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  1. Very nice experience dude thx for sharing with us! I remember quite a same experience I had with some friends in a Alien Project vs Parasense dj set here in Thessaloniki some years ago! Keep the spirit alive trance producers! We need goa-trance!Although it's dead!
  2. A nice relaxing tune.A bit monotonic. I think if you raise the bmps you'll get better action on dancefloor. Bring some more noise and tech effects in. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Promising title. The track's structure is nice. You guys have to invest some money for the production. The mix sounds a bit overclipped. Not so clear sound. I love the bassline.Nice and uplifting. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Wow what an album? I think they are making a joke here! This is best of not an album!!!! So many years have passed and still best of? Give me $$$$ album of the year!
  5. My first deal with friendly Joske was really exciting! Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare (CD) [Koyote Records 1998] arrived today! Communication: VG! Sleeve Condition: VG! CD Condition:VG! Recommended: 100% Thank you Joske.
  6. Hello boys and girls, This is an alternative progressive mix. Thank you. Tracklist 01. Mike Caro & Franck Garcia & Shonky & Jennifer Cardini - Far Away (Shonky Remix) [CrossTown Rebels Records] 02. Antix - Hiding Place (Phony Orphants Remix) [iboga Records] 03. Sebastien Legen - Cosmonite [Circle Music] 04. Eclipse - Continuum (Spinning Elements Remix) [Techtone Records] 05. The Funk Monkeys - Electro (Granite & Funk Remix) [Dirty Gabric Records] 06. Markus Lange - Ruhestorung Plattenbau (Oxia Remix) [Craft Music] 07. Agoria - Code 1026 [Different Records] 08. Swen Weber - First Stroke [Craft Music] 09. Quivver - Boz Boz (Shiloh's Just For Annie Remix) [baroque Limited Records] 10. Dave Aude & Dj Dan - Rock To The Rhythm (Starkillers Remix) [Audacious Records] 11. Off Mind - Eternal Night (Snake Sedrick Naturally Clear Remix) [FeralCode Records] 12. Dick Trevor & James Monro - Wash Out (Extended Mix) [iboga Records] 13. Rene Amesz - Fragile (Chris Lake Remix) [Little Mountain Recordings] 14. Mark Knight - Susan [Toolroom Records] Total Running Time: 79:40 Mp3 Info: VBRKbps 96-128. Download it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/20342847/WLiZz...sive_Rescue.mp3
  7. This Rhythmystec's - Cathexis is one of my favorites! Thanks for the mix.
  8. With the right equipment vinyls are better. Besides being rare empowers your collection with a nice music flirt! Vinyls for ever
  9. Hey devious, I think it is from Blue Room Released. You can check http://www.gplusrecords.com/ their discography link.
  10. Thank you for your feedback guys. Big thanks to all the artist and to Cosmic Flower netlabel. We need more music like this.
  11. Hello ppl this is a set consisting of 9 selected tracks from the Cosmic Flowers' XMAS COMPO 2006 - Psy Eve. http://cosmic-flower.freehostia.com/xmas2006.html Get everything set and enjoy the music. Tracklist: 01. Cybernetika - Microchip 02. Ray Subject - U.O.S.T. 03. Faxi Nabu - Fight The Future (edit) 04. ExtAzya - Psychedelic Bomb 05. Tripped Driver vs Galaxia - Trip Above The Orbit 06. Ray Subject - Chimera 07. Spacer - Dejavu 08. Roberto Romero - Morning 09. Mike A - Shomervan Total Running Time: 46:26 Download it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/20333657/WLiZz...e_Mix_SET.I.mp3
  12. My first deal with Martin was nice. The cd arrived today (fast). Condition of the cd: Good (as agreed). Digipack condition: Good- (as mentioned). Packaging: Excellent. Communication: Very Good. Recommended: 100%. Thanks Martin!
  13. I just had my first deal with Enzo. The cd arrived yesterday really fast! Condition of the CD as promised VG++ (like new!). Communication: Excellent! Recommended: 101%. Thank you dude.
  14. Nice site guys and nice music. I wonder if I could select some tracks from the christmas compilation and make a set.
  15. Yes it depends how valuable you think the music it contains.
  16. 50 euros don't accept less than that. A great compilation cd including the cream of goa trance of 1996 mixed by the master Suzuki!
  17. Hello ppl this is a progressive trance mix I'd like to share with you. Tracklist: 01. Echotek - G Note [Yoyo Records] 02. Feuerhake - Ayamaya [synergetic Records] 03. Behind Blue Eyes - Excerpts From Dreams [iboga Records] 04. Flowjob - Cloud Politics [iboga Records] 05. Sonic Cube - Cloud Buster (Andre Absolut Remix) [Tribal Vision Records] 06. Dick Trevor & James Monro - Wash Out (Extended Mix) [iboga Records] 07. Liquid Soul - 06:15 AM [iboga Records] 08. Freq - Byte Me [iboga Records] 09. POTS - Eifelgold (Tegma Remix) [Tribal Vision Records] 10. Vibrasphere - Thermal Twist [HOMmega Productions] Total Running Time: 57:47 Download it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/19953702/WLiZz...__16.12.06_.mp3
  18. Hello guys, Here is my small collection http://www.discogs.com/user/w_lizzard
  19. I'm looking for it also. We mean you no harm!
  20. Hello guys, I wonder how much will a true collector price that gem -> http://www.discogs.com/release/163092 In that site you can find the Xenomorph's (2 x LP) Cassandra's Nightmare starting at [35.00 Euros] included postal expenses a total of let's say [40.00 Euros]. I think a price of Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare CD ( http://www.discogs.com/release/163092 ) is [45.00 Euros] with a total expense for me [50.00 Euros]. What do you think?
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