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  1. No I didn't But someone did https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=411811348882550&set=a.290626367667716.72864.101243219939366&type=1&theater&notif_t=photo_reply Its not available just yet though AFAIK Cheers, Billy Cosmosis
  2. Hi guys, I met Björn and Brent backstage at Lost Theory a couple of hours before we played the set mentioned above. While we were chatting, we all agreed how much more fun it is to play electronic music sets when there's a live or improvisational element involved. When Björn told me they were due to play at the chill out in an hour's time, I suggested that I join them being as I had my guitar and pedals with me... To their huge credit, both Björn and Brent were immediately up for the idea As I hadn't heard the tunes before Brent called out the keys before each tune, and off we went... Improvising as we went. Big Kudos to the Psygasus boys for being up for taking a risk and being spontaneous - it's often the space out of which magical music comes... Cheers, Billy Cosmosis
  3. Thanks for the positive feedback Stylistically I'd guess the more uptempo tunes I'd describe as like old school funk grooves crossed with wah-wah guitars from a 70's porn movie soundtrack blended with modern sequenced basslines and electronic synth squelch and bleepery... The more downtempo stuff is on a more recognizably trippy electronic chillout vibe but with the acoustic instruments lending a more bluesy, cinematic flavour... Ajja and I are mixing the multitracks down currently. Once that's completed The album should be ready to be queued for release this coming March. Cheers, Billy Cosmosis
  4. http-~~-//vimeo.com/32753291 More info: http://cosmosis.co.u...ve-giger-museum Ajja and Billy are currently mixing down the multitrack recorded at the gig for release as a double live CD album.
  5. Hi Guys, Just for a change here's some focus on the composition rather than the production aspect of creating music: http://cosmosis.co.uk/blog/polyphony-simultaneous-melodies Cheers, Billy Cosmosis p.s. you can link by RSS so you'll be updated of any new blogs I post.
  6. Another chill bootleg from the Peaking Goddess Collective with Cosmosis sessions. This time mixdown by Master Margherita: http://thepeakinggoddesscollective.bandcamp.com/track/amazonia-in-dub-mm-mix-5 Enjoy, Billy Cosmosis
  7. @Antic I've been a bit slack on the new Cosmosis album front, what between my gigs and some of my other music projects going on. Consequently another Cosmosis album won't be for quite some time yet. Basically when it gets around to being mixed. Tunes and parts are in the bag. As everyone also has individual music projects, it's a matter of scheduling - getting everyone together in one place for a while to do the mixing. I would imagine later this year. @Basilisk: Glad you liked the blog Cheers, Billy Cosmosis
  8. Hello OM, Cheers matey, glad you like it Billy Cosmosis
  9. Not Trance as we know it Jim, but I thought some may find the recording process interesting... http://cosmosis.co.uk/blog/peaking-goddess-collective-recording-sessions-may-2011 Cheers, Billy Cosmosis
  10. Hi Guys, bit of a shameless plug: http://cosmosis.co.uk/video-courses/creating-killer-leads-video-workshop Note: this one is for intermediate level so it may not be appropriate for any advanced tweakers among yourselves. However, intermediate level tweakers as well as people getting started should find it boosts their sound design skill level by several degrees. Cheers, Billy Cosmosis
  11. Hello Guys, Here's the edited video version from Tweaking The Tunage 4 session which was recorded a while ago ago. It's in two parts. Part 1 is Billy Cosmosis answering general questions about Psytrance production. Part 2 features Wouter from Zen Mechanics answering questions about some of his favourite plug-ins, studio tricks and about the music that inspires him. My apologies for the lousy sound quality, the net link up software's recording quality is grim, plus Wouter's mic didn't work. (He's actually using his headphones plugged into his laptop's mic input as a makeshift mic ) They're quite long, so if you click on the vimeo link, there's also a download link for you to watch them on your iPod at your leisure. Enjoy, bagginz Part 1: http://www.vimeo.com/14078974 Part 2: http://www.vimeo.com/14079049
  12. So I'm curious, was it a video or an audio recording? And to whom did the original poster pay money to for it? Cheers, Billy Cosmosis
  13. Hi Guys, here's part 1 of the recording of Tweaking The Tunage 3 which is a general psytrance production discussion hosted by Cosmosis. And synthesizing 909 style kick drums Cheers, Billy Cosmosis
  14. Hi Guys, here's Part 1 of the recording of Tweaking The Tunage 3 If you're into the production side, I recommend you check it out. Cheers, Billy Cosmosis
  15. ***Announcement*** Hi Guys, unfortunately something's come up that needs my attention so this week's Tweaking The Tunage 3 has been re-scheduled. So the new time is now Thursday 12th November @ 8.00 pm CET (GMT+1) No need to re-register. Thanks for your understanding Cheers, Billy Cosmosis
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