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  1. Very nice selection dude U.F.Orb N.P. Ominus - We Mean You No Harm
  2. Ok let's go to this gem, I remember my danish old friend liked Jean Borelli these old gold days.And yes what an artist, and what a label and what a title boys and girls! Here we go. .01. Nazca Spider Sssssh.Someone is talking here. Nice psychedelic effects are taking place in the very beginning of Nazca Spider.Some percussion are trying to give you a rhythm there.And the kick comes in very gentle and beautiful. Bassline so smooth! 1:45 the journey is about to begin guys. Beware the bassline is so funky! The track keeps evolving and the goa sequencer is making a prologue of what is going to happen.Be patient Here we go 3:55! Psychedelia over the place Let's fly with some trancy pads now. 04:50 yes, keep it minimal and dancable Jean! You know what you're doing. 06:40 let us relax a little bit! And yes again 07:00 let's dance to this Spider guys! .02. The Source The source starts with a nice effect and the kick getting in very anxious. Very soon we are in the psychedelic mind of Borelli. Nice kick,hihats and effects making a good atmosphere there. Here it is the goa sequencer trying to explain some notes. We are now at the moment when we are about to travel.Everything is set we are waiting...mmm nice heartbeat drum there and tribal rhythm Jean! We are getting a bit twisted here. This is kinda tribal-psy to my ears. Interesting. .03. Rooster Here is Rooster with a great bassline notes. The kick and percussion rhythm are there again. It is funky. Step forward-Step Backwards. A mystic synth is playin' some nice notes there while a goa sequencer appear for just some time! And here is the Rooster! Great melodic layers are here in front of our eyes Things are getting more twisted while the track keeps going and going. .04. Funkadelic Let's go to that Funkadelic track.Very nice title Jean! Sure this will be very funky as the bassline, percussion and kick admit it 01:10 yes, you prove it once again This is funky psytrance guys. And here is the bassline at 02:16. A very interesting moment is around at 02:45 where everything disappears except the necessary parts!Yes this is one of my favs. .05. Caracol Again funky psytrance style is going to develop and evolve! Very nice production thanks to my ears. 02:21 something is about to happen I think. Yes it keeps going nice and smooth. Showing us how funky psytrance is all about. Breaks,pads,percussions,basslines,nasty sequencer notes that's all are trying this decent artist is trying to say. Excellent work Jean! .06. Akeru Let's move to Akeru now.A manga hero? We'll see... That have to be a very funky manga hero guys Soon at 1:00 we are enetering funky-psy mind of Jean. Very nice and smooth development of this kind of psytrance. A very memorable moment is at 04:58 where Akeru is trying to explain his story while at the same time the track keeps being mystic. This is also Jean, very nice .07. The source [Elysium Remix] And here it is the source, this time in Elysium Remix! Hmmm a very nice oriental atmosphere is taking place in the very beginning in the track. 'I am the source of your salvation'.Keep going Elysium. Yes it is a very good remix. Tribal-psytrance I would say this time. A very interesting moment for me is about at 02:50 where a nice tribal psy atmoshpere is building. Yes goa notes are coming now dudes! Keep it playing there. 'I am the source' again and notes together and tribal feeling. Excellent remix Elysium. 05:30 things are getting very good. Full music and layers playing with your mind. Bassline chaingin' pitch and mysic pads are there to keep you in balance. Sure one of my favs guys .08. Highway And let's close the review with Highway. Here we go with a mid-tempo psytrance? Yes! Here we go let's dance very smooth and slow to this one. The bassline once again is very selected one. Nice percussions again and effects from one of the masters of funky-psytrance Jean. One of my favs for sure to close such an album! Favorites? : .01. Nazca Spider, .03. Rooster, .04. Funkadelic, .06. Akeru, .07. The source [Elysium Remix], and .08. Highway. Final Verdict: 8.5/10 Thank you Jean Borelli for this great album!
  3. And some psychedelic for my danish friend? Orion - Nazca Spider
  4. Gigi D'Agostino -Sweetly. And this one 'Liberty - Melody In Motion' for you my dannish friend...
  5. Colin OOOD - OOOD-Voice of Cod-Unconscious Collective etc Releases Mix
  6. Really interested in this party! I'll be waiting for more info for sure! Thank you Nurbs!
  7. Edited again to be more clear to everyone. TRADE Thanks.
  8. I really like The Only Process and Feel The Hat tracks of Atmos.
  9. Yes it is very nice album! It really needs a DeathPosture review for sure!
  10. Human League - Don't you want me N.P. Men At Work Next one. Phill Collins & Philip Bailey - Easy Lover.
  11. B52s_-_Love_Shack.mp3 Sniff_N_Tears_-_Drivers_Seat_(Long_Version).mp3
  12. So much agreed with exotic. Why the general is dying? I can't see any good reason that the general section of psynews community will ever die
  13. Ok let's review this gem. .01. Alien Pump Alien Pump starts really nice. The electrified bass is promising so much.The effects are very good and clear. The kick drum just hitting full over the place. Also the hihats are so nice, doing excellent work. The sound is full but not over clipped to my ears. A very nice goa trance sequencer sound is taking place approximately at 3:00. And this is the one that will make it go crazy when the time is right. Very nice track and one of the 'hits' those days. .02. The System Let's go to my favorite one.Here we start with the distorted bassline been just aggressive and funky. The pads are so hypnotic beware The Kick?Yeah that is another goa track alternative kick. The hihats just moving changing pitch so nice and smooth.The snare? Just like a hammer. The track keeps going and developing so nice.New elements are coming and make you dance.At 2:18 a very nice synth is taking place to give a nice oriental atmosphere while at the same time some twisted swirling sounds are dressing the track. At 3:43 you could just be in the mind of these artists.And at 04:04 they are just say, ok kids let's start to trance out. So here we go approximately at 06:35 where some very interesting pads and vocals are taking place.Yeah this is a track dudes. .03. Naughty Moves Naughty Moves, very nice title.The beginning of the track again is very interesting.The bassline very nice and dancable waiting the kick to come in.And it comes raw and nice.At 1:50 we are going to the main theme of the track.Pads scaring and hoping too.Nice effect over the place giving some good atmosphere.At 03:49 we have that nice break with the goa feeling which is developing again and again.Another interesting moment is at 05:44 where a nice goa sequencer is playing so fine. .04. New Aura This track New Aura I've been reading alot.Yes I agree is so nice track. It starts so nice and the vocals are helping. Hypnotic hihats and effects are making a very nice work there.And the electrified goa sequencer is also good.Just relaxing there. At 01:30 we are getting more serious.It is a very nice relaxing track!Another great moment is at 02:25 when this melody is coming and evolving making, company with nice hypnotic notes.A very innovating moment is at 05:38 when you here the guys there just being playing as a dj (some hihats desapear for a moment, and then appearing again so funky!) .05. Orca Let's go to Orca.A weird beginning and yes this track needs alot of listening to understand it.Sounds experimental and minimal to me at the same time.Moving on the Orca, the melody is coming out.As said before this is experimental goa track that an album like that need it there! One of my favorite in this album. .06. Visually Distorted We are going deeper to psychedelic trance this time.Again?The sound is so full!A very nice track. .07. Rodeo Rodeo track starts very nice.Let's play some ping pong with effects here The track gets twisted.Good and this deep kick is so nice. A journey is about to begin there to psychedelic trance.So nice effects, kicks changing pitch, and the bassline keep hiting nice.One of my favorite in this album. .08. Interstealer Dawn And here we close the review with Interstealer Dawn. Very interesting start again guys. The bassline enters so funky there!The track keeps developing giving me the feeling as a mid-tempo psychedelic trance track but it is not.I guess the BPM's are just fine there.The structure confusing you.Very good work.A great track to close such an album. Favorites: 01. Alien Pump, 02. The System, 04. New Aura, 07. Rodeo and 08. Interstealer Dawn. Final Verdict: 9/10. Thank you Ofer Dikovsky and Marko Goren for providing quality music these days.
  14. Tribute to Flying Rhino Records is to wear a Flying Rhino Records t-shirt too? Or have a tattoo in your hand as a very special guy here has?
  15. Let me change this Gonidis to Sheila & B.Devotion - Spacer!
  16. For me is a greek one. Stamatis Gonidis - Sigoura Ksereis. You know what I am talking about greek guys
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