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Found 10 results

  1. Artist: Unusual Cosmic Process Title: Mental Atmosphere Label: Gliese 581c Date: May, 2012 01 - Mental Atmosphere (136 BPM) 02 - Paranoic Minds (138 BPM) 03 - Unexplaned Process (138 BPM) 04 - Mystical Forms Of Life (136 BPM) 05 - The Message (135 BPM) 06 - So Far From Earth (138 BPM) 07 - Pulsating Galaxies (142 BPM) 08 - Sleepwalker (142 BPM) 09 - Immersion (142 BPM) "Da, make psytrance great again!" Ukranian Armen Akopov is back with another free release from Ektoplazm. The last one I reviewed (Weightlessness) had some really good floating ambient and even a stellar downtempo goa trance track Place On Earth. This time he turns to the progressive arena and brings the same amount of detail with long tracks and good sample work. Tracks like Unexplained Process evolve slowly with some sweet goa touches. With all the music he adds effects and touches which really go a long way into creating and maintaining the atmosphere. The one track that didn't wow me was So Far From Earth as it was the only one that seemed to go on too long without any support. Science fiction samples are a major part of what he does and he makes it easy to be a passenger on his space craft. I don't know if this would work on the dance floor, but it is great for home listening. Free at Ektoplazm
  2. Artist: Digicult Title: The Lucid Nation Label: Dacru Records Date: May, 2012 1. The Optimist (vs U-Recken) 2. Microcosmos 3. Rite of passage (vs DNA) 4. Into the heartland (vs U-Recken) 5. Matter of thought 6. Medusah (vs Tropical Bleyage) 7. Last Warning (BeatNik rmx) 8. The Moksha Medicine (vs Hux Flux) 9. Awaken the dream (Tropical Bleyage rmx) Friends. I don't haz dem. Unless you're counting internet friends and I have like...400. So sad. But Belgian duo Digicult (Davy Piessens & Bert De Decker) do and they stopped by to give a hand on their 3rd album. If you're not familiar with their style (shame on you) they create the more evolved and dare I say mature kind of full-on. First I was struck by the great artwork and it instantly reminded me of A Broken Frame by Depeche Mode. Good looking stuff. The Optimist- Here they go with fellow intelligent full-on producers U-Recken who was responsible for one of my favorite albums of all time Deeper Into Man (never mind the gay as sh*t title. What? Please, the only way that title would've been gayer is if it was called Pardon Me Sir My Penis Seems to be Stuck in Your Rectum. *Excuse me a sec...Really? You gotta be kidding me...for that? So what, I can't even make gay jokes now? Sigh* My representation informs me that I need to apologize to the gay community and all who were offended by my previous statement. And that there is nothing wrong with being gay. Said every teen that wasn't excepted by their parents. Ever. Nah, if you're gay, I say be the gayest gay that ever gayed. But for God's sake use protection. If the scientist on the forefront of gay knowledge has taught us anything is that homosexuals are disgusting and probably all have aids. Paris Hilton...alienating every single population group one stereotype at a time. Back to the track it's got a little bit of everything. The Middle Eastern twang of the sitar, evolving melodies, and sufficient sunshine to give the ol' colon a sunburn. But they do it the right way and create a nice story with some powerful breaks. Microcosmos- These two flirt with goa enough to keep them on my radar. This isn't a goa tune, but it feels ethereal with the female vocal and warm break. It's a soft track with melodies creeping in before other leave and I don't think I'm going out on a limb saying it strays into euphoric trance territory with that big, fat synth arpeggio. They wen't all Paul Van Dyk on us. Rite of Passage- See this is where I was a little nervous. If intelligent full on is surfing the big wave, then DNA...how can I put this. They're the fat guy with the cooler spilling water all over everyone as he waddles in search of the perfect spot (never close) to lay him and his 6 sandwiches down only to fall asleep to burn and attract a cadre of seagulls. Sorry gentlemen, but you can only run on your record. I bought a DNA CD once, but I didn't run on it. More like jumped on it. Repeatedly. To the absolute shock of nobody it is full-on, but it is very well produced and comes off very warm and inviting. Good for you guys. Into the Heartland- Back with U-Recken and if you'll pardon the Britney reference, they did it again. These two projects have a knack through effects and melody of turning a simple full-on track into something much more lush. The break is delicious and the whole track has an encapsulting feel similar to Iono or Tesseract Studio's progressive work. Matter of Thought- "How are you feeling? Are you in pain?" Nah, he just grazed me. And now I'm even better as this track takes thumping bass coupled with soft acoustic guitar and runs with it. But they also brought the heat with more euphoric arpeggios. Good stuff, this is how full-on should be done. Medusah- Tropical Bleyage? Sounds like happy hour at the local Applebees. Try their two entrees for under 20 bucks...it's a winner. No idea who this is, but man is it good. Layers of ripping synths, sliced strings, nimble leads, and powerrrrr!!! Not much to say, but take this one all in. Last Warning (Beatnik Remix)- "I dream...I dream I am floating on the surface of my own life, watching it unfold...observing it." I'll have what he's having. Love the sample and intro with the effect of his words repeated in an evil Hal I can't let you do that warning. Unfortunately that was the best part as the rest of the track is pure filler. Sad, that one had potential. Shoulda called U-Recken. The Moksha Medicine- "Huxley was on his deathbed when he used LSD for the final time." There are plenty of people who like Hux Flux. I am not one of them, but the collaboration here works well. Lead sounds switch and melodies fade into each other. This is back to what the duo does well. The guitar crunch fits in nicely with the robotic and futuristic vibe. Awaken the Dream- And it just don't stop as happy hour at Applebees continues with a Tropical Bleyage remix. And just like the 5th Long Island Iced Tea it goes down so smoothly making me feel warm all over. Insanely full and rich with more ancillary sounds than my knees on a crisply cool morning. Beautifully done full-on that gets mucho replays in this house. Am I going to put a bumper sticker on the back of my jeep that says I Love Full-On? Maybe. It would have to find space between No Fat Chicks and Nuke Gay Whales for Jesus, but this is a discussion we can have. This duo continues to show mastery over this genre creating deep and evolving storyines punctuated with great atmosphere. So yeah, I have no problem recommending this. Psyshop Beatspace Saiko Sounds Goa Store Audiojelly Juno Download Beatport Mdk
  3. Artist: Rubix Qube Title: Dark Continent Label: Spectral Records Date: May, 2012 1. Dark Continent 2. Sneaky Snake Eyes 3. Important Announcement 4. Brain Wave 5. Not Physically Possible 6. Demon Speeding 7. No Time 8. 7 Deadlies "This is not physically possible." Yet here we are. Rubix Qube is Kieron Grieve and I don't think he gets the accolades he deserves. Another South African churning out quality South African psytrance that simply flies under the radar. His album Ulterior Motives and the EP Saturate are prime examples of quality night time goodness. With this album there is a techno influence that he blends seamlessly with the power he's known for. It's chunky and metallic at times, but he can also buttsmack you with eminently danceable grooves. The tracks are frequently evolving, but with none of that repeated start and stop nonsense. Thank you. No really...thank you. When he thinks it's time for some hip gyrations he stays with the rhythm. Samples are well placed, but not overdone and the guitar he uses is not of the cheesy variety. It's got some bite. Also his bass lines are the type you can feel in your chest. Sneaky Snake Eyes is bad ass psychedelia, Not Physically Possible is acidic funkiness (dirty morning dry mouth made out with middle aged smoker chick funky), and any time you can essentially remix a Rob Zombie track...well that's a gold escalator to Heaven with zero waiting as far as I'm concerned. Haven't heard a heavy remix this good since sHiFt demolished Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. And to end with 7 Deadlies? A track that magnificently changes shape like so much smoke is f*cking fantastic. I think I got carpel tunnel from hitting the repeat button on that one. Beatport Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: Flight 604 Label: Zion 604 Date: May, 2012 1. Enlightenment (Oforia Remix) - Loud 2. Goa Visions - Adrenalin Drum 3. Spirit of God - Qlipadelic Rhythm & Jikooha 4. Enoch - Aurax 5. Physical Reality - Computer Controlled 6. Narrow Vision In A Wide World - Cymatics 7. Analogue Sunrise - InnerZone 8. Gate To The Past - California Sunshine 9. Evil Echo - 2 Minds Sitting at home with nothing to do but surf the net is dangerous indeed. Add Zion 604 to the labels that I've cleaned out. Damn you Paypal and your incredible ease of use! If you don't know, Zion 604 Records is a psychedelic trance record label formed in March 2012 by Roy Sason, Stephan Spivak and Masafumi Hoshida. An Israeli/Japanese tag team if you will. This is their first release as a label and a first step in their main goal: preserving the Goa culture by spreading Goa music. That can't be a bad thing right? But they say that this is Pure Israeli New School at its best. That word...I don't think it means what you think it means. I recognize some of the artists as being old school, so are these new tracks? But there are new schoolers hear as well. I see you Jikooha. Don't try to hide. Enlightenment (Oforia Remix)- Ofer's back in play with a remix of a Loud track. Noun, not adjective. I was stunned at how unremarkable it was. Zero twists and turns just straight ahead. Where are the layers? Where's the acid lines? Answer me that Mr. Pigs in Space!?! Don't come in here with that weak shit Ofer. Goa Visions- "If you haven't heard of LSD, you will. It's a safe bet that this drug will make headlines in this country as it has for some years in America." You hear those 303's? Those dogs are barkin! It has a swagger that doesn't hit you at once, but prefers to strike from a distance. I was hoping for a nice climax that would bring all the elements together, but that didn't happen. Spirit of God- Now this is some good new school. It thumps with ever changing leads and arcing pads. Not overly lush with tons of layers, but again straightforward. Twinkling sounds and electronic whistles add to it's nature. For those that are sick of the floating style you'll probably enjoy this. Enoch- Old Schooler Aurax gets things chunky about halfway through with some guttural goa sounds. It pumps and rises to a pretty good climax. One of the most unintentionally sexual things I've ever typed. Physical Reality- "It only comes into existence when it bumps up against some other piece of physical reality." That's what she said. You had to be there. You might not recognize the name here, but this is Eitan Rider (half of Loud) and one of the label heads. This track sounds pure old school with a melody that I swear I've heard before. It builds and bubbles over with maximum twirling potential. Eitan should make more goa, he's pretty good at it. Narrow Vision in a Wide World- "What do you mean? What do you think when you say the word I? I...myself." Either this guy is an old schooler that never made anything or he is fresh as a daisy cause he comes right out and stakes his claim. New guy makes massive old school track. Screaming leads echo throughout as it combines the floating power of sunshine with the aggressive swagger of the dark side. Can't wipe the smile off my face. Analogue Sunrise- Another unknown artist to me with a very busy track. Pumping surely, with noisy sounds and drug samples that tumble over like a waterfall. Some good layering in there and it gets into attack mode at the end. Gate To The Past- If you've read my reviews (and how could you not I'm everywhere...see, look at my profile. Look at it. It even says so) then you know my utter disdain for California Sunshine. For my ears they haven't produced anything worthwhile in over a decade and just seeing them on a tracklist makes me want to send rockets into Israel. Now I know this is a track from 2009 so they can't add to their pile of refuse, but it still stinks. The cornball "The Gate to the Past" sample with that accent and the loud clap is like nails on a chalkboard to me. So cheesy. What's a matter, couldn't fit any guitars in here? I swear I want to start a petition to get them to drop the California from their name. They're ruining it. Gate to the past? Yeah, you wish. Evil Echo- Brothers you say? Hmm...a very cool downtempo track. The melody wavers and speaks of ancient times and deities. Deep bass hums as the trip deepens and you descend into the underground of the Middle East. Old meets young with some glitchy elements and banging percussion. Very impressive maiden voyage Zion. Throw out the CS track and it's even better. You got some old school artists and some new ones making old school. I like your philosophy and I just recently ordered your catalog so you can expect more reviews in the future. Recommended. Suntrip Records Beatport Mdk
  5. Artist: Agneton Title: Wizards From The Future Label: Sita Records Date: May, 2012 1. Silver Shadow Lifeforms Chapter 2 2. Back To Hyperion 3. Zap Kannon 4. Wizards from the future 5. Mega Magnet Style 6. In the heart of a dying star 7. Gigantoraptor Resurrection 8. Master of the universe - AGNETON FEAT. JAVI 9. Reach out live forever "I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish worldwide if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." Really? You really think that? Have you seen congress lately? Old f*ckers can't agree on a cup of coffee. Writing a review isn't an exact science. If it were, the boob enlargement software would've already been downloaded to my droid and I'd be wearing a bra on my head like the gentlemen above. You've come a long way Iron Man. A long way. Sometimes I can pen one after just one listen. But the vast majority require multiple days or weeks and a seemingly endless amount of listens. Point is I have come up with ideas for reviews in all sorts of places and times. On the crapper, at 4 in the morning, while I'm grocery shopping. Hell once, I came up with a great idea while doin' the nasty, but I figured I better get back to the task at hand. I've been writing this one for about a month. Which means I keep listening to it over and over again. Normally I'd buy a plane ticket to Belgium and punch Elias in the face (worked with Rihanna), but he's friends with Boris (Goalien) and he scares me. Thing is when I was playing this each time it never got old. There were always new layers to immerse myself in. Elias Gits is arguably the king of mixing Nitzhonot and goa trance turning what was a cheesy art form and making a Reese's Cup. You got your nitzho in my goa...and I like it. Horizon in Your Head came out 4 years ago and if you liked that one then you are going to love this. Silver Shadow Lifeforms Chapter II- "The evidence seems to be overwhelming to me. That we've had an intimate inter relationship with them for several thousand years." A remix to Silver Shadow Lifeforms from Horizon in Your Head? I'm in. Always felt that the original while good was lacking in a bottom end. Seems that issue was addressed as well as an overall thickening of the track with more layers. The main lead also felt more lush and full with some more aggressive tendencies. Kinda like juggling with a power saw. The nitzho kick is ever present and you will be hearing quite a bit of it on this journey. Back To Hyperion- Now that he's eased you into his vision, make sure your seat belts are fastened because he just accelerated to incredible speed. How fast? Faster than you can say child protective services. The melodies come fast and furious with blinding speed, but he doesn't forget the little touches that make goa tracks so organic. Outer space effects, machine gun kicks, and even a little break beat. Guy is such a giver. And not a crumb of cheese to be found. Zap Kannon- "That's the best you can do? No new style?" Why fix what isn't broken. If you're waiting for dude to take his foot off the accelerator it ain't gonna happen. Blistering pace with more space effects and spiritual melodies. This one is a face melter. "Breaking news! The government has found a new way to eliminate the deficit by taxing masturbation." Wizards From The Future- "I don't make the rules...I just live by them." Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof d-d-d- doof! First rule of nitzhogoa, you don't talk about nitzhogoa. 2nd rule...you better have that kick with you. If you forgot however, no worries Elias has plenty to spare. He changes tempo with storming leads that are quite frenetic. The growl at the end with the 303 is a twirler's paradise. Mega-Magnet Style- "A long time ago...in a galaxy far far away." This is nitzhogoa on steroids. Indy 500 fast melodies and samples from numerous different sci-fi movies? Yes please. You can tell he's having a good time with this and he's getting all crazy with the layering. In the Heart of a Dying Star- "Some people lose their faith because heaven shows them too little. How many people lose their faith because heaven shows them too much." "Do you know how you got that dent, in your top lip? Way back, before you were born, I told you a secret, then I put my finger there and I said "Shhhhh!" Can I get a hell yeah for a Prophecy movie sample? Layers of the goodness cascade down and it seems as if it is never ending. You get these short breaks with clever percussive sounds and then it's right back into the fray. Awe. Some. Gigantoraptor Resurrection- "I'm so f*cking scared!" There are a sh*tload of effects to go along with the rampaging melodies. You have entered a cheese free zone with delicious shimmery synths. This one leans more towards the goa side at times but still maintains the nitzho flair. You'll hear what I mean when the slight buildup staggers up the staircase. Master of the Universe- "By the power of Grayskull!" I have never seen more homoerotic imagery and pedophilia than in that cartoon. Have to say my parents were asleep at the wheel for this one. F*cking show was a NAMBLA wet dream. Javi (Jonas Slosse) lends a hand and if you don't know who that is you should check out The Aural Exciter. Good stuff. Now is this their take on the classic UX track? Damn you Elias for making me do homework. I was kicked out of school for a reason you know. I don't know if it is, but is sure does sound old school. It's an absolute scorcher with power lead beatdowns and a tension filled break. The melodies seem to scream at the top of their lungs and it is unrelenting. Reach Out Live Forever- "I posess a stellar converter...the most powerful weapon in the universe." Well I have a butter knife and I am about to get medeival on this bagel. Elias tells you that your liberal nancypants go feel yourself downtempo track isn't needed here. Kinda. It starts out fast with spacey pads and a cat quick bass line. Melodies tumble from the sky in a frenzy and just when you think it's balls to the wall the break comes. And what a break it is as effects soar across space and colorful nebulas of melody drift by. It ain't long before he whips you around with some real hyper-speed stuff to close it out. I didn't have to go through this track by track to review it, but I'm here to educate and entertain. Taken at face value evry track has super speed melodies, outer space effects, and well placed samples. His style is to give you some (like a 2nd date) and then give you a break. But the break is a set up for a change in melody. It clings to a heavy science fiction vibe the whole way through. He truly is the master of nitzhogoa. I enjoyed the crap out of it and hey if you want to shoot an autographed copy my way I won't be mad at ya. So if you like your Nitzhogoa sans cheese (and I know you do) then this is for you. For those that are not into the genre with both feet, it can get a little samey as it's full throttle all they way. Might be too much for you to handle. Not me though. I eagerly await his third album. Psyshop Beatspace Saiko Sounds Mdk
  6. Artist: Rabdom L Title: Augment EP Label: Nexus Media Date: May, 2012 1. Daywalker (Rabdom L Remix) - Cybernetix Vs. Rabdom L 2. Master of the Krusha (Rabdom L Remix) - Khopat Vs. Rabdom L 3. Ionosphere (Rabdom L Remix) - Deliriant Vs. Rabdom L 4. Firestorm - Rabdom L This is Craig Hudson who is 1/3 of the Twisted System project (time for a new album wouldn't you say gentlemen?) with his 2nd EP on Nexus Media. If it's Nexus media, the style is atmospherically dark and thumping. What we've got are 4 tracks three of which are remixes of his own stuff. The promo on Beatport says a chunky blast of sounds and colors. I like chunky. What's that? Oh. It said crunchy. Well I like that too. And you get that static electricity crunch that stays true to the Nexus Media model. Daywalker (aren't we all daywalkers?) is from the Tevatron EP by Cybernetix back in 2010 and I can't tell them apart. Kinda like if you look at people from the third floor of a Tokyo building. Unless you're talking about the young kids with their psychedelic hair and just to be different dress, but the ninjas and samurai walking the street hate them anyway. The original was good so by the distributive property this is also. Master of the Krusha is from 2011's Aricebo Chronicles and as I mentioned when I reveiwed that album I would swear he lifted parts of it directly from the Nightmare Creatures video soundtrack. In which case we can arrange a deal for my silence. Once again this is like looking in a mirror. If there are differences between the tracks they appear to be slight. Maybe the original sounds gritier and more aggressive so I think I prefer that one. I don't know where Ionosphere is from but it's more of the same acid and laser combo which I usually really like. Not bad, but not great either. Firestorm is the only one that isn't a remix. Good eerie setting that brings back the days of acid rain deluging you in buckets. Not quite that good, but closer than further. I liked it but if you have the Tevatron EP, or Aricebo Chronicles there really isn't a reason to purchase this EP. The third track was ok and the fourth was good, but if you're looking for Twisted System insanity better cue up your old Dealers album. However if you don't have any of those, then by all means you'll get your acid fix. Beatport Mdk
  7. Artist: Technodrome Title: Freedom EP Label: Biomechanix Records Date: May, 2012 1.Neucler 2. Free Faizal 3. Melted Mind (feat. Orca) 4. Freedom 5. Fallen Star (feat. Panayota) 6. Back To Life "There was a feeling that you could take a college graduate from Indiana U and give him L.S.D. and create a hippie..." This is Shay Ben Haion and he really liked him some ninja turtles. The project name I suppose is from the tank-like fortress that serves as the base of Shredder and Krang from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series. Yeah I had to look that up. His debut (and to this point only) album Earthquake waaay back in 2005 (wow, really?) a stomper in the twilight genre which I still really like had a picture of Donatello on the cover. Had to look that up also. Then some of the track names were turtle related. So what's he been up to lately? Well let's see...a quick internet search and...hmmm...you don't say? Arrested for selling drugs in India? Waitaminute...you can take a crap in the street in India, but you can't move a little LSD? Really, who is in charge of revoking this nation's third world status? He shoulda done that sh*t here. Lindsay Lohan gets caught with coke, has had numerous DUI's and been charged with theft on multiple occasions and she still gets to make movies. Yeah, they're sh*tty movies, but whatever. I hope he had something to give him comfort while he was in the joint. Of course he would. Not a lot of info on the net so maybe he'll see this review and enlighten us. So many things I want to know. Did he try to lift every weight in the gym and read every book in the library? Silly me they don't have books in India. How often did he have to fight off homosexual advances? Did he have to do the warden's taxes to get ethical treatment? How did he get his mind right to crawl through 500 yards of the worst smells imaginable on his way to freedom? I'll be honest most everything I know about prison comes from the Shawshank Redemption. Or maybe he's been through such a horrible ordeal he'll tell me to go f*ck myself. I can't think of anything more hopeless or disgusting than an Indian prison. Except maybe India. The cover of this maxi-ep kinda gives you a general outline of things with the handcuffs, and the fingerprints and the freedom thing. The track titles seem to mirror the 5 stages of grief. Are there 5 or 6? I think you get an extra one when you're in an Indian prison. The question is does Shay who now has more in common with Martha Stewart than he realized still know how to bring the twilight craziness? Hmmm...yes, with a caveat. He hasn't lost the ability to bring pumping and acidic mayhem to the dance floors. His collaborations with fellow night time music producers Orca and Panayota was like slipping on a comfortable pair of shoes. Some of his bass lines are tangible, like being able to get a good grip with your toes and I like his futuristic cyber sound, but with a lot of "alone" time he seems to have become cozy with annoying buildups. Some are longer than others and some peak with a spoken sample which I like (Free Faizal has Platform- and then the beat hits). Mind you, it's not bad at all and if you are looking for some balls to the wall insanity this will certainly do the trick. Welcome back sir, you were missed. Beatport Mdk
  8. Artist: Travma Title: 303 From God EP Label: Ezel-Ebed Records Date: May, 2012 1. TraWorm.Win32 Virus 2. Maximum Pain 3. 303 From God Hmmmm.....some new guy. Never heard of him. Sure does have an elevated opinion of himself. 303 from God you say? Guess I'll check it out. TraWorm.Win32Virus- Oh sh*t, did I just download a virus to my computer? I did didn't I? Waitaminute! What effect will this have on the TB of porn on the hard drive? I'll have to worry about that later because BOOM! he blows the doors off with a Nitzhogoa stormer. Leads twist and curl at high velocity. It only knows on way and that is straight ahead. Want some variation? Hippie. Travma's not here to tell you a bed time story. He's here to punch you in the face. On a side note Agneton said, "Mother f*cker that was fast!" Maximum Pain- This is a great track without losing any of its momentum. Spinning melodies don't have me feeling any pain. 303 From God- Finally the mystical 303 shows up! Bow down before your master! This thing infiltrates every pore giving you superpowers! It's razor sharp and aggressive the way that only goa trance can be. Nasty! Ummm....it's goa. It's Travma. How are you not getting this? Beatspace Digital Mdk
  9. Artist: Goasia Title: Unvisited Galaxies Label: Spacedock Date: May, 2012 1. Tribal Experience 2. Chemical Brain "What it does is...reaches into your brain...chemically." People ask me why I review Ep's so much. It's like junk food...gives you that quick burst of energy and who the hell has time to sit down and have a full meal. I've got kids and anyone who has kids will tell you that you can't turn your back for a second. The other day I'm rinsing dishes to put in the dishwasher and I look down and my 9 month old is holding a knife. I'm all for letting them explore there world, but she could hurt someone with that. Namely me. There is always something going on, so finding time to digest a whole album and then write a review is a time consuming experience. Remember when I reviewed that darkpsy/forest compilation and I said I was on the crapper? I wasn't kidding. You can lock the door of the crapper. So Ep's are nice short dime bag of music, but unfortunately like potato chips, you cannot stop at one. So that's why I do it. What are you writing a book? Balint Tihamer and Vladislav Radulovic have been at the forefront of goa trance since it came back with a vengeance. Their most recent album Dancing With the Blue Spirit had some excellent tracks where these gentlemen aren't afraid to take goa in different directions. This short 2 tracker is no exception. The cover lets you know that a space theme is in place. Tribal Experience has some tribal chants right in the beginning. I know, I didn't see that coming either. The melody is catchy and not threatening. The way Gremlins weren't threatening. Maybe a little scary, but you knew you could just kick them across the street. Oh and f*ck Gizmo, he started all that sh*t. Like they have done in the past, they meld psytrance with goa so sometimes the lines get blurred. Not bad, but I liked the second one better. It had more racing melodies with a wink to Nitzho imo. Pumping and churning that comes in waves. Thank you gentlemen for a nice little sample of what you're working on. Recommended. Juno Download Mdk
  10. Artist: Concept Title: Straight Forward EP Label: Kaos Krew Records Date: May, 2012 1. Straight Forward 2. You Have The Right 3. It's Gone (feat. Tryon) "Wow great choices...genocide or brainwashing." I've got a concept. Why don't we make some music with some balls. Jupiter heavy beats with buckets of acid that seem to never end. Power with the force of a mack truck going the wrong way down a one way street. Hello dark vibe and goodbye smiley faces. Sounds like Aranaud was listening. But you knew that. His collaboration with Smashed on the Dead Star EP was monumentally exciting. with But this fine French gentlemen always gives the people what they want. Vicious Cycle, Paranormal, Experimental...his albums all deliver the same thing. In your face high intensity and no-nonsense dance music. The vibe is futuristic and cyber intensive. Twilight music with a heavy acidic component that never fails to get the body moving. Some people paint with watercolors he uses the toxic and lethal acid. And a big f*cking brush. The first track was good (a little sparse at times), but the last two are more chaotic and full of energy. I'm telling you, the way he works those acidic bursts is like skipping a flat stone across a lake. Recommended. Keep fighting the good fight! Juno Mdk
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