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  1. Artist: Various Title: Blacklite Tubes Label: Blacklite Records Date: November, 2011 1. Out of control FLEGMA AND ZYCE 2. Total Integration PURPLE RAVER 3. Ayahuasca Reset NUKLEALL 4. Pink Noize LOUD 5. Exact Dosage M-THEORY 6. Ancient Plants (Barkode rmx) NUKLEALL 7. Super Conscious HYPNOISE 8. Galactic Mantra (Wizack Twizack rmx) OVNIMOON AND VIA AXIS 9. Impulse Response (Rack Riders rmx) GHOST SIGNAL Blah blah blah Blacklite Records blah blah blah Italy blah blah blah blah psytrance blah blah blah remixes blah blah blah cool cover. Got it? Out of Control- "It's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan." Ladies and gentlemen, your government! But seriously...it's your government. These two have made more quality tracks than I have friends when people realize I have a pickup truck. All of a sudden it's "Can you help me move Mike?" or "Would you let me borrow your truck?" Fair weather friends aside this is firmly rooted in the Psy-gressive genre (if that even is a genre or a just a label) with a big beat and flashy lead. The sample is pretty good and repeated several times as effects echo and whizz past. Pretty good. P.S. Sold the truck so I assume my "friends" will disappear. Good riddance motherf*ckers...you never filled the tank up anyway. Total Integration- "Consider the possibility of the reaction." Yes let's do that. The possibility of my reaction being is quite high. Full-on with a lengthy time signature change will do that to you. It's not terrible by any stretch and even has some very good layered effects and melodies. Just didn't connect with it. Ayahuasca Reset- Somebody's been playing some Lazer Tag. Do kids do that anymore? No? Man, I don't know what's cool anymore. It's only a matter of time before my kids start treating me like a leper and ask me to drop them off a couple a blocks from school so their friends don't see. But there are a lot of lasers in this thing. The really sweet part comes with two minutes left when the 303 barks and the bubbling froths over. At that point I woulda went into full-on goa mode cause that woulda killed. Not bad, but nothing to get your knickers in a twist over. Pink Noize- "It's a sign...something has happened." It all begins during the break for me as this thing swims in a oscillating soup. The lead grows from a low rumble to a sharp roar as the track builds in intensity. Storm warning as this becomes a concussive wall of force. It's an unrelenting beatdown that should force a lot of smiles from the kiddies. Exact Dosage- "The drugs we gave you have a fairly serious side effect. Dehydration. Your head is probably sore, your throat dry. If you don't eat or drink something soon, you're going to start hallucinating." If you love the machines are everywhere vibe you could do a lot worse than this. It bristles with electronic energy as those effects zip past leaving a trail of ones and zeros in their wake. Good power and a great sample make this a solid track. Ancient Plants (Barkode Remix)- The intro is very high-tech with undulating computer layers and machinations. It's another thumper that hits in waves, pumping and skidding with short synth stabs and running leads. Twilight music that is quite tasty. Super Conscious- "The reason we exist in the world of limit...the conscious world...is to access the infinite. To access...the Super Conscious." Gurlgling and bubbling sounds jockey for position with patently electric interference as the bass line rumbles. Lots of sounds to get plugged into and this really gives off a cyber vibe. It's driving and pumping with a dark taste. Galactic Mantra (Wizack Twizack Remix)- Damn you Tommy. Damn you to hell. I hate the original track with it's robotic voice telling me all that it is. Read my lips...I DON'T F*CKING CARE! It seems all the remixes I have heard insist on leaving that damn sample in there. So here you go doing the same thing, but ah...you throw a little goa twist in there with 2 minutes on the clock. And you know what? It was awesome. Why couldn't that be the dominating feature? Please tell me your working on another remix of this track that leaves that voice out and expands the goa parameters. Impulse Response (Rack Riders Remix)- This is a Nukleall & the Purple Raver remix with a good ending track that has effects cascading over that bass line. They do that tempo change thing again but it works here. Pretty full with twists and turns. With only their 2nd release, Blacklite Records have churned out a pretty solid compilation. Most of the tracks are good with some standouts like the Loud as well as the Flegma & Zyce effort. What it's missing is that track that really knocks you over. It's not essential, but with several strong tracks it's worth checking out. Let's see what they do with their next disc. Psyshop Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
  2. My monthly LIVE MIX "Enlightened" next Saturday, February 25 at 1:00 pm EST (GMT-5:00). mixlr.com/djcelteric/enlightened-live-mix Tune in from your computer, iPad or iPhone for more than an hour of the latest and greatest psytrance tracks mixed live by DJ Celteric! Download version available shortly after... PLUR, DJ Celteric Get my app to listen to my mixes on your iPhone or iPad. Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes!!!
  3. Excerpts from my DJ-Set @ Waldfrieden-Wonderland 2010 featured trax: Journey-PoliticalCartoon Xorex/28-Tricoma Zumbi-Ktchai AMD-Roadshow PTX-UnbelievableImagination (KronicRmx) Ital-Amazonia CircuitBreakers-10YearsAfter Xpiral/Kronic-ExplorationOfSpace Altruism-MagicMirrors Chameleon/TemporalCodin-LiquidTachyon Ital-Protection CosmoTech-TwilightRealms Dickster-Inside MasterBlasters-SnowJob ...recorded with Korg Zer0 4 Mixer and 2 CDJs 100! download link: http://soundcloud.co...thelonelyshitzo http://www.bluehours...om/artist/raoul
  4. Necromancy (/ˈnɛkrɵˌmænsi/) is a claimed form of magic involving communication with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge. The term may sometimes be used in a more general sense to refer to black magic or witchcraft. Hopefully some of my regular listeners will have noticed that I have been going back over some older mix ideas and improving them. I have done a death metal + psytrance mix in the past, but this time I added the extra depth and darkness that the previous mix was lacking. I love making these mixes, they are so much fun. Veil of Maya - Pillars [sumerian] Tim Shuldt - Pretty Poison [GTN] HiTech LoLife - God Bites Man [Digital Drugs Coalition] The Lysergic Orchestra - Pangalactic Gargleblaster [GDL] Talamasca vs Skazi - Imaginary Friend (Remix) [Mind Control] Astrix - On Fire [HOM-Mega] The Contortionist - Flourish [Good Fight] Between The Buried and Me - Selkies: The Endless Obsession [Victory] Dark Soho - Save Me God (Remix) [Alchemy] Xenomorph - Killer State [Psysolation] Infernal Droid - Let The Sin Begin [Karana] Far East Ghost - Rebellion [Triplag] Hefty Output - Smear Campaign [illuminati] Domateck - Beat The Beast [Magma] Ron G & Bagnats - Eat That [Psy-Core] Right-click, save-as to download: Ziptnf - Necromancy Tactics (91:56) 168MB ~256kbps
  5. Hello Everyone! Pureuphoria crew is happy to present third release by Pureuphoria Records! Release info/preview/free download(wav/mp3)here: http://www.pureuphor.../colorsofsounds Special thanks to all participants. Comments are welcome Share it & Enjoy!
  6. Hey *PsyProg Lovers*, Here's my latest mix on MixCloud for the UMF contest. Please help me win! Share it, embed it, play it as much as you can! http://www.mixcloud....dj-competition/ PLUR, DJ Celteric
  7. Artist: Various Title: Entities 2.0 Label: None Date: January, 2012 01 - Dual Barrel - 27 Sundowns (142 BPM) 02 - Deimos - Future Failed (140 BPM) 03 - Hotep - Digital Man (142 BPM) 04 - Nova Fractal - Blindsight (145 BPM) 05 - Lunar Dawn - Genesis (146 BPM) 06 - PsiloCybian - Mindblowing (142 BPM) 07 - Delta Cycle - Vortex (145 BPM) 08 - Psynthax - E.C.T. (143 BPM) 09 - Symatix - The Attack Of The Dissonant Frogs (146 BPM) 10 - Phantasmagoria - Campfire Story (144 BPM) "Let's see, cashbox, glocks, stacks of $100's...hey! Hey, honey...will you take the f*cking kid, I don't want him gettin' his hands on the money! Jesus...what kind of parent are you?" This is the 2nd chapter in the Entities series which sees a lot of the same Croatian artists ply their trade. As with the first one this is a free release and it crosses genre boundaries. First one really didn't impress me much. It was like fast food. Good going down and got the job done, but you always wish you ate a little better. As far as sound goes it was done by the master of mastering Igor Čeranić so zero concerns there. Artwork by my good friend and Psynews member Richpa. Dude's got talent. 27 Sundowns- "Wanna know something? I am high as shit right now dude. I just, I just liked like three toads. I've been up for like 27 suns up and suns down." Saša Dukić & Igor Čeranić know how to make some noise. This is a dark and industrial rampage with acid scraping metal. The battle between man and machine rages on and to be honest it isn't really going that well. Love the break, it oozes with electricity and fear. It doesn't bother with being subtle or agile...oh no. Some people whine and pout when they don't get what they want for Xmas. This? Shoulda checked that list again fatboy. Future Failed- Just Igor this time and he offers another powerful track. Amidst a garbled transmission he pounds one out like his angry at the kick drum. The juicy bass lead dances nimbly above the fray as he stacks the layers and keeps them all going at the same time. While not as descriptive as the first track it's still synthtasticly good. Digital Man- Written by Stjepan Hojan you can see where he got the project name. Another dark track with bass sweeps and effects whirling by. And I wouldn't be offended if you thought that there was a slight goa feel to it. The main melody storms forward while support effects give it some depth. He introduces new lead sounds and they fit right in. Very futuristic and digital sounding. Nice. Blindsight- Renato Brnić released his Main Sequence Star EP this year and I thought it was awesome outer space goa. And he continues the trend with some churning sounds and rich layers. The break is great with the deep pads and bubbling synths from the beginning. The problem I have with it is that I didn't care for the progression of the melody. I felt it was static and didn't change much from the beginning. Purely personal. This ain't Dancing With the Stars you know...it's not like you're gonna get sent home. "I can't see what you're trying to do here." Genesis- Welcome back Kristijan Ilišinoviæ. Remember his track The Run on Goa Overdose 2? Outstanding and so is this. Love the storming nature and the acid lines in this goa treat. It's full of motion and direction changes along with a spooky mood. The leads are sharp and wet with liquid, the kind that duck in and out of dark places. This will get those stiff joints moving... God, I love Bollywood. Mindblowing- Saša Dukiæ (half of Dual Barrel) gets a chance to flex his psytrance muscles all by his lonesome. It's like you decide to work out and then before you know it BAM! How the f*ck do you find shirts? Holy crap this was an awesome track. So firm...so fully packed. Great leads and oodles of layers with the driving intensity you hear on tracks from Temple of One or God Save the Machine. Mindblowing? Pretty damn close. Vortex- This is Domagoj Kirnbauer and I feel sorry for you. No not for that. That could happen to anyone. Who drinks a case of beer. After a bottle of wine. While on heroin. No I feel sorry for you because nobody should have to follow the last track. That should've ended the album. This is a bit atmospheric, but largely boring. It's not until 6 and a half minutes that an interesting lead appears. It's awesome, but it's like throwing a guy a life preserver after he's been floating face down for 10 minutes. Needed to focus on that lead. E.C.T.- Miroslav Lakiæ is an artist I have no knowledge of. Reminds me of Shotu type stuff, lots of effects over a prominent bass line. But the power is there as are leads that are quite cutting. Rumbling bass sounds combine in layers. Sticky like maple syrup but nothing spectacular. The Attack of the Dissonant Frogs- Now this is some juicy, dark forest rumblings. Chirping insects and eerie effects set the atmosphere as melodies peek from places of shelter. Looking for a time out? Forget it. It's a relentless ride with no GPS to get you out of this forest. Campfire Story- Closing things out with another forest field trip is Damir Abjanoviæ & Marko Paviæ and they pile on the effects like I do sprinkles on my ice cream. You got your clunky sounds, scratchy leads, and deeeeep bass line. I like it a lot due to the atmosphere which is terrifying and comes in waves. No sunlight in sight. Great job. This was a compilation that had a few gems on it and is definitely worth your time. All of the tracks sound great (nice work Igor) and create a really good atmosphere. To be honest, I didn't find any sunshine or lollipops on this. Pretty dark all the way through. You could definitely feel the tide turning into stormier weather right around the Vortex track. Kudos to the Dual Barrel, Lunar Dawn, and Psilocybian tracks as they were for me the best of the bunch. Ektoplazm Mdk
  8. My latest mix "HypnotiQ VibrationS", Full-On Psytrance live mix from January 28, 2012 on mixlr.com/djcelteric @ 140/146 BPM... Streaming & Download link: Soundcloud Get my app to listen to my mixes on your iPhone or iPad. Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes!!! PLUR, DJ Celteric
  9. Freakuency records is the first progressive trance label from the trance paradise,Brazil. provided with the main national artists of progressive trance, Freakuency comes with the idea of uniting even more artists, promoters and listeners a good psychedelic progressive. Visit our links below to learn more about our releases, casting and more.. Live Act: ProtoActive Pakman Subsistence Analog Drink Abstract Sunrise Erotic Dream Echoactive Fehja Natural Notes Soulscape Djs Sets: Gajah Claudio Pessin Narayana http://www.facebook.com/FreakuencyRecords
  10. Come to listen to DJ Celteric latest, "Hypnotic Vibration" LIVE MIX Saturday, January 28 at 1:00 pm EST on mixlr.com/djcelteric/hypnotic-vibrations-live-mix Tune in from your computer, iPad or iPhone for one hour of the latest and greatest psychedelic trance tracks mixed live by DJ Celteric! Download version available shortly after... PLUR, DJ Celteric Get my app to listen to my mixes on your iPhone or iPad. Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes!!!
  11. Born in Australia, Aeon has been playing music for as long as he can remember. As a resident at Psycle, he progressed from DJ to producer to live artist, and released his debut album 'Orthodoxy' (Relativity Records, 2004). Amongst a sea of misplaced patch cables and sweaty hippies, he played at events such as Baraka, The Synergy Project, Psychedelic Circle, Sunrise Festival, Glade, and Distant Tremor. Aeon's emphasis on live performance, including electric violin and live synths, has shaped the sound of his new studio material which reflects a deeper change in his music. His latest release on Distant Tremor combines a psychedelic mix of shimmering synths, subtle warm sounds and floating melodic lines with a twist of metallic dissonance. Samples http://soundcloud.com/distant-tremor/sets/aeon-earthrise/ Buy it Now! Beatport | Juno | Amazon Artwork by Ayalien |Website| Mastered by Colin Bennun at the stooodio, Bristol UK |Website| Links: http://www.distanttremor.com | Facebook Page | http://www.myspace.com/aeonaeon
  12. Hello Friends check out my recent production http://soundcloud.co...sive-psytrance/ Feel Free to comment and Share....
  13. We at DVSM Records are excited to have a new Swedish DJ with us - Infra - who's been spinning records since 1993. Not only will he share his sets with us, but he'll also showcase his personal work on the new DVSM compilation which is scheduled to come out next year. Check out his new set Forest Escapades, which was recorded last Saturday. http://soundcloud.co...orest-escapades Psytrance/Scandinavian psytrance Track list: Purosurpo - Suncheck & Soundset (Sanaton Records) Encephalopaticys - Error 11 (Parvati Records) Kiriyama - Congratulations (Crawl Into My Mouth) (Devils Mind Records) Goch - Immerge (Chronicle of Mystery Records) Cenotes - Gnomadelic (Silent Existence) Attoya - Forest Dreams (Treetrolla Records) Attoya - Paradise Found (Inpsyde Media) Derango - Sonic Circumstances (Devils Mind Records) Silent Horror - The Calling (Devils Mind Records) Purosurpo - Inside The Outskirts (Sanaton Records) Schoiroideairis – Birth (Chronicle of Mystery Records) Taigan Sunset - Barbro (Inpsyde Media) Oneiromanix - The Valenzetti Equation (Sanaton Records) Skydda Skogen - Oneiro (Real Vision Music) Derango - Ginnungagap (Yggdrasil Records) Taigan Sun - Look At Your... (Devils Mind Records) Derango - No Thing (Stoneage Records) Derango - We Are All Mad Here (Remix) (Inpsyde Media) Enjoy! Also, please feel free to sign up for our newsletter (just started) by visiting our website http://www.devilsmindrecords.org . In the newsletter we plunge into our work to give you access to information that isn't made available anywhere else. Want to know what's going on? When the next release is coming? What our plans are? Win prizes? Be sure to sign up. Thanks for reading. All the best, Alex @ the DVSMcollective
  14. Psymmetrix - No More Milking It Label: Bom Shanka Music Release Date: 02.12.11 Style: Psytrance Samples: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=playCD&id=2711&Itemid=99999999 Info: Psymmetrix return with their 3rd studio album “No more milking it”, ever full of surpirises these two psychonauts have gone beyond the call of duty to provide you with a stunning new disc of outstanding work, utilising their continued experience of international events to bring 8 fully dancefloor tested psychedelic trance tracks that will certainly result in people losing the plot. From start to finish the album glides between it’s 13 tracks, showcasing Psymmetrix’s ability to write not just trance but a myriad of different styles; a joy to listen to in car, at home or in a blasting party, Psymmetrix really know how to milk you into a shaking frenzy. "An uncompromising bunch of new Psy-Grunge tune's, showing why UK psy-trance is still top of the league worldwide... a treat to hear other artists that are not afraid to experiment." – Merv – Eat Static "A very original sound that can only be created by twisted minds (a good twist)… These tracks can be played both at late night or at early mornings and rock the dance floor, it’s a super production!" – Zirkin – Doof Records "I heard the boys playing this summer in Greece, and their live show took me on a fantabulous trip. Now im very pleased to have these tracks in my CD case and be able to weave them into my sets. The album is a great achievement; every track has character, humour, originality, and no shortage of juicy psychedelic synth work. Great job guys!" - Celli - Earthling, Spun RecordsPsymmetrix return with their 3rd studio album “No more milking it”, ever full of surpirises these two psychonauts have gone beyond the call of duty to provide you with a stunning new disc of outstanding work, utilising their continued experience of international events to bring 8 fully dancefloor tested psychedelic trance tracks that will certainly result in people losing the plot. From start to finish the album glides between it’s 13 tracks, showcasing Psymmetrix’s ability to write not just trance but a myriad of different styles; a joy to listen to in car, at home or in a blasting party, Psymmetrix really know how to milk you into a shaking frenzy. "An uncompromising bunch of new Psy-Grunge tune's, showing why UK psy-trance is still top of the league worldwide... a treat to hear other artists that are not afraid to experiment." – Merv – Eat Static "A very original sound that can only be created by twisted minds (a good twist)… These tracks can be played both at late night or at early mornings and rock the dance floor, it’s a super production!" – Zirkin – Doof Records "I heard the boys playing this summer in Greece, and their live show took me on a fantabulous trip. Now im very pleased to have these tracks in my CD case and be able to weave them into my sets. The album is a great achievement; every track has character, humour, originality, and no shortage of juicy psychedelic synth work. Great job guys!" - Celli - Earthling, Spun Records Tracklist: 01 Heidi Or Suki 02 Fungal Junk 03 Goan Cook It Yourself 04 Captain Harris 05 Á La Mode 06 Look At Me 07 You Survived Part 1 08 You Survived Part 2 09 Groaning And Mumbling 10 Lysergic Attorney 11 Deranged 12 The Question 13 Retoxification Boom..
  15. Check out the new demo on soundcloud http://soundcloud.co...-supermind-demo Join the official fan Page http://www.facebook....Fusion.Official
  16. http://www.facebook.com/events/127180337385056/ (Event URL) Da var det på tide å lage en skikkelig fest igjen Love&Magic i samarbeid med Freetransform Records kan med glede kunne presentere en skikkelig fest med PhasePhour, DJ Bom Shankar og en rekke andre godbiter denne kvelden i februar. PhasePhour er tilbake i Norge etter å ha bodd i New York og vært på en omfattende turne rundt i USA i løpet av sommeren/høsten 2011. Det er veldig mange år siden de har gjort en live opptreden i Norge, og dermed er det virkelig på tide å gjøre en skikkelig fest på hjemmebane. ======================================== Love&Magic i samarbeid med Freetransform Records presenterer: "WE ARE NOT MACHINES" ..:: Hovedromstasjon ::.. PhasePhour *Live* (BMSS Records, Norge) Bom Shankar (BMSS Records - Tyskland) Skjeggemannen (Freetransform Records, gdtox) Kapein Hekta (Love&Magic) ..:: ChillOut Lounge ::.. Brundlefly (Love&Magic) Skogsdrøm (Love&Magic) LST (Love&Magic) Ras Mohi & Lady Linda (Raspoeira Sound) Flyer/Artwork: Anna Karenina Anda (e-mail: annakarenina.design@gmail.com) MÅNEFISKEN Hovedrom ======================================== ..:: PhasePhour *Live* (BMSS Records, Norge) ::.. PhasePhour has its roots in one of the most northern peaks of the planet: Norway. The project is in the experienced hands of John Robert Egeland, Eldar von Essen and Christer Andersson. The sound of PhasePhour is not easily defined. With its massive melodic full-on sound combined with a deep Scando landscape, it’s a perfect combination to both move the dance floor and for repeated listening at home. PhasePhour has released two full albums; the praised debut album "Boiing & Zipp" and the second album "Fun From Far Away". With other numerous releases on major labels like Shiva Space Technology, Chill Tribe, Aleph Zero, Geomagnetic Records, and upcoming releases on BSMM Records and Digital Distortion Records, PhasePhour has earned its way into the international psytrance scene as one of the leading artist coming out of Norway. PhasePhour has been playing live around the globe several times with amazing performances in Europe, USA, Brazil and Mexico. www.soundcloud.com/phasephour www.facebook.com/phasephour ..:: Bom Shankar (BMSS Records - Tyskland) ::.. Shankar, "beneficent" or "conferring happiness" reflects one of the many names for Shiva, one of the 3 main deities in the Indian pantheon. His dance is the rhythm of the world, the beat of the heart, the cycle of day and night. Boom is a term used by the Indian sadhus to partake in the religious consumption of charras and contemplate the cosmic nature and presence of God. German based Boom Shankar is Armin Guenther and DJ's for Psychedelic Trance, label manager of BMSS Records and event promoter within Europe. Having his initiation with the Goa Trance scene in the early nineties and by travelling the globe since then, his sets is a constant mirror of the melting pot situation the Psytrance scene is facing since its origin. Whether he is guiding you through the night or into the morning, the outcome of his sets is always a voyage of energy, deepness and bliss showing a character clearly distinguishable from the common formula. His flexibility in terms of 'styles' is a certain proof that he is trying to capture every vibe of the dance floor and to transform it into frequencies. Temporarily, he is featuring primarily British Psychedelic Trance artists, going back on many good friendships and a deep connectedness with the Brits. Groovy, deep, hallucinating, adult and hypnotizing! In addition and based on his young incarnation to the scene, he is playing old-school sets as well, featuring early Goa Trance, certainly something special for the adults! The teaming up with his mate Alexsoph lead to the project ABS and showed proof that two elements are more than just the sum of their parts. Having played at many underground events worldwide, he has developed a full understanding of the flow and the energies of the dance floor in order to reach deeper levels of Trance. Understanding and living Djing as a mutual form of communication with the dance floor according to "giving and receiving" lead to ecstatic feedback on festivals like Paradise Waterfalls, Antaris Project, Summer Never Ends Festival, Paradise Festival, Rebirth, Roenaissance Festival, Magic Castle of Mesocco, Tesmoforie, Full and Black Moon, Pyramiduna, Transylvania Calling or Somuna or at gigs in clubs such as the former Natraj Temple, Om Trance Club or parties in the Himalayan Range in Nepal, at the shores of the Atlantic in Portugal or in the Vietnamese Embassy in Phnom Phen... http://bmss.eu/ www.soundcloud.com/bmss-records www.facebook.com/DjBoomShankarBMSS www.facebook.com/BMSSRecords ..:: Skjeggemannen (Freetransform Records, gdtox.com) ::.. Etter fire år i eksil i hobbitens rike er Skjeggemannen tilbake i gamlelandet og klar for å diske opp litt dansbar musikk igjen. Skjeggemannen var tidligere labelmanager og DJ for Freetransform Records, men har nå hovedsaklig den multi-genre podcasten "The Detox Clinic For Genre Addiction (gdtox.com)" som utløp for sin musikalske sidesprang. www.gdtox.com ..:: Kaptein Hekta (Love&Magic) ::.. www.soundcloud.com/soonnomades MÅNEFISKEN ChillOut Lounge ======================================== ..:: Brundlefly (Love&Magic - Norge) ::.. http://rotorunderholdning.official.fm/ ..:: Skogsdrøm (Love&Magic - Norge) ::.. ..:: LST (Love&Magic - Norge) ::.. ..:: Ras Mohi & Lady Linda (Raspoeira Sound - Somalia / Norge) ::.. http://www.facebook....gid=23249655689 http://www.raspoeira.com/
  17. Namaste forest beings, after 2 years of sillence we glad to announce our 2nd compilation "Creaking Rhythms Valley". Cat.n° : TRLCD002 Artist : Various Artists Title : "Creaking Rhythms Valley" Format : digipack CD Barcode : TRLCD002 Mastering : Xenomorph Artwork : Treetrolla Crew Release date : Coming Soon! Tracklist::. 01. PAGANOPATH - INZELADUN 02. GOCH - BRAIN FORESTS 03. WHRIKK - HAXAN 04. AMORPHOUS - TREETROSPHER 05. ODR - QUETZALCOATL 06. GOCH - LOST MOMENTUM 07. GORM - AND THE ELDERS SAID.. 08. PUROSURPO - EAT A SPHERE 09. KA-SOL - PANTHER About Release: After a short-term break for work in digged caves, and search of inspiration on magic glades under hats of mushrooms, sorcerers from Treetrolla have made opening of a completely new potion and glad to present to attention of fans of shadowy, abstract and live organic music the 2nd psychedelic tale, which transfers the listener to the valley of the “Creaking Rhythms”. Track-samples and the dates of relese will be updated very soon. Stay tuned! Sincerely Yours Treetrolla Crew. http://www.treetrollarecords.com
  18. hi there Just droped by to let all psyheads to know...about my FIRST PROGRESSIVE PSYTRANCE PROJECT. Demo on soundcloud http://soundcloud.co...ion-choice-demo
  19. Out Now !! Painkiller & Friends. CD Format - Limited Edition... 9 Tracks full with fresh beats, pumping bases, atmospherical and restless at the same time….surprising elements and solid grooves that climbs and uplifts the dancefloor again and again. Roy Engel (a.k.a Painkiller) started his musical career at a young age studying music, playing piano and later on beating the drums experiencing rock n roll adventures. With the rise of electronic music in the 90's he got really inspired and started to develop electronic beats. Along the years Roy experienced different styles of electronic music and collaborated with many artists and friends around the world. Painkillers tracks provide sharp edition of computer technologies, tight mixing, dynamic grooves and fat bass lines. You can recognize musical elements connecting the trance music of today with instrumental and classic music from different times such as Opera, Flamenco, Rock and more.... http://www.psyshop.c.../nut1cd030.html http://sonic-dragon....ase.asp?id=8928 http://www.nutek.org/ http://www.djpainkiller.com
  20. My latest mix "ElektroDelik ExisTanz", Zenonesque/Psychedelic Trance @ 142 BPM... Download links: soundcloud Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes to download. Get my app on your mobile. PLUR, DJ Celteric
  21. Paraklang – Liquid Jungle Artist: Paraklang Album: Liquid Jungle Style: Twilight-Psytrance October 01, 2011: Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage Liquid Jungle is the independently released debut of Paraklang (Volker Wiesmann), a psytrance producer from the Black Forest region of Germany. Since 1997 he has been working in the shadows, developing his skills and fine-tuning his style, which now emerges as an intelligent fusion of twilight-style full-on psytrance with elements of darkpsy and forest music. All tracks written, produced & mastered by Volker Wiesmann (Volly) at Psychedelic-Dreamland Studios, Germany, 2011. Tracklist: 01 - 4 Drops Away (147 BPM) 02 - Particular Mutation (147 BPM) 03 - Second Mind Disaster (146 BPM) 04 - Fast Slide (149 BPM) free link to download : http://www.ektoplazm...g-liquid-jungle enjoy
  22. Ianuaria - Beware Of The Fish NEW ALBUM Label: Blue Hour Sounds Style: Psytrance Release Date: 2011-11-25 Samples : http://www.arabesque...Itemid=99999999 Info: There´s a lonely bottle floating in the deep, blue sea... Are you a treasure hunter too, dreaming about the big discovery, the secrect message brought to you by the waves of destiny? Open the bottle, but ‘Beware of the fish’! Blue Hour Sounds presents Ianuaria’s long awaited second album: his personal music evolution. ‘Beware of the fish’ is a mature product, that has a clear intention: guide you deeper and deeper into the sound. It´s a unique crossover between funky and groovy psytrance and a seriously high psychedelic atmosphere; you´ll find yourself in many different places, surrounded by tiny bits of sounds. The use of analog equipment is giving a particularwarmth and an incredibile flexibility to his style. Ianuaria’s production is coloured, flavoured, and without any doubt he´s hitting the spot thanks to the unique tricks that he creates, making him one of the freshest and genial psytrance producers in 2011. Treasure hunt's open.. are you coming? Arrrrr CD Track List: Intro Sternplattler Tintifax On Acid Trip Drop Asavari Kabum Vacuum Tango Shadow Of The Black Jaguar Downfish Syndrom Native My Little Dream
  23. Digicult -Awaken The Dream (Spinal Fusion Rmx) http://soundcloud.co...x-contest-entry
  24. ------------- HIKARI & PARADIGM SHIFT present: -------------- ------------------FULL MOON RISING-------------------- December 10, 2011 Hikari production & Paradigm Shift want to welcome you to engage in this cosmic dance and tune into new changes that the full moon brings upon us. The full moon not only marks energetic vibes, but also opens the door to welcome new people into our lives. Also known as cold moon, or long nights moon among some tribes, this is the last full moon before we mark the end of 2011 and make our way into the new year ahead. There are many theories as to what full moon brings, some believe it's power, some claim its clarity or even desire, but we like to believe that full moon is the time when through meditation and energies stored we can bring new changes into our lives. Those of you who hold a belief in astrology, will know that the full moon aligns with our astrological signs and shares a certain force with us, giving us way for higher explorations and force fields of energy. So let's put this energy to use and share it with our community the only way we can think of - dance ! We shall gather at a brand new venue, right here in our beloved Williamsburg, Brooklyn! This is a private event. We ask all attendees to send their RSVP's to HIKARIPRODUCTION@GMAIL.COM You will receive the full information e-mail before the event!! Acts: INTELLIGENCE (Catalyst Records, Mexico, Dacru Records) http://www.myspace.com/intelligencetk http://soundcloud.com/intelligence KNO-B cohn (Japan/NYC ) Kno-B has been involved in the music scene since the early 90's, when he discovered the art of psychoacoustics & the sound of electronic music. In the late 90's he started to play psytrance along side of the very founders of the genre itself. Not limited to being in various live bands at the same time also. Ever since then Kno-B has been known as one of the greatest international dj's and producers in the genre of our time. Kno-B's sound will shift and take your mind for a race. No one comes close to his style of mixing, which has been called by many "the live mix" as he mixes new tracks every three to four minutes without you ever noticing, that way keeping you on the dance floor for hours at the time. Kno-B's style has been called new and brilliant as it's something you've never experienced before. Besides being one of the top industry dj's, he is also working on various new projects that will be released in the near future. You can expect one of his cutting - edge, grand sound sets, that he's known for all around the globe. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cohn/118149604942180 http://soundcloud.com/cohn/cohn-to-the-star-mp3 SEBASTIAN borg (Alchemy Records/Paradigm Shift) http://soundcloud.com/paradigmshift http://www.facebook.com/pages/BORG/140845375994392 LUIS CAMPOS (Dreamcathers /Reality Engine) http://realityengine.tv/ Producer and DJ Luis Campos has launched a professional music career at the age of 14 in his childhood home Sao Paulo, Brazil. A small collection of records was his first inspiration to pick up his first set of Technics turntables. Throughout the first decade of his career he held residencies at some of the country’s most revered clubs, including Sao Paulo's Limelight, Victoria Pub, New QG, Gitana among others. Luis's talents were also showcased at Brazil’s most prestigious music festivals such as Skol Beats and the Love Parade attended by nearly 200,000 people. In the late 90s, Luis founded one of the first Brazil's live electronic band, Influx. At the release of MTV's first Amp album, Influx performed for over 30,000 people. It was one of the most memorable performances the band had experienced. Their track entitled "Crack" soon became an MTV favorite, gaining Influx popularity, which spread throughout Brazil, Europe, and North America. Beginning his international career in 2000 Luis had the opportunity to tour across America including Florida (Miami WMC), Massachusetts, New Jersey, California and New York. Luis has played at internationally acclaimed night clubs such as Love, Exit, Twilo, Spirit, Life, World, B.E.D including the DJ MAG world’s top 100 clubs Cielo, Pacha and Sullivan Room, where he currently holds a 3 year residency. In New York Luis founded Psycheground, a multi genre underground party that is going to its 7th year of success with more than 100 events. It has become a beacon for the underground electronic music scene of NYC. In 2008 Luis Campos joined forces with Matyas Kelemen to form the Reality Engine project. A one of a kind dance music driven project that creates an articulate blend of original music production, synchronized videos, and holographic projections. DJ IZZY (Paradigm Shift) - Live Visual Projections brought to you - by VJ PLASMO http://www.youtube.com/wowstanley - Atmosphere by - HIKARI - Music will begin 11 PM and end at sunrise - 21+ - $25 - !!Please, remember, you MUST RSVP to HIKARIPRODUCTION@GMAIL.COM to receive full information!! FB event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/307968102564122/
  25. Hi there, Just droped by to let you now that, New upcoming and unreleased tracks added at Soundcloud! http://soundcloud.com/spinal-fusion My name is Bilas Rajderkar from India and I have a Full On/ Morning psytrance project called Spinal Fusion.I need to share my music with people around the world and you can be part of this by clicking on the "Like" button of my page. Please, take a listen on my music and share with your friends.... Feedbacks Appreciated... http://www.facebook....Fusion.Official
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