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  1. Let's join in, I hope we are talking in english.
  2. Thank you Cray and Schizoid Radio. Playlist is ready It is an honor to play with you guys.
  3. Excellent components there dj Nemo. Wish I could make it to that event
  4. Silicon Sound is very good, Triptych but he keep it a bit minimal, Tikal also is good and of course Ananda Shake! I don't know if it is helpful. This artists came into my mind right now.
  5. You can try some Mindcontrollers compilations too. Wow Gabber in the morning! You hardcore Nemo!
  6. PM sent to you, Thank you
  7. I am a bit old-skool but from the new releases I like the AMD album and the new Cosmosis samples. From the past, I like California Sunshine, X-Wave, Fractal Glider, Space Buddha, Space Monkey, Xerox & Illumination,Black & White, Sirius Isness.
  8. I prefer to follow the rules of the forum about posting an interview. Can I send it to you via PM or how else should I send it to you dear Nemo?
  9. Interview received today, thank you very much Nikita! Any mod, admin want to post it?
  10. Silicon Sound - Pure Analog cd. Electric Universe - Unify cd. Thanks Ringo.
  11. Second trade with Mats and everything went very smooth. The packaging was again very secure, the delivery was fast and as always Mats was very friendy. Thanks dude.
  12. Brainman - Brain Food [TIP CD 006]. Thank you.
  13. I had only one option, so it is Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger.
  14. I use a pair of Spectrum speakers on a Kenwood amplifier and Sony headphones, which both of them ain't studio monitors.
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