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  1. ORDER ODONATA - Metamorphosis OUT NOW! Dragonfly Records emerges from the cocoon and spreads its wings to fly once more. We are delighted to announce the highly-anticipated relaunch of Dragonfly with the next installment from the seminal Order Odonata compilation series, curated by label manager Robin Triskele and mastered to sonic perfection by Grant Collins (Darshan) @ 4DA Studios 1. Etnica & Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Thunderbolt 2. InnerZone – Unlimited Happiness (303 Mix) 3. Total Eclipse – In Merge With Space 4. Youth - Saturday Night 5. Hautacam - Redshifted 6. Mirson – Islan
  2. Furthur Arena Lineup Video: https://www.facebook.com/furthurprog/videos/1228089150682967 Prism Bar Lineup Video: https://www.facebook.com/prismlondon1000/videos/2556343581047528 Read more about the artists: BETWEEN 2 SPEAKERS interview series https://www.furthurprogressions.com/blog Limited advance tickets available: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1098308 See YOU on the dancefloor
  3. Liquid Sound Design proudly presents YOUTH & GAUDI ‘Astronaut Alchemists’ album launch event 8pm - 12am Friday 7th December London Freshly back from ongoing tours around the globe, we finally pinned down YOUTH & GAUDI in the UK at the same time so we took advantage of that to bring you a very special event. We are also pleased to welcome a very special guest & dub/techno legend: Gabriel Le Mar (Saafi Brothers, GER) and DJ Robin Triskele bringing us an eclectic downbeat dub set All delivered on an impressive high end sound system t
  4. Saafi Brothers 'The Quality Of Being One: Remixes Part 2' Liquid Sound Design Records **Featuring remixes by Gabriel Le Mar, Klopfgeister, Vlastur, Kuba, Koan, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Roeth & Grey, Henning Richter, Erot, Backstage Gurus and by Saafi Brothers. Saafi Brothers music has not only stood the test of time but has elevated itself through the years into unimaginable higher spheres. They walk a deep line between trippy vibes and blissed out beats. The origins of Saafi Brothers are long and storied, their brand of smoky, world-weary ambient dub first arising from the legend
  5. Thanks guys for all your support.... we are very excited about this one. The artwork is done by a long time friend to LSD and many other labels : Design & artwork by Simon Ghahary www.si-gh.com We also released a precursor remix CD to this you may like https://liquidsounddesignuk.bandcamp.com/album/saafi-brothers-the-quality-of-being-one-remixes-part-1-ep and we will be doing another remix album with 8 tracks in the fall so keep your eyes peeled x xx Robin Triskele Label Mgr - Liquid Sound Design Triskele Management
  6. Hi all We we ARE back, now this is our 5th release since last March.... I have become label manager and we have much more exciting things coming this year... to include new albums from : Mixmaster Morris, KUBA, and Brother Culture.... not to mention a few interesting compilations on the way... VA - Society of Inner Light will be out in July, and Im working on a new compilation ... ** Friends of LSD ** if you will, so Im putting artists on the compilation that are not within the LSD family.... its looking pretty wicked so far x Here is a video from our Dub Trees - 'Celtic Vedic' & Puret
  7. VA - MANANA's BANANAS (Kundalini Records) compiled by Andy Mason OUT NOW !!!!! To see full release info as a webpage see http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/kundalini/manana.html Newsflash…Precious Cargo found!! MANANA’S BANANAS New Compilation by Andy Mason, released on Kundalini Records UK, June14th 2013. MANANA’S BANANAS has some of the freshest sounds from around the world, representing new artists alongside established producers, gathered together to recreate the party journey from night time into morning…nine powerful dance floor tunes, compil
  8. ELEA - STRATOSPHERE (Space Teepee Music) OUT NOW !!!!! To see full release info as a webpage see http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/elea/elea.html ELEA presents its 5th album ... «Exploring Stratosphere»… From Progressive to Psytrance... «Exploring Stratosphere» is a luminous, powerful voyage inside the celestial world of ELEA. Warm and forceful, these new tracks develop the recognizable sound of the duo, as mystic as it is psychedelic. Excelling at bringing a dance floor to stand up and explode, ELEA signs an opus that will uplift people at t
  9. ENOCH PRUSAK - the way I see (Digital Duvet) OUT NOW !!!!! To see full release info as a webpage see http://triskelemanagement.com/promotion/enochprusak/release-enoch.html This is the debut album from Enoch Prusak. Enoch Prusak is Charles Massey's (Perpetual Loop) ambient project, producing tracks of synthetic chillness with a cinematic twist, for mornings, summer afternoons, and late chilled nights. About Enoch Prusak... Enoch would say: “This, my first album, is an accumulation of moments, feelings and ideas. The tracks here express the calm and peacefulne
  10. Im sorry but can some moderator help me edit the title... the dates are 24-26 May, I cant seem to edit title ... thank you xxx
  11. SONICA FESTIVAL APRIL UPDATE / NEWS To see the newsletter online as a webpage see :: http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/sonica/sonicamail2.html :: News in this edition :: Phase one 55eu Pre-Sales end 5th MAY ! Environmental : SONICA GOES OFF THE GRID ! Lineup is closed : Apply to participate in the Sonica Art Lab H.E.ART Deco & Structures GET YOUR 55eu PRE-SALE TICKETS - ONLY until 5 May The first phase of pre-sale tickets will soon be coming to a close on 5 May. There were a total of 1000 early-bird tickets available, and we
  12. SONICA FESTIVAL POWERSTOCK EDITION 1-5 AUGUST 2013 Albanella Aeolian Park (SA) South Italy View this online :: http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/sonica/sonicamail1.html Welcome all to Sonica powerstock edition Welcome all to Sonica powerstock edition, the total green fueled festival dedicated to Planet Earth, taking place in south italy from the 1st to the 5th of next August 2013. Sonica is an environmental friendly event, lasting 4 nights and 5 days and the only one in Europe to be totally powered by green energies through the use of solar panels
  13. Alfios River Festival, Vortex Trance Adventures & Amorphia presents FREE EARTH FESTIVAL - 20 - 23 June 2013 : A Summer Solstice Dream Olympia Land (Arethousa Camping) Ancient Olympia - Peloponese - Greece To see the newsletter online as a webpage see :: http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotion/freeearth/event-freeearth.html On A Night Of The Year You Can Touch The Magic & Be The Dream ... Featuring 20 International& 50 Greek Artists on 2 stages !!! 7 Days of Camping by Alfios River and 15 minutes from Kaiafas, Zacharo & Samiko Beach Free Earth is
  14. Kaliedoscope presents REFRESH 24-26 May, 2013 Ukraine, forest near Kiev Facebook Event Page :: https://www.facebook.com/events/501980679862486 ARTISTS ------------ MAIN FLOOR :: LIVE ACTS ------------ LOGIC BOMB old and new TIP world, Solstice // Sweden HUTTI HEITA Yggdrasil // Norway IGOR SWAMP Hippie Killer // Finland KANKA Yggdrasil - Moon Koradji // Norway LOKE Yggdrasil - Sanaton // Norway MOLCHUN Sonic Chakras - Moon Koradji // Russia MULLET MOHAWK Trance Bum Prod - Hippie Killer // Finland
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