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  1. dearest ravers, let me introduce the magnificent Totem Hotel with his first EP called 'Crosstalk'! https://jangrua.bandcamp.com/album/crosstalk 'In his debut EP, the eminent producer shows his precision and immersive approach when it comes to assembling multi-layered rhythms and atmospheres as well as his otherworldly sense of filling this mathematical sonic space with emotions and adventure. This release is the proof that communication can bypass every walls, all the differences, and beings of different origin can understand each other - all they have to do is speak, and listen.' written and produced by Bence Sipos mastered by Paradiddle http://www.facebook.com/ParadiddlePsy artwork by MonoMano http://www.instagram.com/monomano_artz/
  2. hey folks! my beloved crew, Jangrua Recordings' first compilation is OUT, and available on bandcamp as a FREE DOWNLOAD! https://jangrua.bandcamp.com/album/va-jangrua-vol-i 'With our debut compilation, we wish to present the colorful, yet hidden talents of our crew. Venturing into diverse directions of styles, from driving dancefloor-crushers to more story-oriented pieces - at times even exploring unforgivingly experimental landscapes of sound -, and into various moods ranging from the hypnotically dark to the euphorically pure, it is a true showcase of the many different aspects of the same thing: hard-edged, amygdala-electrocuting psychedelic trance!' tracks are written and produced by Bence Sipos, Levente Gracza, Krisztián Végh, Magdolna Falusi, Nora Kovács, Richárd Marton, Viktor Szabó, Zac Jefferson and Zsolt Brunner mixed and mastered by Paradiddle www.facebook.com/ParadiddlePsy track 3 is mixed by Levente Gracza track 13 is mixed by Bence Sipos artwork by MonoMano www.instagram.com/monomano_artz/
  3. hey folks, I uploaded 3 more of one of my duo project's older songs. you can download them free as well, so enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/anchu-398181033/sets/some-more-of-those-old-vibes
  4. hey guys, let me present you a little compilation of reeeeally damn old songs from probably the XVII. century, by Anchu [my collaborational project with Totem Hotel] the mixing/mastering is of course far from perf[you know what, far from being good actually], but without these, we won't be where we are right now [no idea, where is 'now' tho] all of them are FREE to DOWNLOAD!
  5. Dear trancers, I present you this track we created long ago - it's called 'Jive', and it's now available for free download! I hope you find listening to it as much fun as we had writing it https://soundcloud.com/taangarga/jive-free-download-1
  6. hey trancers, here comes my newest track called Ghayajangi ↴ https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/ghayajangi the artwork is made by my love, MonoMano <3 enjoy! ;)
  7. Hi all! I made a little live mix of our most recent works with my friend, and collegue FoldingCircus [together we are Taangarga] - drawing material mostly from our first album in the making Enjoy our little tale! --->
  8. Hi folks, let me show you one of my newer tracks! It's called Leaving Kalataux, and was inspired by an element of the fantasy novel I'm working on lately https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/leaving-kalataux Enjoy! --------->
  9. Dear trancers, I happily announce that the first track ever written in collaboration with my friend, psytrance artist FoldingCircus [together we are Taangarga], is now available for download at the great hungarian forest/darkpsy crew, Liquid Monkeys Tribe's bandcamp site! Head honcho Vox Fabri compiled the track in a small, but massive VA ---> https://liquidmonkeystribe.bandcamp.com/track/taangarga-caas The download is free, but support is always welcome :) also, make sure you listen thru the whole compilation, if you are into tasty forest sounds!
  10. Hi people, I thought I share a new track with you, although it's not finished [at least when it comes to mixing/mastering]. It's called JBB! [Jacab Brain Bismart!], the name of an awesome refreshing drink that I love https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/jbb-jacab-brain-bismart-badly-mixed-unmastered-etc My first EP will include the track, so expect a much better sounding version soon!
  11. Hey people, here's our latest track with Anchu [Totem Hotel & me], called 'Derecho'. A derecho is a violent, electric windstorm, by the way [a title we added when the song was already finished]. https://soundcloud.com/anchu-398181033/derecho Have a pleasant listen, see ya!
  12. good afternoon to you all, I'd like to share my newest track with you! it's called Yantaraquenga, and it's floating throught the night with its solid 148 bpm tempo. https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/yantaraquenga I decided to make it freely downloadable till the 1st of January, because I'd like to release an EP pretty soon, and I want to include this track on it [a better mastered version anyways] with 2 or 3 more. Have fun listening to it! L.G
  13. Hi everyone, it's me again with a newly completed song called High-Voltage Séance. I hope it's gonna be a pleasant experience to listen to it - let me know how you liked it afterwards! https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/high-voltage-seance Have an awesome day/night [wherever you are at the moment]!
  14. Dear trancers! I just finished a new track, it's called Yamaxau. I hope, you gonna like it! https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/yamaxau Enjoy listening, and I'm excitingly waiting for your insights about my music!
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