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  1. Space Buddha - 07 I Think Therefor I Am And now playing some Lish - Slow Me Away to make my progressive mood go high
  2. I agree.The other side CD was one of their best, mature music and Trance CD also kept being psychedelic and full-on in some of the tracks. It was the first time I saw Infected Mushroom Live here.And one their best shows then for me.
  3. VA - The Secret Of The Crystal Thrirteen Crystal Skulls\[Tip.World]\ 07 Shpongle - The Seventh Revelation. Excellent track.
  4. Well I admit I admit I will buy a new MAC PowerBook for my music making. I will leave my current PC to my family as my sister and her husband, and my brother sometimes need it for their work.
  5. X-Wave - Direct-X [Drugless] Electric Universe - Blue Planet [spirit Zone] VA - The Secret of the Thirteen Crystan Skulls [Tip.World] From Ringo this time.Thank you Ringo dude!
  6. My first trade with Mats was very nice. Yes very fast delivery, Yes very friendly and co-operative, Very secure packaging and CDs as promised! And yes my friend, I would trade with Mats again ANY time! /w_lizzard
  7. Maybe the anti-depressant pills got me confused here. All the best Billy Cosmosis. I am eager to buy your new album when it is released.
  8. Billy? Is this real? You got me confused here? I officially updated my blog
  9. Scooter - Hyper Hyper (On A Spanish Fly Trip) N.P. Dr.Alban - One Love (Moog Mix) N.P. The Prodigy - No Good (Start The Dance)
  10. So it is meant to be not Solid Records.
  11. Edit: I have 0 releases for trade this time. *00* VA - Goa Head Volume 17 (2xCD) [Leguan] CDs: Near mint. Digipack: Good. (To my friend Theo for just being friend all these years) *00* 1200 Mics - The Time Machine [Tip.World] CD: Near mint. CD jewel-case: New. (To my friend Theo) *00* UltraVoice - Art Of Voice CD [Com.pact] CD: Near mint. CD jewel-case: Near Mint (Deal with Ringo mate, this one is yours )[/b] <-- Thank you Ringo! *00* Wizzy Noise - Stereo Electric [spun Records] CD: Near mint. CD jewel-case: Good. (Deal with Ringo mate, this one is yours )[/b] <-- Thank you Ringo! Thanks: 01 Ringo,02 Theo
  12. Any chance of Etnica - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light CD? I have the Xenomorph - Qlippoth for you. CD in Excellent Condition. Digipack have a very small rip at the left corner, Condition Near Mint.
  13. Thank you sweet TranceChick! :D

  14. VA - Dragonfly Order Odonata Experiments That Identify Change [substance] Thank you pat the rat
  15. Now this is the question I have and really I am new to this. How can a new guy to music (like me and so many other dudes) can collaborate with a favorite artist. If you have any answers please share your thoughts with me.
  16. I suggest you have first of all to contact the artist you want to make the remix of the track you like. Maybe you get some info about what that track mean to them. Get the permission to remix it, and the audio files. Now use your imagination and creativity.How do you want this track to sound now? When you are ready send the remix to the artists and ask them how do they find it. If it is good and they like it, maybe there are many posibilities this remixed track you made to be released. I think this is the way for me, what do other guys think about it?
  17. Ok here we go again, VA - Dragonfly Order Odonata Experiments that Identify Change just arrived today and is rocking the house. Condition of the cd?Like New! Thank you dude Patrick once again!
  18. 09_254698_Cafe_Del_Mariachi_Nick_Warren_Mix.mp3 Great Nick!This summer will rock the place in progressive dancefloors!
  19. For a set. 01 Hallucinogen - Demention 02 Juno Reactor - Jardin De Cecile 03 Wizzy Noise - Devil's Night 04 Logic Bomb - Hund 05 Electric Universe - Future Excursions 06 Xerox - Science is God 07 Space Buddha - I Think Therefor I am 08 Shakta - Temporal Shift 09 Cosmosis - Gift Of The Gods 10 Astral Projection - Still On Mars
  20. I make a deal with a friend.I want now Acer new laptop. Thanks Tolis!
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