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  1. Freddie Mercury - Livin On My Own. Peace to you dude!
  2. Nice topic! Resurrected Recordings and Teramorph Records are very good choices.
  3. Pet Shop Boys - Always on my mind Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing (taken from PET SHOP BOYS DISCOGRAPHY CD)
  4. I agree with Mike A, I will send a pm now
  5. Thank you all dudes for your comments. It's on-line again with all my love.
  6. The unbelievable Fractal Glider - Skandas Tail [bOOM! RECORDS] Dance Dance Dance
  7. The truth is that I had some problems at the beginning with Behringer mixer but after finding some drivers it worked very good without any problems still now. If you are a 'junior' dj then it will work just fine.
  8. Tuned in a net-radio I used to listened sometime Now it is playing Walking In Memphis. I'd rather prefer Cher's version. N.P. AlphaVille - Big In Japan N.P. B52's - Love Shack
  9. Trade arranged. Thank you Pat!
  10. Hello dear friends, I have the following http://www.discogs.com/release/87203 cd. If someone wants it, I will trade it with a goa cd/vinyl I have in my account on discogs. Thank you, Stavros.
  11. Old vs New Skool seems to me that have to be old & new skool.
  12. Pet Shop Boys - Always on my mind N.P. : Heart from the same band.
  13. Pet Shop Boys - The Complete singles collection CD (This is also great for sleep time).
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