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  1. Didn't know Pink Floyd had a great weird cover like this. I think I am not open-minded, been loved with their Wall album Exotic, that was a trigger for dj Nemo!
  2. Tuned in all day in my favorite 80's net-radio. Reminds me things I forgot they existed for me. I am so grateful for you special. Thank you.
  3. My first deal with Artur was very good. Communication: Excellent and friendly. Packaging: Very good and registered. CD condition: New. Thank you Artur
  4. http://www.discogs.com/release/362785 Thanks antic.
  5. "Come Back. Track remixed today for my everlasting love of my life, my muse, my everything. The power that motivates me to keep this A.R.U. project still alive. Come Back to me cause I need this inspiration. Come Back please, I need you." http://rapidshare.com/files/23878488/A.R.U...hidden_mix_.mp3 Comments, feedback positive-negative-constructive are always welcome.
  6. Right now this net-radio I am listening to playin' Scorpions - Still Loving You. Is it a coincidence of my things? I don't know that, but I really like the track. And I am getting drunk and drunk. This Cutty Shark is so good right now.
  7. Thanks for the source Dj Nemo, Downloading right now
  8. Progressive House to make my day go smooth and happy
  9. Good luck Nikita! This is a release I am gonna buy it for sure. And keep waiting for your live event in my city, I want an autograph!
  10. Nirvana - Come as you are! Again? This radio plays it don't blame it on me! Yes baby come as you are.
  11. Well I wanted to buy it from a psynews.org member because I feel that would have some extra emotional value and will always carry it with it. But as commented by antic dude, should I consider buying it from psyshop or discogs? I wait for one week and see what happens. Who knows?
  12. The truth is that I will trade it with Etnica's - Alien Protein CD, which I was searching for so long. It is one of the psychedelic cd he likes.
  13. Hello friends, I am interested in buying this excellent cd http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?release_id=59154 for a gift to a friend. If you want to sell it please pm here. Thank you.
  14. Downloading The age of old alchemist mix. Thanks for the resource K-Ban.
  15. Aminate FX - Alfalfa (Yes! These are the times! Tlum)
  16. I have played with Fruity Loops some years ago. But first of all I played with Rebirth. So when Reason got out, I say ok let's give it a try. It was so difficult at the beginning with a long manual! If you are seriously going to work on Reason get prepared: - 2 tft monitors - A fast cpu - Lots of memory - A great motherboard - A superb soundcard - A nice cooling system - A midi and lots of imagination. Everything will go fine.
  17. Yes and it's called http://www.newelectronicorder.com/
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