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  1. ORDER ODONATA - Metamorphosis OUT NOW! Dragonfly Records emerges from the cocoon and spreads its wings to fly once more. We are delighted to announce the highly-anticipated relaunch of Dragonfly with the next installment from the seminal Order Odonata compilation series, curated by label manager Robin Triskele and mastered to sonic perfection by Grant Collins (Darshan) @ 4DA Studios 1. Etnica & Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Thunderbolt 2. InnerZone – Unlimited Happiness (303 Mix) 3. Total Eclipse – In Merge With Space 4. Youth - Saturday Night 5. Hautacam - Redshifted 6. Mirson – Island Of Sanity 7. Nervasystem – Beyond The Brain 8. Bumbling Loons – Anisopteran 9. Robert Elster – 4-ACO-MET Aptly entitled, Metamorphosis, includes nine cutting edge tracks that pay homage to early pioneers of the Goa Trance movement. At the same time, it also celebrates the evolution of the psychedelic scene and its perpetual motion into the current time with featured new talents who are driving it forth on dance floors across the globe. A no-holds barred psychedelic journey is on the agenda. It will take you from the sounds of Melodic Goa Trance with TSUYOSHI SUZUKI and ETNICA, INNERZONE and TOTAL ECLIPSE to blasting Full On dance floor dynamics with YOUTH, NERVASYSTEM, HAUTACAM and MIRSON, before BUMBLING LOONS and ROBERT ELSTER (aka VIBRASPHERE) leave us on a beautiful high with their deep, chunky hypnotic Trance grooves. Listen/Order at Bandcamp: www.dragonflyrecordsuk.bandcamp.com Listen, Stream & Order from your other favourite online outlets dragonfly.lnk.to/orderodonatametamorphosis ORDER ODONATA was first released in 1993 by music producer and Killing Joke Bassist, Martin ‘YOUTH’ Glover. “Order Odonata quickly created a complete revolution in electronic music that continues to this very day. Now considered to be the very first trance album released, it became the default template and inspiration for an entirely new genre, Psychedelic Trance (otherwise known as Psy Trance), and over the preceding 26 years, it still retains its fresh vibe, relevance and timelessness. Today Psy Trance is bigger and more relevant than ever before! The world has never needed all the different people to come together and dance as much as it does today, so it seems like the right time to continue the Order Odonata tradition once again.” YOUTH, Milwaukee 2019 released December 13, 2019
  2. Furthur Arena Lineup Video: https://www.facebook.com/furthurprog/videos/1228089150682967 Prism Bar Lineup Video: https://www.facebook.com/prismlondon1000/videos/2556343581047528 Read more about the artists: BETWEEN 2 SPEAKERS interview series https://www.furthurprogressions.com/blog Limited advance tickets available: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1098308 See YOU on the dancefloor
  3. Liquid Sound Design proudly presents YOUTH & GAUDI ‘Astronaut Alchemists’ album launch event 8pm - 12am Friday 7th December London Freshly back from ongoing tours around the globe, we finally pinned down YOUTH & GAUDI in the UK at the same time so we took advantage of that to bring you a very special event. We are also pleased to welcome a very special guest & dub/techno legend: Gabriel Le Mar (Saafi Brothers, GER) and DJ Robin Triskele bringing us an eclectic downbeat dub set All delivered on an impressive high end sound system to carry the analogue and bass frequencies of Youth & Gaudi perfectly! We have invited along GeoMatrix Design & InOrbit to create bespoke tailored deco, projections and visuals to transform the venue into something truly majick! Expect a night of truly LIVE DUBTASTIC GROOVES and FUNKY BEATS. LABEL MERCHANDISE There will be a handful of ‘Astronaut Alchemists’ 12” LP & CDs available on the night as well as Liquid Sound Design & Dragonfly CDs, Vinyl & T-Shirts. LIMITED TO 400 TICKETS ONLY!! So.... be sure to grab yours now to avoid disappointment! pre-sale – £13+bf ticket + ‘Astronaut Alchemists’ CD – £21+bf *limit 200* on the door: £15 18+, photo ID required for entry Doors : 8pm DJ Robin Triskele : 8pm YOUTH & GAUDI Live: 9:00pm Gabriel Le Mar : 10:15pm Last Entry: 23:30 Finish: midnight Tickets available from Access All Areas: https://accessallareas.org/listings/youth-gaudi BLOC Club Unit 3, Autumn Yard Autumn Street London, E3 2TT RSVP @ FB Event Page https://www.facebook.com/events/2149717445249301
  4. Saafi Brothers 'The Quality Of Being One: Remixes Part 2' Liquid Sound Design Records **Featuring remixes by Gabriel Le Mar, Klopfgeister, Vlastur, Kuba, Koan, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Roeth & Grey, Henning Richter, Erot, Backstage Gurus and by Saafi Brothers. Saafi Brothers music has not only stood the test of time but has elevated itself through the years into unimaginable higher spheres. They walk a deep line between trippy vibes and blissed out beats. The origins of Saafi Brothers are long and storied, their brand of smoky, world-weary ambient dub first arising from the legendary label Blue Room Released UK with their still today classic psy dub album “Mystic Cigarettes“. Saafi Brothers quickly make their way into the hearts of music lovers. Soul-wrenching deep ambient tunes are layered gently into tranced and bassy beats on their new album "The Quality of Being One“. The remix album reflects on the story of "The Quality of Being One" from different angles, as each of the original songs are deconstructed and thus mixed differently. Overall the collection spans a wide range of moody remixes, from abstract excursions to functional floor keepers to detached sentiences in dub: soothing, hypnotic, futuristic, engaging and exhilarating – encapsulating chilled out soundscapes and deep chunky progressive beats. The 11 remixes are very skillfully put together and are a true feast for your ears; with remixes in a variety of genres such as IDM, Chillout, Dub and Techno, yet successfully staying true to the original vibe of the album. This unique collection takes you on a magical sonic journey you can’t resist. Big thanks & respect goes out to all remixing artists! Listen to and order the album from LSD Bandcamp liquidsounddesignuk.bandcamp.com or... order from all your favourite online shops or listen on Spotify https://saafibrothers.lnk.to/beingoneremixes Get 'THE QUALITY OF BEING ONE' Bundle special and save 20% !! You get 'The Quality Of Being One' original release on physical CD and downloads of both Remixes Part 1 & Remixes Part 2 this includes all the remixes by: Tripswitch, Youth, Cosmic Trigger, Gabriel Le Mar, Klopfgeister, Vlastur, Kuba, Koan, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Roeth and Grey, Henning Richter, Erot, Backstage Gurus and by Saafi Brothers Order yours now on Bandcamp FIND SAAFI BROTHERS ONLINE Website: www.le-mar.de/projects/saafi-brothers Facebook: www.facebook.com/SaafiBrothers Liquid Sound Design FB: www.facebook.com/LiquidSoundDesign Triskele Management FB: www.facebook.com/triskelemanagement
  5. Thanks guys for all your support.... we are very excited about this one. The artwork is done by a long time friend to LSD and many other labels : Design & artwork by Simon Ghahary www.si-gh.com We also released a precursor remix CD to this you may like https://liquidsounddesignuk.bandcamp.com/album/saafi-brothers-the-quality-of-being-one-remixes-part-1-ep and we will be doing another remix album with 8 tracks in the fall so keep your eyes peeled x xx Robin Triskele Label Mgr - Liquid Sound Design Triskele Management
  6. Hi all We we ARE back, now this is our 5th release since last March.... I have become label manager and we have much more exciting things coming this year... to include new albums from : Mixmaster Morris, KUBA, and Brother Culture.... not to mention a few interesting compilations on the way... VA - Society of Inner Light will be out in July, and Im working on a new compilation ... ** Friends of LSD ** if you will, so Im putting artists on the compilation that are not within the LSD family.... its looking pretty wicked so far x Here is a video from our Dub Trees - 'Celtic Vedic' & Puretone Resonate Festival Launch Party 3 June 2016 at Passing Clouds : Dalston : London https://www.facebook.com/LiquidSoundDesign/videos/789436834491066/ DUB TREES LIVE + Jam session ftg Martin 'Youth' Glover, Jah Wobble, Daniel Romar, Andrea Seki - Elfic Circle Project, Jally Kebba Susso and Manding Sabu, Fab Bansuri and more ! And to no furthur delay here is the link to buy the album.... you can pre-order today or it is out TOMORROW! https://liquidsounddesignuk.bandcamp.com/album/dub-trees-celtic-vedic-ftg-jah-wobble-youth-and-daniel-romar were really excited for this release.... and appreciate your enthusiasm for the return. xx Robin Triskele
  7. VA - MANANA's BANANAS (Kundalini Records) compiled by Andy Mason OUT NOW !!!!! To see full release info as a webpage see http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/kundalini/manana.html Newsflash…Precious Cargo found!! MANANA’S BANANAS New Compilation by Andy Mason, released on Kundalini Records UK, June14th 2013. MANANA’S BANANAS has some of the freshest sounds from around the world, representing new artists alongside established producers, gathered together to recreate the party journey from night time into morning…nine powerful dance floor tunes, compiled in that unique Kundalini style. Kundalini was one of the foremost original underground trance parties in the UK, holding 70 incredible events over two decades. The past four years has seen the development of the record label. After huge successes with the previous releases High Life, Purity and ReDUX from Paul Taylor, Andy Mason now pushes forward with nine powerful new dance floor tunes by artists from South America, Japan, London and various places in-between, upping the ante once more for 2013. Andy Mason has been Kundalini’ s resident DJ since its inception in the mid 1990’s, playing countless parties in many countries over the last 20 years and has been making music throughout, with several releases. Also, being a drummer, Andy has his own unique rhythmic style which is totally infectious; his ability to take the crowd with him on a seamless journey of beautifully mixed cutting edge psy-trance never fails to deliver. The idea behind the album was to reflect the progression from peak time sounds into morning vibes with a harder edge. Tron vs Glitch’s opener kickstarts the album on a high, with Earthspace, 2012 and Endeavour vs Breathead all continuing the heavyweight theme, each track carefully constructed with meticulous attention to detail. Andy’s own track Which World then follows before Aphid Moon and then Paul Taylor see things take a deeper dive into the night time vibe, twisting sounds around relentless basslines in formidable style. The album closes on another high, with brilliant arrangements from both Cylon & KIM, complimenting the excesses of the beginning of the album. Full circle. The artistry and imagination shown by all the acts involved in the creation of MANANA’S BANANAS is testament to the continuing drive towards musical psy-trance perfection that Kundalini’s parties and now its studio releases embody. :: ORDER your copy today :: | PsyShop | | Beatspace | | Amazon | | Beatport | | Juno Download | | Trackitdown | CD TRACK LISTING: Hear samples @ Kundalini Soundcloud 1.Tron vs Glitch- PD 2.Earthspace - Unreality 3.2012 - Addo's Gate 4.Endeavour vs Breathead - Mad Connection 5.Andy Mason - Which World 6.Aphid Moon - Trapezium 7.Paul Taylor - No Turning Back 8.Cylon - Hard to Handle 9.K.i.M - Bumble Related Links Kundalini | Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Andy Mason | Facebook | Triskele Management | Website | Facebook | ***************************** *LOOKING TO REACH MORE PPL with your releases ?? Interested in a Marketing & PR Campaign for YOUR label or event? Contact Robin.at.triskelemanagement.com for a discussion and a quote for a campaign tailored to YOUR needs. For statistics and previous references please see http://www.triskelemanagement.com/triskele_promo.html Want to get all new HOT MUSIC releases and Music event & Festival infos into YOUR inbox? Join here :: http://www.triskele-trance.com/subscribe.html Including FRESH NEW ...CONTESTS : INTERVIEWS : MONTHLY FREE DOWNLOADS : DISCOUNT FESTIVAL & EVENT TIX : Chances to win FREE CDs : Fresh New Artists find of the month !! Available ONLY to Triskele Subscribers !!
  8. ELEA - STRATOSPHERE (Space Teepee Music) OUT NOW !!!!! To see full release info as a webpage see http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/elea/elea.html ELEA presents its 5th album ... «Exploring Stratosphere»… From Progressive to Psytrance... «Exploring Stratosphere» is a luminous, powerful voyage inside the celestial world of ELEA. Warm and forceful, these new tracks develop the recognizable sound of the duo, as mystic as it is psychedelic. Excelling at bringing a dance floor to stand up and explode, ELEA signs an opus that will uplift people at the sound of the deep strong programming of Swann, the cosmic pilot, and the transcendental voice of Ely Goa, the sidereal diva… ELEA is already back in studio, recordind the 6th one, which will be chill ambient, along with artists such as Bahramji, Hideyo Blackmoon, Cell, Isaak Hypnotizer, Sangit Sirus and Ismaël Diallo... ELEA's music has already been released and worldwide distributed in physical by Arabesque Distribution London and in digital by Ingrooves San Francisco on 5 albums, 4 maxi vinyls, 10 EP's and more than 50 compilations. To be explored… :: ORDER your copy today @ ELEA BANDCAMP :: http://spacetepeemusic.bandcamp.com/album/exploring-stratosphere CD TRACK LISTING: click for samples - http://spacetepeemusic.bandcamp.com/album/exploring-stratosphere 1. Exploring Stratosphere 2. Tayatha 3. Blue Moon 4. Garudah 5. Astrokarma 6. Om Shanti 7. Surya Namaskar 8. Sagittarius A 9. Cosmosurfing Watch ELEA Movies of performances @ ELEA YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/eleamusic Related Links ELEA | Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Space Tepee Music | Website | Bandcamp | Triskele Management | Website | Facebook | ***************************** *LOOKING TO REACH MORE PPL with your releases ?? Interested in a Marketing & PR Campaign for YOUR label or event? Contact Robin.at.triskelemanagement.com for a discussion and a quote for a campaign tailored to YOUR needs. For statistics and previous references please see http://www.triskelemanagement.com/triskele_promo.html Want to get all new HOT MUSIC releases and Music event & Festival infos into YOUR inbox? Join here :: http://www.triskele-trance.com/subscribe.html Including FRESH NEW ...CONTESTS : INTERVIEWS : MONTHLY FREE DOWNLOADS : DISCOUNT FESTIVAL & EVENT TIX : Chances to win FREE CDs : Fresh New Artists find of the month !! Available ONLY to Triskele Subscribers !!
  9. ENOCH PRUSAK - the way I see (Digital Duvet) OUT NOW !!!!! To see full release info as a webpage see http://triskelemanagement.com/promotion/enochprusak/release-enoch.html This is the debut album from Enoch Prusak. Enoch Prusak is Charles Massey's (Perpetual Loop) ambient project, producing tracks of synthetic chillness with a cinematic twist, for mornings, summer afternoons, and late chilled nights. About Enoch Prusak... Enoch would say: “This, my first album, is an accumulation of moments, feelings and ideas. The tracks here express the calm and peacefulness I try and find in this otherwise mad and hectic place we all live in. The music here is synthetic and edgy, but with a soul and warmth; cinematic in places, lonely in others. I hope you enjoy what you hear.” Charles Massey (Perpetual Loop, Grebeau), is already a successful musician, sound engineer, producer and record label owner. Influences for this work come from Jon Hopkin, Ulrich Schnauss, Vangelis, and many more, but is also very unique in its own right. About Digital Duvet... Digital Duvet is an open minded label releasing good, creative electronic music. It's focus is introducing music that opens up new ways and directions by new and exciting artists that currently exist on the sonic landscape. Music is to listen too, relax too, chill out too and appreciate.[/b] :: GET YOURS NOW :: Limited edition CD release, containing two additional tracks and lovingly created into a digipak The album is available now on | Bandcamp | & | Amazon | Tracklist ** To hear samples see : http://enochprusak.bandcamp.com/album/the-way-i-see ** Tracks 5 and 9 are only available on the CD 1. Into the light 2. Prism Down 3. Infinitium 4. Sleep 5. Deep Breath 6. Iciles 7. Unnatural Movement 8. Binary Climb 9. Reach the Closed Inside 10. These Stars we Collide Watch video of 'These Stars we Collide' Listen and Leave Feedback https://soundcloud.com/enochprusak/enoch-prusak-the-way-i-see Related Links Enoch Prusak | Website : http://www.enochprusak.co.uk | Digital Duvet | Website : http://www.digitalduvet.co.uk | Triskele Management | Website | Facebook | ***************************** Want to get all new HOT MUSIC releases and Music event & Festival infos in FACEBOOK ? http://www.facebook.com/triskelemanagement.com OR direct to YOUR inbox? Join here :: http://www.triskele-trance.com/subscribe.html Including FRESH NEW ..Contests : Interviews : FREE downloads : Discount ( or FREE) Festival and Event Tix : Chances to win FREE CDs : Fresh New Artists find of the month !! Available ONLY to Triskele Subscribers !!
  10. Im sorry but can some moderator help me edit the title... the dates are 24-26 May, I cant seem to edit title ... thank you xxx
  11. SONICA FESTIVAL APRIL UPDATE / NEWS To see the newsletter online as a webpage see :: http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/sonica/sonicamail2.html :: News in this edition :: Phase one 55eu Pre-Sales end 5th MAY ! Environmental : SONICA GOES OFF THE GRID ! Lineup is closed : Apply to participate in the Sonica Art Lab H.E.ART Deco & Structures GET YOUR 55eu PRE-SALE TICKETS - ONLY until 5 May The first phase of pre-sale tickets will soon be coming to a close on 5 May. There were a total of 1000 early-bird tickets available, and we seem to be doing pretty well, which means that NOW is the time for you to get yours! Read More :http://www.sonica-dance-festival.eu/content.php?page=tickets/customerlogin Environmental Strategy: Sonica goes off the grid ! Sonica 2013 will be different from any other edition this year as we launch our environmental strategy that takes the entire festival off the grid! We hope that this will inspire many hearts, minds and souls as we pay our respects to Gaia and help to transform the spirit of the global gathering! The entire festival will be powered by eco-energy, with electricty that will be generated by wind and solar technology. The festival is located in the wind turbine park of Albanella, southern Italy; providing us with 1000kw of wind and 300kw of solar energy. It's a revelation - so please join us for an extra special celebration! http://www.sonica-dance-festival.eu/cmscontent.php?page=project Applications for the Line-up We have had the most wonderful response from awesome artists across the world who would love to be involved with Sonica. It's great to see that there are so many talented people everywhere – this is our tribe, and this is what unites us – our love for art, music and all things vibrant! In light of this overwhelming response from artists, applications for the line-up of this year's Sonica are now closed. We have finalised artists for all stages and areas, including: Lunar, Gaia and Solaris stages. If you would still like to be involved with the Sonica vibe, then please get in touch with the Sonica Art Lab.. Sonica Art Lab http://www.sonica-dance-festival.eu/cmscontent.php?page=art-lab This is our exciting new baby. We're currently in the process of creating an inspiring platform for talented visual, musical and performance artists on our website. Information about your art will be featured on the Sonica website with links to all your FB, myspace, soundcloud pages, websites and other channels of communication. Please get in touch with your portfolio, details and links to your work by sending an email to: art-lab@sonica-dance-festival.eu H.E.ART An exceptional addition to this year's Sonica is the presentation of our Healing, Ecology, Art and Cultural Village! This is the place for decompressing, energising and igniting our mental, physical and spiritual energies. From conferences on sustainability to lectures, debates and roundtable discussions on renewable energy sources, critical climate change and laboratories on re-design: expect to encounter some of the most inspiring global voices as they converge here to share their knowledge. Activism is the theme as we all learn from each other to become eco-warriors in our own right - and as we continue to help raise the necessary awareness in respect of Gaia. Find out more about H.E.ART here D-ECO & STRUCTURES SONICA SOLARIS STAGE ... PRESENTS SOLAR DELIRIA - THE PHOTOSYNTHESIS TEMPLE Photosynthesis is a chemical process that converts carbon dioxide into organic compounds, especially sugars using the energy from the sun. It is vital for all aerobic life on Earth. In addition to maintaining normal levels of oxygen in the atmosphere. photosynthesis is the source of energy for nearly all life on earth, either directly, through primary production, or indirectly, as the ultimate source of the energy in their food. We intend to transform the entire dance floor area into a Temple structure honouring the great alchemic process of Photosynthesis... Check more about it here ! In this post 2012 world, we are already riding the waves of transformation as the tribes come together to manifest the change that we want to BE. Join us for this very special celebration at Sonica as we converge as activists to learn and love together and from each other. See you on the dance floor! With love, light, gratitude, respect The Sonica Team
  12. SONICA FESTIVAL POWERSTOCK EDITION 1-5 AUGUST 2013 Albanella Aeolian Park (SA) South Italy View this online :: http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/sonica/sonicamail1.html Welcome all to Sonica powerstock edition Welcome all to Sonica powerstock edition, the total green fueled festival dedicated to Planet Earth, taking place in south italy from the 1st to the 5th of next August 2013. Sonica is an environmental friendly event, lasting 4 nights and 5 days and the only one in Europe to be totally powered by green energies through the use of solar panels and aeolian blades. After the previous 5 editions held between 2005 and 2011, Sonica is keeping is magic with the next Powerstock edition, delivering you a new multicultural experience through music, art and peace in another special venue located in the south of Italy. At only100Km by Naples, within a 30hectares Aeolian Park located on top of an hill, close to the village of Albanella, surrounded by mountains and looking at sea just 15km far away, we'll celebrate the new era in this magnetic area, where holy rituals were practiced centuries ago by the ancient pagan culture for energy renewal. The wind power, daily collected by aeolian blades now present on the spot, will allow us to realize our eco-acoustic spacey show without polluting the environment with gas and noisy emissions by using typical electric generators. Location and its surroundings are happy to guest for the first time Sonica festival and its colored international crowd with aim to promote local traditions and typical products and offering you a true experience with the sparkling South-Italy, the land of the early latin culture, where you can also have chance to visit amazing historical sites to complete your holidays. Sonica - contemporary music, art and culture will feature: * 3 stages * visual projection and multidimensional video mapping technologies * performing arts, decorations, installations, paintings and exhibitions * healing & workshops * artesanal market * international and local food * eco-sustainability and tribal culture For more :: WWW.SONICA-DANCE-FESTIVAL.EU SONICA TICKETS Tickets will be on sale form beginning of March 2013 throughout Sonica new website and preseller network. Check the website to locate your closer preseller. To buy a Sonica E-ticket you'll have to login to the website and provide a valid e-mail address to receive Sonica confirmation reply with your alphanumeric ticket-code. Sonica e-ticket sale is made using PayPal secure site. Your Sonica e-ticket will be printable and always readable in the body of your "html" or "rich text" format email. No paper-tickets will be sent to the purchasers. Before to leave for your holiday just remember to print your ticket and show it at the entrance gate together with your passport to get your Festival full-pass. Pre-Sale Tickets will be available till July the 10th 2013 with different ranges of prices. After this date, tickets will be only available at the SONICA gate at a much higher value. Ticket Presale - Phases and Prices: * 1st phase (March 9th - May 5th): 55€ + paypal fee * 2nd phase (May 6th - July 10th): 75€ + paypal fee WWW.SONICA-DANCE-FESTIVAL.EU .................................................................... WANT TO RECEIVE NOTICIES OF ALL THE HOTTEST RELEASES AND EVENTS IN YOUR INBOX? Please subscribe to our new mailinglist to keep recieving these mails: http://www.triskele-trance.com/subscribe.html Prefer it ONLY in FACEBOOK ?? www.facebook.com/triskelemanagement *Interested in a Marketing & PR Campaign for YOUR label or event? Contact Robin@triskelemanagement.com for a discussion and a quote for a campaign tailored to YOUR needs. For statistics and previous references please see http://www.triskelemanagement.com/triskele_promo.html
  13. Alfios River Festival, Vortex Trance Adventures & Amorphia presents FREE EARTH FESTIVAL - 20 - 23 June 2013 : A Summer Solstice Dream Olympia Land (Arethousa Camping) Ancient Olympia - Peloponese - Greece To see the newsletter online as a webpage see :: http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/freeearth/event-freeearth.html On A Night Of The Year You Can Touch The Magic & Be The Dream ... Featuring 20 International& 50 Greek Artists on 2 stages !!! 7 Days of Camping by Alfios River and 15 minutes from Kaiafas, Zacharo & Samiko Beach Free Earth is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor party scene. A new family gathering at an amazing camping river beach location in Greece! WEBSITE OFFICIAL IS ONLINE!!! http://www.free-earth-festival.com ARTISTS MAIN STAGE AJJA - ANTONIO vs MAN IN FEST - AUDIOFORM - ASIMILON - ATRIOHM BALLIOU - BRAINCELL - CONFO - DARK ELF - DENDROBATES - DJANE ZOI DOC - DR SAMMY - DRURY NEVIL - EARTHLING - EL MAHICO - FULL FACE ENCEPHALOPATICYS - GALACTIC EXPLORERS - GIUSEPPE - GRAIN FUNGUS JORDAN - ISI & NIKOS FIGMENT - KOSTAS PSYTRIBE - KOXBOX - KULU LOCO PONE - MARTIAN ARTS - MINDPHASER - NIKOS LL - ORDO AB CHAO PAUL KARMA - P_MAC - PSYCHOSON - PSYMMETRIX - RASTALIENS SENSIENT - SOFIA X - SONER - SPIROS WOM - STYX - SOTOKKAN TALAMASCA - TIM DUSTER - TRANSWAVE - TRISTAN - TROMO - UNDERVERSE U-RECKEN - ZEN MECHANICS - ZOOLOG - Z-CAT Visual Arts by the Master: El Geko (Optical Matrix - AU) ALTERNATIVE STAGE AENEAS - AMBIENT TERRORISTS - ARGY ECHOSENSE - AURA - C.OP - CYBER HIPPIE DAOINE SIDHE - EXOSOMATIKA - FANIS SSW - FISHIMSELF - FOR3ST - I.MIKE ISIDORA ISIS - JUNIOR X - MANOLIS Z (GR) - MICROSTATIC - MR GOBLIN - NICK MAZE NICK PALL - ODIOLAB - OPTIMUS - QSES GEORGE - PSYDSTEP - PURA - SATNAPAR SONIC BLASTER - SOTOKKAN - SPIRITUAL SILENCE - STANGER TASOS - STAVROS TAOR - THE MIRROR - TRITOSTEP - WAR AKA HAN SOLO THE VENUE… Olympia Land (Arethousa Camping) - Ancient Olympia - Peloponese - Greece The Home of Alfios River Festival, is now also the home of Free Earth Festival! A camping so different from all others! You can relax with your friends, hang out in your tent, always next to the amazingly wide Alfios River and 15 minutes from Kaiafas, Zacharo & Samiko Beach. While you here, you can enjoy some delicious food and extreme sports! Many facilities, excursions, and activities are available onsite!!! Things u cant find in the cities or in any other camping location in Greece! A beautiful Private forested River Party Sanctuary giving us a magical party space, perfect for multiple days of psychedelic adventure. It exudes harmony, beauty & peace and has the magic of trees, hidden forest beings & the mysteries of the ancient Alfios River and Kaiafas, Zacharo & Samiko Beach. Camping area will be open from 19 - 25 of June. Nearby International Airport is Athens for those who need to fly to Greece and the Port is Patra for those who come from Italy by boat. Shuttle Buses will be available from the Athens & Thessaloniki airports straight to the festival. Fro Athens (3h drive away) and From Port is Patra (1h away). More directions to follow, check website for google maps 7 Days of Camping by Alfios River and 15 minutes from Kaiafas, Zacharo & Samiko Beach Venue Pics:?http://www.free-earth-festival.com/location/olympia-land-gallery Activities Pics:?http://www.free-earth-festival.com/location/activities * 4 Days Festival * Unique Nature + Top international & Greek artists? + Amazing decorations by Vortex Trance Adventures & much more? + State of the art sound system to blow you away? + Spectacular lights and visuals? + Secluded camping venue with magical forest, river and 15min from beach!? + Walkway through forest & big open spaces by the river beach? + Extreme Sports & Activities (Rafting, Hydrospeed, Swimming, Mountain Bike, Trekking, Climbing and more!)? + Show dancers and festival entertainers? + International Market area? + Build Restaurant with Greek & International delicacies (space for 200 sitting people)? + Shaded camping zones & Parking at your tent for campers?+ Accommodation available in area? + Build Toilets & Showers, 24h maintainance?+ Friendly security for your safety + 24 hour first aid? + Bus Festival Transport From Athens & Thessaloniki (Centre & Airports) THE TICKETS Early Bird : 40 € until Feb 16 ended? Period 1 : 50 € until March 17 sold out? Period 2 : 65 € until May 18 now selling? Period 3 : 80 € until June 17 Gate price: TBA Presale tickets Available now for 65 euro only! International Online Sales HADRA? http://www.free-earth-festival.com/tickets/online-sales-world.html Greece Online Sales AMORPHIA & AKIDA? http://www.psyparty.gr/amorphia-shop/tickets/festival-tickets/free-earth-festival-2013.html?(Tmolou str 22 - 24, Byronas, Athens, Tel:+306980041483) Presale Points in Greece & Worldwide? http://www.free-earth-festival.com/tickets/local-ambassadors.html FACEBOOK OFFICIAL:?http://www.facebook.com/freeearthfestival WEBSITE OFFICIAL IS ONLINE!!!? http://www.free-earth-festival.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ WANT TO RECEIVE NOTICES OF ALL THE HOTTEST RELEASES AND EVENTS IN YOUR INBOX? 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  14. Kaliedoscope presents REFRESH 24-26 May, 2013 Ukraine, forest near Kiev Facebook Event Page :: https://www.facebook.com/events/501980679862486 ARTISTS ------------ MAIN FLOOR :: LIVE ACTS ------------ LOGIC BOMB old and new TIP world, Solstice // Sweden HUTTI HEITA Yggdrasil // Norway IGOR SWAMP Hippie Killer // Finland KANKA Yggdrasil - Moon Koradji // Norway LOKE Yggdrasil - Sanaton // Norway MOLCHUN Sonic Chakras - Moon Koradji // Russia MULLET MOHAWK Trance Bum Prod - Hippie Killer // Finland SALAKAVALA Hippie Killer // Finland SCOOTER BABA Antiscarp - Hippie Killer // Finland ------------ MAIN FLOOR :: DJs ------------ COSMONAUT :: Boolenath Connection / Boyarka ISOTOP :: Boolenath Connection / Kiev КОЛЛЕГА ПРУЛЬ :: Green Eye / Kharkiv MAG :: Green Eye / Kiev MANU :: Moon Koradji / Kiev MAX :: Chill Out Planet / St. Petersburg MICHEDELIC :: Psy Quest - Trance Bum / Kiev MULTIZZAVR :: MultiPulti / Chernihiv OMSUN :: Moon Koradji / Kiev PETRIX :: TranceCarpathiArts / Uzhgorod PROZZORA :: Psy Quest / Kharkiv SPUGEUSER :: SpugieBoogie - Trimurti Art Group / Moscow SUNDOZE :: Psy Quest / Kiev TOLLY :: Tokamak / St. Petersburg Day time live performance: PETROVICH BROTHERS DAVIDE SWARUP feat AVI ADIR ------------ ALTERNATIVE FLOOR :: LIVE ACTS ------------ DUBMYDUB Avatar // Kiev DUNAEWSKY69 Horns and Hoofs // Kiev HIMMELKOMPASS Horns and Hoofs // Kiev IRUKANJI Sentimony - Lookinglook // Kiev PSYFACTOR presentation of new album "Retro Scientific" Sentimony - Ajana // Moscow UJIF_NOTFOUND UN // Kiev V4W.ENKO Kvitnu - Nexsound - FF Space // Kiev ------------ ALTERNATIVE FLOOR :: DJs ------------ ADJNA ALIENATIX BINGHI GLEBERS GUNS IQ HOVERFLY MAX МАШШРУМБАСС MITOS vs ZEBAB SEDDLER TROLLZ YZ SHROOMOV ZEA in DUB ----------- DESIGN ----------- Collaboration of masters psychedelic art IHTIANDERSON http://www.ihtianderson.com TROOTOOTOO www.trootootoo.com TRANCECARPATHIARTS CREATIVE MINDS ----------- ENTRANCE ----------- with flyer - 25euro without flyer - 30euro for all international people - 20euro ----------- HOTLINE ----------- +38 (096) 676 97 47 +38 (063) 125 59 90 +38 (063) 335 56 79 info.kaleidoscopie@gmail.com ----------- MORE DETAILS ----------- http://forum.psyshine.org.ua http://www.facebook.com/events/501980679862486 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ WANT TO RECEIVE NOTICES OF ALL THE HOTTEST RELEASES AND EVENTS IN YOUR INBOX? Please subscribe to our new mailinglist to keep recieving these mails: http://www.triskele-trance.com/subscribe.html Prefer it ONLY in FACEBOOK ?? www.facebook.com/triskelemanagement
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