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Found 4 results

  1. I decided to write this after reading DJSunborn's comment on the voting thread. "Tips for the new producers: Sorry, nothing "ringed my bell", try harder! STOP using psy-trance machine gun bass everywhere, DON'T make everything sound "Full-on", lower down your damn BPM!, STOP over-compress your mastering!!!!!!!!!!!, BE more unique and for God shake, FORGET the typical Goa or Psy forms or use them minimal!, DON'T copy-paste ideas from others or from the past, Create your own sound! This is the ONLY way to be remembered in the future!" Important observations. Although they seem harsh they are to the point and well-intended, I assume. Concerning the tempo, very few goa trance tracks are in the range of 135-140 bpm, with 130-135 bpm almost nonexistent. Not to mention that artists do not include a midtempo/chillout track in most recent albums. Variation in bpm or even mood is scarce as well (e.g. Hypnoxock-Eurythmia). This is not an 'oldschool-newschool' distinction. The most acclaimed albums from the first wave of goa trance that revived the genre 10-15 years ago and seem to stand well the test of time have an easily recognizable style ("signature sound") - often combined with variation in bpm and/or midtempo/chillout tracks. Regardless of personal preferences: Khetzal - Corolle (2005) Goasia - From Other Spaces (2007) Ra - 9th (2008) E - Mantra - Arcana (2009) Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives (2009) Artha - Influencing Dreams (2010) Crossing Mind - Holotropic Paradigm (2010) Which of the newer releases will stand the test of time? IMO, the more of the above features they have, the more memorable they will be in the years to come. About excessive compression: it does not make the music sound more powerful or dance-floor friendly! It simply makes it bland and headache-inducing!
  2. well, there is not much more to say. coould you guys recommend some quality books about trance in general? would very much like to read about the evolution of the different styles before reaching some sort of proto-trance/proto-goa is there any book like that?
  3. so... i've been listening psytrance for 2 years now. i'm enjoying the journey so much but there's only one problem. there is too much psy to listen. this is not a problem in itself because i would like to listen to new psy for years to come but at the same time i would like to reach some basic level of psytrance knowledge. that would include many must-hear producers as well as specially creative producers and many newschool producers who are good enough to shape the psysound into new directions. that would be just to reach this 'basic level of psyknowledge' i was talking about. it's a difficult task because with each track, album or compilation i listen to, there happens to be more that one artist from who i've never heard anything from. browsing psynews has helped me A LOT in getting to know artists so i come here again, asking your help to make some kind of must-listen-to artists. i'm also making this because, for example, i stil haven't listened to the entire juno reactor's discography, or even hallucinogen's. so, in order to start listening to really fresh things i believe i need to know the basics first. nevertheless, i encourage you to recommend newschool artists too. also, i'm looking for artists that have an extensive discography like electric universe, so as to listen to it chronologically and getting to understand goa/psy evolution through the years. . astral projection . juno reactor . hallucinogen . koxbox . mwnn . transwave . x dream . blue planet corporation . hux flux . vibrasphere . elysium . doof . infinity project . mfg . infected mushroom . process . planet ben . human blue . electric universe . space tribe . dark soho . eat static . cosma . cosmosis . logic bomb . total eclipse . chi - a.d. . slinky wizard . wizzy noise . etnoscope . etnica . shpongle . jaia . gnor . pleaiadians i dj in my room and want to really understand what psytrance means, its essence before leaving my room and being in front of a crowd. what would you recommend? my list can have mistakes too, feel free to critize it too.
  4. We had Neogoa 5 Year Anniversary party in Helsinki, Finland two nights ago preliminary to which I and Proxeeus were interviewed in a psytrance radio programme Back To Mad. We chatted a lot in the studio outside the broadcast and I got this very interesting new info that the first goa trance party in the world was held in Finland in late 1980's. This was the knowledge of the radio host Tim Duster. Can anyone who knows history contribute?
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