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  1. yes I agree with you, many old classic releases are overpriced and you can't follow. You can find everything on the internet now. On the other hand if you love an old classic goa album or compilation you might think it is worth buying it in a 'reasonable' price. But that would be releases counted in one hand. I don't think I am willing to buy any old cd now. I download it and I listen it at home.
  2. Dealing with Mats was a pleasure. Communication: Excellent. Condition of the cd and sleeve: NM. Package: Very well secured. Thanks dude!
  3. Thanks for sharing, downloading right now!
  4. +100 The samples are very promising and the cover is nice.
  5. I really like Earthshock, Nanospheric, Praeforma and of course Finale. Welcome back Cybernetika!
  6. Nice track Lars! The bassline with the kick reminds me X-Dream in their Irritant album. Can't wait your full album. Best wishes.
  7. I would prefer to listen to some Happyhardcore music
  8. Nice set. I liked it more when it played a progressive track at the middle of the set.
  9. Thanks for sharing Colin. Beautiful. :posford:
  10. I like the "Hypnos" and "Plugland" tracks.The other tracks are very experimental for my ears. Good work, keep it up!
  11. DP who told you to post anything you like here? Mars? I want a new board on my favorite forum URGENTLY! And DP if you still post without a permission you'll get ban. Got it?
  12. w_lizzard

    Pleiadians - IFO

    Do I have to mention how Alcyone track is very nice to a special person in my favorite forum?
  13. Man With No Name - Moment Of Truth Album. Good morning people
  14. Got stuck will love songs all day and will keep it like that!
  15. w_lizzard

    Juno Reactor - Shango

    Speechless, Breathless, Emotional. A prayer. Song For Ancestors. Juno 'Respectful' Reactor.
  16. One of the best Simon's Posford albums ever. Very mature, evolving, mystic, aggressive, chillin, touchy. Going from psytrance-to house elements and back to psytrance. A very memorable cd for me. A must have for a psytrance lover even now! Hear it after 10 years, and after more 10 and 10........and you will believe your ears. This dude had made the 'Evolving' psytrance reality. A gem.
  17. So many interesting opinions... Still are some missing there I guess...? One of the persons I trust in his taste of music in my favorite forum is DP and I feel I will agree with him.
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