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  1. https://soundcloud.com/phutured/phutured-project-11-key-c-125bpm
  2. https://metapop.com/psychasm/remixes/the-last-trip-hidden-empire-125bpm-psychasm-rmxwav-remix/18736
  3. Good morning all. I have finished this track in the series I am busy with and just sharing a short preview, I have a question:Does the mix sound okay? Im mixing on headphones and checking on standard pc speakers. I have decided to do away with the clicky kicks and go for a much more standard one and also try incorporate better melodies towards the end and sci - fi vocals into my new projects. https://soundcloud.com/glitchmodus/glitchmodus-project-10-preview-140bpm
  4. https://metapop.com/psychasm/remixes/archie-hamilton-benson-herbert-systim-phutured-remix-wav-remix/16333
  5. Remember how great Yahel used to be?

    I really Liked " Last Man " still do. Its a cool track.
  6. I thought I was done with this project in F# and decided to make one more track. Happy listening:) Any feedback is highly appreciated. I thought I was done with this project in F# and decided to make one more track.
  7. I did a last - minute entry into this contest of some of my recent Techouse tracks. https://www.mixcloud.com/psychasm/bedroom-dj-7th-edition-psychasm/
  8. Had a bit of time to clean up this mix also and experiment with some mid-side processing, resulting in CPU overload because of additional plugin chains, therefore lots of bouncing to audio, more processing , bouncing etc. Anyways im happy with the result:) Happy listening:)
  9. Had a bit of time to go back and sort of finish some of my WIP's, this one being one of them Thanks again for all the input:)
  10. Greetings:) I had some sounds left over from the first 2 tracks of this project and quickly sequenced into a new track. There is no EQ on the master bus and just did a very quick compression and limiting in audacity. All 3 tracks are completely sequenced which I have been sharing with some friends on SC. Just needs to be mixed and mastered properly. For now , I am done and moving onto making some of that Techouse:)
  11. Wormhole WIP

    Killer melodies all the way through:)