promise me you'll erase this, right Freddie?" Clvmns- With a mid tempo track to wrap up he hits me with a cheesy melody that I'm happy to skip. This one is not gonna find itself in the album closing hall of fame and it does cause me to roll my eyes a bit. I think a moody downtempo track would've been the cherry on a chocolate cake of an album. But he gave you his hard work for free so beggars can't be choosers. The sounds in this album are very crisp with the leads twinkling nicely above warm basses. Power was not sacrificed in any way so kudos to you Keamia for a fine mastering job. The cover art is beautiful in every aspect so congrats to Oswald and Ivan. What you get is another goa trance album that was very enjoyable to listen to. For free. While not being in the upper echelon of goa trance albums, my hat is off to you Oswald for making a pretty good one. Good stuff sir. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  7. A dark thing that quickly turned into a light thing Goa-ish. Mixing feedback is especially appreciated! I try to stay away from a too clean sound but feel there's a lot of room for improvement in my mixing.
  8. Artist: Various Title: Sadhana Label: Neogoa Date: June, 2015 01 - Room Full Of Eyes - Feasts Fires (145 BPM) 02 - Trikselos - Planet X (148 BPM) 03 - Pandemicus - Exit (145 BPM) 04 - Anumana - Distance To Goa (146 BPM) 05 - Celestial Consciousness - Insider (Katedra Remix) (130 BPM) 06 - Space Vibes System - Life Tomorrow (145 BPM) 07 - Sky Technology & Imba - Intergalactic Warlord (144 BPM) 08 - Spirit Medicine - Dark Matter Of God (135 BPM) 09 - Spacenode - Steel Shakti (145 BPM) Has there ever been a movie that was the equivalent of a foot long propaganda hard on for the United States? I say yes. And his name is Rocky IV. "I must make goa trance better than ever before!" I like your enthusiasm Ivan (pun intended) and I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see all those nandralone bottles on the floor. I knew there had to be an explanation for the superb quality of all the releases Neogoa churns out on a regular basis. And now we know. Ivan was on da juice. We all know the story. Russia "creates" a super champion boxer through technology and steroids while Rocky trains the "natural" way. The pure and altruistic way. Forget the fact that Sly was on the juice probably longer than most of you have been alive. It also glosses over the fact that during a night out and a few too many, a Russian coach bragged to an American coach that they had been injecting their athletes with steroids. Of course the US complained to the ISOC and demanded the Russians be brought to justice. Nah, I'm just f*cking with ya, they ran home immediately and concocted their own super patriotic cocktail blend for their own athletes. True story. So in the eighties Americans were led to believe that all things Russian were bad and shady. That the world needed a Rocky to set them on the right path and protect people from the evil red sickle of Communism. With that in mind I view this compilation with a sideways skepticism that's been ingrained into my mind for decades. But I'm an adult now and I see things a lot more clearly. Frequent collaborator Sky Technology compiled a bunch of tracks from Russian and Ukranian artists (perhaps Drago was one of them, I don't know I wasn't in the meeting) with what I would call uneven results. Like steroids...yeah your muscles might get bigger, but there's the acne, back hair, and punch a grandma in the face cause it's Tuesday roid rage. The first two tracks are forgettable; so forgettable that I think the compilation should've started on track three. It says he worked really hard on this compilation, but in two seconds I could've just saved him some time. Pandemicus is a name I haven't seen since the Dancing Mavka (there's a few of those on here) and the goa trance journey begins here. 4-5 years between tracks is a long time so I can only assume he was sent to Siberia for not cleaning up those steroid bottles. Worth it. For me anyway, don't know how he felt about it. He goes for the heart and doesn't stop until he rips it out mortal Kombat style. Never been a fan of Anumana and this track didn't do a thing to change it. Full-on new goa style that wasn't interesting or innovative until the last third. The Katedra remix of Insider is a dark, sinister, entrancing track and easily one of my favorites here. There isn't a lot going on, but the atmosphere is palpable and it's full of rising and falling melodies. Space Vibes System returns with a nice track if unspectacular and Sky Technology and Imba's controlled chaos is well appreciated. Dark Matter of God has evil melody tendrils that snake and slither with wicked intent even with the galloping bassline. Closing things out is Steel Shakti, a track that takes zero chances and basically trips across the finish line. It pains me to say this because this label is usually synonymous with quality, but for me this is just a pretty good release from the label. Too many mediocre tracks and not enough stellar ones. It's not a terrible album, by any stretch, but when you've set the bar so ridiculously high anything less than greatness is a disappointment. I have discovered that I even tire of the tracks on repeated listens. A victim of their own success I suppose. Not every album or compilation can be a home run and even though this one falls into that category, this label has earned my loyalty and I look forward to them dusting themselves off and getting back to the drawing board. Free at Ektoplazm
  9. I would like to hear more tracks with a slower tempo, I think there are not enough. Unfortunately most contemporary artists do not bother to include slower or at least ambient closing tracks in their albums. Most of the time they present their album with all the tracks clocking at +140 bpm. I need more goa trance at around 130 bpm! Who's with me?
  10. For the lovely party "Divide by Zero inv. Skuttie: BlijeBakkesBijeenkomst The Sequel", I cooked up this special set, exploring different facets of goa trance and beyond. A blend of sunshine melodies, driving acid lines, dreamy passages, powerfull stormers, etc. Since I had to play quite a bit longer than expected, there was a fair amount of improvisation involved, but I feel it came together quite nicely. Enjoy! Tracklist: Transwave - Adoration To The Aum DJ Warlock - The Energy Mushroomman - Cloudwalker (Remix) SFX - Butterfly Trip (Energy Sweep Mix) Mushroomman - Babelonia Denshi-Danshi & The Amtinaous - World In Between (2K15 Remix) Weirdo - Photic Zone Cybernaut - Califrae Bassline Baby - Altered States Bassline Baby - Stud Stunner One Man Game - Mistic Morning Chi-A.D. - Astral Warrior (Remix) Amanite FX - Trance-Mission Amanite FX - Secret of Mana Wasabe - The Legacy Yahel - Intelligent life Afgin - Old Is Gold (Part 2) Indica - Fly Me Over The Rainbow Shani Yantra - Fractal Memories Digicult & U-Recken - Into The Heartland (Astral Projection Remix) Avigmati - Hikoseki Ypsilon5 - Chronica RA & Menkalian - 12th Hour Cygnus X - Synchronism (Human Evolution Remix) SFX - Y-Salem (Astral Projection Remix) Brainchild - Symmetry (P-Mix) Asura - Totem
  11. Artist: Morphic Resonance Title: Chromatic World EP Label: Neogoa Date: January, 2014 01. Telekinesis 02. Epsilon Aurigae 03. Chromatic World 04. Psychoactive Landscape 05. Outro "Hold on bro...I'm just...I can't even begin to get my mind around...Lemme get this straight. You want me to...read the script. Actually read it? Am I on Punk'd? Ashton! Ashton you sonofab*tch, get out here!" *make mind blown hands around head* Obviously he has yet to take my advice, but the look on his face well, let's just say it was similar to the one he had when I caught him trying to understand the speaker phone. Dim witted Ryan aside, big thanks to Ivan for delivering this treat. This is like finding a Picasso for 5 bucks at a yard sale. Christian Fernandez is from Spain and with his cover that looks like Pinhead went disco he just put that country on the goa map with a hard hitting acidic bomb. Mixing the old school and new school styles the melodies are hypnotic and swirling. Hell the first track just kept evolving, I thought it would never end. But in a good way. The acidic bad assery is at a premium with melodies from the Pleiadians playbook. Screeching and thick Epsilon Aurigae is a wet dream Astral wishes they could do. Just relentless. Chromatic World continues the serial unwinding of melodies with a lush and dark atmosphere. I haven't wanted to fornicate with music since M-Run, but... call me, maybe we can work something out. If he puts out an album of tunes like this he will rocket to the top of the goa pyramid. It growls, it screams, and it's a powerful door smasher. Not to mention the teaser of a downtempo track at the end. Futuristic and dark it speaks of evil lurking around the corner. This fool just put E-Mantra, Crossing Mind, and Filteria on notice. Free at Ektoplazm! Mdk
  12. Psychedelic Quest - Morning Trip (timewarp053 - Timewarp) Beatport: btprt.dj/2ntEis7 Psyshop: bit.ly/2nsc3FZ Beatspace: bit.ly/2n7o1YC 1 - Psychedelic Quest - Morning Trip 2 - Psychedelic Quest - Crystal Moon 3 - Psychedelic Quest - Lunar Circles 4 - Psychedelic Quest - Crazy Forest Timewarp is honored to welcome back this amazing sound sculptor, Psychedelic Quest, for his second release with the label called Morning Trip. These four epic songs will take listeners on a wild ride across the event horizon with a soundtrack from the future which will stoke memories of legendary goatrance vibes rarely found to. ► Subscribe: bit.ly/YTsubTimewarp ► Beatport bit.ly/BPtimewarp ► Spotify: play.spotify.com/user/timewar... ► timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/ ► www.facebook.com/Timewarp.rec ► @timewarp-records ► twitter.com/TimewarpRec ► youtube.com/c/TimewarpGoa Released by: Timewarp Release date: 20 March 2017
  13. FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/spiritual-doping Sky Technology returns to Neogoa with his brand new downtempo compilation 'Spiritual Doping'. It features nine tracks carefully selected by this Ukrainian goa trance maestro. Enter the world of deep and relaxing goa trance sounds and enjoy the ride. Mastered by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios with artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design. Soundcloud samples Tracklist: 01 - Abstract Concepts - Toxic Feeling 02 - Imba - Interspatial Vibrations 03 - S.I.O.D. - The Truth Is Out There 04 - Tavi - Gautama Buddha (The Awakened Sage) 05 - JBC Arkadii - Molekula 06 - Sky Technology - Transformation 07 - Katedra - Eidos 08 - Sky Technology - Road To Nowhere 09 - Language Of Love - Rasa Lila (Sinoah Edit) Coming soon on Ektoplazm.com!
  14. Artist: Etnica Title: Live In Athens 1996 Label: DAT Records Date: December, 2012 1. Intro 2. Plastic 3. Floating Universe 4. Antidote (Etnica rmx) - Blue Planet Corporation 5. Nice Toys 6. Vimana 7. Lunar Civilization (Etnica rmx) - Crop Circles 8. Time Dilation (Etnica Morning mix) - Pleiadians 9. Mankind 10. Electric Shower 11. Rotating Fields 12. Fluorophilia Camps Bay 13. Blinded Moon 14. Jungle Trax (Etnica rmx) - Pleiadians 15. Mental Puzzle 16. Phthalic Vibes Wow. Where do I start with this one? This is a release that thanks to label head Draeke had every goa trance fan salivating. Whether you call them Etnica, Pleiadians, or Crop Circles these Italians are legendary in this genre and arguably responsible for the greatest goa trance tracks ever. I.F.O...classic. Alien Protein...classic. Tetrahedron...you guessed it, classic. So thanks to an act of theft (some guy actually recorded their live set to DAT) we have one CD of their performance in Athens. So what do you get? You have one disc with the recording of their live set in Athens in 1996 and another of unreleased goodies. The booklet contains a bunch of cool info about how this release came about and also the stories of the unreleased tracks. Highlights? They had to carry all their equipment with them to every show. Everything. What a pain in the ass. Now a pimply faced kid only needs to bring his Sony Vaio loaded with ProTools and he thinks he's Paul Van Dyk. Oh how the times have changed. As far as the artwork goes, I can take it or leave it, but one things for certain...you know it's Etnica when you see it. Live In Athens 1996 Intro- This monumental release begins with an intro that they played during all their sets. Maybe to set the mood or to f*ck with the seriously stoned, I cannot say. It is what it is...a slow percussive intro. Now on to the good stuff. Plastic- Plastic... Lion King 3...Who Dat B*tch? Pixar is really running out of ideas. First thing I noticed when comparing it with the EP is that this version is almost 2 and a half minutes shorter. Seeing how this disc is partially mixed perhaps they took out the bits that might've slowed the momentum. Again, I wasn't in the room, but you've got that signature melody that builds like a tsunami so no worries. With a constant thump the sparkling acid flickers like they were using a blowtorch. I wasn't a fan of the transition into Floating Universe, but that's minor. Floating Universe- Just an absolute stormer. Leads that are searching like the dendrites of an axon with lightning fingertips. There is no respite as it backs down in places and then regroups. You get the entire track that sounds great with the energy of a live wire. Antidote (Etnica Remix)- We've all heard the Pleiadians remix of the BPC classic, but I've never heard this one before. It's got a nice bottom end complete with a growl that's just waiting to erupt. Let the knob twisting commence! And boy do they. Guttural and squelchy at times this one leaves scorch marks when the leads aren't getting all twisted up like a nasty DNA strand. At almost 11 minutes this one is quite the ride. Nice Toys- This is another one I've never heard before. There is a reason this was released in time for the holidays. Aw f*ck. I think the elves roofied you Santa. Time and a half means time and a half. Or diabetes is a motherf*cker. Rest assured mine made it in time, so that above must've been the afterparty. More cloud bursting leads that twist and turn making the people below look like ants. Feel like the Silver Surfer as that bass growl is my surfboard. I wouldn't recognize the melody, but I sure do love the ride. Vimana- Oh boy we're in the meat of things now aren't we? And that melody is like getting wrapped with barbed wire. So sparkly and spacious, my twisting controls have been on auto pilot for a good while now. Lunar Civilization (Etnica Remix)- With a smooth transition we're onto the Etnica remix of a classic Crop Circles track and it doesn't take long for the twirling to begin again. THE melody comes in at 4 and a half minutes and the smile that you had to start has just been widened. A happy smile doofus. Not like somebody just cornholed you. It's a cluster of melodies from space thrown together in a shower of stardust. This is the holy grail people, this is what goa heads have been searching for. Time Dilation (Etnica Morning Mix)- According to the booklet this track was built around a beautiful sample and you hear it right from the get go. At over 15 minutes I don't have to tell you this is the longer version and it's worth every second. That voice is heavenly and makes me think of an ethereal Lord of the Rings wispy vocal. But in space. It's a softer track (their words) and was only played during morning sets. Takes a while to get going and it builds along the way. Like the booklet said even though this one is not as aggressive, you can tell it is form the minds of Etnica. Best of Unreleased Mankind- I am sure this is not what they were going for. If he could walk and chew gum at the same time I would be stunned. 20 bucks says the doc tried to shove that back in the womb. The bass and pads make this seem other worldy and like all their tracks it builds with each measure. Halfway through Mankind takes a storming posture as if daring you to look at it. The shimmering wall of color is there, probing, showing you the way. I like this one because while it's also big, it reveals the guts in places. Know what I mean? Like that drum n bass rhythm? So did they because they built the track around that. Electric Shower- That would electrocute you...right? Might as well throw a toaster in the bathtub. Whoa whoa...don't do it yet. You gonna eat those pop tarts? From 1998 this track marked a time when the way they made music had changed. They took a bunch of samples (From the first ever sample CDs) and put them together and well, manipulated the hell out of them. Hence, electric shower. It's noisy and not their usual layers of melody and probably my least favorite of both discs. Rotating Fields- "Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? I ask that of all my prey?" Made entirely by Maurizio in Milan in 1998 after their first trip together in Brazil it's an acidic chunky b*tch. Groovy with lots of effects he dedicated it to someone special at the time. Very psychedelic with the six million dollar man effect when he does something bionic. Remember that? Remember, remember when that was... *sigh* you kids weren't even alive. It started off strongly, but lost steam on the way down. He mentioned that he wanted to make some changes but never got around to it. Fluorophilia Camps Bay- Made in 1997 by Carlo and Maurizio in South Africa after they released I.F.O. it bubbles with intensity and finds its legs halfway through. Forest sounds or effects made to sound like the forest are present throughout. There is a lot going on while it surges and recedes. Pretty good track with numerous melody changes. Blinded Moon- Well no wonder it's a blinded moon, there's a f*cking muppet dancing on it. Based on a techno track (Trans Pact) back in 1997 this one is of a darker nature. But that said, it's very melodic to my ears with several leads and a true outer space vibe. This is great Etnica stuff with more shimmering synths and unfriendly extra terrestrial life. If this was on Alien Protein it wouldn't be out of place in my opinion. Jungle Trax (Etnica Remix)- Ah a remix of the Pleiadians classic. According to the insert they used to make a bunch of different versions of a track (which probably means there is more gold in them thar hills!) and the main thing I notice about this one is that it doesn't have that key change found on the original. Which is good cause I didn't like that. Otherwise it's a churning track that seems to go on for awhile, wrapping you up in its spin. Sparks fly after 5 minutes culminating with a solid finish. Mental Puzzle- Quite possibly the rarest of the rare this track was heavily damaged and required some serious restoration. Like if you peed all over the Mona Lisa I guess. Awww...nothing gets urine out! Made back in 95 it crushes the competition with its relentless pace and varied melodies while keeping true to the bubbling goa sound. 15 minutes. That's f*cking insane. Do you have any idea how many galaxies you can visit at light speed in 15 minutes? Like...3 I guess. Sparkling, intense, and an old school gem to be sure. It seems unending with it's many spirals of sound and if I had to put it in layman's terms. This track is a Labrador retriever plowing a kid over in a flooded field. What? Wait for it...wait for it... Phthalic Vibes- Ah the final track in this unbelievable journey. And what a f*cking track it is. The last one composed by Etnica as a quartet it was meant to be released on a Fluorophilia album that never was. It's a killer with more bounce than a chick with double D's. Forceful and a fabulous way to end this trip. Holy f*cking Cow. That was something else. I imagine this review is going to read more like a promo with correct English than a review, but what do you expect? It's Etnica from their golden goa period. Did you think Draeke was gonna waste his time uncovering turds? Work his ass off for something mediocre? I could've written this review in one word. Awesome. The vast majority of the tracks are stellar and what goa trance should be. Melodic, driving, trip inducing...It sounds great and a perfect way to close a chapter in goa history. Unless they have even more gems that they are waiting to release at a later date. Congratulations to these pioneers of the genre and congratulations to Draeke and his label for bringing these wonderful tracks to light. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace Saikosounds GoaStore Mdk
  15. GRAB THIS ALBUM via Bandcamp: https://oceanstarempire.bandcamp.com/album/plasma-manifold The Portuguese-American-Israeli band return with a third full album continuing the story about the incredible journey across the stars of the generational starship convoy from the long forgotten Ocean Star Empire. Strange stories of a melancholic crossing of vast open space carefully crafted and balanced between a dance floor oriented experience and a deep narrative.The astral voyage continues amidst collapsing stars and rising nebulae, onward towards the furthest stars, along cosmic highways to unknown destinations. Touching on goa, techno, chillout, psytrance and progressive vibes this album has something for everyone into underground electronic music. Touch the past, reach the future! All tracks written and produced by Fernando Abreu (Message To Earth), Kyle Ramos (Bacchanalian Bass, Nuno Muacho (Nomad Moon), and Yaron and Oss Eshkar (Faxi Nadu). Track 7 remixed by Andre Edelslund (Alien Energy) and Yaron Eshkar. Track 9 remixed by Fernando Abreu. Mastering by: Ocean Star Empire Cover art by: Fernando Abreu Digital distribution at: Pure Chords
  16. Artist: Various Title: Cybertrance 6 - Derniere Edition Label: Fairway Records Date: 1998 1. Jeremiah - Exotic Intercourse 2. Union Jack - Yeti 3. DJ Jan - X-Santo 4. Bypass Unit - Higher Spirituality 5. Nuclear Hyde - Accelerator 6. Equator - Last Mission 7. The Secret - The Munk Files (Acid Munk) 8. Canyon - Blackout 9. Der Stern Von Afrika - Downhill V.2 (Massimo Vivona Remix) 10. The Light - Expand The Room Anyone else utter a barely audible "f*ck" when the style on Discogs reads Trance, Goa Trance? No? Just me then? Oh well, when I see that it usually means some sh*t that I'm not going to like. For example the "reaching into my brain" sample during X-Santo. Yeah that's annoying. Even goa trance superstar project Bypass Unit basically phones it in with Higher Spirituality. There is a barely restrained 303 in The Munk Files, but it cannot support the considerable tonnage of suck emanating from this compilation. Unfortunately instead of going out with a bang they dissolve with a whimper. This is full of trance cliches and could just as easily be titled Cybertrance 6 - Aw f*ck it Edition. Usually when a label rolls out a final edition it's because the release is a steaming pile of sparkle farts and they've got nothing left in the tank or the label heads took all the money and cocaine and hopped a cessna to an island paradise with very lax extradition laws. Clearly there's evidence of the former and based on my imagination probably some of the latter.
  17. Artist: Psychedelic Quest Title: Morning Trip Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: March, 2017 1. Morning Trip 2. Crystal Moon 3. Lunar Circles 4. Crazy Forest Dude....where are the f*cking cookies? That's how this short digital ep from longtime producer Leonidas Giotis makes me feel. The sound is great, but it is what I term new school stagnant. It finds one groove and rides it all the way home. It's got a very happy and uplifting sound, but man it just doesn't go anywhere. All the tracks have similar arpeggios and feel a hell of a lot longer than they are. Sorry, but I cannot recommend this one. Far too weak on depth and details. Timewarp Bandcamp
  18. Artist: Ovnimoon Title: Trancemutation of the Mind Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: July, 2013 1. A necessary tool 2. Quiet my mind 3. Hooponopono - Ovnimoon with Lupin & Edit Ballai 4. Superlight in the darkness - Ovnimoon with Via Axis 5. Transmutation - Ovnimoon with Pragmatix, E-Mantra and Nova Fractal 6. Sat Nam for me, Sat Nam for you 7. La Danza Espiritual - Ovnimoon with Spirit Architect 8. Learning 9. Power of positive mind - Ovnimoon with Lyctum I've got wood! What did you think I meant? Yeah I'm rebuilding the front porch so I had to hit the big box hardware store. And by rebuilding I mean watching my friend do it as I carry the tools and nails. Then I gotta clean up. But I can tell you this... I think I'm in love. You go through life listening to music hoping you'll meet that special album, that group of tracks that has melodies that go on for miles and more than enough groove in the trunk. And when she says I love you back (Hooponopono), well then, you know you've found the one. Ovnimoon is Hector Stuardo and he runs the Ovnimoon label which has given so much. I mean c'mon, they seem to throw a record out there like every three days. But we forget that he's also an accomplished artist who walks that fine line between psytrance and progressive. Walks it? He backflips across that motherf*cker. Floating and drifting melodies, thumping beats, thick layers of lush atmosphere, and a pair of goa tracks that he shoves right in your face. Yeah, get some! But it's not just two tracks, the goa imprint is all over this. If goa was mud he just tracked it all over you f*cking living room. This is how you do psytrance. Hell this is how you mix goa, psy and progressive to make a brilliant album. It is so utterly rich and detailed you can throw out the old playbook because this is next level. The old rules and cliches no longer apply. This is Tales of Heads awesome and easily one of the best releases of the year 2013. Cue mic drop cause this is a game changer. Psyshop Mdk
  19. Artist: Omnivox Title: Innerpolarity 10 Years Remix Ep Label: Self Released Date: February, 2017 1. Mayana (2017 Remix) 2. City of Black Lights (2017 Remix) 3. Over the Clouds (2017 Remix) Long ago, in a galaxy far away there was a project called Vox and he released and album called Innerpolarity. Goa wasn't as available back then, so this was a welcome treat to hear new talent. Since then he changed his name to Omnivox and released the blistering Fragments of Evolution which you should already have in your collection. Here is a blurb describing the ep: "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Saturday to Sunday." Ummm...that's not what it says. You just quoted a line from the Black Eyed Peas. Did I? So I did. Sorry, here it is. "I'mma make you my b*tch / Cake, cake, cake, cake / Cake, cake, cake, cake / Cake, cake, cake, cake / Cake, cake, cake." Nope. That's Rihanna. Wonder how many ghost writers were hired for that? Try again. Damn, thought for sure that was it. Ok got it... "My hump, my hump, my hump (ha), my lovely lady lumps (Check it out)." BEP's again. Dude you're stupid. The ep consists of 3 tracks the artist believes are the best from the album which stand the test of time. I really liked that album so I was curious to see 1) which tracks he chose and 2) what he could do with them. He's right those three tracks were really good to begin with, and the remixes are actual remixes. So refreshing. Some new leads, some more layers, all whilst keeping the outer space goa vibe the same. As you would expect the tracks sound fuller maybe due to improved technology. Bottom line, even though they aren't particularly memorable I enjoyed listening to them. Omnivox Bandcamp - Name your price, but don't be a cheap bastard.
  20. Artist: Shivax Title: Victory Anthems Label: Sita Records Date: September, 2014 1. Initiation 2. Unknown Source 3. Ganesha-Shanti (Feat. Agneton) 4. Victory Anthems 5. Acid Horns 6. Filterizations 7. A King's Tribute 8. Agneton - Het Was Zomer (Shivax Remix) 9. The Iron Throne Nitzhonot. This is how I feel when I hear it. Now I love riding coasters so you would think that would be a good thing, but sometimes I find it so exhausting. Oftentimes I feel it can sound like kiddie music and I don't mean to insult the artists who produce it. Music is very personal and nitzhonot is an acquired taste. Sometimes it gets a little too crazy and key changey as it rampages up and down the scales. Kinda like when the chipmunks do a cover song. But that's just me and my not so humble opinion. And that's where I was with his first album. His second album has shown a little more mastery in blending goa trance with his nitzho and thereby not making it so tiring. When he gets in a good goa groove he lets it sit there a bit, allowing the listener to fully absorb it before whisking them off on a nitzho tangent. When he goes full goa trance on tracks like Acid Horn he shines, proving himself more than capable. For those that like his niztho style he still cranks up the speed and gets to ludicrous speed on tracks like Filterizations and Victory Anthems. Remixing a pop song is generally a bad idea as they usually turn out to be terrible, but track 9 is his take on the Game of Thrones theme. It was meh. So I would say from a goa lover's perspective this is an improvement over his first album, but not enough to find broad appeal. If you don't like nitzo, give this one a pass. Sita Records Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
  21. Artist: Various Title: The Prophets of Psychedelic Trance Label: Trance Medusa Records Date: 1996 1. Cool - Brain Surgery 2. Electric Universe - Sunset Skyline 3. Evolution - Alien Phenomenon 4. A-Tek - Antologan 5. Mono Substance - Midnight Sunrise 6. Factor - Orientrance 7. B(if)tek - They Oscillate 8. S.U.N. Project - Tribolus 9. Proton - Brainfusion This will be a short review cause there really isn't much to say, but since this is a compilation from the glory days of goa trance I felt it needed a topic. THE track here is Alien Phenomenon by Evolution, a good old belter in the tradition of growly goa trance. Sunset Skyline is of course great, but offered in a bunch of other compilations. If I had to pick a bronze medal it would go to Midnight Sunrise with its industrial, primal scream and dark atmosphere. Hardly essential, but track 3 is a must hear.
  22. Artist: Virtuart (and Friends. He had a lot of help) Title: Virtuart & Friends (see, right there in the title) Label: DAT Motherf*ckin' Records Date: December, 2016 CD1 1 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Vashisht 2 Virtuart & Franky - Wakatoom On The Road 3 Virtuart & Kshoo - Esprit Libre 4 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Sacred Drop 5 Virtuart & Nagar Bhatti - 2068 6 Virtuart & Kshoo - N2 O 7 Virtuart & Maël - Neverending Party 8 Virtuart & Manitù - Red Spirit CD2 1 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Prospector M 2 Virtuart - Light Lifter 3 Virtuart & Chronomyst - L'Karnaj 4 Virtuart & Manitù - Indian Summer 5 Virtuart & Nagar Bhatti - Svadeshi 6 Underhead - Orejuna 7 Virtuart - La Sorcière Des Sables & L'Homme Libre (Sandoz Mix) 8 Virtuart - L'Annee Des 13 Lunes (Galactic Time Mix) Can we get a DAT Records appreciation festival? F*ck a thread, a festival. Just take all the artists who have released on Draeke's label and put them in front of a mountain or sea backdrop for a three day weekend. This is the view from my backyard. I have 2 acres and would volunteer the space. Waitaminute...I've seen what you guys do to a patch of land when the festival is over. Also I'm the youngest in my hood by a generation so you'd probably give them a heart attack. Besides thanks to our Cheetoh in chief (he's such a disgusting douche bag) you probably couldn't get into the states depending on which country you're in. Offer rescinded. But seriously, DAT just keeps on going with quality release after quality release. While I wasn't super impressed with Analog Dreams the rest of them have been home runs. This is an interesting release. Virtuart is Oliver Abitbol and like the title says he enlisted a lot of his friends to make this happen. Originally on the first disc was properly released back in the 90's and only 100 copies were made. The second disc was apparently out there also, but homie just gave it away. So this is nice to have a 2 CD set of music that was super hard to find. But that's what Feds does doesn't he? Oliver made several mixes of these tracks so for this release he compiled the best of those remixes and voila you have disc one. It is old school that churns and evolves with awesome melodies. The layers are thick with atmosphere and thanks to the mastering you can really hear them. I find the whole thing delightfully dark and mysterious and not too polished as to sound artificial. Sacred Drop is the only one I've heard and it reminded me a lot of Colorbox. Disc two has the hard to find tracks and Draeke said he tried to stay true to the tracklist that disc 2 was comprised of when he gave it away to his friends. Oliver's friends. Not Draeke. Draeke doesn't have friends he just bangs supermodels. This music is deep. Full of nice, long tracks replete with twists and turns to keep you interested. Driving rhythms. Let's see...a Pleiadians 3-disc set, a two-disc Etnica set, a Doof 2-disc album and now a 2-disc Virtuart Opus. Can you be my president? Bring your supermodels with you. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace
  23. Artist: Various Title: POF Trance Collector Vol. 2 Label: POF Music Date: 1996 1. Denshi Danshi - Cow's Blues 2. The Infonaut - Chronos (Time Undefined) 3. Amanite FX & Prana - Black Rain (Blue Planet Corporation Mix) 4. Synchro - Christine (Haunted Car Radio Mix) 5. Denshi Danshi - Mariposa 6. The Infonaut - Mind Directed Energy 7. Amanite FX & Prana - Black Rain (Original Mix) 8. Synchro - Babes On Broomsticks 9. Amtinaous - Apocalyps-Hilan 10. Universal Island - M-Stick Collecting something specific is so tiring. I mean it's not like I'm trying to see how many prostitute heads I can hang on the wall, but...Haggling with people over price is the best part of the hunt, but it can be quite draining. Maybe that's why we as collectors are never finished because as soon as we posses the obeject we need another something to chase. I bought this off Discogs for only one track, but it turns out there is much more to enjoy. Of course the BPC remix of Black Rain is what I was after, but you also get the original version. Strange, but appreciated. You get possibly the best track by Synchro (if such a thing is actually possible) Babes On Broomsticks and a couple of decent offerings by Denshi Danshi with the best being Mariposa. Mind Directed Energy is the best track from The Infonaut, but the whole album was a pleasant surprise. This is good goa from the glory days with tracks that haven't been beaten to f*cking death and worth a purchase.
  24. Artist: Various Title: Goa Trance Legacy 2 Label: Spacedock Records Date: January, 2017 1. Artha - First Element Is Gone 2. Hypnagogia - Launching Green Lights 3. Omegahertz - Ecliptic Conjunction 4. Power Source - Goaway (2016 Mix) 5. M-Run - Trans Our Way 6. Goasia - Secret of Nazak 7. Prana - Derwish (Funky Gong Remix) 8. Total Eclipse - Blade Runner (Remix) 9. E-Mantra - You Are Empty Spacedock is sort of an outlier when it comes to the more well known labels, doing more with digital eps. That isn't to say they are a throwaway by any stretch with releases like the first in this series as well as Fragments of Evolution by Omnivox. With the second album of this series they have assembled quite the track list. The cover sports the same Matrix-esque style as the previous iteration just in blue, but let's see what's inside. First Element is Gone- Wow, why does Artha save his best stuff for compilations and Ep's? I wasn't thrilled with his latest Dream Telepathy, but this was absolutely brilliant in every single way. It evolved and twisted the whole way through. The more I listened the more I liked it with its crazy leads and M-run groove. Stellar opener! Launching Green Lights- This was sci-fi goa with sparkly and nimble lead sounds. There was a period where it seemed to lose steam, but still pretty good overall. Ecliptic Conjunction- Omegahertz took a giant step forward with the release of his last album Stax and this track also has some good 303 screech and bark. Good stuff. Goaway (2016 Mix)- Perhaps the most famous track in the Power Source catalog so it baffles me why one would remix an already fantastic track. I really can't tell that much difference between this and the original. Did you make it louder? See, and maybe it's just me, but ideally you take a track that is a bit on the weak side and attempt to make it better. It's a great track, but putting a remix label on it seems a bit disingenuous. Trans Our Way- His album Some Run Just For Fun is an absolute favorite of mine and I've been waiting for the next one with much anticipation. This is light and bouncy with a pretty simple bass line that I would consider good. Not great, and nowhere near his epic stuff from his album. What happened here? Secret of Nazak- This is another track that I felt was good, but not great. I felt my mind begin to wander half way through. New school through and through that could've used some more variation. Derwish (Funky Gong Remix)- I have never heard this track before so this is found money. This is a remix by Minoru Tsunoda who also remixed another Prana track Boundless on the Prana Remixes album from Suntrip. It's kind of eerie and has some really great bounce. He did a lot with a little. Blade Runner (Remix)- Any time I see Blade Runner I expect a grand science fiction atmosphere. I remember that the original was pretty good but had annoying sounds like the descending aliens from Galaga. Now those are still here (damnit!), but the rest of the track is more subdued with gentler sounds. Sounds less harsh, but also a little less interesting. Anyone else think of Jaws when you heard this? You Are Empty- An E-mantra track that is smooth, dreamy, uplifting...Can't go wrong! A good album that disappointed in a few spots, but was pleasantly surprising in others! Spacedock Records Bandcamp
  25. Artist: Psy-H Project Title: Dance of Distant Worlds Label: Global Sect Music Date: January, 2013 1. In A Shade Of Dadrrount'got 2. Second Coming 3. Boloto Trip 4. Infernal Candyflip 5. Active Meditation 6. Chatlane 7. Ramayana 8. Infinite Freedom 9. Spiritual Experience First things first...look at that spectacular cover. LOOK AT IT! F*cking gorgeous. I can't stop staring at it. There have been times where I have bought an album without knowing how it was going to sound just because the cover was so kick a**. Of course that was before the interwebz when I didn't feel like dragging my a** to the listening station. It was done by Ahankara (real name surely) who also did the cover for the Tabula Rasa compilation. This is one of those cases where you should judge an album by its cover. Psy-H Project is Igor Kititsky from St. Petersburg Russia (yes I'm aware you cannot spell Kititsky without tits) and this is his debut. And what a f*cking debut it is. Cosmic goa trance is contained within people and should be purchased post haste. I haven't wanted to have sex with an album since M-run, but I'm getting all oiled up as we speak. Let that image sit with you for a bit. This is a deeply atmospheric journey into the cosmos with alien textures and exquisitely layered melodies. A goa album that in the beginning has some darkpsy elements. And let's face it it doesn't get any darker than Emily Rose reciting the multiple names of Lucifer on Infernal Candyflip. But it's not all dark. Hell, in the same track you have distinctive goa melodies as well as Buddhist chants. It's also not afraid to poke fun at itself evidenced by the growls and I presume Brad Pitt laughter in Boloto Trip. While the entire album is full of lush and detailed goa trance, the second half is brimming with stormers. Active Meditation shimmers and coalesces like melody quicksand while Chatlane sparkles like my toddler just threw glitter in the air. Maximum twirling potential, I'm telling you. And what did you think would happen when he teamed up with fellow Soviets Alienapia? Total bedlam ensues with more layers than an onion. So good I wanted to cry. I'm not one to tell you what to do, just a guy with an opinion. But buy this f*cking CD. Own it. Stare longlingly at it. Love it. Damnit, I'm outta baby oil. Goastore Beatspace Psyshop GlobalSectMusic
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