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  1. This is great news Billy Cosmosis!!! I will celebrate my birthday this year listening to your new album Psychedelica Melodica!
  2. Hello boys and girls. This is the second part of Progressive Rescue Sessions. Thanks to: - Beatport VIP tracks - SAMC Promotion - OneWeekToLive - You who will download. Support the artists and labels, buy their records. Total Running Time: 58:51 Filesize: 68.1 MB Download it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/21300335/dj.wl...Rescue_Vol2.mp3
  3. This time I have 2 releases to trade. *01* VA - Goa Head Volume 17 (2xCD) [Leguan] (Digipack in good condition, CDs in Near Mint Condition] *02*UltraVoice - Art Of Voice CD [Com.pact] (CD in Near Mint Condition) (Reserved for abasio) I am interested in Goa,Full On Psychedelic trance.
  4. This is very interesting Nemo! Here are some questions that come into my mind for an interview. 01. Who are you? (Tell us something about yourself, where have you been born,your name, etc) 02. How did you start your music carrer? 03. What is your music influencies? 04. Which one of the events you took part will be in your memory? 05. I read somewhere that people is the party?What is this? 06. What equipment do you use to make music? 07. Is there any artist/project/band you like to collaborate with?And if so why? 08. What do you think about the Internet? 09. Give a message to your fans? 10. Is there any future plans? I hope this is helpful.
  5. Pat the rat,Pat the rrraaaaatttt! Thank you dude!
  6. I had my second deal with Pat! This time was a trade and Shakta - Silicon Trip CD just arrived today for me Communication: Excellent. CD Condition: Excellent. I am gonna play this monster to rock the place right now! Thank you again Pat, you rock!
  7. I liked IM and Eat Static's work. The long lived goa/experimental project of this 5 mentioned, is Juno Reactor for me.
  8. Well this is the only Goa project, from my point of view, that develope and evolve all this year and still exists as Juno Reactor
  9. Very nice work. Thanks for sharing Tox!
  10. begin writeln "Hello SeXo ElectroX world"; writeln "SUPPORT THE ARTISTS AND LABELS!BUY THE ORIGINAL COPIES!"; Tracklist.text := hidden; end. Download it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/21145816/WLiZz...oX__030207_.mp3
  11. Trade arranged. I've been searching those cds I asked for so long! Thank you very much dude Mats!
  12. I think it depends on the condition of the vinyl. If it is near mint then ok for me I'm willing to pay. If it is just crap condition then sorry I won't buy.
  13. Thank you Bill Cosmosis for sharing your useful and creative tips with us!
  14. I'll buy it when I have some money. Very nice review seraph!
  15. abasio, excellent review you sweet girl! Thank you.
  16. Hello boys and girls, I'm so happy to trade some of the cd's (original copies) I don't need right now. So let's start. 01. Digital Talk - New Age Surf CD 02. Psyside - First Contact CD 03. FullColor - Utopia CD All of the above CD's are in very good condition and have been played not so much. Also I am interested in Goa/Full-on psychedelic trance. If you are interested please message me here, Thank you, Stavros.
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