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Found 12 results

  1. Some new tracks over at Bandcamp, now all available as free downloads: Denstrow (Bandcamp)
  2. From their FB page: Our buddy Artcore makes a grand return on Zombster, bringing some friends with him to deliver a massive remix package! http://classic.beatport.com/release/backstab-the-remixes/1734304 Demos from the contest:
  3. Artist: Front Line Assembly Title: Echoes Label: Metropolis Date: May, 2014 01. Contagion 02. Leveled – Sonic Mayhem 03. Ghosts – Comaduster 04. Killing Grounds – Rhys Fulber 05. Echogenetic – Youth Code 06. Deadened – Liebknetch 07. Next War 08. Echogenetic – Blush Response 09. Exhale – Henrik Backstrom 10. Prototyp – HECQ 11. Leveled – Slighter 12. Heartquake – Techdiff 13. Blood – Haujobb 14. Exo – Hijacker FLA are the Jaromir Jagr of industrial music. They haven't slowed down at all (at the time of this writing Jagr just scored the overtime winner for the Panthers) and just keep plugging away even though they're a rat's whisker away from getting the senior discount at the local Burger King. In 2013 they released Echogenetic to much acclaim fusing their hard edged style with today's music trends. So a year after that they now put together a remix album with a who's who of industrial music. I don't know who any of these people are the same way I don't know if the immigrant in the kitchen of my favorite restaurant isn't giving my meal a little bit of the old special sauce. Gotta trust. And pray. Lots of prayers. And trust me when I tell you they knocked it out of the park with this one. The remixes are lush and dynamic. On the headphones it was pure aural bliss. Electricity courses through android circuits and I'm reminded of how great industrial music can be. Millions of bits and bytes flow in unison; morphing, oscillating like a sentient being. The atmosphere is robot futuristic, sometimes ruthlessly aggressive but often placid leading to a dramatic eruption that will rattle some windows. There are moments where the remixers bring back the old sound of FLA and I can smile and reflect. The programming is off the chart. The Blush Response remix threatens to start an electrical fire and I'm convinced the HECQ mix was created by some form of Artificial Intelligence. On top of awesome remixes you get two new tracks that were co-written by Ian Pickering of the Sneaker Pimps. Both are rich in sound and detail, but I was floored by the eminent danceability of Next War. When that hook drops it will forcibly eject you from your seat. There are so many standout moments it's tough to single out just a few. Even though I, uh...kinda just did that. The only gripe I have is that there is a deluxe version where you get 4 extra tracks, but it's only available with the digital album. Pickard gets it. Look thanks for the lyrics of the new tracks, bu I bought your little digipak, shouldn't the extra tunes be a reward for not being a pirate? Rrrrr you serious? That minor complaint aside, if you're a fan of industrial music or even electronic music (and I know that you are) do not hesitate to pick this up. Metropolis Bandcamp Amazon
  4. The vault is a folder of sounds that our artists have shared, and inspired others to put there own influence on the original work. This 5 track release, showcases the concept of the remix and what the other artist does with the material from the original source. We hope you enjoy 1.Amuzing The Freak- Empire of Dirt (Vimanna Remix) 07:40 2.Pspiralife - Liquid Nails (Legacy Remix) 11:05 3.Jekyll - Mind Edge (Spoonhead Remix) 06:20 4.Legacy - Dr Hoffman (Jekyll Remix) 08:21 5.Endure - Time Crime (Tilt Axis Remix) 07:19 6.Anatamous Audio vs Legacy - Futurism (Audiospazm Remix) 07:04 >>>>>>>>>> https://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/the-vault-remixes
  5. https://thehypnoticlforoom.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-the-live-remixes During the 90's Kristian aká Elysium was involved in several side projects such as Sheyba with Jean Borell (Orion), Kailash with Tsuyoshi Suzuki (Prana), Kaaya with Paul Jackson (Voodoo People/Juno Reactor) and Undercover with Graham Wood (The Infinity Project). A few years back he had some fun in the studio making remixes of a few of the old classics from these side projects and ended up using them in a special Live performance around the World. This release which also include two live remixes of old Elysium classics is now being released for the first time. All recognisable and in sync with the vibe of the 90's Goa trance sound.
  6. Sheyba - Monkeys (Live Remix) Kailash - Mystery Brain (Live Remix) Undercover - Mission 1 (Live Remix) Kaaya - Braindance (Live remix) Elysium - Master Of The Rainforest (Live Remix) Elysium - Aliens (Live Remix) Release Date: September 8th, 2014 During the 90's Kristian aká Elysium was involved in several side projects such as Sheyba with Jean Borell (Orion), Kailash with Tsuyoshi Suzuki (Prana), Kaaya with Paul Jackson (Voodoo People/Juno Reactor) and Undercover with Graham Wood (The Infinity Project). A few years back he had some fun in the studio making remixes of a few of the old classics from these side projects and ended up using them in a special Live performance around the World. This release which also include two live remixes of old Elysium classics is now being released for the first time. All recognisable and in sync with the vibe of the 90's Goa trance sound.
  7. Now available for pre-orders at Bandcamp incl. remixes from Elysium and Astro-D You get the original version (re-mastered) free to download when you pre-order the single. http://thehypnoticlforoom.bandcamp.com/album/ride-the-snake-remixes
  8. This a collection of remixes of "Shady Business", originally made by Radioactive.Cake. It features works from Flynt, Dr. Strangefunk, Thirdhalo, QawaBeat (with Nina Kinsky) and Radioactive.Cake himself. A track reconstructed five times, that's five unique visions and a funky blend of driving'n forceful bits and chunky'n quirky pieces. 01 - Radioactive.Cake - Shady Business (Dr. Strangefunk Remix) 02 - Radioactive.Cake - Shady Business (Radioactive.Cake Remix) 03 - Radioactive.Cake - Shady Business (Thirdhalo Remix) 04 - Radioactive.Cake - Shady Business (Flynt Remix) 05 - Radioactive.Cake - Shady Business ("QawaBeat on Radioactive.Cake" Remix) Samples and free download (wave and mp3) http://glitchytonicrecords.com/release/release/gtr045.html Want to support us with a purchase from Bandcamp ? Here is your chance http://glitchytonicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/reconstruction-45 Artwork done by Robert Hundt. Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage, no derivatives.
  9. Artist: Abakus Title: Reworks Volume I & II Label: Modus Recordings Date: August, 2011 Vol. 1 1. California Sunshine 2. Igmatik 3. Night Walker 4. Lux Boutique 5. Under The Stars Pt. 1 Vol. 2 1. Lux Boutique (Greg Hunter Remix) 2. Cruise Control (Bluetech Remix) 3. Beyond the Fields (Jong Remix) 4. Igmatik (Tripswitch Remix) 5. Wasted Feeling (Solar Fields Remix) Good God it is f*cking hot out here. I think I saw the thermometer hit 100 degrees Celsius. This is my wife's plant that I have somehow managed to keep alive for the better part of 5 years. I moved it outside a few weeks ago because it wasn't getting enough sun. Now look at it. Pitiful. I don't claim to be able to speak with animals or plants; hell I can just barely hold it together speaking to people without wanting to punch them in the face. But here's how I imagine it would go if my plant could talk to me. Plant: Jesus F*cking Christ, what the hell are you doing to me!?! You left me out here during a tornado! A Tornado!! Look at my leaves! At least get me some water you uncaring bastard! Me: I just watered you yesterday. Plant: So what motherf*cker, did you just have one drink yesterday? Why'd you move me out here anyway? Look, just take me back inside. It's cooler in there...I can't take this heat. Me: No. Plant: CMONNN!!!!!!! The f*cking ants are eating me alive and you tied me to a stake in the blazing sun like I was Jesus, show a little compassion!! Me: No. Plant: I'll suck your dick.... Me: What did you just say? Plant: I'll...I'll suck...your...dick... Me: How is that even possible? You don't even have a...No! No, you know what...this conversation is over! *closes door* Plant: Cmon, shoot one right in the pot! It'll be the best one you ever had....you limp dicked asshole. "Go ahead George...light it up." Abakus is Russel Davies son of Dave Davies founder of the Kinks. Wow, he took a left turn at his father's music didn't he? Actually he didn't, because daddy makes music with him in the ambient/progressive rock genre. His style is a little all over the place. Equally fluent in downtempo and ambient, he can also craft some electro and progressive type stuff. As a matter of fact he has a side project called Cinnamon Chasers which does exactly that. First album That Much Closer to the Sun was really good and his second wasn't bad either. Prisms (his third) continued his mish mash of styles, but I felt it was his weakest effort. He has a new album called Futurism Pt. 1 that came out this year, but this pair of digital EP's came out first. Reworks Vol. 1 are his own remixes of some of his older tracks and Vol. 2 are done by other artists. You might know some of them. Vol. I The original California Sunshine was a mellow downtempo magic carpet ride where there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but the new one sees the bpm's get raised with an 80's synthpop feel. The chants are still there and the beat is good, so he seemed to do a remix right. Igmatik- Probably my favorite track by Abakus. It had it all. Funk, groove, mystery...just a smooth piece of music. The newer version sports a fatter bass, big beats and funky rhythms. And there's some Miami Vice appeal as well for old bastards like me. Jan Hammer might be upset you stole his keytar, but you know...f*ck him. Nightwalker is another of his smooth, dubby brand of electro tracks that has a real lounge component. Like it could've been played in a smoky jazz club. Gone is the quiet funk of the original with another nod to a more synth riff based type of track. Noisier, synthier, and more anger by Jan Hammer. "I don't care...Black people can do a lot of things, but even they cannot make the keytar cool." Lux Boutique was a soft ambient track with glitchy tendencies. Mellow for sure. Well, he electro synthed the crap out of the remix with enough autotune that makes Kanye blush. It's happy and reminds me of Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani and generic rapper. Under the Stars Part 1 was from an Ep of the same name and it was a dreamy type of ambient floating with a trance background. Like all the tracks before in this first volume it seems shinier with a heavier electro influence. If you told me it was an instrumental by the Thompson Twins or Erasure I wouldn't slap the taste out of your momma's mouth. "What did the five fingers say to the face?" Vol. II Lux Boutique (Greg Hunter Remix)- Slowest. Track. Ever. This is music heroin addicts use to overdose. Where the world is flying by, but your perception is in super slo mo. Arizona State University takes its admittance qualifications seriously, believing it's never to young to start preparing. Cruise Control (Bluetech Remix)- Never heard the original. Another slow (not suicidal) dubby tune that combines the warm beach vibe with sun shinning through icicles without melting them. It's got some wobble and seems to freeze time. Let's just say that if I still got high, you would be able to find me by the trail of empty Dorito bags. Beyond The Fields (Jong Remix)- Another track that I haven't heard, but this is a smooth and happy electro tune. Sunny and warm it goes down like an afternoon at the beach. Floaty and comforting. Igmatik- Brennan. Nick Brennan. Responsible for the most epic of the remixes on this series of Reworks, it has huge scope. Layers of running synths fly you to outer space as deep dubby bass rumbles on the bottom end. Massively soothing it's like when my kid releases the string of balloons he was holding. There is no crying...you just watch it go. Bee Yoo Tee Full. "We'll uh...we'll just tell your mother she got kidnapped by some Mexicans." "Dad, that's racist." "It is? Shaddup...want some ice cream?" Wasted Feeling (Solar Fields Remix)- Not to be outdone Mr. Magnus gives you a 10 minute track that combines the boredom of staring at a wall with the excitement of wasting time. Sorry Magnus, you have the midas touch, but would it kill you to give me something to focus on? As it stands, you have given me the soundtrack to me coming out of the bathroom. So that's what you get with these two Reworks. A mixed bag really, but there is plenty of variety so points scored. Most of the tracks are good with the Tripswitch remix being spectacular. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to ah...water the plants. One plant in particular is gonna get so f*cking wet... Beatport - Reworks Vol. I Beatport - Reworks Vol. II Mdk
  10. RELEASE DATE: 2013-11-11 LABEL: The Hypnotic LFO Room CATALOG: THLRDIGI001 http://www.beatport.com/release/hypno-e-p/1183340 Two pioneers from the international Goa/Psytrance scene join forces on this first release on Danish Elysium's new label The Hypnotic LFO Room. Elysium (Denmark) and ManMadeMan (United Kingdom) need no introduction both with 20+ years long artist careers and extensive discographies on the major legendary Goa/Psytrance labels and traveling the World many times over playing at international Festivals and Clubs. On the "Hypno E.P" they remix each others tunes to perfection. Elysium has remixed ManMadeMan's classic "Desire" into a deep atmospheric yet uplifting and melodic tribal mix and ManMadeMan has taken Elysium's "Jupiter" keeping the Vibe of the original and updated it into a beautiful fresh and uplifting mix. In a few words. This release is wicked!!! Mastering by Martian Masters
  11. Artist: Various Title: Consequences Remixes Label: Nexus Media Date: February, 2013 1. EMP Remix 2. Infektion Remix 3. Tryon Remix 4. Zezia Remix 5. Kill Theory Remix 6. Ecstarsis Remix 7. Phsiris Remix 8. Overthrone Remix Chris Hoy (Nexus Media head and acidic psytrance veteran) has been laying down the good twilight madness for over a decade with several albums to his credit. Lately he released the OMG EP (where this track originates) and it was the slamming style he is known for. I must admit that I'm a sucker for that aggressively melodic South African sound that seems to always take the music in a new direction. When I review a remix album or EP it helps to hear the original so I can hear how the remixes differ. I have the original, but I think it would be helpful to include it on the remix EP because some might not. Guess if you're a fan you already have it, and if you aren't yet...well seems like a good way to get you to buy 2 EP's. Touche Mr. Hoy. Unlike the OMG EP he invites other artists to have their way with his track. How dirty yet alluring. Actually there was a competition to remix Consequences and the winner was EMP. The original is short by psytrance standards, but it's laden with chunky acid and those eerie melodies. The first three are wonderful body movers in the typical SA style. Pumping, rhythmic, and layered with clever sample manipulation. I don't know who Infektion is, but his use of acid and the Fifth Element samples had me at D-Man! The Zezia remix is a bit less edgy and I'll be honest I'm looking for something a little different in a remix at this point. Kill Theory slows things down breaking it into its elements, but at almost 10 minutes it's a rambling mess that never seems to end. The Ecstarsis mix seems to play a little more with the dubstep sounds, but the Pulp Fiction sample comes off as a little cheesy. Not bad though. Phsiris...hold up. Is this the bacon fellateurs? It's not bad with a dreamy feel braced by a breakbeat. The final mix is the shortest, but also the most dubstep heavy of them all. If you like that style you'll love this as it did a good job of melding the eerie melody with the abrasive robotic metal dry hump that is dubstep. All in all pretty good. The strongest tracks are in the beginning, but I believe that if there had been more variety in the remixes I wouldn't have been burnt out on the track as I was. Even Bill Murray had a breaking point before he cold cocked Ned Ryerson in the face. Beatport Mdk
  12. Artist: Various Title: Remix-ed Part 01 EP Label: Dropland Recordings Date: December, 2011 1. Damage (Concept Remix) 2. Physical Matters (Sinful Reactions Remix) 3. You Go Banzai (Z3ro Remix) Dropland Recordings is a Spanish label that has been making some noise lately. The two Malfunktion EP's with tracks selected by Mr. Smashed were well worth my time brimming with high energy and powerful twilight music. This EP is comprised of three tracks by him that were given the remix treatment by some heavy hitters in the genre. Damage (Concept Remix)- "Remote controlled creatures. Brains powered by atomic energy." The original was on the Synthetic Alchemy compilation and Arnaud takes an already great track and puts his spin on it. After albums like Paranormal he quickly became one of my favorite artists in the genre. When you stumble upon a good twilight track you can just feel it. The sounds, the bass, the vibe...It's another acid laced beatdown that won't disappoint. Physical Matters (Sinful Reactions Remix)- Sinful Reactions are the Pereira brothers from Portugal and they tackle this awesome track from the Another Dimension compilation. We're really splitting hairs here because this is another acidic firestorm with powerfall beats and a relentless attitude. Just like the original. So I guess some might say, why do we need it? Some might. But they're probably also the ones who ask do we really need more dancing midgets? To which I reply: You bet your f*cking sweet ass we do. You Go Banzai (Z3ro Remix)- "There is no substitute for reading the text of the course and the workbook. Even after you've already done the lesson." Never heard the original but this is Javier Duran from Mexico and his track on Psycho Laboratory slayed all so you know...high hopes. Because I haven't heard the original I can't tell you if this is radically different but what I can tell you is that we've got more of the same bombastic leads and big beats. A little more stopy starty than I would've liked, but worthy of your attention for sure. There have been some good twilight EP's floating around and this is one of them. Are they close to the original? Maybe. Probably. I dunno, but if you like acid firing like shrapnel from a grenade then you cannot go wrong with this. Beatport Mdk
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