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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Resistrance Label: Hadra Records Date: April, 2012 1. Ab Zee RINKADINK 2. Visible Light PSYSEX 3. Subsurface TANTRIX 4. Angelical Geminorum HOLON 5. Motorcycle from hell LOUD 6. Natural Internet BARAK 7. Mind of its own LUCAS 8. Scary Sprites BROKEN TOY 9. Maybe yes maybe no D-ROOT 10. Yellow Eye CURIOUS DETAIL 11. Fringe FOAM 12. Direct Control DIGITAL TALK AND GEKO 13. Flashbacks BRAIN DRIVER 14. Bio Digital Jazz PAINKILLER 15. I have a dream PUNCHLINE 16. Synapse Trigger MR PECULIAR 17. The Third Arena SINE DIE 18. Galactic Forces LUNARAVE 19. Unplugged Mind (Reactive rmx) LUNARAVE Ft. Bragg, North Carolina 0700 Hours Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter colonel. I didn't think I had much choice. Sorry about that old boy, but a window revealed itself and immediate action was required. Your country needs you again. Can we count on you? Of course general just say the word. I'm not asking you to clean my toilets. This is a real dirty job. A job that requires focus and the utmost patience. You're going to hear things...things...you can't unhear. *sips scotch* What are we talking about here? This is a rescue mission. A one man operation. I need you to go through a 2 CD set of full-on and come back with some good tracks. You'll have to wade through the seriously subpar and derivative to return with survivors. Under no circumstances should you engage the enemy. *walks to window and peers through the blinds at the coming dawn* I've...I've already lost enough good men to this fight. He was a good man sir. The best. *waits a few respectful moments and judges the time is right for his next question* What if I find a gem? A superb track? *looks at man with incredulity* Haven't you been listening to a word I've said!?! You're going into a 2 CD set of dull-on! Tracks that go nowhere, minutes on end of "is it finished yet." Possibly build ups that totally kill any momentum and a blatant overuse of samples that weren't cool a decade ago. You won't find any gems here damnit!!! *composes self and exhales deeply* Besides our intel would've discovered any quality tracks in our latest reconnaissance. Our man on the inside said these are some of the worst conditions he's ever seen. What's the time frame? *general leaves window and approaches desk strewn with maps* You'll leave at once. The drop off point is here where you'll rendez-vous with your contact in the Resistrance. Lucas is a good man and he's hidden deep behind enemy lines. He'll equip you with the list of potential hostages, but it'll be up to you to make it that far. We've uncovered the list of adversaries you'll be facing. Psysex, Barak, Loud...you've gone up against them before. Once you get past the initial wave of crap that's where you'll find our boys. Maybe. It's also the most dangerous time during the whole mission as you'll be too deep to call for an evac. Good luck colonel. *stands up and salutes* 3 weeks later in a debriefing room in an undisclosed location *General enters room and removes hat* At ease soldier. Glad to see you doing well. The doctors say you'll make a full recovery. I...I want you to know we put our best man on it. I know sir. He did everything he could and we almost made it out with a few others. But...he, he never stood a chance. The full-on was just too horrible. Build ups, tuned up samples, and even a Martin Luther King sample. He was only one man. The onslaught of suck was beyond belief. And the cheese...so much cheese. 19 tracks and only one survivor. Your country appreciates everything you did soldier. Now please get some rest...we hear Nutek might be planning a release in the near future and I'd like to put my best man on it. Yes sir. As you were Lucas. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  2. Artist: Barak Title: Twilight Cave Label: Hadra Records Date: January, 2008 1. Morning breeze on a party face 2. The Formula 3. Mar De Nubes 4. Human Response (Barak rmx) - Barak feat. Sharigrama 5. Twilight Cave 6. The desert moon mistery 7. Castle Freak 8. One way out 9. Sea Side Caribean Moonshine No f*cking way. I refuse to believe that the current president would be mired in run of the mill boring ass full-on. Because that's what this is. This is Fernando Diaz Gallardo from Mexico with his debut and man is it craptastic. Unimaginative and devoid of depth, he unfortunately has a track on here titled The Formula. C'mon man, too easy. That's begging for ridicule. I think full-on as a genre would listen to this and say, "Really?" John Belushi, what do you think? That's your answer to everything. Chick from Mean Girls with a nice set of cans and no criminal record, how bout you? Now, now, I'm sure not all Mexican Djs are terrible. Actually, I cannot confirm that. If we actually still had dictionaries this would be the definition of by the numbers full-on. I tried to find some parts of the tracks that were at least palpable and was wholly unsuccessful. If I'm being honest I did find The Desert Moon Mistery pretty groovy. But that's like giving the crew of the Titanic a garbage bag to block the whole. Still going down. There was a time when this could've been cutting edge. But that was a decade ago. The fact that this was made in 2008 is even more depressing. Psyshop Beatspace Saiko Sounds Mdk
  3. Artist: Mr. Peculiar Title: Alternate Worlds Label: Hadra Records Date: April, 2012 1. A new machine 2. Psycho Disco Balls 3. Everything Remains 4. Infinity (Mr Peculiar rmx) 5. Another World 6. Mental Universe 7. Ascention 8. Pandora 9. Algarythm "This truly is another world." Tell me about it. A world where the government deploys drones to fly over the backyards of regular citizens. What the f*ck are you looking for? A world where doing your job can get you arrested. "You see, it's all just a...what happened was...di-did Hawaiian Punch put you up to this? Where's my lawyer?" This is Dustin Saalfield with his fifth album and first one in 5 years. Guy's been doing his thing for over a decade and creates some of the most descriptive and involving psytrance today. Since I love sci-fi like the rest of you nerds, the cover has me all hot and bothered. Ummm...no. You're acting like a pedophile that was just released from the prison across from the elementary school. What the f*ck is that noise? Is that...is that a drone? A New Machine- Sounds like someone got some new hardware!!!!! This has an incredibly mystical and spiritual beginning with a tribal chant that goes on for 3 minutes set against an ambient opening. Talk about setting the table...Like he often does, he creates the atmosphere with effects flashing out as the bass line runs. If I put my mind to it (and you know that I can) it's easy to be a willing captive on his space disco vessel. The final break (at 11 and a half minutes you know there is more than one) illustrates how vast the corridors are as sound reverberates of alien material. Nice opener. Even if it was just full-on, it was all the ancillary stuff that I enjoyed. Psycho Disco Balls- *insert disco whistle* Bout time someone brought the disco back into the club. George Jefferson's ready...are you? Complete with brass and guitar wah-wah it's all studio 54 up in here. For f*ck's sake Liza, do you have to be such an attention whore? Aside from the transvestites and doing coke off the stomachs of bartenders he just seems to be going through the motions. The break was awesome as usual, but not a track that's gonna stay with me. Everything Remains- After underwhelming me for the first two tracks, he gets back to his strength. Atmosphere. This one stinks of it. Melancholy, forlorn...whatever you want to call it. The vibe captures you and if you're not careful you can get lost in all these layers. It's drifting and right in my wheelhouse until he does the unthinkable. N-no..no...I mean I don't think he fell asleep in the back of a car with his shirt off. Thug life? More like chub life! Yikes, let go of the pork rinds. No, he slows it down, like the batteries were running out. Man I was mad, but because the guys got skills, he turned it into a quality break before returning to the dream. Infinity Rmx- Yes I know it has the dreaded galloping bass line, but listen to all the fanfare behind it. Bubbling effects, arching synths, and of course he owns the breaks. It is very futuristic in his alien and floating style. I feel like I'm at an extra-terrestrial zoo oohing and ahhing over all the foreign electronics. Another World- "A strange new world." As if the previous tracks weren't alien enough he shoves a 3 fingered hand up your rectum. It's fast and there's all kinds of critters running around here. "What's a matter...you never seen a translucent biped mesomorphic organism before?" If you can tell me what movie that's from, you win a bucket of semen. This track has all the atmospheric synthplay that makes psytrance fun. Never a wasted minute as melodies crawl over each other like passengers on an Indian train destined for Bombay. Quality tune. Mental Universe- How can you not like a track with a choir in it? You can't. Well, unless you're Catholic. A choir might make you wet your pants. Oh c'mon, don't tell me you feel sorry for the church? Laser shots, acid splatters, and long sweeps make this one very appealing. His breaks are just awesome at teleporting you right where he wants you to be. Not bad. Ascention- *Turns pages of dictionary, while licking thumb* Ah there it is... Filler- Hungarian currency unit. What the f*ck Let's try again. Filler- One that fills. F*cking dictionary. Filler- Something added to augment weight or size Thank you. Thank you, was that so hard? Pandora- Another long one, but this is a slower, almost mid-tempo experience. It's very magical that flows with a saunter like it was made by a shaman. Progressive in nature with a primal feel. Why do I feel like I'm going to hear a voice say, "I'm sorry Hal, I can't let you do that." The orchestral part of the break gives the track a cinematic quality like the main characters stumbled upon something that Michael Bay will soon destroy. Impressive. I feel it went on too long, but hell if you've got a story to tell...I liked it. Algarythm- What are the odds he ends the disc with two progressive tracks. Put your hand down doofus, it's a rhetorical question. If you told me this was Flegma & Nerso I would've believed you. Good groove and wonderful effects as I'm sure this would gather the masses into a frenzy. Make a hole people, I'm tryin' to get a soul train line goin' here! "Psycho Disco Ball is over! Get the hell outta here!" So after a couple of commercial bumps in the road this turned out to be a solid album. If I had one gripe it's that damn galloping bass line. I hear it and instantly the hackles on the back of my neck stand up. Also it becomes a bit full-oney for me, but the majority of that is offset with brilliant layers of synths and effects that wrap around you like a straight jacket. Rich in atmosphere it's a bubbling cauldron of alien stews that never strays from the outer space theme. While nowhere near as good as Infinite Evolution it's still worth the price of admission. Recommended. Psyshop Beatspace Saikosounds Goastore Mdk
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