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Found 2 results

  1. well, there is not much more to say. coould you guys recommend some quality books about trance in general? would very much like to read about the evolution of the different styles before reaching some sort of proto-trance/proto-goa is there any book like that?
  2. while browsing through the reviews section, especially the review for astrix - eye to eye, i wondered fullon could be categorised into distinct styles by year. in a way analogous to how goa evolved from proto-goa that separated from ebm and later trance into goa (in its purest form) starting in 1995 and culminating 1997, then splitting up into more sinister stuff (think tarsis - atomic children rmx) beginning in 1998 and trancier melodic stuff (d5 - second phase, early yahel) beginning in 1999/2000 (post-goa? planting the seeds for fullon and newschool) before it was supplanted by minimal psy, progressive and eventually fullon, can fullon be looked at in similar fashion? in this case we would start with "proto-fullon" in 2001 (ignoring the few earlier releases, one album doesn't make it distinctive style yet?) with something like this... ...arrive at (proper) fullon in 2002/2003 with tracks like this one... ...this lasts until 2006/2007 when "post-fullon" emerges as fullon really begins to run out of steam, leaving us with... ...until we arrive at "full-crap" (for a lack of a better expression; post-post-fullon sounds equally crappy ) in 2011/2012 with tracks like these (can we really still call this fullon? i don't really see any similarities with how we started out) : this is obviously highly influenced by my perception of the music at parties and therefore also by what's played there. and of course there are always artists who don't conform to the most popular style at the moment (for instance logic bomb's and cosmosis' latest albums). in case you are wondering, i left out the night fullon (รก la CPU) - twilight - darkpsy branch to keep things simple and due to lack of knowledge about twilight/darkpsy. does anyone agree? have you also noticed a switch in style at those times? why did these changes come about - were there influential albums that set the style (i can think of astrix - eye to eye and alien project - aztechno dream for "proper" fullon, but hte others?)? or does it rather coincide with the release of new vengeance sample cds? have you noticed similar turning points in progressive/darkpsy/...? having partied mostly to fullon i don't think i'm knowledgable enough to judge these sub-genres. actually i suspect we have seen a similar thing with goa around 2009/2010 when newschool goa really developed a distinctive sound rather than being a continution of melodic "2000-post-goa". for this reason i'd also rather confusingly call some of the not re-released stuff from anjuna or zion604 new oldschool goa rather than newschool goa
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