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  1. Just kidding. I am kind of missing my old music collection. I recently met a lady from Tokyo, and she kind of got me thinking about all that amazing music I once owned. Hope all you folks are well. Miss you all! -devious
  2. Jaha! I missed it. It's okay. I knew about it. Of course because Jeff and his myspace kept updating the event every 30 seconds. Don't know now man, sort of have a family now I've mingled with. Will probably hit up Earth Dance though this year with the chillumiowacrowd. And no, the chillumafia shirt remains mine forever. =] AND HI JEFF, GLAD YOU MADE IT! -d
  3. Rennis, you bailed on me before we ever got to hang out to Japan way way back! Haha. Anyways, thanks for everything you've done musically. I just read word of your stoppage here for the first time. Anyways, you're a rockin guy from a wonderful hometown and I'd like to tell you that today, psy in minnesota, there's a new producer of it here! But it mostly started here with you and your little parties. Thanks for everything and being a great friend and trading partner over the past years. Aaron
  4. I do like outdoor parties when I seldom attend. Only because I have a kid. He travels with me. Indoor parties usually have an age restriction and children in small venues is just not a good idea. Even with ear plugs. I however have attended an indoor barn party once, before my son was born, and it was awesome.
  5. Artur, so I lived on the same block as dude. He's a young pup, but was glad to meet him. Nice kid. I donated all my remaining psy shirts to him, EXCEPT my chillumafia I still wear that with pride brother - only because you had given it to me at a party! If it weren't for the sentimental value of such shirt, it would had been given away too. But I still love and miss you regardless of our little contact these days, beotch! Hope you're doing okay in your home country!@#!
  6. Okay, so it's finally gaining attention here in my home state. Yeah yeah, I know, I've not been here [psynews] for a long time. Popping in once in a blue moon. I am trying to find my roots again. I have sort of reached an identity crisis with myself. Anyhow, I met a kid who's addicted to psytrance and started to produce it here in my southeastern town of winona, minnesota in the good ol [er hated] united states. I donated my very old and outdated tip records hoodie and 3rd mind records long sleeve t-shirt to him and wished him luck in his career. But now I am here. Why? I miss you guys. Hope everybody is well and hoping somebody can point me in the direction of some good new goa sounds, if there's such a thing. I have been listening to somebody by the name of Androcell. Although it's way- too digital sounding...it has that wannabe analog goodness and a sound I do like. Anyways, hope everybody is well and here's a shameless promotion for my friend here in Winona on what he's doing. Send him some positive vibes my dear psynews friends. And I hope you are all very well the world over. Regards- devious Shameless promotion of a local artist. Give him your advice if you will. Share the wealth of knowledge you junkies have Love you! Jeff's music place http://www.myspace.com/fatal3rr0r6041
  7. Somebody give me their best offer on these two CDs. By the way, the DJ KUNI cd DOES have the Obi strip! If these are not sold by March 10th, I promise you they're going in the trash never to be recovered again! *I'll even take pictures of it to prove it! * Aaron
  8. Also adding: For sale - Psychic Orgasm Vol. 1: Psychedelic Trance Mission by DJ KUNI 28 dollars shipped anywhere in the world.
  9. Hello, my dear Polish friend! I hope everything's going well back in your homeland, fawking ex-immigrant. Missing you lots! And your silly patronizing comments and asinine ways of life and still wondering how Ms. O can put up with you on a daily basis? Holy! Anyways, coming back for a visit any time soon? Keep in touch, you know my email address ninja. And hey, buy any of that art, Mr. Art, and I'll ship it to Poland :-) Hoping you still have all those awesome records to sell back to me one day! :-) Aaron
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=320344689400 If you want to buy it from me here, I'll knock six dollars off the price!
  11. I swear, you loved those where's waldo books as a child, huh artur? More like, WHERE'S DAMON? Oh, HE'S BACK IN POLAND EATING HIS POLISH SAUSAGE i miss you brother, hope all is well back home! I'll keep the chillumafia alive. Still sportin the shirt you gave me :-D and love wearing it too. It's like I'm wearing you when I put it on haha! d
  12. FR!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@# You are awesome. Thank you for this. I have no other reason to post on psynews here anymore, but doing a random search on shiva led me to psynews than to a topic that led to here. AWESOME!@# I am excited for you and for this release. Totally cool. I haven't bought music in forever!@#@!# but I'm buying this. YAY! =] d
  13. Simply can I be banned? Or it'd be even better if my presence altogether could be deleted. I am requesting this not because of what's transpired recently on HERE, but because of what is happening with our world markets and our presidential election in the United States. I need to be banned from my addiction here. If anybody wants to hit me up, I'll be on aim as deviousvr6 :] This is a serious request. I *REALLY* do need to focus on hoarding gold and silver and moving to South America. My son's future depends on my next move in life and that is happily requesting to smack myself in my face for my psynews addiction. Thank you for your time, management. :] Your friend, d
  14. In the United States, things have blossomed over the last few years. From west coast to central, from east coast to central. All across the US, there are organizations/groups who put on parties. The only problem is, most of them think charging 80 dollars for a 2 day event with only one kind of music is *worthwhile*. This would be like paying 250 dollars to listen to Hanson for a week. Would it be worth it? To some, sure, but to most, no. The dark psy phenomenon has taken the masses by storm. But there are a few far and between the dark psy masses that do love the original sound of psychedelic/goa trance before it split off into 350 dark psy, psy stomp, forest psy...whatever genres. This has been talked about before by me, and whatever....and whatever, but I do realize there's a lot more chill out being played at events now which makes up for the missing warmth of the psychedelic/goa sounds. In fact, I prefer the chill out stages. :-) So in America, our economy may be falling, our infrastructure may soon collapse and we may be the most hated in the world, but our party scene for psychedelic events is constantly growing and getting bigger...and bigger....and bigger! I thought back in 1996 when I heard Juno Reactor and Astral projection for the first time...that the music would NEVER get by here, and even acid techno people mocked it [and they sounded so similar, almost!] But it's growing so much even the arrogant non loving fuck the world types [like myself :-)] are partaking in it bwahah! Really, it appeals to everybody here which is awesome. I actually like being around 800 people all drugged up on something. There's no hate. But then you put me in a room of 10 people all drunker than shit and 4 of the 10 want to beat the fuck out of each other. Weird huh? I say dose the world for a day and have the moon turned into a monster of a speaker and just play psytrance for 24 hours, YEAH! d
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