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  1. Video and samples from the movie Karlsson-on-the-Roof http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ltI2gsEykE Hope you'll enjoy!
  2. Artist: Cut the Cheese Album: Turn The Tables Around... Label: Troll N' Roll Records http://www.trollnroll.com Catalogue number: TNRFREE002 Genre: Psytrance,Forest,Darkpsy,Suomisaundi Release Date: 2012-06-16 Format: MP320k-WAV-FLAC Mastering: Johan Ohlsson Cover: Cut the Cheese TRACKLIST: 01. Bananaspliff 02. Pröva & Experimentera 03. Fungi Town 04. Vilse 05. Turn The Tables Around... 06. Forestalgia 07. Froggystyle 08. Goon Docks 09. The Nutty Compressor 10. Flying Rats With Radar Free Download @ http://trollnroll.bandcamp.com/album/cut
  3. Hey folks! I got influenced by some high bpm music a year ago so I decided to make the fastest track I have ever done (180bpm) Now 1 year later I'm pretty much done with it and it ended up beeing over 24min long. The software I have used is Reason 4 with different refills I got my hands on during the years I've been producing.. ...anyway, if you have some time over, sit or lay down in a comfortable spot and hope you'll enjoy this trip "Toxic Anger Syndrome - Strange Electronic Music" http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtypaeqI0jE Best regards, //J
  4. Freaky Forest is the debut compilation from Troll N' Roll Records, Sweden, featuring a wide assortment of psytrance styles composed from 2004 to 2011. A long time ago in a town called Trollhättan a seed was planted in a group of young freaks who began to expand their minds to the sound of various kinds of electronic music. After a couple of years of crazy journeys through time and space some of us started to experiment with sounds of our own. Soon, more and more people started DJing and producing beats, and in 2010 we started talking about gathering the whole "Trollective" and to put ou
  5. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkzw5sCopjE Artist: Toxic Anger Syndrome Track: Dark Forces of Sweden Bpm: 166 Album: V/A Underground Shamanism (Track #2) Label: Shamanicaros Records Genre: Psytrance / Darkpsy / Full Power Release Year: 2011 Download this track or the whole compilation for free @ http://www.archive.o...round.Shamanism For more of my tunes visit http://www.youtube.com/Trollhelltown
  6. Artist: Toxic Anger Syndrome Track: Planetoid Genre: Psytrance/Darkpsy Bpm: 150 Label: Unreleased Production Year: 2011 http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ_Lg11u_7E For more music like this visit http://www.youtube.com/Trollhelltown Cheers
  7. Toxic Anger Syndrome - Turkey Shoot [148bpm] http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-T7ecEVS2I Artist: Toxic Anger Syndrome Track: Turkey Shoot Genre: Psytrance/Darkpsy Bpm: 148 Label: Unreleased Production Year: 2010 The inspiration for this track (and the video/samples) are from the movie "Turkey Shoot" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082338/ This is a movie I highly recommend you to see if you like "exploitation movies". I tried to not spoil the movie too much when I edited this one.. If in doubt, watch the movie first and then come back here afterwards For more
  8. "Cut the Cheese" is the side project of "Toxic Anger Syndrome" but here he focuses more on the lower bpm range (under 145) The style varies a lot depending on the day by day mood he has and can be everything from Forest, Suomisaundi, Darkpsy, Goa or a blend of all togheter since this is his major influences. Composers such as Ennio Morricone and John Carpenter has also been great sources of inspiration during the years... soundcloud.com/cut-the-cheese
  9. Toxic Anger Syndrome [TAS] is a psychedelic experiment that I mainly do for the fun sake. When I started back in 2004 I had alot of "freetime" and producing is also a good therapy for me to escape from "the all day madness" that goes around in our crazy world... The usage of samples from movies etc is pretty high since I like to have a "message" or a "story" in the tracks. Guess that comes from my great passion for movies. In almost all movies there's a story, one way or another, and maybe that's what I try to do also, with music instead. But all depends on feelings and all day happenings what
  10. Hey folks! I have gathered 9 tracks that you can download for free in 16-bit wav format on; http://soundcloud.com/toxic-anger-syndrome/tracks All tracks except 1 are released on various compilations/EP's between 2007-2010 Hope you'll find something that you like Artist info: The project Toxic Anger Syndrome [TAS], is a psychedelic experiment that I mainly do for the fun sake. I have alot of "freetime" and producing is also a good therapy for me to escape from "the all day madness" that goes around in our crazy world. The usage of samples from movies etc is
  11. Catalog Number: 9THFREE001 Release Date: 13. March 2010 Format Digital: WAV & VBR MP3 Audio Mastering: Extreme Forces Cover Artwork: TAS & Rapid Eye Movement Distribution: 9th Circle Records (Free Edition) Tracklist: 01 Toxic Anger Syndrome - What Goes Around... 152bpm 02 Toxic Anger Syndrome - ISM Incorporated 152bpm 03 Toxic Anger Syndrome - No World Order 153bpm The project Toxic Anger Syndrome [TAS], is a psychedelic experiment that I mainly do for the fun sake. I have alot of "freetime" and producing is also a good therapy for me to escape from "the al
  12. Thank you for subscribing Psybro! Stay tuned for more tracks in the near future, I hope to be able to do some nice visuals to the music also but as for now it's the sound I lay most of my time on. Thank you so much! "Jolly Roger" is the newest track I did with my "Cut the Cheese" project so happy you liked it! It's also the first track I did in the "studio" I have on the countryside. I'm actually going there today and will be there until next week sometime. Hopefully I will have a new track done by then! Have a nice weekend folks! Cheers
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