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  1. Goa Galaxy presents: "GOAGRAPHIA 4" An invitation "Cronomi Records" gladly accepts in order to also promote our latest release: "Artha - Dream Telepathy". https://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/dream-telepathy The 4th edition of the ultimate Goa Trance & Uplifting Trance party! Let’s celebrate Goa Galaxy’s 9th and label owner GOAdelic’s 33rd birthday! The special guest from Belgium with triple set, for the first time in Bulgaria: DJ INADA (Cronomi Records) - a geographer, goatrancer and label manager http://www.cronomi.com/ https://www.facebook.com/InadaOfficial https://soundcloud.com/dj_inada + ARTHA (Cronomi Records) - special set by DJ Inada https://soundcloud.com/artha_pl http://psytrance.pl/artistpl.php?title=artha The Goa Galaxy team: OGO https://soundcloud.com/ogo Negada https://www.mixcloud.com/Negada Slimec https://www.mixcloud.com/sleamec Entrance: 10 leva Doors open: 22:00 18+
  2. - SHANGO (quant’om process/ psyprog) Il est le projet parallèle dédié à la psyprog et la full on psy de Dj Orysha, préparez vous car il vous prépare une selection des plus pointus à base de hits du genre mais aussi d une flopée de tracks encore jamais sortis ….warm up haut en couleurs !!! - ILLEGAL MACHINES (BOM SHANKA /psykedelik) Plus besoin de présenter ce vétéran de la scène psytrance underground ,il a collaboré avec parasense, psymmetrix, ajja, total eclipse, c est un master du genre qui nous fait l honneur de sa présence juste avant son départ pour sa tournée en inde et à goa …..top exclu!!! et en avant première toutes ses nouvelles créations encore toutes chaudes du studios pour vous faire jumper . Extended live act !!!!! https://soundcloud.com/illegalmachines - WOODWARDEN (OVNI rds/ psykedelik) jeune duo de passionnés originaires du sud de la france , les woodwarden viennent de signer chez OVNI records . Au menu de la psyché super énergique , dancefloor, des compos à couper au couteau.. Ce projet va devenir un des incontournables de la scène psyké , croyez nous ! Ils viennent de remporter le « Psymind contest », on les verra donc enflammer « les docks dus sud « à Marseille en compagnie des plus grands.. A venir un track pour la dernière compil « world people » et pleins de collaborations en cours….Ca va swinguer !!!!!! - ORYSHA (Quant’om process/ Nun shaker records) Pour clôturer la soirée , Orysha aux commandes pour un set psykedelik des plus dancefloor , pas de place pour l ennui avec lui , full powa from start to end , avec au menu quelques exclus toutes fraiches et des morceaux unreleased pour vous enflammer l officine …… https://soundcloud.com/orysha-dj Ouverture des portes 23h30 Paf 5€ avant 1h00, 10€ ensuite - Vestiaire obligatoire : 2€ L'Officine, 11 rue de la grande truanderie - M° Etienne Marcel, RER Les Halles FB PAGE https://www.facebook.com/events/1135245633239951/
  3. Elios


    Artist: Astropilot Album: Iriy Label: Altar Records Genre: Progressive Psy-chill, Psy-chill, Downtempo, Ambiant 1.Gamayun – 11:35 2.The last nigth of Svarog – 11:29 3.Svarog's Morning – 9:27 4.Rod – 9:31 5.Makosh – 7:19 6.Svar-ga – 8:27 7.Veda (feat. Mikrokosmos) – 10:16 8.Back to Midgard-Earth – 12:56 Each time that I listen to a new Astropilot album, I always have the same reaction: ''Cheezzz … I did not know that he could create this kind of music.'' Album after album, Astropilot offers new unexpected ambiance in completely different universes. For me, he is one of the most diversified and original psychill artists. It is really hard to define Astropilot's genre. Offering a collection of tracks in which we find much space, and ambiance as deep shamanic trance tunes, not to mention a whole bunch of progressive and fast 4/4 kick structure tracks. Each album allows us to see a new surprising face from this artist. With ''Iriy'', it is in a deep trance adventure that we are invited. Each track proposes profound bass lines and groovy 4/4 kicks. It is dancy, but so floaty at the same time. Really intense, but smoochy on the other hand. The sound and the bass hits you in the chest while the shining melody opens your mouth and shows your teeth; a continuous presence of background choir, thus giving a heavenly feeling while keeping moving vibration. Overhall, each track proposes complex progressive structure that develops surprinsingly. As a dj, this album is becoming one of my masterpieces when I mix a deep trance set. Follow Iriy and enter in the dance with your heart opened and your eyes closed! ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: – Gamayun – ''Gamayun'' opens the album really well. Three minutes of etherical and spacy introduction, offered within deep seated vibration. Slowly, the kick shows its nose in natural continuity with the begining. At six minutes everything begins … 4/4 beat structure, smooth background of airy voices and simple melody … beautiful progression. – The Last Night of Svarog – In an intimate ambiance, a track that develops in a pure simplicity. Everything moves, progresses, changes, but at the same time still in the same universe. A surprising deep track that brings you close to the dream. – Svarog's Morning – If the last tune prepared the listener to visit Morpheus, ''Svarog's Morning'' unfolds the daylight. Crystalline sounds intertwined with etherical and shining melody that has chapters of variety and flows well from segment to segment with good development. – Rod -- ''Rod'' is a hypnotical track that develops slowly a gentle melody. In the middle, a crash … everything collapses, to rebirth from the ashes. Heavenly choir accompagnies the journey of the simple but efficient notes. – Makosh – Such a beautiful track... No kick, no dancefloor. Beautiful introdution that recalls the crystaline universe of Icelandic musicians Bjork in her ''Vespertine'' period, Sigur Ros or even Jonsi. Soft bass line appears, you close your eyes and let yourself go in this introspective starlit universe. – Svar-ga – Celestial chants, sparkling sounds, rolling double kick… there we go! Complex tune with multi-layered spectra of warm bass and kick, micro-melodies and tonal motifs enveloped by organic rhythms and divine choir. The best track of the album. – Veda – This track compliments the album's cohesive feel. Less dancy, but still really grounded in a warm bass spectrum. This tune develops unexpected chapters of melody, bringing delicate lines of organic instruments with shining electronic texture. – Back to Midgard – The last track, the last moment to dance. ''Back to Midgard'' surrounds the listener in a deep groovy double kick intertwined with heavenly textures. It is a non-stop building of harmonic soundcape that brings the dance floor in a beautiful daydreaming! You can buy and listen to samples at: Altar Records: http://www.altar-records.com/Iriy.html BandCamp :http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/iriy YouTube links : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsjfERMv9Io&feature=player_embedded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlmK-sFzewU
  4. The legendary duo from Russia – Manifold – is back after 7 years of silence with an awesome album “Digital Sun”. The project was founded in 2003 by Edward Cybered soundcloud.com/cybered and Alexander Sulima soundcloud.com/sulima-alex . Unmistakable psychedelic trance for the prime time of the main dancefloors is ready to make you dance. The album consists of eight tracks – some of them you may heard on a different compilation but now all of them are totally reworked and remastered specially for this release. Powerful basslines, complex production and rich textures are filing every track in this album. Mastered by Edward Cybered at manifold-studio.com/eng/ Manifold Studio. The image is made by Beeble (Mike Winkelmann) www.behance.net/beeple Tracklist: 1.Manifold - The Wolf (Part II) 2.Manifold - What Time Is Love (2016 Edition) 3.Manifold - F-five 4.Manifold - Hated 5.Manifold - Voinamirov (Ektoplazm Edition) 6.Manifold & Dissociactive - Mara (RNKH 2016 edit) 7.Manifold - Faces (Ektoplazm Edition) 8.Manifold - Links234 (Ektoplazm Edition) Download
  5. well, there is not much more to say. coould you guys recommend some quality books about trance in general? would very much like to read about the evolution of the different styles before reaching some sort of proto-trance/proto-goa is there any book like that?
  6. OUT NOW! Download/support this release: http://www.neogoa.net/new-psysutra-out-now/ After the release of his debut album 'Gamma Phoenicis' on Cronomi Records, back in 2014, polish Goa trance producer Łukasz Wiącek will release his new material on Neogoa Records through 4-track release entitled 'Nebulla Cebulla'. It will feature two unreleased tracks, remix of Artha's Insidelamp track and Red Sun Rising remix of Air Trance Corporation. More about this release will be posted in the upcoming weeks, including the release date, tracklist, samples, artwork and all other details. Tracklist: 01 - PsySutra - Infinnitus Anniversarius 02 - PsySutra - Semper Fi 03 - Artha - Insidelamp (PsySutra Remix) 04 - PsySutra - Air Trance Corporation (Red Sun Rising Remix) Written and produced by Łukasz Wiącek (track: 1,2 and 4) ‘Insidelamp’ written and produced by Michał Bączek, remixed by Łukasz Wiącek ‘Air Trance Corporation’ remixed by Michał Niecikowski Artwork design by Ivan Parić (Richpa) @ Neogoa Design Mastering by Igor Čeranć (Deimos) @ Deimos Soundlabs Samples: Teaser video: First track: More PsySutra @: www.neogoa.net/psysutra www.facebook.com/psysutra604 @psysutra www.mixcloud.com/psysutra More Neogoa Records @: www.neogoa.net www.facebook.com/neogoarecords @neogoarecords www.twitter.com/neogoarecords www.youtube.com/c/neogoarecords www.instagram.com/neogoarecords
  7. For the fans of melodic goa trance! Created especially for the Gaëtane, the Lunar Sunrise elven queen, this set is a trip packed with melodies, fairy dust, long entrancing breaks, shout-inducing euphoric passages, blissfull sunshine and a trancy finnish. Let's flutter and dance. This set was played on the 3th of december 2016 at our party Lunar Sunrise 2: --The Rise of the Wicked Elves--, after a great live perfomance by Skarma and before the classic trance closing set by dj Anoebis. Tracklist: Crossing Mind - Life Forms Nova Fractal - Trough Our Senses Hunab Ku - Children of the stones Binary Bliss - Testosheron RA & Menkalian - 12th Hour Morphem - Hypnotone (rebuild by Cydonia) SFX - Y-Salem Union Jack - Red Herring Innerzone Feat. Judaika - Camel E-Mantra - Distant Signals (Artifact303 Remix) Crossing Mind - Hydrophobic Visions (E-Mantra Remix) Centavra Project - Space Flight Imba - Cosmos In Her Eyes Xervana - No Real Ones Transwave - Land of Freedom Timofey - Black Swan Lydia DeLay - After All (Imba remix) Deep Blue - Water Skazka - Happiness Astral projection - Axis V0.99 Xervana - Behind the Hidden
  8. TOLTEK http://morphonic-records.com/artist-dj-toltek-huicholity-live-4.html NADESHIKO http://morphonic-records.com/artist-nadeshiko-27.html PSYKELO http://bhooteshwara.com/artist/psykelo/ https://www.mixcloud.com/psykelo/ Décoration par Artemusss Entrée sur donation mini 5€ pour la sortie du prochain EP du label Vestiare obligatoire, 2€ L'Officine, 11 rue de la grandeTruanderie 75001 Paris M° Etiene Marcel - Rer Les Halles
  9. New Psychedelic Trance Track uploaded - Desert is Calling Shanti, Ananda
  10. Return to the Source ACTS PRANA MIRANDA UBAR TMAR TANDU/OFORIA NEW BORN (Cronomi Records) SHIDAPU DJ's dj Inada tribute set to ARTHA (Cronomi Records) -> SAMPLES NEW ALBUM https://soundcloud.com/cronomirecord...ream-telepathy https://soundcloud.com/dj_inada Laughing Skull Shibush Qlipadelic YMD Wizard Project
  11. FB PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/events/879166202220099/ Psykedream & La Connec'son presentent : Error 404 Not Found : ... Suite à un bug de type "Blue Screen of the Death" l'équipe de la Psykedream passe de l'ecran à la realité. Accompagné par les accolytes de La Connec'son, ils se presentent à vous sur 2 scènes differentes ! L'une sera résolument Psychedelique , tandis que la seconde sera plus axé sur le Hip-Hop / Dub et Ambiant-Techno. ***Un concours vous est proposé dans les discussions. *** ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Line-Up Psy-Floor by Psykedream : ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► FX23 (ADN - Art et Distorsions Numériques) ♫ LIVE Psy / Hitech ••• https://soundcloud.com/fx23••• ► Virtual Dreamer (Psykedream - la Connec'Son - Padang Records) ♫ LIVE Hybrid Dark prog ••• https://soundcloud.com/virtualdreamer••• ► Toxy'Cue (Psykedream - Euphorik - Morphonic Records - Aya Atma) ♫ LIVE Forest ••• https://soundcloud.com/toxycue••• ► Goofie (Psykedream) ♪♪ Dj Set Dark Techno / Dark Prog ••• https://soundcloud.com/djgoofie••• ► Tripo (Psykedream) ♪♪ Dj Set Darkpsy / Forest ••• https://soundcloud.com/tripoo••• ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Line-Up Alternativ' Floor by La Connec'Son : ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Showcase Hip-Hop | La Connec’son ► Madafaka Dub (Inde) ♫ LIVE Electro Dub ••• https://soundcloud.com/mada-faka-2••• ► Version Bizar (Psykedream / Padang Records / Elixion Records) ♪♪ LIVE Zenon ••• https://soundcloud.com/versionbizar••• ► Skydub and Original G (La Connec’son) ♪♪ Dj Set Spiritual Dub ••• https://soundcloud.com/skydub-1••• ► Ambient Techno / Progressive Minimale Session | (La Connec’son) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Autres Artistes : ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Danse ==> Slow https://www.facebook.com/slowdanseuse/?fref=ts Deco ==> ArtéMusS "By Wazacrew Fly ==> Jib'n'Jok Photo ==> Julio Photos ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Informations Complémentaires : ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ••• Bar ••• Vestiaire Obligatoire : 2€ ••• PAF : Sur Donation à partir de 5€. ••• Acces : L'Officine 2.0 11 rue de la Grande Truanderie, 75001 Paris Métro: Etienne Marcel / Chatelet ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Partenaires : ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Studio Tattooin Beat Euphorik Sound System Mouvement Libre Elixion Records Happy Face Event - HFE AzTechno Project Moon Illusion Sonore Morphonic Records
  12. Artist: Various Title: High Times Deep Psychedelic Diving Part 2 Label: ID & T Music Germany Date: 1998 *Not doing a track list cause there's too many and I need to poop.* "Omigod! Did I get any on me? Oh Jesus I think I did. AAAAAHHHHH....I can't get the taste out of my mouth!" Ugh. You definitely don't want to get any of this first disc on you. Not even Tide with Febreeze would get this out. Good news...there are a lot of styles to be found on the first disc of the compilation. Bad news...doesn't mean a damn thing when most of them are executed this poorly. Picture leaving the club with three women. Sounds like a good time until it's revealed that you hooked 2 sleestacks and Olive Oil. And yes I linked a pic of what a sleestack is. Square Dream has some nice acid 303 spark, but if I have to wade through the shallow end of the gene pool to hear it I'm not interested. If my words mean nothing, then perhaps this image will explain things better. Not only never ending running, but running up steps with stunted Italian plumber legs. So after classifying the first disc as pure coaster material I had little hope that the second one would be worth a damn. And it's a lot better. But let's be honest a frisbee with a pizza slice missing would be more useful. Oforia's Why Not On Mars? and Mutate and Survive by Somaton stick out, but Space Angel by Subcouds isn't bad either. But you already have those so this is as necessary as Grandma Myrtle's extra pinky. Seriously grandma, WTF? Discogs often overestimates the worth of some albums and compilations, but man sometimes they hit the nail right on the head. Paying more than the cost of a happy meal for this will leave a bad taste in your mouth.
  13. Artist: Various Title: Trancemission To Andromeda (The Sound of the Future and Now) Label: Hypnotic Date: 1996 1. Omniglobe - Mental Fragment (Mindout Mix) 2. Source T-10 - Nightmission 3. Lo Budget - I Wanna Be A Cloud 4. Propulsion iP - Control Your Body 5. Source T-10 - Emotion 6. Omniglobe - Happy Pill Anthem (Hysteria Mix) 7. Memorizer - Memory 8. L'Avenue - Sonic Revolution (Trance Mix) 9. Pure Tribal - Feel Alright 10. Utasia - Stratosphere 11. Warp 69 - Power of Yoga I was recently sent files of a bunch of older trance albums by someone and they thought that I might like to review them. First off I once again neglected to mention my fee. So...that brings my total review earnings to zero. Second, I'm not sure if that person actually likes me because this album was like handing a hamburger coated in blood to a vegetarian. See, bacon is delicious. Nope, nope...no take backs! You eat dead animals! This "trance" music is terrible. It's a mix of styles that sounds like the artists went nuts with the presets and patterns right out of the box. If you plan on reaching Andromeda you probably need to get off the ground first. Houston we have a problem and part of it is happy hardcore. Believe me when I tell you the eyerolls were out in full force. Normally I put the artist names in bold so they can stand out a bit. Uh-uh. Not gonna do it.
  14. (note: there is very little psychedelic trance on here, but there is indeed some....) [::::download::::] Genre: Psychedelic / Lullaby / Grebo / Industrial / Pop / Trance / Hip Hop / Post-Rock (82min/320MP3/199MB/©2016) Make America “Great” Again… You know, nostalgia is a heavy drug. While drugs such as alcohol, heroin, and methamphetamines get most of the media attention, one could possibly make the argument that the abuse of such drugs is deeply rooted in nostalgia, or the desire to feel comfort again. From the constant movie reboots and the current season of South Park’s Member Berries, to the election and even the onslaught of famous deaths this year; everything speaks of what once was and, to many, why it was special; always trying to recapture the lightning in a bottle. A few years back, one of the many shows getting the reboot/sequel treatment was Beavis and Butthead. Out of nowhere, MTV brought back Beavis and Butthead for one more season of hilarity. Within this season of shows was an episode about finding a woman and asking for her hand in marriage because it was what they saw in a movie. It was how it’s supposed to be and the media is always right. In the end, Beavis realizes that he has his own hand and he doesn’t need to listen to what the media tells him. Nostalgia is rarely accurate. The politics weren’t better. The job wasn’t better. The relationship wasn’t better. Music wasn’t better. Movies weren’t better. Life was not more simple, not more easy, and it certainly was not more fair or equal. Nostalgia can keep people from continuing to push through and grow; keep them from learning and keep them from trying to create something new. Nostalgia slows down story telling and slows down the drive of invention. That said, nostalgia is also a warm blanket and it is easy to recognize the general attraction to it, why babies love their blankies, and why the alcoholic will keep drinking. Don’t rest on what once was. Remember, you have your own hand. We don’t need to be junkies, feeding off of the elixir of better days. We need to simply wake up and realize that, contrary to popular belief, it is indeed a Good Morning! (as always, I encourage you to listen to the mix without peeking at the track list, but the track list is below for those who need one…) Click button for track list goaconstrictor.com/music/good-morning-5/
  15. In the deep and enchanted forests, the sounds and rhythms of the ancients echo endlessly through time... I made this mix for my second half marathon this year, the Urban Bourbon Half. I've been wanting to do this race for the last 2 years and finally I've done it. PR'd by 5 minutes with a time of 1:57:59. All those hills through the parks of Louisville, KY were brutal and I started to fall apart with 3 miles to go, but I finished in under 2hrs which was my goal. I feel that I could have gone even faster but I will continue to try and improve next year This mix is loaded with delicious progressive gems, chock full of melodies and atmospheres. I'm very happy with how this turned out. Enjoy the nice groovy and chunky pace, from 128-131 BPM. Dual Phase - Hunger [speedsound] Motion Drive - Hypnotic [iono] Fluctuarion 2.0 - Eclipse Chasers [Parabola] Aviron & Eniak - Download the Future [Cosmicleaf] Protoactive & Dream Surface - Progressed [Freakuency] Lemonchill - Premonition (Deimos Remix) [uxmal] Cj RcM - Protoalta [Gert Sound] Night Hex - Sleep Paralysis [suntrip] E-Nok - Let It Go [solar] Ovnimoon & Man Machine - One Heart [Fresh Frequencies] Suduaya & By The Rain - Space Shifting [bMSS] Ascent - Happiness [Ovnimoon] Bakke - Birds (Alter Nature Remix) [spin Twist] Suntree - Lonesome Dream [iono] Liquid Sound - Carum Carvi [sadhu] Simply Wave - Changing Direction [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Reverse - Predator [iono] Electit - Allusion [Power House] Mr. Suspect & Kingpink - 21 Gramms [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Pulsar & Thaihanu - Resurrection [GOA] Soundcloud link: Download link: Ziptnf - Ancient Forest (1:55:09) 267MB ~320kbps Image credit to ferdinandladera. Enjoy!
  16. I am an oldschooler Goa fan, and as most people at my age we don’t do good with digital releases, especially if you have the collectors bug. But this is the 21st century and since our music is not commercial either, it makes sense that a lot of releases are only digital. Free, quality digital only releases, don’t make things any easier for me. So what happens with that? So far I was able to push those releases to the back of my mind and pretend that they do not exist. However, there are some releases they keep coming back to haunt me. Notably, these are: The two lives of Hol Baumann Live At Sonic Live Nuit Hypnotique #4 The live versions of Elysium tracks: Live Versions The Live Remixes So I decided to print them myself and make them look like a proper release. They don’t look professional by any way, but still they are good enough to quench my thirst. For some time. And then it hit me. Kickstarter, 100 copies limited edition, 2xCD 8-panel digipacks. I didn’t see any reason they artists would refuse, I wouldn’t lose any money since all expenses would be included in the Kickstarter campaign price (if successful), all the extra income would go to the artists (I have a full time job, I don’t do it to make money, if any), could it really happen? Ehh, no. Too many things to consider for someone that has no experience in things like that would probably make my first try a disaster. And here I am, asking your advice, help, recommendations. Do you think that there is a market for that? Would you contribute to the campaign? Do any current label managers, artists, graphic designers want to help/get involved or just express your opinion? Everyone getting involved would be paid of course and the sum asked would affect the final amount price asked on kickstarter. For now other albums/comps I would like to see released in physical format are: LSD’s digital releases All Is Not Lost, All Is Dub (The Remixes) The Cerronnos Dub Rituals EP Zion604’s digital releases (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven) Entheogenic’s digital releases Gaia Sophia, Enthymesis, Anthropomorphic, A Singularity Encoded Please get involved. What I only need at this point is your opinion. Discuss away
  17. Function Loops has announced the release of Art of Progressive Psytrance, a new sample pack for all psytrance producers. The Art of Progressive Psytrance is a collection of 5 construction kits, delivering the most advanced sound of progressive psy today. The samples are recorded using top gear, both digital and analog. All the kits are key labeled, recorded at 138BPM. Each kit is packed with stems, loops, shots, MIDI files and some extra presets for Serum, Sylenth and Spire VSTi's. Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PjcpvWlAK0 Price: $19.90
  18. Yes. We finally did it. We got all (almost , but really a lot of!) the oldies. And they are unmixed! You will find in this massive compilation all the songs from that album including the very well sought after Astral Plains remix. Eternal Life and Lunar Stains are included + many others. We're not releasing the Sugar Rush remix because we all know the original and the remix is not much different so we decided to leave that one. Unfortunately as you would expect most of the songs came from mp3 files. And yes they did. We mastered some , some others we didn't do anything except levelling them up because they already had seem to be maximized and mastered in a way by Filipe when the songs were made and mastering on top of already mastered songs it really would make things worse believe us. So , what do we think? We think the songs are in acceptable good quality but most of Filipe's old work just simply sounds old and muddy but not because of it came from an mp3 file but because it was produced that way and no mastering can fix that. Yoga , Psyramid and Mental Maze were previously released by us and you can find them in these releases : Yoga (original mp3 sourced) and Mental Maze (original wav sourced) : https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/three-moons-and-one-shrine Psyramid (original wav sourced) : https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/emotions-from-a-beija-flor Apart from the old Buddha tracks , there is also another old unreleased Pandemonium song also coming from mp3 and we thought it would be worth a release aswel. There were a few others but nothing special really. We also tried to grab hold of the Amithaba Buddha - Solaris song but seems the file was corrupted by other previously used hard drives so it's just impossible to bring that one up. If Filipe finds it in a cdr we will release it but we really don't have hopes for that one and we apologise to the fans of that song. Lost in a Crystal Sphere unfortunately also couldn't be released because it seems to only exist in a mixed version and you can find that in the Phototropic Records release. https://www.discogs.com/Lost-Buddha-Untold-Stories/release/2776040 Denaris , Beast 303 , Drunk Pharaoh and Chemic Lab are originally Wav files. We know some people really were after these really old songs for years and we apologise for the originally sourced mp3 files but this is the best we could honestly do. Hope these songs will bring you much enjoyment and make many people happy once more. Kind regards , Good Dance Recordings. Total time : 2hours and 51minutes https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/liquid-sunshine-5
  19. hey guys, i've uploaded a new track! enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/witchart/happy-hayat
  20. Live set played at Solar United Natives on 20.07.2016 Loads of reworked/refined version of tracks for album, some exclusive material in there, enjoy!
  21. Hi everyone, it's me again with a newly completed song called High-Voltage Séance. I hope it's gonna be a pleasant experience to listen to it - let me know how you liked it afterwards! https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/high-voltage-seance Have an awesome day/night [wherever you are at the moment]!
  22. Function Loops proudly announces the release of Psychedelic Trance Synths 2, the follow-up to the immensely popular psytrance synths collection! Psychedelic Trance Synths 2 is the second installment in the top selling psytrance synth series. It contains another 100 key-labeled synths, designed to fill the missing gaps in the tracks. They're recorded at 138BPM, but same time they're super easy to time stretch and change the key, without loosing the quality and the main idea. Psychedelic Trance Synths 2 will also fit in any psytrance sub-genre. All the samples are 100% royalty free. Audio demo: https://soundcloud.com/functionloops/psychedelic-trance-synths-2-sample-pack More info: http://www.functionloops.com/psychedelic-trance-synths-2.html
  23. Dear trancers! I just finished a new track, it's called Yamaxau. I hope, you gonna like it! https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/yamaxau Enjoy listening, and I'm excitingly waiting for your insights about my music!
  24. STVinMOTION is creating and distributing Visual Content for those big display screens you see in EDM clubs & festivals. Their visual content is played by VJ's, whose job is to create a live video mix that adds another dimension to the music played by the DJs. What's unique in STVinMOTION is that, in a scene dominated by mostly abstract visuals (of shapes & colors), they strive to make the visuals tell a story - by using more of a cinematic approach and the use of defining themes, for example: https://www.psytshirt.com/blog/STVinMOTION-psychedelic-vj-loops/
  25. http://n3v1773.bandcamp.com
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